Description of ‘Ant-Man’ Test Footage Screened During Marvel Studios Panel

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Ant Man Comic Con 2012 Description of Ant Man Test Footage Screened During Marvel Studios Panel

Marvel Studios has had writer/director Edgar Wright working away slowly on Ant-Man for years, but the character didn’t make the cut for The Avengers. With Wright being a Comic-Con regular, he’s been unable to avoid questions about the project, including last year while promoting Attack The Block. But this year he’s finally got more to offer than another update on the script status.

After reporting on rumors of the character’s potential involvement in Iron Man 3 and later hearing that Edgar Wright shot test footage for Ant-Man last month, Marvel Studios officially introduced the character with a fun and exciting video premiering at Comic-Con 2012.

The panel began with an epic video, highlighting Marvel Studios panels dating back to 2006, with key announcements, clips and forward-thinking statements from key Marvel players (mainly Marvel president Kevin Feige) and Edgar Wright was there from the very beginning. The video ended by saying “and now, phase two begins” to a roaring audience which was then followed up by the panel stating they’d talk about the four films they’re working on.

These were Iron Man 3 – the focus of this panel – followed by Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. But what about Ant-Man said panel moderator Geoff Boucher (Hero Complex)? Edgar Wright came out on stage, the fans went wild, and they screened the test footage he shot a few weeks ago. It was entirely unfinished but he asked the fans if they are sure they want to see it in that state and of course the building went nuts.

So, what was shown in the short clip?

  • Opening shot pans down from inside a vent looking down a brightly lit hallway, lined with silver colored panels. Inside the vent is a very small Ant-Man looking down the hallway to a door at the end, guarded by two men in suits.
  • Angle changes to corridor looking up to vent and we see little Ant-Man jumping down, changing size to normal as the armed men pull out side-arms to shoot.
  • Ant-Man shrinks, jumps up and we see a slow-mo shot of him punching the guard to his in the mouth.
  • Ant-Man goes full size as he engages the second guard, shrinks again as he jumps and grabs the guard’s tie, going full-size as he goes over and using the momentum to flip the guard over his should through a glass window.
  • Ant-Man, then patiently walks and enters the elevator door as a few more glass bits fall from the window.

Ant-Man’s costume concealed his face entirely but is very similar to the books (seen above and below). When he transforms, he phases and instantly becomes the other size. It was a pure action sequence and showcases how Ant-Man can be a very cool and unique spy for SHIELD. His abilities are very unique and he’s a trained operative. Wright said after the footage: “Ant-Man will kick you ass one inch at a time.”

With what was done in so little time, and without finished effects, any dialogue or even an actor, what was shown proves that Ant-Man can work. If they’re willing to make Rocket Raccoon a reality in Guardians of the Galaxy, the Ant-Man character will get his time to shine.

Ant Man Casting Description of Ant Man Test Footage Screened During Marvel Studios Panel

As for casting, Wright says there’s nothing yet, and jokes that Ant-Man has actually been here all day in the audience. He then placed an Ant-Man name tag on the table. That was it for the short Ant-Man segment, then it was straight to the full Iron Man 3 presentation. If you’re a fan, be sure to read our list of 10 actors Marvel should consider for the Ant-Man role.

[Update: Ant-Man may begin shooting after Thor: The Dark World for a 2014 release date.]

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, Cobie Smulders, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 is currently shooting and is scheduled to hit theaters on May 3, 2013. Thor 2 comes later that fall and Captain America 2 the following spring.

Keep an eye on the Screen Rant Comic-Con 2012 page for all the convention news.

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  1. Sounds awesome! Wright can make this work for sure.

  2. Gosh I wished I could of seen that. I was hoping they would of confirmed Ant Man for the other 2014 slot but oh well. I am still real psyched for Guardains of the Galaxy.

  3. This is easily the most excited I’ve ever been over Comic Con, thank you so much Mr Keyes

    I CAN NOT wait to see the Man Of Steel footage. Perhaps TDKR will show the trailer?

