Michael Douglas is Playing Hank Pym in Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’

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Michael Douglas in Wall Street 2 Michael Douglas is Playing Hank Pym in Marvels Ant Man

[Update: Michael Douglas talks about joining the Marvel family.]

When we interviewed Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige last year, he promised us that by the end of 2013, we’d finally get some casting confirmations from the studio regarding a few key unannounced characters, one of them being the lead of their first Phase 3 film - Ant-Man. After weeks of rumors and reports – and seemingly an epic workout regiment – putting Paul Rudd on the radar, Marvel made it official. Rudd is Marvel’s and director Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man.

When Rudd’s name first starting making headlines however, he wasn’t the only star apparently in consideration. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also associated with the project and we theorized that Wright might be looking at multiple actors not for the same lead role, but different ones since in Marvel Comics there are three different men who have assumed the role of Ant-Man. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Marvel just cast another Ant-Man.

Moments ago, Marvel made it official that multiple Academy Award winner Michael Douglas (Wall Street) will play genius scientist and one-time Avenger Hank Pym in Ant-Man, coming summer 2015. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige on the casting:

“With Hank Pym’s rich history in the Marvel Universe, we knew we needed an actor capable of bringing the weight and stature to the role that the character deserves. We felt incredibly relieved when Michael Douglas agreed to step into the part with the charm and fortitude he brings to every character he inhabits, and couldn’t be more excited to see what he will do to bring Hank Pym to life.”

More than any other Marvel Studios production to introduce a new solo character, Ant-Man is seemingly relying on established and bankable talent – not too much of a surprise considering the risk and obscurity associated with the Ant-Man character. This is a film that only exists because of Edgar Wright, says Feige to us on numerous occasions, but they’re doing everything they can to put it in the eyes of potential moviegoers.

Ant Man Movie Costume Helmet Michael Douglas is Playing Hank Pym in Marvels Ant Man

Douglas joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe is intriguing, especially considering his age, but the more interesting discussion to be had is what his casting means for the franchise as whole. Douglas is Hank Pym, the first Ant-Man who in the comics, created the technology behind the ability to shrink and become giant. But the news also comes with confirmation that Paul Rudd is playing Scott Lang. This makes sense considering Edgar Wright’s recent Ant-Man hints and teases.

Variety posted an exclusive describing Douglas’ character as a villain, but according to that writer’s Twitter, that was before Marvel made the official announcement that he’s playing Pym. That part was cut from their article without an update. While we wouldn’t put it past Marvel Studios to do something like that and have Pym be a villain (see: Iron Man 3′s Mandarin) for the sake of a twist, we’ll stick with the official news and assume Hank Pym is Hank Pym, just a much older version of him.

Since the Ant-Man movie is telling a new origin story for the character, we can assume that Michael Douglas is a scientist – perhaps for S.H.I.E.L.D. or another familiar Marvel organization (A.I.M.) – who discovers a chemical or invents technology that allows its user to change in size, small (Ant-Man) or large (Giant Man). Since Edgar Wright has described his script as a “high-tech spy heist film,” Scott Lang may steal it from him for personal reasons (in the comics, he steals it to save his daughter by using it to perform another heist). That story is full of heart and charm since he’s a criminal but for the right reasons. Lang isn’t evil and Pym sees that, eventually giving him the Ant-Man suit and tech. Lang later becomes an Avenger so we expect that to occur come The Avengers 3.

Our question now becomes whether or not Pym’s helmet creation can actually control ants in the cinematic universe. And what does this mean for Pym’s wife in the comics, Janet van Dyne? Let us know your thoughts and theories!


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. The casting of Mr. Douglas is not the issue. Everybody regards him to be a good actor. The main issue here is the path people at Marvel/Disney is taking with the stories. Ultron is not the creation of Pym but Stark. Pym is now an older man. I reckon that Lang is now going to be a scientist and not an expert in electronics. They cannot use the appearance of Ultron anymore since he resembles an ant. That appearance was provided by Pym. I don’t know what to think of these news anymore.

