‘Ant-Man’ Marvel Universe Cameos Revealed?

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Ant Man Movie Logo Fan Made Ant Man Marvel Universe Cameos Revealed?

[WARNING: Possible Ant-Man SPOILERS ahead.]


It’s too early to tell how Ant-Man will turn out, but the next big standalone entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already had its fair share of troubles. Director Edgar Wright’s exit from the movie right before filming began was seen by most as a big blow to the production, only made more dramatic by actors Patrick WilsonKevin Weisman and Matt Gerald leaving two months later.

While the true story surrounding Wright’s departure may never be fully known, it’s been rumored that script rewrites were to blame for his sudden change of heart. Apparently, Marvel was not happy with the final script, blaming “the core morality of the piece” and lack of “franchise characters” for its frustrations. Rumors then suggest that Marvel commissioned a rewrite of their own – one that did not match Wright’s vision – which ultimately caused him to leave.

Marvel has since hired Peyton Reed to take over directing duties for Ant-Man, and now a new report from Latino-Review reveals just which franchise characters Marvel wanted in the film.

Assuming the script hasn’t since changed, the first act of the movie will feature Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) meeting Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) and a young Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

abc fall preview agent carter Ant Man Marvel Universe Cameos Revealed?

In the comics, Pym is a scientist who creates Ultron, the upcoming Avengers 2 villain, as well as shrinking technology he uses to turn himself into Ant-Man. Ultron’s backstory has already been changed so that Tony Stark – Howard’s son – will instead create the sentient robot, so connecting Pym to S.H.I.E.L.D. would interestingly tie the character back into the overall franchise.

It’s unclear what exactly Pym is doing at S.H.I.E.L.D., or even whether Michael Douglas will be playing the character in the past himself, but this reveal could also be very important for Marvel’s new TV series, Agent Carter.

Howard Stark has already been confirmed as part of the cast, and it wouldn’t be that surprising to see Arnim Zola and a young Alexander Pierce on the series before they appear in Ant-Man. Add in the fact that Peggy Carter is supposed to have a part in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and it appears that Marvel’s plans could be more complicated than we previously realized.

What do you make of this news, Screen Rant readers? Any theories for what Marvel may have in store for Ant-ManAgent Carter and Avengers 2?

Ant-Man arrives in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. Interesting. I don’t know what others might think, but I’m actually looking forward to Agent Carter. It may seem to be more interesting than Agents of SHIELD.

    • Yeah well for me…Im looking forward to Agent Carter just to see Hayley Atwell´s boobs.
      Dunno, maybe I get intrigued by the series on the way through.

      • Yeah well for me…I’M looking forward to Agent Carter just to see Arnim Zola’s boobs.

        • want me some Dominic Cooper booty

    • “It may seem to be more interesting than Agents of SHIELD.”

      Definitely, but that’s not a challenge, is it? AoS is basically pointless… bring on Agent Carter, Daredevil, Iron Fist etc and let AoS go quietly…

      • Another AoS hater? Oh great, its as if the Season finale didn’t shut you guys up..

        • So basically, a few episodes towards the end of the season is enough to make up for 3/4 of it being crap? Ok, Mr Easily Pleased.

          • Well that “few episodes towards the end of the season” was deserved to have a Season 2, so yes, I’m easily pleased.

            • It’s a very flawed series, but it did well enough to deserve a second chance in my book. Also, it has some reasonable shared universe tie-ins, so I follow it for popcorn backstory. I’m not so stuck up that I won’t stoop to watching some bad TV if it ties into some movies I like.

              I’ve read some bad comics because they tie-in to a larger comic arc. Hell, thats basically the entire Infinite crisis.

    • Ten bucks says the series will actually be on the Carter we saw in Cap:TWS. Aka Agent 13!!!

      • But I thought they already announced Hayley Atwell for the lead role?

      • No take-backs! It’s Haley Atwell, announced, shot, and already sampled in that Marvel One-Shot. *derp*

  2. it’s Arnim Zola – not Armin

    • You sure its not Anaheim? That’s where Disneyland is located. And Disney owns Marvel. It fits nicely….

