Potential ‘Ant-Man’ Movie Casting Sheet Hints At Title Character Identity

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Henry Pym Ant Man Mighty Avengers 5 Marvel Comics Potential Ant Man Movie Casting Sheet Hints At Title Character Identity

Writer and director Edgar Wright is currently in Los Angeles working on pre-production for Ant-Man - the first Phase 3 film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after The Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in May 2015. Ant-Man’s first official release date had it coming in fall 2015 but Disney and Marvel pushed it forward to share the summer with The Avengers sequel and build off of its buzz.

The earlier release date also means that Ant-Man will begin shooting early next year, likely overlapping production of Age of Ultron and casting announcements are coming before the year’s end, according to Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige.

A month ago, reports indicated that Edgar Wright and Marvel were in talks with Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the film, and while there was debate as to the age differences and acting styles of the two for the character of Henry “Hank” Pym – one of the original Avengers in Marvel Comics – we immediately speculated that they both could be in talks to play different characters.

There are three characters in the books who’ve taken the mantle of Ant-Man, and since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is introducing Ant-Man far later in the films compared to the comics, there are going to be differences in the character stories and events surrounding them. One major example is the fact that the villainous artificial intelligence known as Ultron – who is created by Ant-Man (Hank Pym) in the comics – is getting a new origin story so he can be introduced in The Avengers 2, before the Ant-Man movie is made. Ultron is not even in the Ant-Man script.

Ant Man Movie Costume Potential Ant Man Movie Casting Sheet Hints At Title Character Identity

A leaked casting call sheet acquired by Bludhaven Banter just may provide a hint of what direction Wright is taking his superpowered heist movie when it comes to its titular character(s). The source, while obscure, is the same source who first discovered that Dave Bautista was up for the role of Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and that ended up coming true. Among a list of casting sheets for an upcoming episode of ABC’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. was one sheet specifically looking to fill roles for an “untitled” Marvel Studios feature film which is likely Ant-Man considering the timing, casting requirements and as CBBS discovered, who’s involved with the casting process.

[Young Girl] Submit ages 6-9, intelligent, appealing

[Male] 30s, Asian, Huge, tough and intimidating, comedic ability

[Male] 30s, Caucasian, over 6′, dangerous and rough, comedic

[Male] 50s, Italian-American, scary and unusual features, deadpan humour

[Male] 30s – 40s, Russian, wiry and smart, deadpan humour

[Male] 20s or 30s, under 5’8″, edgy and funny

We already know Pym is going to have a role in the film from what Edgar Wright previously said about his script. We don’t know however, how big his role will be. Since Wright also describes his film as a heist movie, we figured an interesting way to introduce a younger Ant-Man at this point in the franchise would be to include Scott Lang – a character who in the books was a thief who served time in prison. Being a good-hearted man, Lang – who’s also an electronics expert – worked for Tony Stark (Iron Man) in the comics before one day his daughter Cassandra “Cassie” Lang got very sick. Lang used his thieving skills to steal the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym and rescue a doctor who could save his daughter’s life.

Ant Man Scott and Cassie Lang Marvel Comics Potential Ant Man Movie Casting Sheet Hints At Title Character Identity

Lang, a reformed man, was then going to turn himself in for his crimes, but Pym instead let him keep the suit, knowing he had hero potential. Lang has since helped Iron Man and The Avengers on numerous occasions. If “Young Girl,” as described in the casting sheet, is Cassie then Scott Lang is our Ant-Man and potential future Avenger. That could be the role Joseph Gordon-Levitt was/is in talks for with Paul Rudd potentially playing the somewhat older scientist Hank Pym. Another rumor points to Rashida Jones playing his wife, Janet van Dyne, who of course is Wasp in the comics – a character originally intended to appear in The Avengers.

Is the introduction of Scott Lang a smart direction to take the Ant-Man film and would he make a good addition to the roster of heroes in The Avengers 3?


Thor: The Dark World is currently in theaters, Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: Bludhaven Banter, CBBS

Hank Pym Ant-Man art from Mighty Avengers #5

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  1. My thinking is that the movie will start out as pym being antman, with flashbacks of him becoming antman. Cut to Lang with his problems trying to provide for his daughters sickness. Gets the idea to steal the suit somehow. All this while Pym is gong through mental breakdowns, he decides to let lang keep the suit and we follow Lang for the rest of the film. The end credit scene could be the reveal of Pym as Giant Man, or Yellow Jacket, with Avengers 3 having the Avengers call on him for his knowledge and having him reveal his other persona to the Avengers.

