Marvel Producer Talks ‘Ant-Man’ Footage Release & Viggo Mortensen ‘Doctor Strange’ Rumors

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Ant Man Footage Online Doctor Strange Rumors Viggo Mortensen Marvel Producer Talks Ant Man Footage Release & Viggo Mortensen Doctor Strange Rumors

Marvel’s “Phase Two” initiative is proving to be as much fun for fans as the “Phase One” buildup was; everyday brings new rumors about characters, storylines and casting we may or may not see happen, with plenty of fun speculation left over to discuss.

As of late, Rumors about the more imminent sequel films - Captain America: The Winter SoldierThor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3 – have been taking up our time, but we now have new word about a film that is just taking solid shape: the recently confirmed Ant-Man solo film. In addition, we have an update on a recent rumor that had to do with Doctor Strange appearing in Thor 2 – specifically in regards to who might be playing the Sorcerer Supreme.

The Website Omelete scored an interview with Victoria Alonso, who has co-produced/executive produced virtually every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (notable exception being Incredible Hulk), and who will be involved with this next batch of films as well. Alonso had some interesting updates regarding the latest pool of rumors, staring with Ant-Man.

Anyone following this film knows that writer/director Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) has been working on an Ant-Man script for years now. Wright also directed the Ant-Man test footage that premiered at Comic-Con 2012 - to overwhelmingly positive fan response.

According to Alonso, it’s possible that Wright’s Ant-Man teaser could be released online – it all depends on fan demand. Collider translated her quotes from Porteguese to English:

 “What we showed at Comic-Con was a work in progress.  We’re working on finishing it, and I think you might see it.  Not sure where, but we always listen to the fans.  And if the fans demand it we make sure they get it.  I don’t know if we are going to post it online, but I don’t have [any reason] to believe we may not.”

Alonso continues that Wright is still the man being eyed to direct the film, given how happy the studio is with his script. Of course, Wright is currently working on The World’s End, a finale to his “Blood & Ice Cream” trilogy (started by Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz); however, as we’ve previously speculated, Marvel’s timeline for Ant-Man puts it in a place where Wright could finish shooting World’s End and pick up with Ant-Man in early 2013. The film could conceivably hit theaters in 2014, in what could be Marvel’s biggest gamble yet, putting out not two but three films - Captain America 2 and new properties Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man – all in one year.

We’ll keep you updated, as casting news about this film is sure to come flying at us in the fall season.

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Dr. Strange Character Art 570x220 Marvel Producer Talks Ant Man Footage Release & Viggo Mortensen Doctor Strange Rumors

Rumor has it that part of Thor 2 will involve Odin’s vault being breached, sending several of its powerful artifacts out into the larger Marvel Universe where they will affect the fates of several characters we know (Thanos), while possibly giving rise to some new characters we have yet to meet – i.e., Doctor Strange. The character is rumored to be part of the Thor sequel in his pre-superhero form (as (doctor? Scientist?) Stephen Strange), who will be an acquaintance of Thor’s love interest, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). One of the items in Odin’s vault happens to be the mystical object that (in the comics) gives Stephen Strange the powers of the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange – which will presumably be an origin we see in perhaps the post-credit “button scene” for Thor: The Dark World.

Naturally, comic book fans have been excited by this rumor, leading to much speculation about which actor could appear in Thor 2 as Strange to bolster the franchise. The top rumors pointed to Oscar-nominated actor Viggo Mortensen (Eastern PromisesLord of the Rings) taking on the iconic role.

Well, Alonso’s following quote makes it seem as though rumors of Mortensen being eyed by Marvel are just that: RUMORS. See for yourself:

“We would love to work with Viggo Mortensen.  I’ve been trying that for years.  But I don’t know if Viggo is even acting anymore.  I thought he wasn’t acting anymore.  It would be great to work with him in the future, but we don’t have him signed, no.”

