Peyton Reed Will Direct ‘Ant-Man’; Adam McKay To Help With Script

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Ant Man Hank Pym Avengers Celebration Peyton Reed Will Direct Ant Man; Adam McKay To Help With Script

Marvel Studios had a busier-than-usual two weeks, having to add in a rushed director search in the middle or shooting The Avengers: The Age of Ultron, locking down a director for Doctor Strange and promoting Guardians of the Galaxy. After the unexpected last-minute parting ways between Edgar Wright and Marvel over creative differences in the direction of Ant-Man, Marvel Studios needed to find someone quickly in order to meet their summer production start date and keep the film’s July 2015 release.

The situation and the search created plenty of headlines as we heard of eight different names, all with comedy backgrounds, either talking or being looked at by Marvel Studios to take the Ant-Man director’s chair. One of the first names to reportedly be offered the gig was Adam McKay (Anchorman 1 & 2, The Other Guys) who some said stepped out of talks. As we learned just now, officially through Marvel, McKay is on board, but he won’t be directing.

McKay will be helping with the script – the central issue that made Wright leave the project in the first place – while Peyton Reed (The Break-Up, Yes Man) will direct. We first reported that Reed was being looked at – alongside David Wain (Role Models, Wanderlust) – yesterday but sources put Reed as the frontrunner. That was true and now he’s just landed a career-changing superhero gig.

Ant Man Movie Logo 570x384 Peyton Reed Will Direct Ant Man; Adam McKay To Help With Script

As we pointed out yesterday, Reed actually has some background with Marvel, having been in charge of developing the first Fantastic Four movie for Fox in the early 2000s. He ended up exiting the project in ’03 due to creative differences, and now he’s filling in for someone who left Marvel Studios for the same reasons.

With McKay signing up to help with the script, we’re curious as to what that means. Production is supposed to begin in just a few weeks and the script was reportedly taken out of the hands of Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish for some alterations they didn’t love too much. Is there much more script work to be done in the next few weeks? Will Ant-Man begin shooting without a finished screenplay much like Iron Man 2 and Thor: The Dark World? That was a major issue for directors Jon Favreau and Alan Taylor, and with Ant-Man being such a unique and less bankable property, it can’t afford script issues after shooting begins.

The good news is that the film is still on track to release just two months after The Avengers sequel next summer. For Reed, this is a big opportunity to make something new and different and launch his career forward. Are you happy to see Marvel find their creative team for Ant-Man?

Official Ant-Man Synopsis:
Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang (Rudd) must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (Douglas), protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.


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Ant-Man stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Patrick Wilson, Michael Peña, Corey Stoll and Matt Gerald.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. A untalented director…

    • Cant take your opinion seriously. You’re still figuring out articles of speech.

      • And we are supposed to take what you say seriously? Did you know that using insults is a sign of low IQ? That’s not an opinion by the way its a fact, so you can take that one seriously.

        • I don’t agree it’s a sign of a low IQ, it’s a sign that a person has a s*** life and can only feel better about themselves by putting other people down. The low IQ may also be a factor, meh.

          As for having a director? sounds cool I guess, I’m not massively bothered about Ant-Man but it’s cool they are expanding the MCU with something different. Now we just need the stripper type super heroes to appear ;)

          • Lol….. “it’s a sign that a person has a s*** life ”

            Sounds like you’re putting someone down. Sorry to hear about your life, dude. :(

            • lol +1

            • +2

      • +1

  2. well I cant help but think this will be marvels first bomb.

    • If Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t bomb, this won’t either.

      • I don’t see why that would be the case.

    • JAWS, The Exorcist, Apocalypse Now, and Titanic were all production nightmares and look at their success… have those other voices explain it to you, Ant-man will be fine.

  3. Well, I haven’t seen any of his work, but at least the film has a director once more. Maybe they can still pull this off?

  4. Sadly, we’ll never see an edger version of this.
    However, I think Marvel has done enuf to earn trust…most of the movies have been good. Reed & McKay is a solid fallback.
    The synopsis is cool, a departure from formula certainly. A SuperHero Heist movie. Nice.

    • The “superhero heist movie” is what Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish and Kevin Feige had been working on for Ant-Man since 8 years ago so nothing new there.

