Evangeline Lilly In ‘Early Talks’ To Join Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’

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Ant Man Rumor Casting Evangeline Lilly Evangeline Lilly In Early Talks To Join Marvels Ant Man

After Marvel turned to a swath of up-and-coming stars to help get their Avengers universe off the ground, they are bringing out the big guns for Ant-Man, the film set to kick off ‘Phase Three’ of the studio’s cinematic universe. With Michael Douglas signed to play the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, and Paul Rudd starring as his successor Scott Lang, director Edgar Wright already has a one-two punch packing more star power than any of his prior projects.

But what would a Wright film (or a Marvel one, for that matter) be without a romance? With that in mind, the latest reports claim that Marvel is already making moves to cast Lost alum Evangeline Lilly as the female lead – a role long rumored and anticipated to grow into far more than a love interest, but a big screen incarnation of the female superhero known as ‘Wasp.’

The report comes courtesy of Variety, claiming that Marvel is in “early talks” with Lilly – most recently seen on screen in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – to star opposite Rudd. Again, a superhero film featuring two good-looking leads in a budding romance is to be expected, but as is usually the case with Marvel’s adaptations, the character she’ll be playing could have serious ramifications on the film universe, beginning with The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Marvel Avengers Wasp Introduction Evangeline Lilly In Early Talks To Join Marvels Ant Man

In the Marvel comics, Ant-Man is regularly mentioned in the same breath as Wasp, a.k.a. Janet van Dyne, his partner in both crime-fighting and marriage. It was no secret that the original plan for The Avengers was to have Wasp as part of the team, so when rumors of an Ant-Man project began to gain momentum, casting rumors included potential candidates for both miniature masked heroes.

One regular mention was Rudd’s past co-star Rashida Jones, but it seems that Marvel is eying an actress who is currently enjoying a bit more blockbuster attention. However, it’s being claimed that the role in question will be that of Hank Pym’s daughter, further indicating just how much Edgar Wright will be re-writing comic book canon.

Since Janet van Dyne/Wasp was Pym’s love interest in the comics, fans are faced with two questions: will Evangeline Lilly’s role as Pym’s daughter give her the gift of shrinking – or growing – genetically, or will her superpowers be written away entirely? We’re inclined to think the former, but so far it’s anyone’s guess.

Wasp Janet Van Dyne Giant Evangeline Lilly In Early Talks To Join Marvels Ant Man

It isn’t hard to see how the female lead being the daughter of Hank Pym (Douglas) would create comedy in line with Edgar Wright’s strengths, adding the humor of a protective father who was no romantic slouch in his younger days (as a 1960s super spy). Douglas has described the script as “really fun,” and the chance to play not only an aging superhero but a suspicious father (with good reason, since it seems Scott Lang will be stealing the Ant-Man suit from Pym) seems like a role Douglas could excel at.

It will be interesting to see how fans react to this news, as much as an indication of how much blockbuster cred Evangeline Lilly has earned since her time on ABC’s Lost. She has been seen in supporting roles in Real Steel, and the aforementioned Desolation of Smaug, but a Marvel film would take her to a whole new level.

What do you think of the potential casting and changes to canon? Are you fine with changes being made to the Pym/Lang/van Dyne relationship, as long as we get a big screen incarnation of Wasp, or do you doubt the direction this will take the characters? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Ant-Man opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

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Source: Variety

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  1. Well that’s kind of sad. If true that would make two franchises I am personally not thrilled about (and no, I’m not talkin’ about LOST)

  2. I think she is a perfect choice, but she needs to be the love interest. Their relationship is one of the most realistic ones in comics. I think she should be the love interest, not the daughter. But I love her as Wasp.

    • She will be both a love interest (to Lang) and the daughter (to Pym)

      it’s a brilliant move, the main problem being that comics fans don’t like changes from the source, no matter how nicely the changes work.

      • Yeah, I have a non-comics reading friend who is extremely hostile whenever I mention the insanity that goes on here when people don’t like changes to characters or think a movie is ruined because they made a change that actually works pretty well on screen compared to how silly it would look if they copied the comics to a tee.

        It’s like, “as long as the movie entertains me, I don’t care if a character doesn’t look the same or have the same powers, that’s just pathetic and complaining for no reason at all”. Which I agree with wholeheartedly.

        • So, your friend lives vicariously via you listening to us be “pathetic and complain” while you agree yet sit here and read it anyway? And then you post about how you two look down your nose at us by calling us names? Sweet!

