‘Ant-Man’ Update: ‘Neighbors’ & ‘Goon’ Directors Are Possible Candidates to Helm

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Marvel Considers 2 New Ant Man Directors ‘Ant Man’ Update: Neighbors & Goon Directors Are Possible Candidates to Helm

Since Edgar Wright dropped out of Marvel’s Ant-Man – a film he had worked to create for eight years – there has been a flurry of reports about who will replace him in the director’s chair. Names such as Adam McKay (Anchorman: The Legend Continues), Rawson Thurber (We’re the Millers), and Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) were reportedly on Marvel’s shortlist.

But after McKay dropped out of the project, Thurber passed (or was never officially offered the job), and Fleischer’s name was being thrown around as a possible Ghostbusters 3 director, it seemed the studio’s shortlist had disappeared. Now, there appear to be two new names in the running: Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors) and Michael Dowse (Goon).

Deadline is reporting that Stoller and Dowse’s names are making the rounds at Marvel to helm Ant-Man and that Thurber is (was?) a “favorite” to direct. Here’s the quoted section:

As for ‘Ant-Man,’ Marvel has gone radio silent after heated press reports that Adam McKay would direct, and then equally heated reports a day later that he wasn’t going to do it after all. Right now, the favorite is ‘Dodgeball’ and ‘We’re The Millers’ helmer Rawson Thurber, but names like Nicholas Stoller and Michael Dowse are also making the rounds.

It’s worth noting that Collider is claiming that Stoller is not in the running at all – and never was. So it’s entirely possible that some of this information is old (especially in the case of Thurber) or inaccurate.

Further, it seems unlikely that Stoller would join talks to direct Ant-Man since he teased his next project last month and it involved buddy cop humor between Kevin Hart and Seth Rogen, not bug-based heroics. In regard to Thurber, there are too many conflicting reports without any official confirmation to say with certainty whether or not he’s a still candidate for Ant-Man.

Ant Man Nicholas Stoller Michael Dowse ‘Ant Man’ Update: Neighbors & Goon Directors Are Possible Candidates to Helm

As for Dowse, he’s a bit of an outlier. Though Marvel has exclusively targeted directors for Ant-Man with experience in blockbuster comedies and/or action flicks, Dowse’s past experience includes the critically panned Take Me Home Tonight as well as the sports comedy Goon. His newest endeavor, What If, is a romantic comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe.

The leap to Ant-Man, while not impossible, seems a bit further for Dowse than any of the other names on Marvel’s list. It’s difficult to speculate about how he would fare with Ant-Man given his past projects. Perhaps he’s the right man for the job; perhaps he’s not even in the running.

With Dowse and Stoller added to the list of directors that Marvel may be considering for Ant-Man, as well as the film not sticking to schedule and failing to begin shooting this week, will the film make its 2015 release? Let us know what you think in the comments!

[Update: Ant-Man has a new director and writer. Find out who HERE!]


Ant-Man is scheduled to premiere on July 17th, 2015.

Sourcies: Deadline, Collider

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  1. Get Tom Shadyac. Not like he’s doing anything. Heck, get Ben Stiller.

  2. If no one signs this week, by next week, Marvel will pick anyone…

    • OK Marvel, if you give me final cut privileges i’ll do it. You have 24 hours though!

      • I was just thinking I might have to do it, because there is not anyone else left!

        • You forgot one person… the great and talented… TOMMY WISEAU

  3. I, for one, think Michael Dowse could be a great choice. I loved the heart of the movie ‘Goon’. And I just checked his filmography, and except for ‘Take me home tonight’, all of his movies have been critically acclaimed comedies. Kinda seems a nice fit for an Ant-man movie..

    • I’m with you on that. Goon I think is a good comp, it was funny without being some slapstick piece and would be a good tone for an Ant-Man film.

      • Hey, did you take your name from the Punk look-alike character on the game “Wrestling Revolution”??
        BTW, isn’t that game just ridiculously good?!

    • And there’s a guy in Goon that looks like Edgar Wright! It’s a sign.

  4. Maybe Marvel learned their lesson with McKay and won’t confirm anything before a new director has been chosen and signed and everything… I do hope it won’t affect the release date, even if the start of the shooting is delayed.

  5. anyone else thinking this movie is turning into a toxic property?

    • It just seems desperate, at this point. Not to knock on the other choices, some of them are good fits, but Marvel was confident that they had a back-up director set after Wright left. Doesn’t look like that at all.