  5. “Reed actually has some background with Marvel, having been in charge of developing the first Fantastic Four movie for Fox in the early 2000s.”

    Que the price is right losing sound clip..

    • But then he left over creative differences, we don’t really know how much of his input was left intact in the final script of that first ff film.

      • Not much, from what I heard. I’ve read somewhere that his version would have been set in the 60s, as a true origin story of the FF. Now, I don’t have sources to back this up though, but if it’s true, it means he can appreciate sticking with source material and canon. Plus, there’s supposed to be a part of the Ant-Man movie taking place in the 60s… :)

        • I had heard that about a 60s part as well. I am hoping that at least that part in the 60s will show some true “Pym Action” with Hank as Ant-Man!
          As far as the fantastic Four movies went, I did not mind the first two, although I was a bit disgusted with the mockery mae out of supposedly serious Reed Richards in the second one with the “Dancing Super-hero” bit. That was just dorky in my opinion. I did like the Silver Surfer special effects, though. As far as this new reboot of the FF goes, it is so far away from canon in every aspect that they will probably have to drag me kicking, clawing, and screaming into the theater to watch it.

  6. It is a blessing in disguise for this movie to get a new director though a little rushed and unintended. Edgar Wright is not as bankable a director as his fans thinks. Marvel is following a ‘Strict Protocol’ that’s why they’re as big as they are right now. It was Edgar Wright who made a big mistake on this one, you’ll see.

    • Edgar’s all films have been highly critically acclaimed. No bad films yet. Heck no mediocre films either. He is the real deal. He is awesomely talented.
      Having said that I trust Feige and Marvel atleast for now and there is no reason this film can’t turn out just as well with another director.

      • I dunno, Scott Pilgrim is Wright’s only miss so far, didn’t do too well at the box office.

        • By miss you mean money wise? Or was this another movie you hate as well?

          • Scott Pilgrim grossed half of what it cost to produce. It was a huge flop.

            • the term “flop” to my knowledge is used when a movie does poor money wise and gets panned by general audience and critics. Scott Pilgrim was just a bomb, i liked it, and a majority of critics and other audiences liked it.

              • Fair enough. I chuckled a couple times. Mostly at Brandon Routh’s character. I know a lot of his fans liked it and it did well on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. I guess that means that the majority of the few people who went to see it enjoyed it well enough.

              • Regardless of which expression means what, Scott Pilgrim did not make good money, and that’s what the original comment was getting at with “bankable,” although I disagree about the “blessing in disguise” thing. I loved Scott Pilgrim and would’ve liked to see Wright’s Ant-Man, and I don’t think that director bankability is an issue with Marvel films, which are sold primarily on the brand and onscreen characters.

        • Would love to know what you’re definition of a “miss” is, it was still acclaimed, despite BO numbers.

      • @Goku

        I have to agree. Wright has made a great film in Shaun of The Dead, a good film in Hot Fuzz, a okay film in Scott Pilgrim, and The Worlds End was his biggest miss for me personally. I realize this film may have been a brain child of his, but Marvel is run by smart people, in many ways.

    • Yup, his fans tend to over rate him. I never really noticed it until these articles started to be written. There is no doubt about his talent and I enjoy most of his films but he isn’t one of the best directors around as these boards would have you believe.

      • He may not be the best, but he is certainly better than the man who brought you a cheerleading movie. There is no comparison between the man who developed this film and the man who will be directing it. One is incredibly talented and has a unique stye, while the other directs stuff like cheerleading movies and Jennifer Aniston rom-coms.

      • I don’t over rate anyone, I’m still waiting for that one film Chris Nolan will eventually release that flops so hard, and even though i like both him and whedon, whedon will also one day lay turd on the silver screen. It’s just movie logic.

        • i’m not really fellin’ it for interstellar, so you may not have to wait long.
          and while it wasn’t a flop [money-wise] i do feel nolan dropped a duece with TDKR, but thats just my opinion…well, not JUST mine, but we will see i guess.

          • after the Dark knight released he admitted he was unsure he could surpass the success of that one with a sequel.

        • One day?

          So you have never seen Alien: Resurrection?

          And while I liked Serenity, there is no denying it was a Box Office bomb.

