‘Ant-Man’ Comic-Con Footage Details; Yellowjacket Confirmed

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Ant Man SDCC 2014 Poster Ant Man Comic Con Footage Details; Yellowjacket Confirmed

The path to Comic-Con 2014 that Ant-Man has walked has not been a smooth one, but as director Peyton Reed and Kevin Feige took the stage they were set to announce enough details to pique the curiosity of even the skeptic comic fan. With more details on the cast, characters, and general plot details, we now have a much clearer idea of how the film will introduce not one Ant-Man – but Ant-Men – into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

First things first: Kevin Feige wasted no time in confirming that Corey Stoll (The StrainHouse of Cards) would be playing the villain of the film, Darren Cross. a.k.a. ‘Yellowjacket.’ While the movie will show Cross becoming the superhuman known as Yellowjacket, it seems more and more likely that he may have landed the role Patrick Wilson was forced to drop out of.

According to Michael Douglas, Cross will begin as Hank Pym’s business partner, eventually butting heads over the younger man’s wish to take the company in a “new” (read: evil) direction. Douglas’ Hank Pym decides it’s time for a new hero to take up the mantle of ‘Ant-Man,’ and selects Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) for the job.

Along with those details comes confirmation that Evangeline Lilly (LostReal Steel) will be none other than Hope Van Dyne – daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. According to the actress, she has yet to even read a copy of the script; in other words, fans wondering if she is bound to one day become the superhero known as ‘Wasp’ had better hold their breath.

Ant Man Yellowjacket Corey Stoll Ant Man Comic Con Footage Details; Yellowjacket Confirmed

From there, a reel of footage was shown to the crowd chronicling a long-rumored heist with Scott Lang at its heart. After an exchange between Lang and Pym showed that the younger man had no desire to be anything more than an average guy (exactly why Pym has chosen him to succeed him), the same theme continues into the chase scene with Lang in-costume. Presumably, the heist can be confirmed as part of Pym’s plan to infiltrate his own company to counter Darren Cross’ new strategy.

Throughout his escape, Lang is being fed directions from Pym, showing that a buddy-superhero dynamic could help the film stand apart from the rest of the Avengers team. The footage came to a close with a miniature Ant-Man leaping from a massive height and being caught at the last second by a flying ant, before being replaced by the film’s logo.

The film is set to start filming on August 18, 2014, but already the similarities between the film’s premise and other stories within the Marvel universe – Iron Man in particular – are becoming evident. The excitement from all in the cast was obvious, and the brief scene between Rudd and Douglas show that the duo will undoubtedly be the film’s more promising aspect. How the film fits into the larger universe will have to wait, but with actual footage now revealed, the film is moving forward despite the struggles it has endured.

marvel ant man director Ant Man Comic Con Footage Details; Yellowjacket Confirmed

What do you think of the first details? Does the two-man team sound like a welcome change of pace? Are you happy to hear that Yellowjacket’s origin story will also be told alongside Ant-Man? Sound off in the comments.

Ant-Man is still scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on July 17, 2015.

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  1. Still stoked for this movie!

  2. Awesome. Sounds good to me.

  3. All sounds cool to me happy to finally get the start date. I’m starting college in a little bit and Ant Man starts filming the day my classes start I find that funny lol :)

    • It’s a small world… except in Ant-man’s case, then it’s huge :)

  4. But Hank Pym is YellowJacket!

    • yeps Hank Pym is YellowJacket this movie will suck big time seems so :S

  5. Funny thing is, Stoll admitted to playing Darren Cross/Yellowjacket earlier today in a video interview I saw.

    Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 confirmed for July 28, 2017!

  6. How is anything you’ve described about the plot similar to Iron Man?

    • Yeah, I thought the same thing. The only really similar thing is the evil company bit but it sounds like the execution will be done differently. Unless people think Pym helping Lang is like a Jarvis type thing.

      • Which would sound similar because of the whole “voice in the helmet” thing which many heroes have done anyway.

        • Exactly, it’s not a trope specific to the Ironman films.