          And if your friend wants to be entertained tell him to go be entertained by it and support it all he wants. Its not really pathetic for those of us who grew up with the these characters to want them to be treated well.

          I really hate it when someone gets all judgmental on other people just because they don’t have skin in the game. Its unnecessary and rude.

          • And nerd rage isn’t?

            • Why is it that if you disagree with someone you have to resort to characterizing them as something odd or less than everyone else?

              Its not nerd rage to want to see your love of something kept somewhat intact.

              If Peter Jackson had completely rewritten Lord of the Rings from the ground up would it be nerd rage for those who the love the books to take issue? Or is nerd rage only designated for those you consider less than because people who love comics books are “infantile children who do not deserve respect on any level”?

              Avengers was a childhood love of mine and for years I wanted to see the characters dipicted onscreen the way that a lot of writers wrote them consistently over *decades*. Not changed just cause its entertaining to someone somewhere to do it.

              But keep calling use nerds and act as if we are all sitting around in our mothers basement somewhere ranting and raging if it makes you feel better about yourself. I really do want you to be happy. :)

  3. YES!!! to Lilly as Wasp.

    • I know, right? It shouldn’t be THAT hard to just stick to the source material. A Pym-central Ant-Man movie with Wasp as his love interest. Then the possibility would be made for Giant-Man and Yellow Jacket movies as sequels.

    • But you’ll miss out on the Wah burgers & cries they’ll be serving at the theatre concession to the first 3 whiners that promised not to buy tickets 18 months before the movie opens

      • That deserves a thumbs up, sir.

        I mean, “I won’t see this movie because I don’t like the casting so far, despite the fact we should only judge whether or not to watch a movie based on the actual trailers when they release that show footage of the movie in question” seems to be ignored around here.

        No wonder I’m starting to become annoyed with other movie fans, especially on the comments section on this site. Too much complaining over nothing going on.

  4. Since this is going to be a two-generation Ant-Man story, let Janet Pym the daughter exist, but let her mother be the original Janet Van Dyne, now divorced from Hank Pym but not dead.

    • +1

    • Unless we can have the Blob bite her in half eating her??? :D

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Janet “Wasp” supposed to be Hank Pym’s wife? It seems like Marvel is intending Janet to be Scott Lang’s wife.

    • Lang’s love interest, not wife

  6. Did anyone actually READ the article? It never named her as “Janet” or “Wasp”, and she can easily play Van Dyne in the 60s. I’m excited, Lilly’s awesome. I can’t wait to see who’s cast as the younger Pym!

    • Now that there is a super good point I’m interested as to who will be Pym in the 60s who do you think would work?

  7. On board no matter what.

  8. After lamenting the DC fall down the toilet of casting choices, this is refreshing! I like Lily as Wasp, and the poor thing wont have to be in a love triangle!

    • DC fell down the toilet by making brilliant casting decisions while Marvel get praised for their brilliant casting decisions?

      You make no sense. At least you’ve just outed yourself as a pro-Marvel person. I’ll be content to stand in the middle and enjoy both sides of the coin.

      • Great another troll, another fake. -_- ^^^

        • Yes, Iron Magician…you ARE a troll and a fake. Yay for your honesty…Bully for you.

          See how dumb that sounds?

  9. I was hoping the part would go to Alison Brie, she would be perfect for the role.

  10. I’m personally cool with her playing Wasp. If they do go with that.

  11. noooooooooo noooooooooo noooooooooooo nooooooooooo nooooooooo nooooooooo nooooooooo nooooooooo nooooooooo nooooooooooo wsy!!!!! a terrible choice!!!!

  12. I think she is a good choice for the role. As much as I like Rashida Jones, Evangaline Lilly is a better choice. The change from canon is interesting, but I think it will work out great if they go that route.

  13. I would like her as Wonder Woman, but I’m looking forward to this cause she can make a great Janet Van Dyne

  14. i dont want her to be wasp. but i really want wasp in the movie.

  15. Stupidity on my part , but until the Hobbit I never realised how stunningly beautiful Evangeline is.

    She would’ve been great as Wonder Woman. Yet another casting opportunity missed.

  16. If the casting of Evangeline Lilly is accurate then it does not mean that the Wasp is Pym’s daughter. Michael Douglas is playing Pym, would it be a stretch for him to have a much younger wife?

    • Lots of good ideas…

      From Bat Mite… Have her play Van Dyne dating a much older man (Pym) If he was around 20 in the 60′s he would be around 70 ish. Lots of older dudes these days have younger wives.