    • For the last time! People listen with your ears and read with your eyes. Pay attention and shut up. The movies are separate from the comics, just because something worked a certain way in the comics doesn’t mean that’s how it will be in the movies. The movies are a separate universe just like how DC has the original universe and now the New 52. Same characters just different stories. That’s how comics have been since they started so don’t expect the same thing from the movies. The Joker from The Dark Knight didn’t have the Joker’s original origin story, did we complain? No because it worked. So until this movie comes out and any others that haven’t been released than do not hate or cry about what Marvel/Disney are planning. You have no room to say that things can’t happen because it happened differently in the comics.

  2. A2 7——->2
    Ant-Man 6——–>ZERO!!

    • Remember in Thor, when Coulson took everything from Jane and Selvig he said he knew a scientist that had encountered S.H.I.E.L.D. before and it was confirmed it was Hank Pym but it was taken out of the dialog so that makes sense for Pym being older. Can’t wait for Avengers 3 I want to see Thanos!!!!

  3. I just hope that Wasp will be still part of the MCU. Other than that, I’m okay with an old Hank and Scott as Ant-Man.

    And if there will be flashbacks to young Hank Pym in the 60s or something, that opens other possibilities, like cameos or side-characters from other older characters, from Howard Stark to other SHIELD faces etc. Idk, we’ll see what Wright will do.

    I’m still hyped for this film, I just really want the Wasp to be included too. That’s the one thing I really want.

  4. Who is up next? Abe Vigoda as the sagging man?

  5. annnnnd……the other shoe drops. Scott Lame FTL, I called it a long time ago sadly.

    Can’t say I’m surprised and the writing was on the wall the moment it was confirmed Pym was not going to be the creator of Ultron. That combined with Wright’s insistence on the Ant-Man he wanted to make (and the fact he didn’t drop out) were clear signs months ago that Pym was effectively erased from the Avengers. I had a crumb of hope that it was not the case but I knew deep down this is what was going to happen.

    So, without further adieu I say……..%$#^@ you Marvel. You might as well agree to crossovers with Sony and Fox now because, as far as I’m concerned, you have joined the ranks of both of those studios in killing your own canon.

    • This guy

    • You said it Mongoose… erased from the Avengers :( Without a chance at being in subsequent movies. Without a chance at being the hero that a lot of fans (and there are a lot more than you’d think) wanted to finally see on the big screen. Sad sad day for Pym Pals, I say :(

      • At least they are consistent….Hank erased…Mandarian erased…Janet erased so far…my only hope…is that Thanos uses the gauntlet to recreate reality as it should be.

        • what the hell are you talking about? Hank is still gonna be in the film. I’m sure Janet is going to be in it. Stop assuming before you even see the film.

        • Everyone erased…can’t see anyone…but I can hear Sue Storm yelling, “Invisble copy-cats!”

          On the serious side, I think we all need to call and write Marvel, flood ‘em with our opinions. Let’s see if they really listen to their fans?

          • Honestly I’m still trying to think of numerous ways to do that, my sis told me that it 5 years time after ant man fails they’ll do a reboot and then I’ll be old enough to fly all the way to New York and do the script myself… With ur help of course :) and ARMIE HAMMERS!!!!

    • I think you meant to say “ado”.

      “Adieu” is a leaving statement, a French word that people use to say goodbye (which, ironically, is what you’re doing as far as these movies).

      It annoys me when people type “without further adieu” as much as it annoys me when people type “walla” when they mean “voila”.

      Having said that, I disagree entirely with the scepticism and negativity expressed.

      • You are absolutely correct! Not speaking French I always thought “adieu” had more/different meaning that just the simple concept of goodbye and never thought more of it. Word Nazi ftw. (of course now that you’ve made a fuss about it and cast a stone, beware the glass house you are now in ;) )

        And disagree all you want but I ain’t retractin’ one single word of it. Marvel screwed over one of it’s OWN beloved and founding members of the Avengers for no good reason so they deserve the scorn I (and many many others I might add) give them for this act of asshattery (along with all the other recent deviations). Marvel has, in 2 words, sold out.

  6. I was hoping for a younger Pym, but it still will be interesting

    • Honestly, from what I’ve read on forums, EVERYBODY was hoping for a younger Pym. Edgar Wright wanted to adapt a somewhat obscur story to the big screen and he and/or Marvel doesn’t seem to care about the fans, but the $$$. The average Joe going to see this movie doesn’t care, but we fans do.