A Dangerous Method international trailer Marvel Producer Talks Ant Man Footage Release & Viggo Mortensen Doctor Strange Rumors

Mortensen in ‘A Dangerous Method’

Of course, the way she phrased that leaves room for rumor to possibly inspire truth. In other words: she leaves the door open for Mortensen to bite, should he be as interested in working with them as they are with him. (In case you’re wondering, Mortensen isn’t quitting acting, having recently done films like A Dangerous Method and On the Road in the last few years, with new projects like The Two Faces of January (a thriller co-starring Kirsten Dunst and directed by the writer of Drive) which is currently in production.)

Reading deeper into the quote, it’s also apparent that Viggo Mortensen hasn’t been all that responsive to Marvel’s ‘years’ of interest in him, so on the one hand it’s hard to see him coming around to this particular role. However, as our own Rob Keyes pointed out: “Mortensen was a top choice for the lead role in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ and…’The Dark Tower,’ so he’s not averse to returning to blockbuster franchise roles.”

Finally: Did you notice that Alonso DIDN’T outright deny the planning of a Doctor Strange movie? Or that the character will appear in Thor 2? If this quote is indeed accurate, she may have inadvertently said a lot more than she intended…

Avengers 2 Marvel Movies Discussion Marvel Producer Talks Ant Man Footage Release & Viggo Mortensen Doctor Strange Rumors

We’ll keep you updated about the whole Doctor Strange and Thor 2 situation as it develops.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014 and Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 – with Ant-Man possibly hitting theaters in mid-summer 2014.

Source: Omelete via Collider

Header Image Sources: Marvel Comics  (Ant-Man: Season One by Tom DeFalco and Horacio Domingues; Doctor Strange: Season One by Greg Pak and Emma Rios)

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  1. Uh, yeah… why don’t you just go ahead and show us.

  2. Doctor Strange… :’D wow, i cant wait to see how everything turns out if the rumor is indeed true.

    • Once again, much more excited for Doctor Strange and GOTG than Ant-Man. Although, I still think that Marvel can pull them all off, if history is any indication.

      • My most anticipated marvel universe movies (excluding avengers 2)are;

        GotG (i cant believe they are going a more cosmic route, this will decide if marvel will really get being marvel movies in space and introduce more alien species.)

        Thor 2 (Thor was my fav phase 1 movie)

        Iron Man 3 (I dont think anyone is unexcited to see Mandarin)

        Antman (I actually didn’t want antman, i wanted D. Strange or Black Panther but if this is leading to Ultron then im fine but i have to wait and decide)

        Captain America 2

        • Gotta agree about Thor. I think it had the most heart. Ant-man has to be the route to Ultron, and they have to get to Ultron. Ultron would be awesome!

  3. Johnny Depp as Dr. Strange: new RUMOR of the day. I have to admit this would be pretty awesome. With RDJ nearing the end of his Marvel stint, Depp could be a great replacement.

    I also like liam neeson, eric dane (met him in person once in LAX haha) or Joseph Fiennes for Dr. Strange.

    Then on the DC Front: I think Terry O’Quinn from LOST would be the best Lex Luthor!!!

      • and depp is waaaaay too short

    • i was also thinking eric dane as he is leaving greys anatomy. patrick dempsey has expressed interest in the role as well, but i think eric would be better. he looks more like the animated flick i recently watched on netflix. i never ready any Dr strange comic books so i dont know anymore about him than what was in that movie. seems like it would make a good film.

      • Never watched Greys Anatomy, so I looked this Dane guy up and he would be a great pick for Dr. Strange as far as looks go. Not sure if he can carry a whole film, though, as I don’t really know how good an actor he is.

        • He’s not a good actor. And he was multiple man or whatever in X-men Last Stand…and even then he wasn’t very memorable.

        • he is not a very good actor, look up X Men 3 I think!!! Someone HELP me on this…… BUT he played a character that could multiply himself! thats about all I remember about the part but When I saw him on Greys I recognised him and just laughed, he is much better on Greys but not a MAJOR FILM CARRIER… at least Patrick Dempsey can carry a film

  4. I’m thinking they will use Dr. Strange as the “glue” to Phase II. Like Agent Coulson was to Phase I. I could see him working in Thor 2, a button scene to CA:WS and then time traveling to the future in the GOTG.