      • Samsonite! I was way off!

    • I thought it was Arnim too, and reading this article seeing it spelled ‘Armin’ I was thinking to myself, “have I been wrong all this time?”

      • no you were not wrong all this time.

        it’s definitely Arnim Zola – always has been. it should be corrected in the article.

    • Haha I was going to post the same thing.

  3. The past doesnt matter to me anymore after Cap 2
    ardyH sniW

    • I think that’s the point though. To be able to watch history unfold knowing something that none of the players know.

  4. Well this revelation of character Marvel wanted included is good news. 4 actors/character… I suspect this might have been the whole problem, since it was rumored Marvel had 4 changes they wanted to Wright’s script. I can’t stand when directors make up characters to fill roles. Especially when they have access to a large library of pre existing characters like Marvel’s.

    Wright leaving could end up being a blessing in disguise.

    • Agent Coulson was a made-up character who first appeared in Iron Man 1
      Your argument is invalid

      • @Paul

        Optimus Prime didn’t have an argument, he/she had an opinion, which is entirely valid.

        I agree with Optimus. While I don’t want to see cameos for the sake of cameos, if you need a character to fill a story role, why create a new one with so many to work with? It’s the continuity and crossovers that makes this so much fun.

    • While that may be true, what I dislike is forcing characters to fill up plot-devices when and then not doing them justice. Or simply forcing characters in places for the sake of a “guest appearance.” That sort of fan-service bothers me, oh wait I’m supposed to swoon because you gave me a glimpse of a character? Sorry. Not happening. I’d rather they reinterpreted an original character completely as long as it’s rounded and interesting.

    • I’ve been saying this for a while now too. I’m a fan of Wright, but we’ve seen good directors ruin good properties before, because they want to put their own stamp on it instead of playing the studio’s game.

      I wasn’t necessarily against him doing it in the first place, but I’m not very distraught over seeing him go.

  5. All these tie-ins and complicated connected storylines are getting boring and too much to follow for me. Must they all be connected. Watching this installment and having to remember a certain scene, plot-point, character etc just so as to connect the dots when watching another Marvel entry gets tiring. Guardians of the Galaxy felt fresher and more stand-alone (GRANTED Thanos, the collector and Infinity Stone plot device link it to the other Marvel entries, but i just don’t know… Works in the comics fine. But that’s cause there’s only a month’s break btwn issues. Then again, maybe it’s just me!

    • Being connected with one another is a great way of promoting films.
      When people watched GOTG, and I said that they are in the same stuff/place of The Avengers. They wouldn’t believe it, this is one of the reasons why they need to connected.

      • Good promotion, sure, but it tends to get in the way of good storytelling don’t you think? Oftentimes the interconnectedness between movies serves as interesting trivia for general audiences. It’s certainly much more rewarding an experience for die-hard fans but at what cost?

        • That’s definitely the mistake that Sony made with TASM2. And also what people are concerned about with BvS. But you can still write a good stand-alone story that happens makes connections to other movies. And I think that’s what Marvel excels at.

          • Well I can’t say for BvS but MoS did have those moments. And Feige understands the risks — I believe he said so about trying to make sure it doesn’t become a Where’s Waldo game so that the references are pointless. I think he understood that through bitter experiences on The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2.

            (okay I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back for going through an entire post about the genre without showing bias towards either studio! haha.)

        • When you think of the MCU as one story with many chapters, then I’d say it doesn’t get in the way of good storytelling. In fact, that interconneectedness is what tells the story in the first place. The idea that some elements will build up over time and won’t pay off until Avengers 3 or further gives the potential for a truly epic narrative. It’s the difference between a short story and a big, multifaceted novel.

          • I see it as the beginning of a merging between movies and TV.

            Look at the cinema of old, they had serial stories where people would come back regularly to see the whole thing. That’s how I see Marvel. It’s not cinema as we’ve known it the past few decades.

    • @Jotham

      The connection doesn’t always have to be an important plot element that you need to remember when watching another movie.