    • I can see the iron man similarities based on the description in the article
      Main character in charge of a large tech based company that develops a groundbreaking suit
      His business partner tries to take control of the suit (and the company) in order to use the tech for immoral gains
      Hero has to use the suit in order to prevent the hostile takeover and in the process discovers that he can do more good for people if he keeps the tech

    • i guess one similarity could be the guiding voice in the ear, and another being the ‘bad guy’ corrupting tech’ for evil purposes. i do believe both of these plot points have been used time and time again in cinema. the Jungian idea that there are only seven basic plots lends itself to smaller plot points (i.e. a college uses your idea for nefarious purposes). the challenge lies in the hand of the story teller to make these ideas feel fresh. my biggest fear that this movie won’t reach it’s greatest potential is the departure of Edgar Wright. when a studio enforces it’s ideas on a production, the final product always suffers (I.M. 2, Thor 2!) . i still have faith that ‘Ant Man’ will be awsome!

  7. I honestly don’t know how I feel about all this. It’s a lot of news to take on at once. I had been thrilled at first to hear they were making an Ant-Man movie, but less thrilled as time went by and we learned more details, like a retired Pym, Lang in the lead, no Jan as the Wasp…

    Now they make up a daughter (who might become another Wasp), they make another man Yellowjacket… I don’t know. I still think this movie will be good, but I feel they’ve taken so many liberties with the source material that it’s going to get really confusing for new comic book fans. The MCU looks less and less like the 616 universe.

    Would it have been so hard to make a more faithful adaptation of the comics?

    • Hope was Wasp in another universe in the comics.

      Besides, you say the MCU looks less like the 616 universe but it was never that universe to begin with because the MCU is taking most cues from the Ultimate universe (Stark being captured in Afghanistan, a black Fury, Thor’s look, Hawkeye’s costume, etc).

      • Ummm what?! The MCU is it’s own universe, but it definitely draws much more inspiration from 616 than Ultimate universe. Movie Thor is nothing like Ultimate Thor, it IS 616 Thor. The list goes on and on and on. Maybe you’re thinking of Spider-Man?

  8. This is stupid !! Theyre changing everything about Hank Pym !!!! Soooo many Antman villains to chose from and they make Yellowjacket somebody else. They couldve done egghead, wonderman, whirlwind, claw , and more.

    • actually it might make the most sense

      Ant-man is not likely to get an immediate sequel with all the other “bigger” characters they’re likely to want to introduce – ie. Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Quasar, etc etc

      BUT – Ant-man & Hank Pym will/ could become mainstays in the Avengers and making Hank Pym older means they can do prequel stuff where he knew Howard Stark and also – where young Hank Pym could have been a “pre” super-hero but being microscopic the world never even knew he was there

      and it does make the whole story a little different a young new guy taking over for the 1st guy and adds an older character actor with Michael Douglas – who although in his seventies is still vibrant and belies his age

      re: Yellowjacket — well let’s assume Ant-Man doesn’t get a sequel right away – look at Hulk he’s been on the back burner for sometime – and they save Paul Rudd for the Avengers primarily – well by using Yellowjacket as a separate guy – that uses up one character that they may not ever have time for in a future Ant-Man sequel – not to mention going with the previous MO – the hero and villain have similar powers/ skills, etc

      and as for Wasp – well it would have been nice if it could have just been Janet Van Dyne or who knows may be she’s in the works for the future and Hope Pym will be a separate character that leads to a love triangle or something

      • and the safe bet is Marvel doesn’t really want to do the whole domestic violence angle about Hank Pym against Wasp
        would it have been nice to just stick closer to the 616 universe yes – but they’re not – so oh well

        and since it’s Ant-Man well most people, even Marvel die-hards aren’t really that invested in “Ant-Man canon”
        and most likely Klaw will show up just not yet – I wouldn’t say Ant-Man has a huge rogues gallery

    • Maybe the yellow jacket is going to be the first incarnation and the original ant man. So it would be safe to assume that yellow jacket being stolen by the antagonist, would indeed be the bad guy.