      • I agree, their top choices bowed out and now, they’ll take anyone willing.

  6. Those ff xmen cancelling f**rs
    Your end has come
    Guardians and aou will fail
    Ca3 will be crushed by bvs
    Do u remember it was xmen who started the superhero fanatics again in 2000 after those horrendous superman 3 4 killed comic book movies
    How dare you don’t give any space to any single x men character on your cover
    U should compete with dc
    Not with your properties, marvel
    It’s like eating your own children
    Are you animals? Cos only they do it
    I was a marvel fanboy
    Not any more

    • U sound like a bit of a trouser mouse yourself.

      • Get lost marvel fanboy

      • What upsets me the most about this post is that no where on screen rant or any other website was it mentioned that those titles are being cancelled -__-.
        If Marvel had any brains they’ed put FF on hold, wait until after the movie comes out, if the movie sits well with everyone and FF become popular on a x-men/avengers lvl… then they can put out new issues of FF, it wouldn’t suprise if thats what they’re doing, waiting for Fox to uninentionally do the advertising for FF comics.

        • Oh yeah?
          Then how do u explain none of xmen or ff characters appear on the 7th cover
          Where’s cyclops,marvels first family, silver surfer or friggin wolverine
          Answer me mouse boys
          What they are doing is effectively starting the end of cbm’s
          We want good comic book movies
          I don’t care if it’s done by marvel or fox or dc
          X men dofp was wayyyyyyy better than iron man 3
          U know it I know it heck they all know it
          Mark my words
          They’re going to reap what they sew
          Boycott guardians
          Teach a lesson to marvel

          • 1. I like DC/Marvel all the same, so i find the term mouse boy a bit offensive.
            2. No duh DOFp was better than IRonMan 3
            3. All they did was not include x-men/ff on the “75TH ANNIVERSARY” poster, yeah it’s inappropiate and Stan lee and a long with Jack Kirby are probably feeling like dirt about it, but…
            4. THEY’RE NOT CANCELLING THOSE TITLES! No where in any article did it say that Disney/marvel is cancelling those titles and are now buring all ff and X-men books. Yeah Wolverine is dying, big woop. Give me one popular character who died and didn’t come back from the dead.

            • Ok “not mouse boy”
              Marvel has made Edgar Wright leave
              My favourite director
              For what? Rererererevised script

              And look at the options they are looking for to replace him
              Wat next you’re going to fire joss Whedon?
              X men and ff are being disrespected
              That’s what gets on my nerves
              Don’t say marvel can’t do wrong
              It’s money greedy mouse is Wat spoiling my favourite comic book house
              By the words of great wolverine go f itself mouse
              And don’t make shovel face Indiana jones
              That would be the end of the world as we know it

              • It’s pretty obvious your looking at this based off of how YOU want things done and rushing to argue about a film that know one outside of Wright and disney/marvel knew how it was going to pan out. Scott Pilgrim is my favorite film and even though in my opinion people like Whedon, Nolan and Wright haven’t made a bad film that doesn’t mean they won’t in the years to come, cinema logic dictates that they’re are due at least 1 sh*(ty movie in their resume. Your raging over a movie that has not yet to release an offical poster or trailer yet and Why are you saying AOU is gonna fail when you just now demonstrated you prefer Whedon doesn’t get fired? You know I wouldn’t be surprised if your among the people who hated superior spiderman or New 52, with out actually reading them.

                • Ya you are the one talk
                  I remember Kevin feign once saying that the only reason they’re making any man is because if edgar unique vision
                  So Wat happened now?
                  He went blind?
                  And you are saying that everyone is on route to make at least one bad movie
                  Neither u nor me know that edgar sucked
                  He just didn’t accept marvels rerererwrites
                  Some marvel movie has to flop so that they may stop butchering characters like mandarin
                  That’s why I said aou u pompous ass

                  • I seriously doubt that a film that’s being hyped up so much would just flat out fail. Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe. But Age of Ultron, nah. Especially with all the hype around it.

                    Captain America 3 might have some hinders from Batman vs Superman, but considering that film, in of itself, is pissing people off with seemingly each new production update, I’m sure it’s gonna be a battle of quality against the two.

              • You mad bro?

              • So dramatic.

                • You are the drama queen yoda

                  • Iron Man 2 was better than all of your comments combined. Also, Iron Man 3 was rad. Shane Black can write a good popcorn flick. He took on the Predator. Albeit he died, but at least he did something about it. He also didn’t write X-Men: The Last Stand. So there’s that.