      • You keep whining about it but who’s to say Edgar Wright isn’t a comic book fan?

        Considering he’s been pushing to write and direct the perfect Ant-Man movie for almost 9 years to, in his words, “do the character of Ant-Man justice”, what right do you have to decry him and hurl ridiculous accusations as if he doesn’t have the first clue about Ant-Man?

        I’m sick of people who assume that just because they like a certain comic book, they suddenly become the forefront of all knowledge and capability when it comes to certain characters included in that book.

        You don’t like the decisions made? That’s fine, you have that right because it’s your opinion, not anybody else’s.

        You think Wright is incompetent and is only in this for money rather than the love of a character he’s spent a long time working on? Sorry but that’s where your opinion stops being valid and swerves into “monotonous complaining” territory and to me, it shows that it’s time for you to just step away from this article because you’ve just posted the same pointless crying and incoherent accusation of anybody who disagrees with your pessimism over and over again.

        I’m not even bothered if this silly ban on me posting comments stops this being seen by others or not (and I’ve taken the site off my bookmarks and unliked it on Facebook too because of it) but honestly, someone has to say something to you about this Mary Jay and I guess I’m the only one with the balls to do it.

        • MJ is not, “whining”. For someone who supposedly prides themselves on the absolute correct use of words, you fail just a couple of posts after climbing on your soapbox. You have unfortunately accepted the often misused and commonly accepted internet vernacular as being correct (which it is not)

          To whine:

          1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.
          2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion.
          3. To produce a sustained noise of relatively high pitch.

          I’m not seeing any of those in MJs posts. MJ may be outraged, ranting, complaining and even over reaching in some of her statements (which often happens in a moment of typing passion) but I see no childish outburst or high pitched sound.

          So much for that glass house.


          The most ironic thing about your statement is Wright is making this movie exactly because he, “liked a certain comic book” and always wanted to see it made into a movie. Wright isn’t doing the character justice, he’s doing HIS vision of the character justice which is a completely different animal altogether. True justice imho would have been to use the most widely accepted version of Pym’s origin story, have him be the creator of Ultron and rightfully make him a part of the Avengers.

          MJ also included Marvel in the, “in this for the money, screw the fans” part which I do 100% agree with (sadly)

      • Edgar Wright is rong!

  7. This is amazing news!!

  8. Here’s Edgar’s answer for all you fanboys complaining.. he did this.. 8 years ago..

    Well, the thing is that what we want to do, the idea that we have for the adaptation is to actually involve both. Is to have a film that basically is about Henry Pym and Scott Lang, so you actually do a prologue where you see Pym as Ant-Man in action in the 60′s, in sort of “Tales to Astonish” mode basically, and then the contemporary, sort of flash-forward, is Scott Lang’s story, and how he comes to acquire the suit, how he crosses paths with Henry Pym, and then, in an interesting sort of Machiavellian way, teams up with him. So it’s like an interesting thing, like the “Marvel Premiere” one that I read which is Scott Lang’s origin, it’s very brief like a lot of those origin comics are, and in a way, the details that are skipped through in the panels and the kind of thing we’d spend half an hour on.”

    • We know, we’ve read this tons of times before. This is not the point. The point is that by having an older Pym, the character cannot go on in future movies as a superhero, and that was something that we, as fans, would have like to see. Hence our disappointment at this casting.

      And to point out the obvious, in the Marvel Premiere Wright is refering to, Pym is far from an old man…! He could have done his story like in the comics, without writing out Pym from further chapters. From the looks of it, there was great hopes that we’d see Giant-Man in action. Now we won’t. Ever. And THAT’S disappointing.