  9. so where’s all the news about all the mystery films ?? what .. the only announced ONE new movie for 2017 – that’s it ONE.
    and it’s NOT Dr. Strange – or any new titles – it’s a sequel

    EXACTLY as I anticipated – same with earlier this week – all the cast of GotG appearing on Jimmy Kimmel
    - I wish I was playing a poker game I would have cleaned up.

    Marvel’s SDCC panel was all focused on AoU and Ant-Man and GotG
    and people thought they were going to lay out all or many of the titles for the next few years – NOPE!

  10. I’ll give Marvel this, Ant-Man has been ridiculously well cast.
    The problem for me is, it’s Ant-Man.
    Still, so many actors I like I’ll give it a shot.

  11. Take that Antman haters ……

  12. i read some comics growing up, but never heard of antman until i started following CBM’s in general, and watching A:EMH. 85-90% of the general audience probably never read or heard of him and will go on the Marvel/Avengers brand alone. the fact that some details are being changed will not matter to most, as long as the story is good, that’s all that matters.

  13. there has to be a reason that Antman & Starlord’s masks are nearly identical. Did master Quill have an Antman mask? or does he make it as an homage perhaps?

    • They’re actually not very similar

    • Awesome idea man. It would be pretty cool if Quill had his mask based off the Pym Ant-man operating in the 80′s and was one of the few characters in the MCU who had known of him.

  14. Wah wah wah, the MCU continuity doesn’t follow the exact plot points/motivations of the 60 years of comics that came before, wah wah wah.

    The comics are the comics, people. The movies are not.

  15. sounds like Batman Beyond to me. hahahaha

  16. I am so bored of mirror villains, every single Marvel movie (save IM3) has had one, The Abomination, The villain in IM1 (whose name escapes me), Loki. I get that sometimes they’re needed but I don’t feel like this is one of those times, is there nobody else Ant Man could’ve taken on?

    I’m staying positive about the movie though, sure it will be great :)

    • sorry, but i don’t count loki or red skull as minor villains.
      marvel doesn’t have right for lot of big villains such as doom , goblin or magneto …

      • I agree about Red Skull actually, just slipped my mind and I suppose Loki’s powers don’t mirror Thor’s so yeah I guess you’re right.

        It’s not something that bugs me a massive amount I just think Marvel have to keep things fresh if they want to be able to keep making films for as long as they’re planning to.

  17. Mirror villains are a necessity lol

    • The Spider-Man films didn’t use Venom until SM3 and even then it wasn’t essential and unless you count Bane (who didn’t feature until the third movie), The Dark Knight Trilogy never went there. My favourite Iron Man film was the third one and there was no mirror villain. I get that sometimes they’re great (Cap vs. Bucky) but other times it just seems lazy (Hulk vs. Abomination). Anyways I think the MCU needs to keep things fresh and not rely on the same formula over and over.

      PS Don’t get me wrong, I’m waiting to see how Yellowjacket is put across before I dismiss him, I’m expressing my boredom with the whole series of films’ villains in general

  18. You know, one thing that could be done to pull fans back in better spirit about this movie would be to make the action take place in the year 2045, with flash-backs to present day. Instead of the present-day Lang and Old Pym with flash-backs to the 60s.

    I know it won’t happen, but that would honestly be a HUGE shocker! ;)

    On another subject, what happened to Michael Pena and that cuban back story we’ve heard about? Did they scrap that one too with the new rewrites?

  19. Oh, and on the plus side, since I’m really usually a positive person, was it just me or was Corey Stoll really enthusiast about all this? Really, the man seemed quite thrilled to be a part of this movie, and genuinely happy to be there. He and Peyton Reed showed real enthusiasm, IMO. Rudd and Douglas were more relaxed, and Lily gave me the impression that she had no idea what to say. At least she was honest and admitted she hadn’t read any script yet.

    • Thank Edgar Wright for that…he’s the one who put Lang at the center of the story instead of Pym.

  20. CANT WAIT!!! :)

  21. Uhm, as far as I’ve read Marvel Comics, Hanky Pym was Ant-man, Giant-man, Goliath AND Yellowjacket. What’s this Scott Land and a villain (different) Yellowjacket? Why can’t this be the 60s/70s again?