      For example: Howard Stark plays a big part in the events of Captain America’s past because he is essentially the Tony Stark of that era (not personality-wise, but tech-guy-wise). But you can easily watch the Iron Man movies without watching any of the Captain America movies.

      It becomes one big universe when the movies share characters. But it doesn’t always mean that you need to know of all that is shared to enjoy the individual movies.

  6. I hope this isn’t another hydra movie

    • If the first act involves Arnim Zola, then the first act is probably going to be a Hydra movie. But the rest of the movie sounds like it’s going to take place after Avengers 2, so they will probably be focusing on the fall-out of SHIELD.

  7. Scott Speedman has the looks to play younger Hank Pym

  8. Im glad they got rid of Edgar Wright, I want to see those characters.

    • It’s not necessarily saying Wright left because he didn’t want to include those characters, just that Marvel might have added them.

      Marvel wants this to be less obscure and Guardians-like so that Paul Rudd and Ant-Man can take some of the weight off of RDJr and Iron Man, or fill the void between Avengers 2 & 3.

      A lighter, less-anchored-to-canon franchise to introduce more characters through and connect past MCU pieces as well being an easy tie-in to the ‘Agents’ shows. Not serious like Cap 2 or isolated like Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.

      Edgar Wright will still get a producer credit; and who wants to bet me Marvel has him direct something later….

      • After the high-profile divorce? It would serve Wright’s credibility as an independent director to veer away from Marvel Studios. I’d bet they will offer (or have already offered) him some other project, but knowing Wright? He won’t go for it.

        How’s about a Cornetto ? :P Bets on, bub?

        • How long have you known him and did you meet him?

          • How long have you known him and how did you meet him?

          • I don’t think my post was that presumptuous. I ALWAYS like a good wager! :P

          • I’d change my username to pretend to be this guy’s mother but then whenever I comment as my own username and his mother’s, just like in real life, she’d have to always appear underneath me.


        • Haha right on! The loser has to send the winner a box of Cornetto. (Reaches out hand) deal?

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel gave Wright Inhumans or Ms Marvel. I think his talent would be better served if they gave him a movie a little tougher to write and shoot than Ant-Man.

          And his credibility as a truly great director will be shown if he tackles a serious project. For whatever studio really.

          Unrelated, I kinda want a good black director brought in whenever they approach Black Panther. And maybe Katherine Bigelow for Ms Marvel!

  9. I will pass on Antman and Agent Carter.

    • Ugh, I don’t understand why people post comments like this. If you’re not interested in the movie, then why read the article? Why bother commenting?

      • LOL I know right?

        It’s like driving to McDonalds and parking. Then walking inside and up to the counter and telling the server/cashier, “I don’t have any interest in eating here.”

        • best comment of the day! i really laughed out loud.

        • ^ This +1000

        • Of course you’d walk inside McDonalds only to leave disappointed as the menu you’re interested at suddenly unavailable at the counter.

          Totally legit in my opinion.

  10. This is actually a very dope idea to me. The SHIELD history fleshed out in the first act is awesome! And what the Studio needs to do more of, utilize all characters already introduced and actors already established to really make this feel like a living, comic universe.

    I wish Patrick Wilson was still in this. Wilson, Dominic Cooper and whoever they get for a young Redford, in the 50′s or 60′s would be crazy. Throw in young Thunderbolt Ross as well!

  11. I wasn’t very interested in Ant Man before, but this idea is promising.

    Using some characters from Cap 1 (Howard, Peggy, Zola) and another one from Cap 2 (Pierce), it’s the perfect way to tease SHIELD’s rounded journey (from its beginning in Agent Carter’s TV show to its end in Agents of SHIELD’s TV show) and fill the gaps. This also fits nicely with the previous reports on a young Hank Pym and an old Hank Pym.

    Speculation ahead:

    What if Howard Stark, Hank Pym and Armin Zola worked together on the mentioned algorithm in Cap 2 and that very same algorithm is reused by Tony Stark to ultimately develop Ultron in Avengers 2? That would be a nice way to give some far co-creation of Ultron credit to Hank Pym. A wink to the comics while keeping what makes more sense in the MCU (Ultron does need to come from Tony to be meaningful).