  7. I’m on the fence…. dunnno about him…

  8. I wish we could stop blind-praising Edgar Wright?

    • There’s no “blind-praise” going around for Wright. He’s a fantastic director with a great vision for film making. To say someone is being “blindly-praised” is like saying Brett Ratner is being blindly-praised for directing X3.

      Wright is a great director, and you can’t knock that. If his films aren’t for you then, well, don’t watch em?

      • His films aren’t that great to the point where it would’ve automatically been good just because his name is attached to a project.

        • This sounds less like fact and more “I really don’t like his films that much and so think he’s overrated” type argument.

      • Martin Scorsese is a great director. Clint Eastwood is a great director. Robert Redford is a great director. Wright makes good comedies. That does not make him a great director. I think blind praise is a pretty good example of what a lot of people are doing.

        • You can still be a great director and handle comedies. It’s not like being a great director is mutually exclusive to directing great comedy films, otherwise, you’d be blocking talented people from branching out into other areas (like the Russos did going from directing a great comedy show to directing Captain America: The Winter Soldier or stopping a legit thespian like Sir Kenneth Branagh from doing anything other than serious Shakespearean films).

          It’s also not “blind praise” if someone has earned the respect that causes such praise in the first place. Spike Jonze may not have a stellar career but he’s still a great director too, despite his start in comedies and music videos (just like Wright, directing Spaced and music videos for The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster).

          • Fair point about the Russos, but I didn’t say that doing comedies excludes someone from being a great director. I just meant that Wright isn’t one because his comedies are only good. They aren’t great. He has done 4 feature films, 3 of which star Simon Pegg. They’re funny, but they aren’t great and it doesn’t show any kind of inovation.
            I gotta disagree with the Sir Branagh point. There are sooooo many theatre actors who go to film and they’re often the best so comparing the two isn’t exactly fair. If Wright had directed a few live theatre productions of various genres I’d be a little less critical of him, but all he’s done is bad 90′s TV shows and Simon Pegg movies. So I think it is blind praise because he really hasn’t earned this kind of respect. He has a following, but that doesn’t make him great.

            • Simon Pegg was in Edgar Wright films, not the other way around. And Wright’s shot-for-shot framing is what makes him a great director, not whether or not the jokes are funny.

              • Did I say Edgar Wright was in Simon Pegg movies? I must be misreading, “He has done 4 feature films, 3 of which star Simon Pegg.” Or maybe you are. Either way, shot-for-shot framing is not what makes a great director. That is a basic filming technique. It draws the attention of the viewer to the correct subject. That’s it.

                • Sounds like you got nit-picked. Run!


            • I agree that Edgar Wright is over rated. He has a style that is very appealing to some people. Much like Tim Burton, (God, Ed even looks like Tim…) Edgar Wright`s future films will be criticized as rehashing his previous films.

              All that being said, Sean of the Dead was great. It is still great. It will continue to be great.

        • So Clint Eastwood and Robert Redford are inherently better directors than Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati and Ernst Lubitsch because they make dramatic films and the others were primarily comedic filmmakers? That seems like a flawed argument.

          (Scorsese’s probably got a better claim to be in the top tier of directors than the other two, so I left him out.)

          • See above comment. Should I add F.W. Murnau to the list? Or how about Frank Capra?

            • I posted that before you clarified your initial post.

              For the record, IMO, Murnau belongs in the top tier with Chaplin, Keaton, etc.; Capra most certainly does not.

              • Yes, these comments show how long ago they were posted. Thank you. I just didn’t feel like retyping the same points again so I said “see above comment.” I only added Capra because you went back to turn of the century directors so I figured I would too. Honestly, I didn’t mention directors from the silent era because I didn’t think the majority of people here would have a clue who they are. Robert Redford was just in Cap 2 so most people are gona recognize the name and Eastwood and Scorsese are extremely well known. They were just examples, not the best of the best of the best of all time. If you wanna play the “Name Great Directors Game” we can do that, but that wasn’t what I was going for.

                • I started typing before you posted and then the cat got involved or whatever and I didn’t refresh to see your post.

        • And Edgar Wright would have been the best director Marvel Studios ever employed.

        • Whether anybody likes him or not is irrelevant.

          BLIND praise would mean praising him with no information on what kind of director he is.