    • The man of steel teaser is attached to TDKR.

      • The Man of Steel “announcement trailer” as Snyder called it that’s with TDKR is not the same as what was shown at SDCC.

        This was a larger, more detailed sizzle reel just for the Con.

  4. Sounds like Scott Lang. Thats a shame.

    • My initial reaction as well :/

    • If they are creating an origin, I’m not sure we are able to tell who it is. I don’t know why it would be Scott Lang. He was such a small part in the Marvel Universe, basically his role being all about his daughter.

    • Rumor on the script is that it features both Hank Pym and Scott Lang.

      • If it’s the last known incarnation of the script, Pym will be in the movie but it will feature Lang.

        They will supposedly go back in time and do a quick Pym creating the suit, using if briefly and then squirreling it away, never to be used again. Flash forward to present day where Pym will be a now old man and lang will come along and steal the suit and use it.

        This is NOT the plot we want to see because Ant-Man is not a part of the Avengers, Hank Pym is (and by association Wasp).

        • If that is the case, I agree that it is a mistake. In the original books (I don’t read the Ultimate) Scott Lang was a reformed thief working for Stark and stole the suit to save his daughter. He was a large part of the second half of Avengers, Vol. 3, and he died in the Disassembled storyline when Scarlet Witch went nuts. I think they killed him off b/c he was a insubstantial character. He and Jack Of Hearts were at odds for that story.

          On the other hand, Hank Pym, love him or hate him, was a very in-depth character. He is heroic, brilliant, and has bouts of mental illness. Of course, the time he hit his wife was all he is remembered for. The writer says he did not mean for it to happen that way, but Marvel went along with it, saying he was breaking under pressure and going insane. Even so, the other Avengers hold it against him for life. (See the Disassembled story again.)

          To not focus on Pym is a mistake but, even so, they can make it work. I will just be disappointed.

          • I liked early Hank Pym when he was Giant-man and later Goliath. Let’s keep him for the Ant-man character, as well as Giant-man and Goliath!

        • Maybe Dr. Pym will reclaim his character/mantle in the final act? Such an exchange between Lang and Pym could open the door for this origin story to go in a completely different direction from most o fthe other stories, to-date…

        • What I heard is that Pym actually used it quite often as a Shield Agent in the 60’s and became something of a legend. The film would be a passing of the mantel tale of the elderly Pym training the young Lang, which could prove an interesting addition to the MCU since, as of now, it is implied that no “Super Heroes” existed between Cap’s freezing and Tony Stark revealing he is Iron Man. AND if this is the case, Pym can still be a major part of Avengers 2 since both Pym as his secret identity and Ant-Man are officially part of the Avengers roster

          • Plus Edgar Wright is a “can do no wrong” director in my mind. Scott Pilgrim bombed in the theatres but is one of my favorite movies.

  5. Sounds great. Im super excited, i know Edgar Wright can pull this off :) i read on an article that the costume looked alot like the Irredeemable Ant-Man suit.

  6. I hope it isn’t Scott Lang & man next years comic con is gonna be packed with footage of upcoming cbm’s

  7. The breakdown of the footage sounds awesome, ant-man would be a great addition in the avengers 2.

    • I completely agree.

  8. Aunt May?

  9. He phases and instantly becomes one size or the other? While I would need to actually see the footage, what was described sounds a bit disappointing. They have always shown him actually growing and shrinking very quickly (even on A:EMH) so this feels like a cop out to me. And what is going to happen when he grows to 100’+, same lame insta change?

    Between this and the now slightly stronger possibility that this will be Scott Lang and NOT Hank Pym (based on the SHIELD operative comment), I am really not liking how things are shaping up.

    • They have said he was going to be a SHIELD operative all along. (Notice how they put the RR comment in there, just for us.) I’m not sure why everyone is saying this is Lang just because of that reason. I would bet that is going to be PYM until I see strong evidence to the contrary. Remember, this is its own universe entirely. Origin stories are going to be drastically different just to a) work for modern times and b) be portrayed as believable somehow to audiences.