      • Nice that you lump all of us “fans” together. Been reading Marvel for 25 years, couldn’t care less that Pym isn’t the main character. Scott Lang is the current Ant-Man, and has been on-and-off since 1979. Why is it such a disappointment that Pym isn’t the modern day Ant-Man? Did you cry when Jarvis was turned into a computer system? Just think how many cheap laughs we could’ve had with a stuffy butler being ordered around by RDJ. Gimme a break! There are “fans,” and “fan-boys.” Fan-boys rage on the internet “this isn’t the particular version I wanted!” Ant-man was created over 50 years ago. Pym ISN’T Ant-Man any more! He hasn’t been for ages. When Lang came into the comics (or Eric O’Grady in recent years), did you throw your old ones out in a nerd-rage? Actual comic fans should be used to different takes on beloved characters. I know I’d rather see a wise-cracking ex-con than a depressed wife-beater any day.

        • Honestly, I couldn’t care less about Lang. Yes, he’s Ant-Man now. I don’t care about that. He’s in one comics, and I don’t read it. I’m a fan of Pym, not of just any Ant-Man. Pym was the first, and since this is the first (and probably only) movie, I stupidly wished it would be about Pym. Silly me, I suppose, as you cleverly implied in your post.

          When I hear ‘Ant-Man’, I think of Hank Pym, as do a lot of people. So when I hear about a movie called ‘Ant-Man’ I expect a movie about Pym. Simple as that.

          And if you think Hank Pym is a depressed wife-beater, you haven’t been reading about him lately.

          • Yeah, but how many people is that really? For those super hardcore fans of Ant-Man, which there aren’t all that many given the numbers comics reach these days, how many people does this really bother?

            I mean, I’m sorry you’re disappointed but these films aren’t adaptations per se. They’re based on characters from comic books, is all. It’s its own universe like the 616, the Ultimate, etc.

          • I have as a matter of fact. I read Avengers A.I. He’s the main character in it. As Hank Pym. Not Ant-Man. And he is depressed. if you thin Hank Pym is Ant-Man, you obviously haven’t been reading about him lately. Give FF a try. It has Ant-Man in it…… Scott Lang.

            • I never said he’s Ant-Man RIGHT NOW (although there’s an A+X issue in which he is featured and Cap refers to him as Ant-Man… he’s wearing his Ant-Man gear and everything.) I said that when I hear talking about Ant-Man, the first name that comes to mind is Hank Pym. Big difference. I know very well who the current Ant-Man is, and it’s Scott Lang. And he doesn’t interest me. Sorry.

              I do read Avengers A.I. In it, Pym was depressed for only two issues, when he thought that Victor Mancha had died. Considering he’s sort of his grandson (having been created by Ultron) and that Hank regards him as family, and that he felt responsible for his ‘death’, it was rather understanding that he’d be depressed over it.

              I have been reading about Hank Pym. I’ve read the TTA, most of the old original Avengers comics, first run of Mighty Av., Avengers Academy, Avengers A.I. up to date, and I even read the Ultimates. So you know, I do know a bit about Hank Pym.

        • Gotcha beat! I have been reading Marvel since the early 60s (I was born in 1957, and am currently 56 years young!)

        • A lot of people care actually, there are hundreds of Hank Pym fans in every inch of the globe and we all want the best for him as a character just as we want Edgar Wright to do the best for him too and not just make out like he’s some relic that’s doesn’t deserve a story, Hank Pym is messed up I agree but that’s what makes him an interesting character to watch. Just because Lang is also an Ant Man doesn’t mean that he should be in the movie, there are 3 Green Lanterns aren’t there? So why didn’t DC put all them in one movie?? Because nobody cares!! Origins are about 1 title character and since you can’t have Lang without having Pym there’s no point including him. Plus isn’t the first movie supposed to be the intro? How is this an intro?? They’re just confusing the minds of inocent people!! Especially those who haven’t read the comics. To put it bluntly the first movie is about the first hero in this case Hank Pym, just like in Thor there was no Beta Ray Bill and in Iron Man 1 there was no War Machine, and then in the second one ( if the 1st even works) they can have Scott. So no offense against Scott Lang its just not fair on Hank if he’s the one who invented the damn particles, but is barely in the movie.
          Oh and can someone please explain why Hank Pym wasn’t born in this era, I mean seriously Tony Stark was created in the same time period has Hank so why isn’t he all shriveled up in the 21st century??? BECAUSE JON FAVREAU WASN’T DRUNK WHEN HE WROTE THE SCRIPT

      • “From the looks of it, there was great hopes that we’d see Giant-Man in action. Now we won’t. Ever. And THAT’S disappointing.”

