Evangeline Lilly In ‘Early Talks’ To Join Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’

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Ant Man Rumor Casting Evangeline Lilly Evangeline Lilly In Early Talks To Join Marvels Ant Man

After Marvel turned to a swath of up-and-coming stars to help get their Avengers universe off the ground, they are bringing out the big guns for Ant-Man, the film set to kick off ‘Phase Three’ of the studio’s cinematic universe. With Michael Douglas signed to play the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, and Paul Rudd starring as his successor Scott Lang, director Edgar Wright already has a one-two punch packing more star power than any of his prior projects.

But what would a Wright film (or a Marvel one, for that matter) be without a romance? With that in mind, the latest reports claim that Marvel is already making moves to cast Lost alum Evangeline Lilly as the female lead – a role long rumored and anticipated to grow into far more than a love interest, but a big screen incarnation of the female superhero known as ‘Wasp.’

The report comes courtesy of Variety, claiming that Marvel is in “early talks” with Lilly – most recently seen on screen in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – to star opposite Rudd. Again, a superhero film featuring two good-looking leads in a budding romance is to be expected, but as is usually the case with Marvel’s adaptations, the character she’ll be playing could have serious ramifications on the film universe, beginning with The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Marvel Avengers Wasp Introduction Evangeline Lilly In Early Talks To Join Marvels Ant Man

In the Marvel comics, Ant-Man is regularly mentioned in the same breath as Wasp, a.k.a. Janet van Dyne, his partner in both crime-fighting and marriage. It was no secret that the original plan for The Avengers was to have Wasp as part of the team, so when rumors of an Ant-Man project began to gain momentum, casting rumors included potential candidates for both miniature masked heroes.

One regular mention was Rudd’s past co-star Rashida Jones, but it seems that Marvel is eying an actress who is currently enjoying a bit more blockbuster attention. However, it’s being claimed that the role in question will be that of Hank Pym’s daughter, further indicating just how much Edgar Wright will be re-writing comic book canon.

Since Janet van Dyne/Wasp was Pym’s love interest in the comics, fans are faced with two questions: will Evangeline Lilly’s role as Pym’s daughter give her the gift of shrinking – or growing – genetically, or will her superpowers be written away entirely? We’re inclined to think the former, but so far it’s anyone’s guess.

Wasp Janet Van Dyne Giant Evangeline Lilly In Early Talks To Join Marvels Ant Man

It isn’t hard to see how the female lead being the daughter of Hank Pym (Douglas) would create comedy in line with Edgar Wright’s strengths, adding the humor of a protective father who was no romantic slouch in his younger days (as a 1960s super spy). Douglas has described the script as “really fun,” and the chance to play not only an aging superhero but a suspicious father (with good reason, since it seems Scott Lang will be stealing the Ant-Man suit from Pym) seems like a role Douglas could excel at.

It will be interesting to see how fans react to this news, as much as an indication of how much blockbuster cred Evangeline Lilly has earned since her time on ABC’s Lost. She has been seen in supporting roles in Real Steel, and the aforementioned Desolation of Smaug, but a Marvel film would take her to a whole new level.

What do you think of the potential casting and changes to canon? Are you fine with changes being made to the Pym/Lang/van Dyne relationship, as long as we get a big screen incarnation of Wasp, or do you doubt the direction this will take the characters? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Ant-Man opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

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Source: Variety

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  1. I hope this is true, she’d be a great addition to Marvel.

    • Now that “Lilly” is a pretty flower indeed!

  2. I dont read comics.. so I couldn´t care if they tweak something up.
    But I like the idea of her being cast.

  3. Not to toot my own horn but I made this suggestion months ago in a past article. Marvel must be watching Screen Rant scrupulously.

    • Let’s hope so.

    • Sure! and Im Obama.

      • You never know.

        I made the Jeremy Irons call months ago on this site and in the past, I’ve dropped names on another site years ago that eventually got picked up and used on television for a good while after finding out the company in question secretly browsed the message board.

        I was also involved in a writing hobby from the late 90s onwards and there was a long-standing running joke amongst the community that professional wrestling companies stole our ideas for storylines and characters because someone would come up with one and then several months/a year later, that same type of character or storyline would take place on TV and pay per view.

        I mean, think about it. Websites like this one have movie fans gravitating towards them and commenting on news and rumours, right? So why wouldn’t a movie studio have people watching to gauge opinion and ideas from die hard movie fans?