    • Just because he’s a SHIELD operative, or works for SHIELD, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Scott Lang.
      In the Ultimate U, Pym worked for SHIELD as well. Plus, we don’t know the context of this footage. We don’t know for certain that he’s a “spy” or why he’s attacking the guards… it’s all circumstantial I tell you! 😉

      And as for the size-change: the footage is incomplete, which most likely means the VFX haven’t been finished or polished either. That “transition effect” of the changing of the size could very well not have been finished yet.

      I just don’t think we should be jumping to any conclusions…

      • To both of you, I’m not jumping to conclusions, just giving my gut reaction to the info. provided. I did use the word “slightly” and not “conclusive” 😉

        The other worrying factor is the last version of the script we know about that WAS going to be using Lang.

        “When he transforms, he phases and instantly becomes the other size.”

        While they did say it was incomplete, the size change sounds like a pretty finalized effect based on this description.

        I can only hope I’m completely wrong on all accounts.

        • If they already had Lang as the lead then they will probably still use him. Maybe they don’t want the wife-beater stigma attached to Pym, which is a HUGE mistake.

      • Its test footage. This scene will most likely not be in the film. Marvel Studios wanted to gauge the audience on the “cool” factor, which means that they are going for a more action oriented Ant-Man and will most likely use Scott Lang.

        Personally I wanted Ant-Man, more than any other MarvelSudios property, to break their typical superhero mold. Especially since Pym constantly claims he is a scientist before a bero.

        • Just because it’s more action orientated, doesn’t mean it’s Scott Lang. And besides, I can guarantee that most Ant-Man fans and fans of Avengers:EMH are sure to say Hank Pym is a much cooler character than Lang, and since Marvel Studios’ movies are made by the fans for the fans (that’s a fact BTW ;)), I think people should give them SOME benefit of the doubt.

          I want it to be Hank Pym just as much as the next comic book fan (probably more than most), but people seriously need to take a step back and calm the f%^# down because the fact is, we have no idea what the movie will be about (other than a few RUMORS from a long while back)… so already shooting down this movie and constantly complaining about the POSSIBILITY of it being Lang is silly thing to do IMO.

    • Shut up. No one wants to see him phase slowly all the time.

      • Shut up? Really? Who died and left you in charge of telling people what to do? Try being a bit more polite 😉

        It also appears as if you’ve taken charge and are speaking on behalf of everyone. So there isn’t a single person who wants to see the size change… me?

        And who said the effect had to be “slow”. The size change can take less than a second and still be visually effective.

    • It’s a factor of there being missing effects. One of the scenes had a blue-man holding a poll and there were blue screens in some shots as well.

      The effect of Ant-Man leaving the vent was meant to show him grow I think.

      • Well Rob, since you are probably the ONLY one commenting here who has actually seen the footage, I will have to default to your judgment for the time being.

        I still can’t believe with all the other leaked footage that no one thought to bootleg this! ><

  10. I love the fact that they are finally going to be doing Ant Man. Hopefully it is going to be 90% James Bond and 10& Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Because 60% of the time, that works every time.

    I know it’s still early but why isn’t SR talking about (The Winter Soldier) title for the next Cap movie??? That is big if they are going to have Bucky coming back as a killing machine. I don’t know that I would have made that the focus of such an early movie, but I’ll take it any way I can get it.

  11. Well this description of ant man definitely makes me hope this footage and an ant man movie never see the light of day. imo this sounds horrible, a person shrinking into an ant and then back and forth into human size. This character does not sounds very grounded and i think thats why marvel has been resisting for a few years to put it into production as i don’t think mainstream audiences will accept him properly.
    Now Guardians of the Galaxy sounds pretty interesting

    • so a movie about a talking tree and racoon in space is grounded but a guy changing size isn’t? okay mr scientist

    • imo they should of moved forward with Black Panther solo movie.