        I’d say that Hawkeye/Clint Barton could still become Goliath. So, there may be another giant man on screen in the future.

        • Alright, I swear you guys are doing this on purpose…

          Giant-Man as in Hank Pym, for heaven’s sake…!

          I’m interested in the people in the suits, not the suits themselves. So is that to say that we could put just about anyone in the Iron Man armour and it would be as good? No, Tony Stark is important, his suit is secondary. Same with Pym.

          • Notice I said Goliath might make it on-screen. Giant-Man is Hank Pym, I agree. I was bummed when they left him out of the Avengers and even more bummed that he had Ulton taken away. At this point I’m just glad some version of Ant-Man is being made.

            My point is that there could be a giant man fighting on-screen, not the Giant-Man.

          • To me there is only one real Goliath/Giant-man, and that is Hank Pym.
            And just to stir the pot a bit, only one Justice League Flash: Barry Allen.*
            And one Justice League Green Lantern: Hal Jordan.*
            And one Spider-Man: Peter Parker.
            And one Bat-Man: Bruce Wayne.

            (*Note I said JLA, not Justice Society).

      • I honestly agree with you Mary Jay Edgar Wright basically just cut of a character ,simply because he didn’t like him, that’s not fair and Ant Man will NEVER work. P.s Dazz if Edgar Wright is allowed to have an opinion then so are we, just because he’s the one directing the movie doesn’t mean he’s allowed to cancel TWO main characters and I know I haven’t watched the film yet but I think we can see what’s coming

    • So basically he wanted to put together his usual half baked fluff story and not have to spend any time on characterization or canon.

      Got it.

  9. And I wanted an old Justin Hammer in the Iron Man movies. No, Old Pym instead? On the bright side, CZJ could be the Wasp… It could work…

  10. They might feel that the amount of Ant-Man fans are such a small percentage of comic book fans, which are in turn only a small portion of movie ticket buyers in the first place. Adding bigger movie stars is done to draw in more casual ticket buyers who do not know the details of the comics.

    • Excuse me, I have to go dump my entire comic book collection so I can have room for all the re-writes/retcons they are going to be doing to cater to the “casual ticket buyers”.


      • At a point a lot of comic books readers stop trying to keep up, which is why there is no general consensus as to what constitutes an accurate story anymore. And clearly it is just going to get more convoluted as time goes on.

  11. Marvel really is dell bent on destroying its own canon one movie at a time.

    • As is DC with those stupid Dark Knight and Man Of Steel films.

      • EXACTY!

        • Agreed, altho I did not mind Man of Steel…did not like the Dark Knight and earlier Superman films at all.

      • Except DC has no continuity. Dark Knight is in a different universe than Superman II or Batman and Robin or Arrow. Same with MOS, it is a new universe. DC movies to this point have been like Elseworlds, imo.

        Marvel is the same. The film universe is not the Marvel Comic Universe. It is just one of many. So, continuity is irrelevant to some degree. The important thing is entertaining movies that aren’t farcical or cheap.

        Anyways, comic continuity has never worked over the long run. It is the trade-off for having creative people experimenting. If the continuity and quality of the movies become major problems then there will be the Crisis of the Infinite Box Office Revenue.

    • Well….they did same thing to Hank in the comics w/AoU storyline (I wonder what’s Stan the Man thinking?) and now erasing him from the movies also.

  12. Hank Pym evil scientist who creates Ultron under the umbrella of the A.I.M. organization headed by The (real) Mandarin who turns out 2 be the real villain of Avengers:AOU! Hank Pym realizes the error of his ways after receiving a deadly blow that will take his life in mere seconds… gives the power/suit to Lang and we have a very satisfying ending to the Phase 2 and beginning of Phase 3! Sounds Awesome To Me!

    • trolololol

  13. One thing just hit me… and nobody mentioned it yet. If there’s going to be flashbacks, that means there’s going to be casting for a young Hank Pym… and there we’ll go again speculating and all. I’m starting to think they should have left Ant-Man where he was: in the comics, as a great character (Pym). I used to be excited about this movie, but now that it’s completely changed from the character I love, I’m not anymore. This won’t be a story about Pym, and this Pym won’t be the character we’ve grown to love (or hate if you do… really you have the right to). So what’s the point of looking forward to this movie?