    • That actually sounds like a good idea — I was hoping how they’d tie in the drones-allegory to Ultron some how, this makes the most sense.

      • Remember you heard it here first :)

        Fingers crossed they go for something like that, it would please me greatly.

    • great idea Nightcrawler, I like it.

  12. I thought Iron Man creates Ultron in the comics

    • Even a guy like me knows Pym created Ultron.

    • Has it been crowed under that rock you’ve been living under for the past 10 years? :-)

  13. Theory, Hank Pym is in possession of the Time stone, and that is what the villains are after.

  14. So I assume the focus of the movie moved from Scott Lang (is he even in it now???) to Hank Pym both young and old.

    As for the S.H.I.E.L.D connection would he be working on Giant Man a ‘la The Ultimates which most of the MCU seems to reference too.

    • Paul Rudd is Scott Lang. He is in it and I am sure he is still the focus. I think this will be just a way to give some background on Hank Pym character. I am sure the second and third act are centered on Paul Rudd. He will be the one joining Avengers.

      • They more than likely both join the Avengers…one just does the actual superhero stuff, and the other sits in the lab.

        • I don’t think we are gonna see Michael Douglas in Avengers 3. I doubt very much that’s gonna happen.

          • Why du you doubt that?
            I think it’s very much possible and logical!

    • This news doesn’t necessarily change focus. All those characters could be utilized in flashbacks, footage found by Scott Lang somewhere, or just an intro part of the storyline.

      It does make sense that they wouldn’t just jump straight to old man Hank passing the mantle. There’d be a need for some background story of who he is and how he developed the technology.

      It seems to be a trend though, that whenever we get new information about characters, we’re assuming they’re main players. But it’s certainly in the studio’s interest to tease us without giving too much away, so it would make sense that we’re only hearing about the peripheral stuff.

      • Not sure if this is spoiler or not, but the Hulk wears pants that shrink and grow in Avengers 2 and I’m guessing they’ll mention Pym as the creator of the technology. The teaser photos show Banner and Stark geeking out and wouldn’t a mention of another geek — Pym — be absolutely appropriate?

        Also, if I remember right, there is a flashback in Avengers 2, but I’m not sure in what era. Nevertheless, this would also be appropriate for discussing Pym.

  15. I wonder if this movie is successful and it gets a sequel greenlit, will the next installment be ANTMAN 2, or GIANTMAN?

    I think Corey Stoll as Yellowjacket will steal the show… as well as the suit. lol

    • This is a movie, not a TV show. So there’s no such thing as greenlit in movie terms.

      • Since when? The term ‘Greenlit” is used in reference to movies all the time, especially when discussing sequels. The term means to give permission or approval to a project. It’s also used in many industries besides film and television. It’s very common to hear “We got the green-light to move forward with the project” in the cooperate world.

        • Nope, there isn’t called a “greenlit” in the movie world. In fact, they are replaced by scripting, pre-production, post production, production, filming, etc…

          Sharknado 2 went as unexpected, the 1st movie was sh*t, so nobody thought why they had to do a sequel, so there was no “greenlit” interfering with the making.

          • What the heck are you talking about? I don’t think you really understand what the term means. Green-lighting or Greenlit refers to authourizing the movie. Every project receives authorization before moving forward. When you hear something has something has been greenlit, it’s received authorization to move forward with production. You see it all the time. Heck, just type greenlit in the search box for this site and you’ll get hundreds of responses referring to movies and television.

          • Paul
            not sure if you’re an American or not, but yes “green-lit” “green-light”, etc – are VERY common terms in Hollywood for ALL & everything – movie & tv shows and basically anything else non-entertainment related – it basically just means: YES – do it – go with it …. ie. like a green traffic light.

            infact there is/ was even a TV show called: Project Greenlight – produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck
            a reality show for directors to make their first feature film – look it up if you’re not familiar with it
            and no they did not invent the term – it’s been around for a VERY VERY VERY long time

            it’s just a common vernacular for approval – in any context – such as: hiring someone (for anything), spending money to buy something, agreeing to meet with someone somewhere at some time, etc etc – green light it!!!