    • I know one thing, or maybe two things, or possibly three things: I want Pym as Ant-Man; I want to see Wasp; I want Goliath or Giant-Man in Avengers ASAP!

      • + 1000!

    • That would imply that Pym already has some history within this universe.

      • I mean, that’s what the flashbacks are for maybe a mid credit scene in the avangers teases antman and shows that shield knows about him but was not needed until now. Thats where the flashbacks come in.

    • Wasn’t there several reports that the film would do a Tales-to-Astonish-style first act set in the ’60s with Hank as Ant-Man, then flash forward to the present day with Scott Lang as Ant-Man in the style used in his comics (or maybe Irredeemable…not sure). Personally, I’m a fan of Hank Pym and always found Lang to be just essentially a bland copy used for the sake of still having Ant-Man (Pym at the time being the scientific advisor to Avengers or Avengers West Coast, can’t remember which one).

      I’d rather the film follow Pym (whom we now know will be played by Paul Rudd. For my money, if Sean Bean was younger I’d give him the role in a heartbeat…who am I kidding, I’d still give him the role. I’m sad to know that Ultron won’t be Pym’s nemesis, because that Oedipal nightmare scenario is just awesome. I hope they include something akin to when he went into Vision’s body to repair/save him. Also, I wonder if Giant-Man/Goliath will be included in some way? I’d bet against Yellowjacket, at least for now. Maybe he’ll become Yellowjacket in future films. Considering how important he’s become to the comics in the last decade or so, it was kind of glaring seeing the Avengers without him. So I’m psyched for now with this director and star.

      In an unrelated note, I wonder if this site is British? They highlight “advisor” as misspelled but don’t highlight “adviser.”

  2. It would be a mistake to introduce Pym as an older colleague of Stark’s father. On the other hand, now that I think about it, it makes sense. Stark met Pym when he was younger and he worked with him in some projects. Still a mistake if you ask me. Hank Pym should have been the next Avenger. Sad.

  3. If this is the case then that’s a bummer- this will be a great film I’m sure– Edgar is one of my favourite directors
    I just know that no matter what happens I would have preferred it if Hank was the main guy/one who ended up in the avengers.

    Is Hank Pym officially the most screwed-over superhero of all time?

  4. Just cast Simon Baker already

    • +1 for Simon Baker.

  5. I won’t be shocked if they go another direction rather than a Caucasian for Ant-Man, although it would oddly mirror what DC did with their own “small superhero,” Atom.

  6. Okay, I get it that the current Ant-Man is Scott Lang in the comics. But this is the first movie about Ant-Man (I’m not holding my breath for a second one, don’t worry), so the movie should be about Hank Pym. I don’t agree that Lang has a more interesting back story than Pym. I just don’t get it… why Lang? He’s never been that important in the marvel universe. He’s one-dimentional and had remained dead for like 10 years without anyone caring about it.

    The only thing I could see is that Wright is biaised in some way, because as he said so himself, the first time he read a comic was the Marvel Feature “to steal an Ant-Man” where we meet Scott Lang. So his fist encounter with Ant-Man was with Lang. BUT! Pym had been around for like 20 years prior to that. Surely Wright knows that.

    I don’t care if Lang is in the movie or not. I’m just not interested in him at all. All I’m hoping for with this movie is that they introduce Pym as a modern-day hero (not an old dude from the past), along with his girlfriend Janet Van Dyne, who will become the Wasp. If he gives his Ant-Man gear to Lang, I don’t care, but I want Pym to become part of the Avengers roster (with Jan), as Giant-Man. I don’t want Lang to become an Avenger, I want Pym and Jan to be featured in later movies.

    Honestly, I think it’s what most of the fans (and we are more than you’d think!) would want.

  7. Hey just to get an opinion on this, I was looking through Edgar’s twitter pictures and he’s got one with Aaron Paul. How do you think he would do as Ant-Man?

  8. So now they even alienate the diehards who recognize Pym. Really have no idea what they’re gunning for here with this property.

    With Guardians of the Galaxy, they’re trying to promote it with a familiar comic writer penning the book to push it even further with comic book buyers and crossover into movie only audience who don’t buy comics.

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