    I know, I’m whining. Sue me.

    • Hank Pym isn’t Ant-Man! Scott Lang is!

  14. Marvel is throwing some weight around…DC it is your turn

  15. Totally irrelevant to the casting decision, though I like the idea it’s a different feel to all the other marvel origin stories, why does everyone here seem convinced Stark is going to make Ultron? Couldn’t it be shield instead that creates him? With the talk of “phase two” in avengers couldn’t that be more than the tesseract weapons and also include an avengers contingency plan in the form of an AI based suit? Especially given that CA TWS will revolve heavily around shield and is said to lead right into the second avengers movie, isn’t it more plausible that this threat the avengers see coming is created by shield and not tony stark? I just feel like I missed something when everyone says stark makes Ultron when I’ve felt all along that “phase two” mentioned in the first avengers meant more than just tesseract weapons.

  16. if this movie is part of the MCU then the flashback 60′s Pym needs to be around when Coulson was watching Capcicle sleep

  17. Geriatric man

  18. Wow, look at all those people complaining about one of the greatest actors of our time. Remember when Keaton was cast as Batman? People complained. But guess what, he was the best live action Batman to date. Or when the Human Torch was cast as Captain America… Not to mention that junkie-wreck Downey being the highest paid actor of all time. Right?

    You guys haven´t seen the movie, so you don´t know what it´ll be about. What if Wright is combining the “Man in the ant hill” story (based in the 60s; along with the early days of SHIELD) with modern day Ant-Man stories? If you read the Thor script (you can find it online), there´s a hint to Hank Pym, when Eric Selvig talks about “a friend” who he used to study with, and works for SHIELD now (no, I´m not talking about the Bruce Banner reference, there´s another, un-filmed hint). Selvig is in his early 60s, so it´d make perfect sense to have Douglas playing Pym, given the fact that he´s almost the same age as Selvig (maybe he was kind of his mentor).

    • sorry to ruin your vibe but Alan Tudyk is actually the highest paid actor.

    • For what it is, casting Douglas is a great choice. What it represents though is not (Pym NOT being Ant-Man in the current era or being a part of the Avengers). Showing Pym as Ant-Man in some grainy 60′s film footage for 10 minutes doesn’t count.

  19. This is amazing, I’m loving this movie so far

  20. hope for the wasp… janet van dyne will be jane pym… hank pym’s daughter from then deceased original wasp janet van dyne… i dont really want to see an old wasp… i think this is another way of introducing the wasp IMO if they wanna go to the douglas route

    • Naw, they’ll change everything around about her, too. W.A.S.P. will stand for “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant”.

  21. “…..considering his age.” My thoughts exactly. I don’t see how this can be good but there’s no sense slamming the project before I know enough about it. I hope it’ll be good. And interesting.

  22. Alright That’s it Marvel is Really F#$%&*@ up lately,Imean 1st The Spiderman reboot(which will hopefully one day go back to marvel along with Tobey Maguire),then the Abomination of Iron man 3s villain the Mandarin(which is being reintroduced)AND NOW THIS BS REALLY MARVEL!(which may get a reboot and do hank pym justice).Shame really because I did have such I hopes for this one but now Edgar Wright is turning it into “Another Cheap Marvel Knock off”(Ben Kingsley Mandarin Voice) Looks like our only hope now is that Kevin feige accidentally switched up the named and have Michal be someone Paul Rudd really be Hank Pym and Rashida Jones is the Wasp.That and maybe Joss whedon Bull Sh$%%ed on hank pym not being in the avengers sequel,Imean he could be mentioned or hell even be the one that created the thing for the government or shield,Then he can join the avengers that way and maybe Janet to( or maybe even reboot the movie later on which most likely won’t happen)Now anyone that wants to argue with me or agree with me on this Please be my guest:SERIOUSLY BRING IT ON!

    • Oh, I agree with you. But I’m done hoping for having my favourite character as a hero in the MCU. That’s a shame, and a bit of a slap in the face to the fans, and to more than 50 years of comic book storytelling.