                    • I’m not arguing about shane black
                      I’m telling ironman3 is poop fest
                      Know the difference punk

                    • So let me get this straight, Disney is the evil empire because they don’t want to make the film that Wright wants to make? Even if we don’t know what the film was besides the title, nor do we know the extent of the changes that Disney/Marvel wanted to make. Hell we don’ even know if it was Disney or Wright being the unreasonable one.

                  • Yeah. Clearly all the drama up in here.

                    • It’s just Disney being Disney, Disney always tries to screw everyone over.

                      And they want to kill the golden goose just to choke out Fox, apparently. Even if there’s no tie-in edition merch, there should be new merch lines to coincide with the new films, to “get money”. But, Disney’s Marvel is not interested in profit for the sake of money, only in profit if its for Disney.

                      By not taking advantage of the FF movie to make money on their existing title, they’re just letting money go fly away to DC, or others, because it’s Disney. By denigrating the X-Men they’re reducing their income, because Marvel is not a publishing house, it’s a movie studio, and comic income is worthless compared to what they make in movies. But continue this trend down the road, and the comics will end because they aren’t profitable enough. All the new interesting stories will come out of some other publishing house (though probably not DC, considering how corporate they are) Eventually only grandpas will remember the comics (just like The Shadow, etc) and they’ll have killed a source for adaptation for new movies.

                    • Well, actually. Marvel has full creative control over what they do with their comics. Would Disney REALLY get rid of Fantastic Four? Would they REALLY let Marvel kill off Peter Parker in the mainstream comics? No, these are obviously Marvel decisions, assuming that Disney has complete control over Marvel’s creative staff is like saying Warner Bros. has complete control over DC’s creative staff.
                      They make the decisions.

                    • “And they want to kill the golden goose just to choke out Fox, apparently. Even if there’s no tie-in edition merch, there should be new merch lines to coincide with the new films, to “get money”. But, Disney’s Marvel is not interested in profit for the sake of money, only in profit if its for Disney.”

                      Y-You have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, do you?

                      You just basically said “Marvel, a Disney company, isn’t interested in getting, it’s only interested in getting money for itself. F*cking @ssholes.”

          • Yikes. I think I’m hearing English teachers exploding with every one of your posts, x-saks. Please stop. Or at least learn to write English like a reasonably coherent summer school escapee whose parents were in no way related to one another.

            Marking your words: it’s “reap what they sow”, not sew. You SEW clothing; you SOW a field so it can be REAPED later. Get it? Less comic books, more book books.

            Speaking of: how does Marvel omitting a few characters from the cover of a comic “effectively start the end of cbms”? I mean, you seem to be demanding answers to dumbass rhetorical questions… try answering one of your own making first.

            Fox has been abusing the properties they acquired from Marvel from the start, and you’re whining about a cover? We got Galactus the gas cloud “courtesy” of Fox Studios. Nip/Tuck Doom. The Ultimate X-Men twice, which were good for their time but overrated, and gave us religious nutcake Nightcrawler (farewell fuzzy elf :(, because the Singer’s X-Men needed more preachy emo), and whiny depowered Rogue (only there for the jailbait effect and the deus ex ending) Two complete, utter fails that had to be retconned later in X3 and Origins. FC was a collection of random mutants more than any incarnation of actual X-Men, even though it was otherwise an ok film too. DoFP was the best of the batch, but still pretty much the same 4 mutants we’ve seen all along, 2 of which are villains (Magneto and Mystique), with a couple extra supporting cast, and a whole lot of cameos that were little more than opportunities to ‘Wild Bunch’ a group of X-Men faves… twice… for dramatic effect. We haven’t really had a true X-Men movie yet. It’s been Outback-era deconstruction wanna-be Ultimate-style Singer X-Men, but not actual X-Men X-Men. And that’s your excuse for going off like Gollum after a mouse ran off with your precious ring?

            Hell, even fake Mandarin was the best part of IM3; can’t say that about gas cloud Galactus or Merc without a Mouth Deadpool from Fox.

            You don’t seem to want GOOD comic book movies, you want… what? X-Men on the cover of some 75th anniversary issue you probably wouldn’t have even bought anyways?

            Come on x-saks, level with us… did the mouse bad touch you?