            == also – re: will steal the show
            it’s a common phrase to simply mean: the person/ actor/ character, etc will be the best part of the whole thing
            the phrase does not specifically mean “tv show” – the phrase itself originated for live performance (ie. vaudeville most likely) – performances typically referred to as “shows” – prior to the invention of television or film
            and over the entire 1900′s it just gradually became a non-specific idiom (saying) to refer to a performer (of any kind) being a stand-out compared to other performers

            ie. many people said Hulk “stole the show” in The Avengers – meaning he was the best part

            • Totally burned.

          • Then why was Guardians of the Galaxy 2 greenlit before GotG came out?

            • very simple: Marvel was very confident in the success of GotG – same as the Lord of the Rings & Matrix films getting sequels approved aka green-lit and planned out in advanced.

              greenlighting a project has nothing to with when, why, where or anything else
              it simply means the people who make final decisions about something (ie. spending money for a film) deciding – YES let’s do it

              it’s a fairly simple concept – curious are the posters questioning the term “green lit / green light, etc” from another country or just very young and never been explained the term ??
              or are just goofing and pretending you don’t know ?

              • I agree with you completely but, I think Kahless the Unforgettable already knew what ‘Green-lit’ meant. He was posing the question to Paul as a rhetorical one to prove him wrong (perhaps Kahless should have said ‘how’ instead of ‘what’ though) and was really saying that GotG was greenlit so the term must exist (he replied to Paul). But great work proving Paul wrong (you absolutely owned him).

                As for why Paul couldn’t understand the term, I would say it’s because he’s 16 or something (judging by his picture). He perhaps assumes he’s right simply because he’s never heard the term used before for movies and as such formed his own incorrect definition of what it really means (I think he considers it to mean something will be released, rather than verified for production as well). Paul also doesn’t seem to understand that Sharknado was meant to be bad and that quality does not cause a movie to get a sequel, profit does. But yeah, I can’t really understand either how some people have never heard such terms before let alone that they try to argue something without properly understanding what they’re talking about.

                • 1st off, the picture doesn’t validate what my age is, I could change the picture to my younger years anytime I would want. 2nd, don’t f*cking judge people and stop with the “he can’t”, “he did”, “he wants” stuff. Its as if I could hire you for writing my autobiography. And 3rd, perhaps the reason why I didn’t know that the word “greenlit” is used, is perhaps because I never saw one/news title using it when making movies, and I only see it on TV shows. Thus, my previous reply. 4th, I DO understand that quality isn’t a requirement for making sequels, this is why I mentioned Sharknado as before. And finally 5th, don’t act like you’re so superior you can define a person by what he does.

                • Oh, god. It’s enough to say that I am wrong. And that you are right that I don’t know that they used it in making movies. I only hear it on TV shows.

                  But damn, 1st off, my picture doesn’t validate my age, I can change it from my younger years anytime I want. 2nd, stop saying “Paul did”, “He’s right”, “He did”, “Paul couldn’t”, etc.. I could almost hire you for making my autobiography. And finally 3rd, don’t define a person just by doing things like these crap, it’s like your already so superior that you know everything and anything…

                  • That’s cute, Paul. Didn’t you think yourself superior when you replied to pman67 in your second post in this “Greenlight” discussion, practically thumbing your nose with your “Nope…”? Let’s face it, kiddo, you got owned, and you chose to quibble about how someone phrased a reply to someone else because you have no other out. Perhaps this will teach you to do some research next time before you go trying to educate the world about something you know nothing about.

                    • Wow, I find it so childish about how one person already replied to a problem that has been answered.

                      Also, didn’t you read my previous post? I get it, I was wrong, so what’s the point of your reply?

                      And about phrasing someone’s quote is an entirely different thing, so it would be better if this discussion was already settled.