    This brings up the question: who has the movie rights to Kang the Conqueror? His first appearance as “Rama-Tut” was in FF. His first appearance as Kang was in the Avengers…

    • I like this idea… it would be awesome for him to be the ‘mediator’ between science and magic.

      Uhmmm… I think if thats the case, Kang wouldn’t make into the shortlist. This is why I really want the copyright of FF and many others to revert back to Marvel. There are tons of awesome possibilities that can be explored, but got kicked out of the cloud simply because some characters are in the interspace of two or more studios’ copyright *sigh*.

  5. Viggo Mortensen would be perfect for Dr. Strange, and I hope the ant-man footage will be released online.

    • +1

    • +6 (I’m fat)

    • +4′s (I used to play golf)

  6. If it was good enough for Comic Con it sure won’t be too bad for the rest of us.

  7. I still have no idea how Ant-Man can be a cool character. I can see him having an interesting backstory, but his powers put me off easily.

    I heard he takes down two bad guys in a corridor or something shrinking down and back in the SDCC footage.

    It just sounds totally lame.

    • Amen. I feel in addition to him being a sucky hero, he will especially not fit in with the current set of characters. A god, a monster, an armored flying man, two assassains and a super solider. Then a guy who can shrink and control ants lol. I hope Marvel know what they are doing, they have not let me down yet. The day is coming though, it is inevitable. They aren’t gonna have one wicked film after the other, its pixar all over again! :)

      • We don’t see the very small as a problem these days but just as a curious aside back in the 14TH century between 25 and 50 million people died of the Black Death. It’s uncertain how Marvel will allow this story to be spun but they could give him the power to shrink below the ability of a human to crush or genetically modify an insect army to be more poisonous than we would see in nature. Then there’s the whole from what perspective do we see him operate from? The very large or very small. He’s also giant man so how can we know that Wright won’t turn up the size on him? Perhaps at the very end when everyone’s sick of the little guy making sneaky with his shrinking power. It’s really all about perspective. Compared to Thor, The Hulk, and Iron Man, Black Widow or even Hawkeye don’t seem that useful but it just depends on the job as we saw in ‘Avengers’…

  8. lol Who wants Dr Strange?

    He is just a cheap rip-off of Dr Fate, like the rest of the Marvel characters.

    • Just go away

      • Seriously.

        • yes

    • anyone hear about the Dr. Fate movie being planned? No, because there isn’t anyone talking about it.

      now i do hear a lot of talk of a Dr. Strange movie. evidently quite a few people are excited as me about this character making an appearance in any future Marvel movies. and a movie could give him a bolster his popularity. i’d like the movie to give him new direction and help define him like the original Superman movie did. maybe Marvel can give him an ongoing series, he has only appeared in other characters comics since the 90′s but has always played a big part in crossover events. (My fave being the smackdown he gave the Hulk in World War Hulk).

      ditto for Antman. and i do think he is a character that needs so much help from the movie. but Marvel is to blame for this. AntMan hasn’t been treated like the lynchpin character that he is. both he and Thor are the forefront of the modern Marvel universe. Tales To Astonish needs a closer look at to get the understanding of why Henry Pym deserves a chance at cinema. but I know that Marvel has swept him under the carpet only to push Eric O’Grady (a Deadpool without the guns wannabe) out as the modern age incarnation.

    • There will never be a Dr. Fate unfortunately.

      WB/DC doesn’t have the balls.

      All they will ever do is remake Superman and Batman over and over and over and over and over………

    • lol who wants Dr Fate?

      He is just a rip off of merlin.

      This conversation can go on and on… There are only so many super powers, so some characters have the same powers, are you complaining that Superman and Hulk are both super strong? No. What about the fact that batman and iron man dont have powers but they use gadgets? No you are not mad about that…

      Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time! (A Monty Python and the holy grail ripoff)

    • This troll here is called the bed wetter, they like to be the center of attention and avoid any REAL LIFE arguments, so they go to the internet where no one can see who said what.