            • It was a typo douce bag .
              And I’m sure ur parents are related
              I know fox was screwed up a lot
              I’m in no way defending them
              I just wanted respect for my favourite cb heroes
              Disney pimp, I’m sure mouse has touched you

    • Uh… they’re not cancelling anything. FF is going to be put on HOLD most likely after the “end of the fantastic Four” storyline and X-men is gonna lose Wolverine after his scheduled death this fall. They’re not cancelling anything. No way in a million years is marvel gonna print 8 different x-men titles, WEEKLY and then just cancel them just to spite 20th century Fox. I’m sure after the FF movie releases Marvel will put out new FF comics knowing the film is out and in no longer need of advertising.

    • You sound very silly, man. You do have to realize this is a company whose characters are grown men and women in spandex.

      • This shows how much comic books and it’s characters mean to you

        • @Saks(of poop) How much do they mean to you? A little too much it seems.

          • Yes poopman3 u have any problem with that

            • Maybe you should..I dunno, go outside or something? Some fresh air and some time in the real world might do wonders for nerves and temperament.

              • thanks sigmund freud

                • Anytime, friend.

        • And your point is? Look, I love comic books. I’ve read them when I was a kid. But they are still comic books. As in literally a piece of paper separated in panels showing some character in a really silly outfit trying to save the world from another evil person in an outfit, some evil business man or something else that poses a threat.

          I still read and take it seriously. Obviously, I still want to see good movies based on them and see Disney/Marvel to bring up some obscure Marvel property that I love (Go, Ms. Marvel!).

          But I’m not going to kill myself and act heart broken over something like this.
          And even then, all the rumors and points you bring up might piss you off, but it IS business and you need to realize that when it comes to business, no matter what the competition brings, you still want to be the top dog, and considering that X-Men:DOFP did so well, unlike Amazing Spider-Man 2, it poses a bigger threat.

          This has happened before in the comic industry, corporations do this, hell, DC does this.

          Besides, I wouldn’t blame them at all, there are technically 4 superhero cinematic universes happening and more cinematic universes are coming that’s not superhero related.

          And how confusing would that be for the casual movie goer to try and differentiate four different superhero cinematic universes, with two that happen to have the Marvel logo.

          • watever u guys say i’m firm on my opinion about sith disney empire
            i’d rather see x men at h\the hands of fox than marvel(i know about last stand,ori:wol. .)
            Cant you see that marvel movies are being disneyfied?
            the mandarin butchering was much more horrible than deadpool butchering
            jon farevu,edgar wright,directors of CA1 and thor,thor tdw all are bullied by these guys
            i still wonder how joss wheden,russo brother still cling
            they even cancelled some very good cartoons just so the properrties at other studios can perish
            avengers emh,wolverine and xmen,spec spider man
            shall i go on
            empiresv are toppled by one thing
            nuff said

            • I’m sorry, but nothing beats what Fox did with Deadpool, the merc with a mouth who doesn’t have a mouth…. I’ve enjoyed the marvel films far more than the fox and Sony Films. I really enjoyed the latest X-man film (even if Professor-X magically came back to life). I mean, the fact they had to do a time travel film to reboot the X-men films shows how much they have messed up the films. I enjoyed the first two X-men films, until the latest one, they have been going down hill. Fantastic 4 sucked. If Marvel can make Captain America work (who is one of the most boring super heroes), imagine what they could do with more interesting ones.

              How does cancelling any cartoons effect the sales of X-men movies? cancelling Avengers EMH would be a counter to your point (as apparently that would effect the a Marvel made film). I suspect, they cancelled them because the are awful and not getting the ratings they wanted.

              Nothing they have done is going to have an effect on Fox, all your doing is posting irrational nonsense, I’m just waiting for you to start on about the illuminati!

              • Ur saying avengers eh was not good?
                Have u seen that? It was friggin awsome
                The only reason it was cancelled was yo make room for this new avengers assemble which is for 10yrs old
                I accept that what was done to deadpool was unforgivable
                But disrespecting marvels first family and entire x men legacy is really too much
                Do u really have a valid argument for why no ff or x men characters are not on marvels75th cover
                I’d love to hear it

                • I’d argue that the 75th Anniversary cover, in the big scheme of things, doesn’t actually matter. What matters are the stories, both on the page and on the screen. If they’re good, which they for the most are, then it really does not matter who is featured on a particular piece of promotional art.

                  • I’m asking why they are not in it
                    Not if it does matter or not
                    Tell me

                    • Unless there’s a Marvel insider around here, you know your question will go unanswered.