      I know, I know, the MCU and the comics are two things. But seriously, why, oh why, couldn’t they stay closer to the comics? The stories are good, why change them so much that the characters are not even the same anymore?? Why??

      • There are already two different Marvel Universes in print. If you count the movies, 3 different universes. And have you forgotten that Marvel retconned their universe with “Marvel NOW?” It doesn’t make the old stories any less valid. It’s just a different interpretation. I suppose Avengers should have been a period piece? You can’t have your cake and eat it. To make a scene for scene movie of the first Avengers story, set in the 60′s, would be too slavish. If you are as big a fan of the original as you say, I’m sure that’s what you’re clamoring for. By the same token, would you have them ignore the fact that there are 4 versions of Ant-Man (Pym, Lang, O’Grady, Ultimate Pym), three of which have been in the spotlight more than Hank Pym in the last, say, 10 years? They are staying close to the comics. The only change is that Pym was a hero in the 60′s/70′s (whenever it’ll be in the film) so is older. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Lang steel the suit from Pym, who then lets him keep it on the understanding that he honor the name and be a hero? Sounds pretty much like what we’re getting.

        • There’s a way to adapt a story to make it contemporary without changing the characters, who IMO make the core of the movie.

          You are right, Pym lets Lang keep the suit at the end of the Marvel Feature in which Lang steals it (which, by the way, is just a 2-issue story…) But the thing is… Pym is not old in it.

          I’ll try to make it clear why this upsets me, bearing in mind that Pym is my favourite character.

          Iron Man: movie set today about Tony Stark as the hero (the first Iron Man)
          Hulk: movie set today about Hulk/Banner as the hero (the green one, the first one)
          Thor: movie set today about Thor as the hero (the one and only!)
          Captain America: movie ending up today about Steve Rogers as the hero (the first Captain America)
          Ant-Man: movie set today about … Scott Lang as the hero…???

          From a fan’s perspective, this is disappointing. Please just try to understand.

          • I get the disappointment but, to be fair, Days of Future Past is only a one issue story yet here we are with that film.

        • You should not open your Christmas presents prior to Christmas Day; you have to wait until Santa delivers them. So you by the same token should not have Lang or anyone else as Ant-Man, because Pym has not been Ant-Man yet.

  23. ALRIGHT THATS IT! Marvel has really dropped the ball on their stuff latly,the Spiderman reboot(which will go back to marvel and hopefully along with Tobey Maguire)then the abomination of Iron man 3s mandarin(which is being reintroduced)and now this

    • Check your facts. Sony made Spiderman.

  24. What everyone needs to embrace is the simple fact that these Marvel movies are first and foremost a film studio history-making series of films that are engineered to stand the test of time, not adhere to the source material.

    The original Star Wars films are still consumed to this day by younger generations than the first viewers in the 70′s. The same will be true of a generation that emerges decades from now.
    By then, these films will have removed themselves from the comic-book origins in those persons’ minds and will be enjoyed purely from a filmgoers perspective, not an avid comic-book fan’s. These message board debates will be the stuff of kitschy history facts, not the status quo.
    So Hank Pym’s origin has been dragged through the mud. That’s sad. But sacrifice is usually the cost of jumping media. Even Harry Potter movies, The LOTR films, Sherlock Holmes, The Godfather, and countless other time-honored CLASSIC FRANCHISES have veered slightly or even completely from the source material to the similar dismay of almost entirely only the original (smaller than the internationally released movie) audience. In other words, films are very intentionally catered to the mass market so the source material is only sacred insofar as it can be sold. Everything else is eligible for the cutting floor.

    And, without question, we should feel lucky that we’re getting to experience it at the nexus between the old and the new guard of Marvel’s greatest heroes. At least we’re even getting an Ant-Man movie! That was unfathomable not very long ago.

    • Well said.

  25. Meryl Streep as the Wasp?

  26. Mery Streep as the Wasp?

  27. Wow

  28. I think that it’s awesome how a number of very talented (imo) actors have decided to join the MCU over the years: RDJ, Anthony Hopkins, Redford and now Douglas.

  29. Meryl Streep as the Wasp ^ actually made me LOL