      These trolls are smaller then the average troll, but twice as annoying. If you wish to get rid of this type of troll, do not make a baby with your cousin.

      For more, check out my upcoming book (which I will start to write today) titled “The Internet Troll Guide: How to avoid, identify and counter attack all trolls while surfing the internet.”

    • Sorry but the truth is BOTH DC and Marvel have been “ripping off” each others characters for as long as they have been in business. So to claim that only Marvel has been doing so means you are a DC fanboi or simply ignorant because your statement smacks of blind devotion.

      • I doubt that he will come back to read all the bad things about him because of his lack of self respect… But I like your comment mongoose.

        The Tour guide is funny too, good luck with the book tour guide :D

  9. I really hope we see Dr. Strange in Phase 2. I always thought that Timothy Omundson (from Psych) looked a lot like Dr. Strange. And YES, I want to see the Ant-Man footage. I was overly excited just reading the synopsis of it after Comic-Con.

  10. Not that I’m not interested in Ant-Man or Dr Strange, but I really want some Black Panther news for a change… :(

      • Boring?… BP is not boring… He can and has whooped Captain America’s @ss on a few occasions, and the metal from Caps shield? Vibranium, the same thing from that country BP is the king of. Would rather see him over the falcon any day of the week, and not because the sake of a diverse cast, but because BP could whoop some serious @ss from his martial arts back ground and his resources by being a king of a technological advanced country.

        When you say he SOUNDS very boring, SOUNDS like to me that you only know of him by what Wikipedia says (but more likely what you hear what people say about him on the internet). Why don’t you go get a comic with him in it, and read it, then tell me he isn’t interesting.

        • It sounds like someone couldn’t detect mongoose’s sarcasm.

        • Dude he was being sarcastic lol

        • The others above me are quite correct and I was being sarcastic but it did illicit the response I was hoping for……someone who knows the character and is willing to stick up for it.

          Just so you know though……I think BP is a great character, would add a bit of missing ethnic diversity to the Avengers cast, I love his origin story and think it would make a great movie.

          I don’t know what Marvel’s hang up with the character is. We haven’t had a good black superhero ever since Blade so it’s about time.

          • You guys gotta let me know how you detect someones tone of voice over a comment, because, I cannot hear their voice and know if they are being sarcastic just by reading… Or, are you guys telepaths? Please tell me… Or send it via mind link, what ever is easier for you…

            • The usage of my brain to decipher the tone of the words in quotations led me to determine how much sarcasm was in the statement, elementary my dear Watson.

            • I guess you would need to possibly know the quote I was referring to where the Marvel Exec made a pretty nonsensical statement about why they weren’t currently pursuing a BP movie.

              My statement was also a bit over the top and makes little logical sense (which I’m not known for) plus if you had read my previous posts on BP you would know I’m a supporter of the project :)

              (and as Professor above me astutely points out, the use of quotations is a dead giveaway for over emphasis)

        • Well I don’t think it was confirmation of never doing a BP movie either but you have to admit that guy’s answer really made no sense and was a bit dismissive. Just an all around weird response to something he should have been interested in doing.

          • “that guy’s answer really made no sense and was a bit dismissive. Just an all around weird response to something he should have been interested in doing.”

            That’s kinda why I’m taking D’Esposito comment about BP with a grain of salt (because it didn’t really seem as if he knew what he was talking about ;)).

            • Always the optimist which I can appreciate :)

    • Black Panther would be awesome, but I’m pretty excited for Ant-Man…Dr. Strange, not so much.

  11. Anybody else think that Oded Fehr would have made an awesome Dr. Strange?
    I mean honestly, my first choices would have been Patrick Dempsey, Jim Cavaziel, or Ioan Gruffudd.

  12. Still kinda bummed that Viggo wasn’t chosen to play Zod. There are few who are perfect for that part, and he just happens to be so.