    • I agree with aidan.
      A man that uses science to change size and matter isn’t any less “grounded” than a big talking tree with regenerative powers and an extremely violent raccoon with a British accent.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love the GotG, but if you can’t imagine how Ant-Man may be more realistic than that team, then I don’t know man…

      Marvel hasn’t been “resisting” to put it into production, it’s been in production this long because according to Wright himself, he has been working on other projects as well while he’s been writing the script for Ant-Man.

      • Most of you know my thoughts. It’s pretty obvious which is more grounded. I think most people, even GOTG fans, caught that right away.

    • Ant man is way more mainstream than GoTG. Marvel hasn’t been resisting it, because both Kevin fiege and Stan Lee want the movie to happen. fans at the Comic Con responded very very positively to the footage [removed by moderator – no insults allows]

      • Dude, you need to stop with the insults. The site rules are VERY simple and posted just above the text box you type comments in….

        Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.

        Expressing your opinion could work much better if you were polite and civil to others.

  12. thats only 1 of the main characters in that movie and from what I’ve heard its in the thor universe and its just sounds interesting. But that character also sounds somewhat weird and out of place. the concept art for the movie makes it look like a video game rather than a movie and not just because of the level of cgi.
    I’ve gone to the cinema for just about every Marvel movie in the last 10 years but from the sounds of things i won’t be seeing ant man. And hey this is just my opinion. I’m not a comic book reader, I’m just the average moviegoer that likes superhero and sci-fi movies.

    • Yeah, I am with you Jack. The premise is no were near as interesting as the other Marvel properties and I am guessing this will be a hard sell to mainstream audiences. In this cinematic age, a man shrinking and expanding is not very exciting.
      Ironman, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, and then Antman….
      I can almost guarantee that this will not fit in with the Marvel Universe as today’s movie going audience perceives it.

  13. im very upset that we have no info about Black Panther at all.

  14. I’m happy that Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are going to get their own films. But I was hoping that Black Panther would be announced as well, because now Ant-Man will be the only new addition to The Avengers (two if they get Wasp). That’s a shame :(

    • I agree Jakob, it is extremely disappointing that we can get a Black Panther movie. It sucks that Daredevil and Electra can get a movie before BP. You never want to play the race card but here you have to wonder on some level.

    • I love Black Panther. I wear the cologne too. (2 Anchorman references in an Ant-man discussion. Pat myself on the back.) But I am glad they are going for Ant-man first. He is a large part of the Super human registration act, which is where they are going imo. But, more than that, I think they need as many brilliant minds as they can get before heading into Wakanda. They are far more advanced than anyone on earth.

      I honestly think they are going to be going by a timeline that follows the comics a bit closer. Panther will be the next big hero after Ant-man. I hope that Cap Marvel & Ms. Marvel are next. They are some of my personal favorites. But Marvel can’t please everyone. I doubt I will ever see my favorite (Hercules) even though that would be the funniest super hero movie ever made, besides maybe Deadpool.

  15. Simon Pegg will play Egghead, I bet ya’. If it’s Pym. And I still think Adrien Brody would be a great Pym, with Mila Kunis as Wasp.

    and as above… where’s T’CHALLA?

  16. Ant-Man has been one of my favorite Marvel characters. I cannot wait to see it!

  17. I am with you Mace and Pitt Man. I understand Antman’s mythology with the Avengers however we already have two smart guys in the Avengers with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. This is a huge mistake Marvel, how is Black Panther not interesting enough of a character? If you can make an Antman movie, how can you not make a movie about a prince becoming a king of a FIERCE warrior tribe. Think 300 meets Thor with the sophistication of Iron-Man. MAKE THE MOVIE NOW MARVEL.

    Watch them make Black Panther later when superhero movies are kinda played out. Then they will say, see, Black Panther was never popular enough. WEAK!