  4. I could handle Lilly as Wasp…she could have the look with a stretch of the imagination. But will she be Pym’s daughter or girlfriend? Janet VD was with Pym, correct? Correct. Don’t tell me they are gonna rewrite this too??

    • Remember one important bit… after Jan married Hank, her name became JANET PYM
      So it’s not a surprise if Marvel twist it and make her a daughter ;)

  5. Cool! If this news turns out to be true, it would definitely be AWESOME casting!

  6. Umm yes please this would be great and I loved hank and Janet in emh but I think this would work really well an I do like Evangeline lily from the hobbit and she wasn’t half bad in Juno so this little change up would be nice considering I had my doubts about the film after the first few casting anouncments

  7. Good news! I hope Lily will signed on. Then we’ll get Wasp for Avengers3.
    But if Lily will play the daughter of HankPym (Douglas), who will play her mother ?

  8. Sold

  9. At first I though Rashida Jones would be the perfect casting choice, but Evangeline Lilly possibly playing Wasp would be a WAY much better choice for the role!

  10. I hoped they might go a little bit younger, but Evangeline Lilly would definitely NOT be a bad choice. The need to have someone that can play girly and joke around, but still be tough, smart and … eventually … become a trusted leader (with or without Iron Man or Captain America being around). And if actress can play tough – it’s definitely Evangeline Lilly!!! And she definitely fits the mold of actors Marvel has focused on – people who are about the work, give everything they have and for the most part stay out of the spotlight other than when they are promoting their films, etc – and who during interviews give the impression they would be really fun to have on a set …

  11. This is definitely a good casting choice, but…

    I feel like everything I learn about this movie is just another punch in the gut. Though I will still be there opening weekend, this is most certainly not the Ant-Man movie I was looking forward to.

    • Took a while for me to digest the changes, but I’m still looking forward to it anyway… :)

    • Agreed.

    • Just let go of the idea that everything needs to be exactly like the comics, and you’ll have a better experience.

      • The thing is, from what we’ve read so far, it’s NOTHING like the comics. Even giving Lang a girlfriend isn’t like the comics.

        • You have said before that you wont pass judgement til its released.

          What we’ve read so far is just rumor. No use getting bent out of shape.

          It would be easy to have young Michael Douglas/Ant-Man (Douglas stand in, look alike, or CGI) in the past hanging with Stark Sr. Plus we could see Douglas still donning the suit as an older Pym in present day. Maybe Lang steals suit and fights along side Giant man in the movie. This is the way to do best of both worlds. Lang and Pym. Older gen and younger gen

    • Agreed. This is not the movie that Ant-Man fans were expecting, because for the comic book fans, Ant-Man = Hank Pym. And that’s the truth, no matter how much people can say that Scott Lang is Ant-Man now, he’s not the one fans associate with ‘Ant-Man’ on first thought.

      • See my comment above…

        I get your frustration but it’s all rumors. Plus, I am 33 and grew up with this stuff too. As soon as they said there was Scott Lang (Rudd) I was excited cause I like Rudd and mad cause I too wanted Pym.

        Then when they cast Douglas I was stoked cause I like Douglas and Pym will be involved.

  12. It will be sweet, forget the Stand alone WASP movie

  13. Im glad to hear more news about the movie that’s for sure, I don’t think I’ve seen Lilly in anything but I’m sure she’d be a good choice my theory is that she will definitely play Janet but she won’t be the wasp in the movie and that wasp will be the sequel which will most likely happen (like Rhodey became war machine in iron man 2) I think the thing that I may struggle with a little bit is having janey be Pyms daughter I think I would prefer her to just be the romantic interest instead of the daughter of Pym but I could honestly get over it.

    Anyone have any idea who the bad guy is gonna be? I am dying to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There’s a faint rumor that Whirlwind and Equinox will be the bad guys…
      Let’s just wait and see (cause I’m not buying that full percent as well)

      • Finally I’ve got at least a small rumor thank you so much man you rock!!!

      • I would love to see Whirlwind as a villain. Imagine him and pietro duking it out at super-speed!

        • OMG that would be so sweet to see on screen, I really can’t wait for the movie its gonna Rock!!!