                      I’m telling you that it’s not something you, me or anyone else needs to worry about. It’s an illustration. There’s plenty of character not on it. There’s no Nick Fury, no Wasp, no Daredevil, no Dr. Strange, no War Machine and no Luke Cage, to name only a few. And Marvel/Disney owns all the rights to those characters and is developing films or television projects for all of them. It’s not an indication of anything except that, at present, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy are huge in Marvel right now.

                • Perhaps I am getting the two confused, the last ones I saw had Ms Marvel, it was shocking bad, the only good X-men cartoons I can remember are from the 90′s.

                  I have seen the Fantastic 4 movies, they are no less disrespectful, Then you have fox simply sitting on the movie rights doing nothing with them for how many years? The new reboot is simply to stop Marvel getting them back (which seems to be on the same level as what your complaining about with regards to marvel).

                  Very obviously Marvel is shifting its focus to the Avengers and it’s supporting cast, understandable as they are building a cinematic universe around them.

                  Fox isn’t some white knight, it’s just as bad as Marvel, hell, they won’t even allow Marvel to use the term Mutant in AOU!

                  • Oh yeah ms marvel rocket and falcon are so darn popular than wolverine Mr fantastic
                    Ha ha ha
                    My friend u support them much much much more than I hate them
                    I’m simply asking why doesn’t marvel give it’s most famous heroes the respect they deserve

                    • Well, obviously you supported them and I’m sure if this was like a year ago, you’d be defending them too. In fact, you just admitted that this past 24 hours was the breaking point for you.

                      This is a very silly argument, it’s ok to not like or even hate Marvel, but the way you’re acting is pretty immature and childish.

                • “Jeez, the competition’s latest film is good and breaking sales records! We can’t have that, for now on, we’re no longer promoting Fantastic Four or X-Men for them. Why give a rival company free promotion?”

                  Seriously, it’d be like if Nintendo advertised for a Sony game *cough*KojimawantingSnakeinSMB4justtopromotePhantomPainandsaidthereasonitwasntcomingtoWiiUisbecausehecouldntthinkoganythingfortheWiiUgamepadbutannouncesthattheX-Boxversionwouldusetouchscreencontrols*cough*

                  Anyways, Avengers: EMH was good, damn good. And while it being canceled sucks, it ain’t that bad.

            • Gotta agree with Mark on this one, the mistreatment of Deadpool really was the worst.

              Iron Man 3 may have gone against comics canon, but it was a fine film in its own right that pushed Tony Stark into new situations forced him to confront his deepest fear (being powerless without his suit). It was also insanely popular, profitable and a critical success. It’s a very (VERY) loud minority that hate it.

              Whedon and the Russo brothers embrace the shared universe aspect of the MCU, which is something that a lot of directors don’t. That’s why they stick around. They’re willing, enthusiastic even, to let their vision take a side seat to the direction of the overall Marvel universe, understanding that they are building one piece of that massive puzzle. It’s unprecedented in filmmaking and a lot of directors are uncomfortable with that.

              And calling a large corporation greedy is like saying a spider has eight legs: it’s intrinsic to its nature.

              • I know its business, strategy etc etc
                I’m just expecting some basic decency and respect for some of my favourite comic book heroes who gave me some of my good memories in my childhood
                Is it too much to ask from Disney/marvel
                All I am saying is that whatever they’re trying to do or planning to do is just petty cheap ploys
                Respect the source material
                I’m not supporting fox or dc but in your hearts u know what they’re doing is just wrong
                Hope they correct their errors and give proper space to ff and x men deserve in comics and publications
                If not god help you disney/marvel and your firm supporters

                • Sadly the things you want don’t exist in a world that rewards greed and selfish behaviour, money is the route of all evil (well a large portion of it). Because of it, we will probably never see a X-men, Avengers or spiderman crossover (which is a massive shame).

                  Isn’t Spiderman still on the cover? would that not suggest that the issue is more to do with Fox than Marvel? Perhaps this is because Fox have very little respect for the source material.

                  I don’t really support any of them, if they sell something I want/enjoy then I buy it, if they don’t, more money for the weekend!

                  • I don’t know if fox is disrespecting marvel or the other way
                    but 8 am 100% sure marvel is disrespecting 2 of its soul filled franchises and it’s characters
                    if you have some beef with fox deal it with them
                    don’t show it on x and ff
                    it’s like a divorced parent showing his/ her anger on the children

                • So, in effect, you’re admitting to being a grown adult who’s getting really bent out of shape over the treatment of a bunch of fifty-year-old cartoon characters. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy them, but you really don’t need to take this so seriously.