  13. Im going to find it funny that since we are all so focused on these characters that have movies coming out that Marvel would secretly slip black panther into one of the movies without us even realizing. That would be awesome if they did that

    • all characters going forward need a small introduction. its a proven way of doing it. and switching company tracks, DC introducing characters in the JLA movie will be struggling to do it in a manageable way that will entertain fans and the general masses. they better plan on a lengthy two parter that shows not only the story of their premier team of 7 but open a gateway to the entire DC pantheon and give us insight on the cinematic style that will be foundation of all future movies.(so far no after credit scenes).

      back to Marvel. i look forward to Dr. Strange, Adam Warlock, Vision, Blade, and the Punisher all making future appearances in Marvel Universe movies.(notice i didnt list Black Panther).

      when though will William Hurt show back up as Thunderbolt Ross? his character is who brought RDJ out as Tony Stark. if this is how they plan to do justice to the character, then the Marvel mandate to ever expand until their movies become bloated with a deluge of throwaway characters. i know the General isnt the center of the Marvel comic or movie franchises but i do want them to be careful.

    • Considering your 2) they said that Marvel always listen to the fans, and throughout the forums, newsletters and specifically this site, almost all the people made it crystal clear that they want a movie about Hank Pym, and NOT Lang, or even less O’Grady.

      So, Marvel, you’d better listen to your fans!

      As for Dr. Strange, since I’m not that familiar with the character, I would be very interested to see him appear in a movie (of his own, or in Thor 2, or in another one).

  14. Doctor Strange has artifacts and occult/mystical items which augment his abilities but he is trained in the mystic arts. He doesn’t derive his powers from one said item and to make that his origin on film would be weak and contrived.

    • @ Mongoose & @Darrin

      Yeah, exactly, the Eye is a nice artifact that enhances his abilities but doesn’t “make” him who he is. I would prefer any role in Thor 2 to NOT be part of his origin, just perhaps a mission/quest to retake the Eye once its location is determined.

  15. liam neeson kicks ass… as qui gon, ras al ghul… now rumored to be dr. strange??…

    • I heard a rumor that Josh Duhamel was being considered for the role that has neither been confirmed or denied. So many rumors out there…who knows what to believe.

  16. I’m still plumping for Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and Stephen Moffat for writing the script for the DS solo movie.

    Give Ant Man to Viggo…… or Liam Neeson.

  17. Do I want to see ANT-MAN test-reel? OF COURSE… why do you think I’ve been scouting the internet to get at least a leak shot of the footage
    Do I want to see Dr. Strange in THOR? OF COURSE… why do you think I’ve been digging all the info about the character since the news broke up

    Unfortunately, I doubt Viggo will take the role, especially with the producer talking like that (she could be joking though), but I will enjoy it if Liam Neeson is chosen instead. They could even make a joke asking him, “Hey, I thought a caped crusader in black killed you several years ago?” where he would answer, “Oh, no… that was my evil twin brother who chose the path to DC”

  18. I knew the Viggo “news” was going to be basically, “We’d love to have him, but there are no discussions.” The “I don’t even know if he’s still acting…” line was weird. Is that supposed to be some kind of subtle diss against Viggo to get him to seek more recognition? Maybe in a high profile Marvel film, maybe?

    Viggo would be great, but it will never happen.

    It’s a terrible idea to include a pre-sorcery Dr. Strange. He’s supposed to have trained for years, so there’s no way to have his origin within the context of one movie, nor would it make any sense to have him appear in subsequent Avengers movies.

    The original Lee/Ditko origin was told AFTER the first Dr. Strange story,and was 7 pages long. It could easily be told in flashbacks. And that’s really the only way having an older actor would make any sense. Liam Neesen is too old and Viggo would be a good age IF he was already the full-fledged sorcerer supreme.

    Thor, Cap, and Iron Man are all sounding like they could be huge messes. Marvel took a cautious approach going in to Avengers, and even though I’m glad they’re taking more chances, they shouldn’t completely abandon that approach.