                    • To Paul:
                      1. No one here has acted childish except perhaps you in your indignant and insincere admittance to being wrong. Every reply has furthered the discussion.
                      2. Vox Veritas has the right to explain why you should not act so indignant in admitting you are wrong. He has a valid point.
                      3. See my reply below about your quotes. Vox Veritas’ use of quotes furthered his argument

                    • @Metarean
                      If you’re job here is to fill the screen with your essays and damned replies. I suggest you stop it, because I already know that I was wrong, yet you still continue to think that I’m still wrong from another ideal. And as I said before: It would be better if this discussion was settled.

                    • To Paul,
                      The only reason I’m posting more replies is because you’re trying to bring others down with you. You’re right though that you’ve already been proven wrong and admitted such so the initial argument has been settled. But I still believe I am valid in arguing against you calling others childish and saying others have tried to make you feel inferior (my last few posts have either been to verify what I meant or why others posts are valid). I agree though that we’re not really getting anywhere if you ignore the true points of others posts (everyone here was merely trying to have a reasonable discussion so, again, I apologise if you feel like you’ve been attacked). I won’t reply again if you promise to argue after knowing the facts next time though. Deal?

                  • It’s good to see you acknowledging you were wrong but when I posted my comment you had not admitted that. I apologise if you’re not 16, I was merely making an educated guess based on your picture. I said “I would say” to try and make it clear that it was merely a guess, which I made for the sake of discussing the question ‘ “are the posters questioning the term “green lit / green light, etc” from another country or just very young and never been explained the term ??’. By the way you never confirmed I was wrong, was I?

                    As for those quotes: firstly I never wrote “Paul did” or “he did”, you made those up; secondly I said “He perhaps assumes he’s right” not just “he’s right”- the “perhaps” defines that as a guess not a definite statement as you seem (note seem defines this as a guess as well) to think; and thirdly the “Paul couldn’t” was part of the broader sentence “as for why Paul couldn’t understand the term, I would say” that, as I have said, sets up what I say next as merely a hypothesis. I was very careful never to conclude definitely what you think or who you are but simply expressed an opinion based on what you wrote (I was under the impression that if someone acts ignorantly they very well could be ignorant), so I’m sorry if you misunderstood what I wrote as an attack. Besides I can’t write your autobiography anyway due to the definition of the word autobiography (although I understand if you were trying to be ironic with that wording)- heck, I don’t think a biography of you would sell with the attitude you’ve displayed (although that’s just an educated guess as well ;) ). I would love to here why you actually misunderstood the definition of green lit though.

                    And finally, I never meant to try and sound superior, I believe everyone’s equal. However I also believe that I have and will use a dictionary (sorry, I couldn’t resist), based on previous experience (I myself have been in your situation before), to come to a conclusion after researching first- not simply because “I only hear it on TV shows”. In the future please make sure you understand what you’re arguing before you say/write something.

                    • [End of second paragraph- change "here" to "hear"]

  16. I was wondering when we’d get details on the “tie-in” into the wider MCU that probably drew Wright away in the first place. I’m really happy to read about this, if it turns out to be true it would be awesome. I always figured it would be something like this, tying Pym to SHIELD somehow, either working as a consultant, or just having them want to recruit him. I don’t know why, but I have this wish about young Hank Pym being good friends with young Nick Fury (the two actors are almost the same age, after all ;)).

    Frankly, the part rumored to take place in the 60s is the only part of the movie I’m currently interested in, so this is good news for me :)

  17. Damn you Hollywood, for being able to blur the lines between “Art” and “Product”!! See, the fan of Edgar Wright and part of me that appreciates auteurs is meant to dislike this take on Ant-Man, yet the Marvel fanboy in me can’t help but think that this was the proper way to go in order to connect Ant-Man to the cinematic universe. I like it.

    • +1

      Well said :)

  18. I like the idea of interconnecting worlds and characters…too bad Edgar Wright has to dropped out from that. If he could endure it a bit more that would be delightful..

  19. I still wish we could have just gotten a young Hank Pym, or at least younger, he could have been 35 and still been a mentor to Scott Lang IMO, but…. I can see this movie coming together and being a worthy addition to the MCU. Spending some time in the 60s will give us the chance to see the version of Pym we see in the comics (hopefully) while also tying in some other characters which sounds interesting. This seems like a similar situation to IM3 for me, if you can get past the 1 big plot point you don’t like (Mandarin twist obviously) then the rest of the movie is quite good. Really like the story they are crafting, just got to get past my disappointment in old crotchety Pym. Still down at the bottom of anticipated CBMs for me along with F4, but will still see it and betting it will be decent. In Feigie we trust?