    • Troll level = Expert.

    • ZZZZzzzzzzz…

  7. Hey Marvel and Disney, let’s sing together.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0MK7qz13bU

  8. I mean, they could recycle the Russo brothers. They did a fantastic job with the Winter Soldier and they have a solid history with comedic projects. Yes, they’d film Cap 3 right after, but this project is less time-consuming because the groundwork is laid out for them. Not to mention the task would lay on both of their shoulders, making it easier for them as opposed to all of this laying on one man.

    Or hopefully Marvel comes crawling back to Edgar Wright and meets his demands.

  9. Or they could hire the pair Jorma Taccome and Akiva Schaefer (the Lonely Island) and then just cast Bill Hader as Antman. Oh man, ridiculous and far-fetched, but that would be a dream come true for me.

  10. Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, 50/50)

    What happened to this guy, who screenrant reported to be on the short list?

    I loved Warm Bodies and think he would do well here.

    • he was on the dr. strange shortlist. and derrickson got hired instead, as of yesterday. and he’s prob too busy to do antman. he’s prepping for a flick with jgl, rogen, and mackie.

      • Screenrant had him as one of the 4 targets for Ant-Man just a few days ago. Then they’ve never followed up on it. That’s why I’m wondering.

        • Yeah, I noticed that as well. I didn’t see any other website mention him so I can only assume that they made a mistake. I agree that he could do a good job.

  11. Fleischer needs to forget about Ghostbusters 3 and make Ant-Man happen!!!!

  12. With respect to these directors, if these rumors are true then this situation is getting to be dire.

  13. It looks like Marvel is in a bit of a pickle with this one. Ant-Man movie is one that, if it’s successful, it’ll be modest at best (thanks to limited knowledge of non-fans or non-comic readers), and if it tanks, it sinks deeper than the Mariana Trench; at least that’s the way I see it now that Edgar Wright had left.

  14. This article tells me nothing.

  15. What’s Broken Lizard up to these days? :)

  16. This is getting old just announce the director, the delay or the cancellation ALREADY!

  17. Stoller is a Disney guy, and all his films are successful. He’d be an excellent choice since are the pre-production is done and the film is completely storyboarded.

  18. Kevin Feige should direct Ant Man.

    • Kevin should just direct every single Marvel movie since it’s his vision, not anyone else’s.

  19. “Teach a lesson to marvel” – I love this line. Saks, do you proofread? Please do before you post your comments. Btw, love your “poerty”. Very poetic indeed.

  20. ….so another one bites the dust.

    I don’t think we will see a director anytime soon. With marvel alienating amd angering a director who has had a sturdy vision for years and to leave last minute is a bad bad bad sign so no wonder.many are passing on the film…no one likes a bully and it seems mr feign is.just.that bullying directors to direct HIS vision of the marvel universe. Not a team player it seems.

    Let the film sit in limbo for now and 6 months. From now when we.talkimg bout strange, aou, guardians, bvs, ff, xmen, justice league, and spiderman 3, even black panther many will be like oh yeah what ever happened to antman?

  21. Alan Smithee… Anyone? Marvel are making films by committee these days anyway so why not just put that on the credits..

  22. Sounds like they’ll end up geting McG. It doesn’t seem like they have a clear view on what they want to accomplish. It was great when they did things like getting Branagh for Thor, Whedon for Avengers, Favreau for Iron Man, I mean, you could really tell what they wanted to start in terms of storytelling, characters and style… now is just like trying to fill some big designer’s custom made shoes.

  23. Very low hopes for this film. Hank Pym is one of if not THE most tragic Avengers characters, and they only seem to be considering comedy directors. And why isn’t it called Ant-Man and The Wasp, FFS? She was the leader of the Avengers, never mind bankrolling them. And the franchise certainly needs more women.

  24. Really excited for this movie sure I’m bummed that Wright isn’t involved anymore but I’m sure it will still be great I love all the marvel movies most of them I could say actually… I have a feeling they will announce someone soon I haven’t seen Goon but I watched the trailer and I think it at least looks pretty darn good I hope that director gets the job of the two newbies to the list… I highly doubt the movie will end up being pushed back at all this isn’t really the first time Marvel has had this happen to them so they might know how to handle situations like this still excited about this.

  25. My left testicle is now in talks to direct this movie.

    Update: it has no interest.

  26. Goon was awesome! Good pacing like an Edgar Wright movie. Michael Dowse is the guy they should pick.