          I am not BLIND praising him, I am just plain old praising him. Because I have seen his work and have never seen a bad movie from him.
          No blindness here, thank you very much! ha ha ha ha hahahaha ha

  9. Disney doesn’t mind phoning in Marvel movies I suppose. I had high hopes for this. No one can really replace Edgar Wright’s talent.

    • I can’t wait for the “exclusive interview” where Wright explains what really went down before he left.

      • i hear ya, but i doubt it would ever happen. we’ll just get the standard “creative differences” answer and they will move on, as we all should.

    • Its one movie dude relax.

  10. Glad to see film is back on track. Sure do like fantasizing and speculating over seeing that pic of Giant-Man and Wasp in the parade. Seeing the Giant-man/Goliath incarnation of Pym with Ant-Man on the side if that is the stepping stone we have to take to get there is an ultimate goal of mine for The Avengers team!

  11. This guy directed “Bring It On.” Yes, the cheerleading movie. Let that sink in. To compound things, his other notable movies aren’t exactly notable. So, you take a guy with a completely unique style and replace him with a cookie cutter, bland cheerleading comedy director? Seems like they just settled with whoever would take the job at this point.

    • So just because someone starts their career working at a McDonald’s, they’re automatically sentenced to being a burger flipper for the rest of their life? There’s no room for growth? Change? Getting better?

      Not that I’m saying Reed is going to be great but to dismiss him for one movie, which wasn’t even that terrible, is silly.

      • No, those people can move up to Fry Guy or even command one of the cash registers.

        Hmmm. Let’s see Jennifer Aniston Rom-Com The BreakUp, meh. Yes, Man with Jim Carrey, meh. Sporadic TV directing spots, meh. I don’t see much growth, but hey I’m probably just being dismissive again.

        • actually yes

    • i liked bring it on [kirsten dunst always brings it]. i also though yes man and the breakup were pretty entertaining [jen aniston is always entertaining] but whatever. nobody is making you watch the film either way.

      • I’ll agree. Those movies were mildly entertaining and you mentioned the actresses in them. What about the directing made those films stand out to you? Edgar Wright’s films always stood out to me because of him. His usage of the camera, sound cues, and editing. I’ll still see the movie, but I’m just not expecting something special, as I once was.

        • The thing with Reed is that nobody saw the one film where he tried to do something interesting visually, with editing, etc. And that’s DOWN WITH LOVE.

          But he’s good with actors. A lot of directors aren’t, like Gareth Edwards apparently. Reed should get credit for getting very good performances from his actors and for knowing how to use them.

    • BRING IT ON is a pretty terrific cheerleading movie and Reed brought a lot of visual style to DOWN WITH LOVE, so if they’re sticking with the flashback format that Wright had in mind, he should be able to bring something to the table there.

      Reed’s great with character work in general (which should be a relief to Paul Rudd, who’s been caught in the middle of this shitshow) and he’s a strong comedic filmmaker, which is more in line with what Marvel’s hired in the past that you’d think offhand. And they’ll give him the second unit crew they give everybody to handle the action.

      I would rather have seen the Edgar Wright iteration and how he was treated is pretty shocking, but Peyton Reed’s not a bad option here, if they were going to press forward with this thing.

    • reminder: James Cameron’s first directing job was Piranha II: The Spawning
      and now he’s the king of the world

      clearly the type of film and the resources and support and creative collaborators Peyton Reed will have for a Marvel film will be a world apart than directing “Bring it on” – give the guy a break, everyone has to start somewhere and more importantly – perhaps you and other doubters will be pleasantly surprised with the final result – try to be optimistic!

      Adam McKay will be helping behind the camera as I’m sure will Joss Wedon and obviously Kevin Feige and other exec producers.
      and the cast alone will elevate the film to something good – and do you really think Michael Douglas will not asked for his 2 cents?

      and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russo brothers aren’t asked to stop by a lend their opinions.

    • Not gonna lie, Bring It On is actually pretty great lol.

      Yes Man was garbage though and I haven’t seen his other movies.