  20. Just because Tony Stark created Ultron, that doesn’t mean he didn’t perhaps “borrow” ideas or TECHNOLOGY from ANTMAN….? Just a theory

  21. I have to say I was no where near excited to see Ant Man. Now with the hopeful establish characters getting tied in, it does cause me to raise an eyebrow to it.

    • @Big M


  22. As much as I love the idea of introducing these characters in the 60s during the first act to establish connections to the larger MCU, I worry that this might make the movie feel disjointed. Like in MoS or TMNT where the first act was all character building and plot development, and then the second and third failed to continue that.

    Of course, I’ll give credit to Marvel for always focusing on the story first before the action or the world-building. So hopefully this works out.

  23. Really hoping this movie kicks ass and proves haters wrong.
    Also, what I want to know is if that Janet lady who becomes Wasp is in the movie.

  24. I called it! I knew Marvel was gonna find a way to have Hank create Ultron!

    • But, we’ll have all ready seen Ultron by the time this is released…so it kinda doesn’t do much other than tell you something after the fact.

      • It’s a simple misdirection. I like the way they are doing things. Mixing it up. According to the trailer rumors… At the Avenger’s party after their battle at the beginning, Ultron supposedly shows up (I haven’t seen it). That would mean either Tony created it or it was created and Tony got his hands on it. This just makes fanboys happy or at least happier because it’s more canon. However, I’m not convinced Ultron is the main baddie in the movie. I think Ultron is being controlled. Shoot, if Alexander Pierce knows about Ultron who else knows about him? What was the original purpose for creating him? Did someone plant a virus in him to “turn” after a certain period of time or after an upgrade? This way creates a way to just make the Marvel Universe that much bigger

  25. It will be pretty exciting to see how it all plays out.

  26. I think Edgar Wright is a lil b**** for quitting like that. After witnessing the greatness that was Cpt America TWS and GOTG both of which were awesome and successful. I feel like he should have seen it through to the end. In thhis world we dont always get everything we want and if he would have gotten some or even half of what he wants he should have been happy and trusted marvel. So im like screw him cuz only lil snotty b**** cry babys quit at the last minute.

    • Watch out! Here come the Edgar Wright defenders…

      In all seriousness though, I really wish he would have stayed. He really could have added something unique to the movie, and we all miss out on that now. And I agree with a lot of your points. Despite his artistic integrity, trusting Marvel and accepting their revisions would have only added more to the movie, and the entire MCU franchise. He should have just tried to work with it, and I bet he would have enjoyed himself.

  27. Works, as in the first Thor, Erik Selvig mentioned that Pym had dealings with SHIELD

    • Wait, what? Really?? I must’ve missed that. All I remember him saying was that he had a colleague that was an expert in gamma radiation or something and was familiar with SHIELD. But I don’t remember him actually naming Hank Pym by name. That would be awesome if it was true!

    • @ Betos

      Sort of..

      “When Jane Foster’s equipment was stolen, Henry Pym was referred to by Erik Selvig as the friend that he was going to email that has had previous experience with S.H.I.E.L.D., though his name was ommited from the scene.”

      -Marvel Wiki

  28. At the end of the day, with all the furor raised by marvel “not sticking to canon” and having stark create ultron (which makes sense for the mcu) it will probably show that Pym back in the day was actually instrumental with howard stark at building and mapping zolas brain to have it “uploaded” thus paving the way for the tech that would be later refined by ironman to create jarvis and ultimatelly ultron. Its all connected, its consistent for the mcu reality and honors comicbook canon.

  29. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hank Pym created the plans for Ultron, Tony found them years later, and decides to create Ultron to help protect the world. Pym will have a cameo in Age of Ultron and will realize that it is his invention reeking havoc. Maybe even Scott Lang will have a cameo in Age of Ultron too.