      From Ellen, She could be the daughter of the original Van Dyne and Pym and still play Van Dyne junior.

      Another idea would be to have her be from 60′s and make her so that she hasn’t aged because of her research / suit.

      Either way, I like Rashida Jones but I hope she isn’t the love interest or cast in the movie. If that was the case then I would be reminded too much of I Love You Man.

  17. Well, she could be like a “Second Wasp”, like Lang a second Ant-Man.

    So like the original Hank/Janet duo was the Ant-Man/Wasp duo in the past and now Pym’s daughter steps in to be the new Wasp… maybe to get the stolen Ant-Man technology back from Scott Lang? Until some bigger bad makes them team-up and become the new Ant-Man/Wasp duo.

    That would be a pretty awesome storyline, IMHO.

    I will wait for the film to judge the changes in canon, because we have no idea how they plan to do this at this point. So I have no way to know whether I will like it or not.

    I will probably roll with whatever they come up with though.

    • Most sensible comment I’ve read so far

  18. I was really hoping they’d take a page out of Ultimates and cast her Asian. There’s pretty much zero Asians in the MCU. You can even keep her as Michael Douglass’s daughter, since if I remember right she’s mixed Caucasian descent in Ultimates, too.

    It does strike me as odd how far they’re choosing to deviate from the source material on this one. Iron Man 3 notwithstanding, Marvel’s been praised for just how close to the comics they’ve kept the MCU, and their films have cause a lot of comic fans to retroactively hate pre MCU Marvel movies that were well-received on release.

    Now they’re choosing to separate Hank Pym from his comic contemporaries by a whole generation, and making his comic love interest into his daughter. He’ll presumably have no hand in the creation of Ultron. And we already know Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are going to be stripped of a large part of their characters’ background (although this one is less Marvel’s fault).

    It just strikes me as odd that they’d choose to go down this route, especially after the backlash the whole Mandarin thing got.

  19. She’s only 34 so she could play Wasp for the next 10-12 years.

  20. Not the best choice, but not a terrible one….I guess.

  21. So I’ll call what I think is the most likely scenario…

    The original Janet Van Dyne dies whilst Janet Jnr(Evangeline Lily)is young – most likely whilst out crime fighting with Pym. Pym quits being a superspy/hero and he wants Janet Jnr not to live the life of heroism through fear of losing her. She has also inherited a natural ability from birth from her mother and father’s use of Pym Particles… enter Scott Lang, they fall for each other, and Pym has to eventually don the suit once more with his daughters help to save Scott Lang….

  22. Despite the many changes in the story, I have to admit that having Lilly as the wasp is a really good choice. Marvel and their directors show how good they are with their casting choices unlike the competition.

  23. Unless Wasp is getting sprayed with a can of Raid, I really could care less.

  24. At this point we haven’t seen anything but the concept reel from EW at ComicCon. And frankly Wright has not made a bad movie yet. As much as I’m cautious about this – I’m also aware that Pym’s am I hero, a pacifist, or a scientist bit frustrating, and would only be more so in the movies. SO I’m willing to trust that Wright found a great story and he’s going to give it to us. Plus maybe we’ll get a cool retro ANT MAN movie with Hank Pym in the future that will be loads of fun, just like we had 3 Xmen movies before we got retro with First Class. And Hank Pym would be awesome in the 70′s.

  25. My God she is gorgeous isn’t she?

  26. Take note, Warner Brothers!! This is how you cast!

  27. Does anyone think the villain could be black ant I don’t know that much about black ant but could it be possibleif Jamie bell is still in talks for something could he play eric O’grady who becomes black ant?

  28. This was a brilliant casting choice. Lilly was good in Lost, but she was a complete scene-stealer in the Desolation of Smaug. I can’t wait to see what her chemistry is like with Rudd.
    As for storyline, since they already gave Ultron to Iron Man, it makes sense to give the role of Ant-Man to Lang instead of Pym. Besides, no one watching the Marvel universe wants to deal with the emotional trainwreck that Hank Pym is in the comics. And, he beats his wife. This isn’t the dark and moody DC movie universe. However, I hope that Lilly plays Pym and Janet van Dyne’s daughter; if they take the original Wasp away from Pym and give her to Lang too, than everything that makes Pym who he is in the comics would be gone.

    • I like that idea of her being the daughter of Pym and Janet I hadn’t thought about that thats really cool man, but do you think you would miss the original Janet Van Dyne at all from the movie if that was the direction that they took?