  12. I’m feeling the phase 3 films are required to feed more heavily into the avengers plot, so they’re all designed to build an avalanche of momentum. That would kind of feel like someone else adding scenes from their movie in to your movie, like imagine if iron man 2 had a scene in space or something it would feel ridiculous

    • Personally i think thats a good thing. What has been a major point if criticism for phase 2 movies? Poor intergration with the rest of the MCU. I say if they really want it to feel like one reality then make the films more intergrated so that anything can happen and characters can jump in movies etc. purely “solo” films are getting old, especially when u have alm these superheros a stones throw away from each other and they dont help each other out. For some reason it works in the comics but not so much in the movies.

      • I agree. Look at CA: TWS. It was a great entertaining movie, and had Cap, BW and Falcon (I loved Falcon!!). A lot of people were wondering through all Phase 2 movies “Where was Banner when they needed him? Where was Hawkeye? Where was Thor during IM3?”, etc… I guess that shows people actually want the movies to be connected, to have cameos or short appearances, or even collaboration, between the characters in the different movies.

        • I have not seen Cap #2 yet; I am holding out for it to come out on DVD, and then I will definitely buy it for the collection. The trailers look pretty good to me, though, and the guy playing the Falcon impressed me as well (even though i would liked to have seen the red and white costume from the comics). From what I have seen, I would definitely be up for seeing falcon appear in a second marvel flick. Guy seems to have personality.

      • Winter Solider story is happening parallel to Iron Man 3. That is why there is no SHIELD helping Tony. Even Kevin Feige said that Winter Soldier will explain SHIELDS omission from Iron Man 3. Thor is busy with taking care of other realms. Hulk…hmm… (insert stupid explanation via tie-in comic here).

        • I dont remember there being an explanation like that because if thats the case that
          Would be a major gaffe considering in iron man 3 is set in winter while it looks
          Very sunny and very summer in washington dc.

        • Winter Soldier takes places 2 years after the Avengers and Ironman 3 takes place 6 months after Avengers.Feige himself confirmed that.

          • It still does not explain why shield was not in iron man 3 which still takes place before
            Events of the winter soldier. This is a lazy way out to not pay the actors who portray shield.
            Its still a major gaffe no matter how its cut.

            • In Iron Man 3 it’s stated that after the event of the Avengers, MCU version of US government want to prove to their people that they can handle their own problem without the aid of SHIELD, thus Iron Patriot was created. Tony is involved because Happy is a victim of Mandarin’s extremis bomb attack, thus making his motive personal. Plus Mandarin was only attacking US and its property. SHIELD is international organization, why would SHIELD meddle on problems that is personal for every party involved?

              As for Thor, it’s stated in Thor: The Dark World that he has his hands full with restoring peace on the nine realm. That’s why he can’t drop by during Iron Man 3.

              If they do “collaboration” movie every time, their budget would be as big as Knowhere. Business 101 : do small budget, make big profit. They clearly want to suppress their budget as small as possible without hurting the quality and aiming for big profit so they can feed their family, fund other movie projects, and fund their bank account.

  13. That synopsis kinda bugs me. No mention of Lang trying to save his daughter’s life. Instead we’re gonna see Pym and Lang saving the world? I hope it’s not a giant plot that would merit the attention of the Avengers or it’ll just won’t be believable for general audiences. When I heard they were using Lang I was really hopeful for a very personal story. If they’re pulling of the heaist to save the world instead of his daughter it doesn’t look like that’s what we’ll see.

    • As far as I remember, Wright had planned to have a heist movie with Lang stealing the Ant-Man suit then being allowed to keep it and use it for another heist using the powers that come with it to get whatever the MacGuffin was intended to be.

      • Maybe, but that’s not what the synopsis says. I hope his daughter is his main motivator so I hope you’re right. Also, apologies for all my typos in my above comment. I should really proof read :)

      • Getting back loki’s sceptre from hydra? Just a thought.

      • Could the next MacGuffin be an Infinity Stone?

        Although it might seem lame if we see Ant-Man stealing one since we are getting a movie where the Guardians are stealing one too.

      • I do’nt believe there will be any macguffins in ant-man.

      • Sick to death of MacGuffins, and All Sparks, and Matrix of Leaderships, and Tesseracts, and the Aether, and Pillars, and all the other infinity stone BS we are going to be force-fed over the coming years.

        So done with plots that go:
        OMG there is an Object. We have the object. They stole the object. We must get the object back. Now he has the object. We must battle for the object. We have the object back! But they stole the object again! But we got the object back again! Yay!
        The End.