  14. Ok, so I could go with this, and while I agree with huntress, this isnt exactly the movie I was hoping for, but on the other hand it could be great

    But when it comes to the Wasp, there are a couple of integral elements that makes Wasp(well 616/EMH wasp) Wasp, and those are:
    A)Naievete, she has a slightly open few on the world, she isnt overly hardened, she had a fun childhood, and is something of a socialite
    B)Scientest father, who helps catapult her into being a superhero, now here is where I see that changing her into being Pyms daughter wouldnt be bad, as instead of her fathers death, it could be his legacy she has to live up too, and her mother(also note, in the comics Pym WAS married before wasp, but she died tragicly)
    C) Heiress/wealth: why this isnt something that has influenced her personalty, it does effect her background, she has anything she could want, but would much rather be a hero than have it easy

    So yah, they keep those in, and it doesnt matter if Pym is her father, in fact, making it so that she is the daughter of his first wife from the comics, who he met as an adventurer, who was a freedom fighter behind the iron curtian, but in this timeline had a daughter instead of dying on the honeymoon, would make an even stronger background for the wasp

  15. Was actually hoping for Rashida Jones, but to be honest I would never mind any casting decision by Marvel. They have this ‘way’ to make it work, so I trust them.
    And I love Lily as well, so her or Rashida… I’m fine :D

  16. Cool!

  17. Good picture of her to compare her with Wasp’s look. Really can see a resemblance. I’m sold because she can act too. I think she would do great if they cast her.

  18. I wanted Rashida Jones but this is 10000 times betters go evangeline lilly

    • We need Wasp in Avengers, and definitely need Pym as Goliath/Giant-Man in Avengers as well!! If Cap and Iron Man and Thor were to leave the team, I could see Pym/Goliath as the next leader, or maybe a co-leader with Black Panther. Between the two of them, they probably would have the smarts (although Cap and Iron Man would make better leaders).

      If Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye were to leave the team, and a second wave of heroes were to take over, I could picture Goliath (Pym, darn it!), Wasp, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, maybe Black Panther and maybe Vision. If I had to pick further, who knows? I’d have to reach a bit, but maybe Monica Rambeau/Captain Marvel and Moon Knight??

            • EDIT

              Avengers 2 comes out before ANT-Man

            • damn you. I was drinking my tea when I read your last line about “Josh” Whedon and Kevin “Fergie.” I almost sprayed my computer screen. You’ve made my day haha

                • Also…Edger Wright….

                  Just…ignore my whole post…

            • I am with you Anim and wish Marvel had never made this bad choice but all I can do at this point is try to salvage the situation somehow. So please forgive my flagrant straw grasping :P

      • Like I said to you before, the Bill Foster version of Goliath could make an appearance. It’s more likely plus people are complaining about a lack of black superheroes in the movies so two birds, one stone.

        Plus his death helps further separate the sides at the start of the Civil War if they able to somehow adapt that (though I hope they don’t).

  19. Good casting. She’s got the right look. She’s got the right build…. Plus she can act. Thumbs up!

  20. DC should’ve been all over her.

    • I’d like to be all over her…!

  21. She was good in Lost, she was excellent addition to Hobbit, I’m all for this.

  22. yes please

  23. The source also confirms Michael Pena’s been cast in the film. Right?

    • and Michael Pena, in an undisclosed role.

    • as long as its not Michael Cera

  24. I really like this casting, hope it comes to fruition. Who’s to say that she can’t play both the daughter and love interest. would make for an interesting dynamic. Lang dating Janet which leads to him finding out about the suit which leads to the heist and so on and so forth. I can see some cool stuff with Lilly behind the character :D

  25. NICE!!!

  26. I read Marvel comics, but have never gotten around to Ant Man tho. I’m one of the many people unfamiliar with the character that Edgar Wright is targeting with the film and I would totally accept the change from Pym’s wife to daughter. Especially with Rudd playing Scott Lang, she could end up being the same character as in the comics just to a different ant man, still with Pym in the picture as a father. I really like Evangeline Lilly, and think she could hold her own in an eventual Avengers 3. This movie is shaping up to be pretty darn good in my opinion. I would think she wouldn’t have powers at the beginning of the film, because it would raise questions about why we haven’t heard any reference to Pym particles yet in the MCU.

  27. Janet van Dyne re-written as Hank Pym’s daughter would make sense. She’d be named after her mother, and Hank Pym’s history as an abusive husband could be re-written into a history as an over-protective father. This would be a lot easier to sell to a mass audience, while still retaining the essence of Hank Pym as a dark and troubled character.

    • This will also give a chance for Hank Pym’s character to connect with Scott Lang. Both will be fathers, and Pym will be able to understand Lang’s need to save his daughter.