  18. Awesome news!! Canoot wait till they get started on making ant man

  19. I still say Leonardo Decaprio!

  20. The footage sounds awesome and I can’t wait to see further development (as long as it’s Hank Pym wearing that costume).

    Still very upset about Black Panther though :( With Cap 2 obviously involving the Winter Soldier and BP not even getting a mention at the panel, it seems like it’ll be a while still before he gets to make an appearance on the silver screen :(

  21. Too bad Marvel Studios just couldn’t hold their water until Cap 3 to reintroduce Bucky. It sure would’ve been nice to hear them announcing “Captain America: Claws of the Black Panther” as opposed to “The Winter Soldier”. An entire movie involving Cap fighting against/with T’Challa against Klaw, Crossbones, and Sin on Wakandan soil would’ve been epic like a classic Bond movie meets Braveheart. It’s a wasted opportunity to introduce the Black Panther within the safe confines of a guaranteed hit sequel.

    I was looking forward to a great end of credits scene where Steve Rogers was unknowingly in the sniper scope of Bucky’s weapon, followed by a quick cut to black and the sound of a single gunshot.

    • Honestly, the only part of your post that sounded good was the post credits scene idea.

      I guess Ant-Man could be introduced somewhere into Cap’s movie since it’s a S.H.I.E.L.D.-centric thing.

      • Then, unless you have a better (i.e. low risk) alternative to introduce Black Panther to the general masses, I’d suggest you get ready for SCOTT LANG vs. The World, because that’s just what you’re going to get from an apparently non-Hank Pym Ant-Man movie.

  22. Ant-Man, yes! Guardians of the galaxy, a resounding no! (Treemen and racoons?! C’mon, don’t cheapen The avengers franchise, keep it serious!). And I want Hank Pym for Ant-man, as well as for Goliath!

  23. spam, spam, spam, spam, spam.

  24. IMO is that they will introduce hank Pym in Iron mMn 3 as a scientist to help Tony and Bruce find better material to make armor. That is when Hank PYM asks about Captain America’s shield.That is when the say it is Palladium and the only place is in Africa. post credits for a scene of T’Challa (Black Panther)

    • Sorry to be a know-it-all, but I here I go anyway 😉 :
      Bruce Banner won’t be in IM3… apparently
      And you’re talking about Vibranium, not Palladium (Palladium was used as a conductor or something in Tony’s old chest reactor, but in IM2 he re-created a new element). Vibraium is the indestructible metal used to make Cap’s shield. It can absorb vibrations and it’s only found in Wakanda.

      • thank you I wrote the wrong thing down

  25. I’m saying either Charlie Hunnam or Charlie Day for Hank Pym. Probably Hunnam, but i’m rooting for Day.

    • Charlie day pays the Troll Toll.

  26. Howard Stark does mention Vibranium in Captain America when cap asks about the shield..

  27. I’m so amped for the Ant-Man film! Now, I’m 100% satisfied that he didn’t make it to the Avengers’ cut. The character is better off with an eponymous film. Edgar Wright’s teaser is nothing short but promising. Hank Pym and Scott Lang in one film? That’s really something to forward to. All we need is a great actor to portray Hank Pym and it’ll be a done deal. Michael Cera as Henry Pym!? LOL! I know its going to be Egghead, but wouldn’t it be more interesting to see Ant-Man vs. Radioactive Man? Sadly, Andy Lau jumped ship from IM3. He was perfect for the role. Even better as The Mandarin, I think. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

    • But I don’t think you are grasping what having both characters means……In the end it will be Lang who wears the suit and be Ant-man, not Pym.

  28. For the love of God, please Screenrant,please find a way to contact Kevin Feige and or Edgar Wright and let them know that fans want Hank Pym, NOT Scott Lang . Pleeeeeeeeease.

    • I’ll ask him them who they’re thinking of if Disney let’s me talk to either 😉

  29. I’m way more interested in an Ant-man movie than Guardians. I’d love to see the test clip! Black Panther and Doc Strange would be great also to add to the Marvel Movie Universe.