        • So your done with movies with plot containing an object that characters are fighting over and searching for? SO you are done with ….

          Saving Private Ryan
          Indiana Jones
          Toy Story
          Good Will Hunting
          Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
          Lord of the Rings Trilogy
          Harry Potter films
          Resevoir Dogs
          Kung Fu Panda
          Monty Python and the Holy Grail
          Pulp Fiction
          Army of Darkness
          Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
          Wizard of Oz
          Romancing the Stone

          Yeah, I’m tired of those kinds of movies too…

    • I don’t know – I’d consider saving the world a very personal thing. It is where I keep all my stuff.

  14. Well I am so happy they finally have someone and the movie is now back on track and ready to start filming soon. I’ll be honest I haven’t seen a lot of Reed’s movies I’ve seen parts of the break up and from what I saw I really liked it Reid seems to be good at chemistry between characters and that a great quality for him to have he’s also got a pretty darn solid cast of actors to help deliver that chemistry another strong point of his is comedy seeing that some of his big hits have been comedies which will come in handy seeing that the movie will be humorous and stuff the thing that makes me a little nervous about it is can he pull off all the action in the movie and the scope I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the largest movie he has ever worked on so it may be challenging for him I also hope that the movie doesn’t turn into a flat out comedy like the Fantastic Four movies I highly doubt marvel wants that so they will probably try to avoid that and make it maybe a little more humorous than some of the other Marvel movies but at the core it will most likely be about the characters mainly Scott Lang (Rudd) As for McKay I love the movies he does I think they are extremely funny but again I still want there to be a serious aspect to the whole thing and not necessarily a complete comedy, something that I found funny is how Reid dropped out of the original Fantastic Four movies and now he is back with Marvel but I think he was honestly smart to drop out of them so maybe that means he knows when to say that isn’t a good idea for the movie as a whole. I’m pretty sure the movie will be great I love the cast I’m sure the direcctor is good if he wasn’t he probably wouldn’t have gotten the job McKay is interesting and he knows how to work with Rudd. All in all i’m happy to hear this news.

  15. Edgar Wright might be a genious but his films arent making money. And btw fans flipped over the mandarin twist in IM3 why the hell would they tolarate an entire film with moments like that? And stop talking about IM2 it’s a mess from the word go. Beside nobody wants a antman movie …. anyone rewatching honey I shrunk the kids?

    • Scott Pilgrim didn’t make much money, the others made quite a bit.

      The only part of your comment I agree with is the hypocritical nature of people who despised the brilliant Mandarin twist but seemed ok with other twists of a similar nature in previous and future Marvel films.

      Otherwise, you seem like a troll.

      • The other films did well in relation to the budgets. I think it remains an open question whether Edgar Wright can make a film that attracts the kind of mass audience you need to do to justify a big budget. Or whether he’s a talented cult director. Marvel was presumably hoping for a mass audience rather than an enthusiastic but small one and Wright was always, to me, a gamble on that front. An interesting gamble worth taking creatively, but, still.

  16. Has anyone ever seen the french film Irreversible? Well, what happened to Monica Beluchi in that film is what’s happening to Ant-Man right now. As predicted, in their desesperation they went for the first mediocre director they found to take the gig. I’ll understand the comparisons to The Last Stand, but to be fair, at least Brett Ratner made Red Dragon, an astonishing movie based kn the Thomas Harris book.

    • You really think a studio like Marvel doesn’t have thousands or at least hundreds of incredible directors standing outside their door hoping for a chance? Please.

      They don’t have to settle for “mediocre” directors. They were never desperate, they were going over a very long list of talented artists, trying to find the right one for their project.

      It’s not like Marvel was “desperately searching” and settled for the first guy who was willing to direct. That sounds so ridiculous and not at all how Hollywood works for big players like Disney/Marvel. This is not a low-budget indie studio.

  17. Well, good luck to him.

    He’s in a tough spot but but at the same time if the movie tanks no one could blame him.

    I mean come on, what’s the worst that could happen?

    “Kevin7 now thinks of X3 @ and Bret Ratner and realizes how bad it could get.” ;)

  18. I really like Marvel and i think they will continue and will become better but WHY THIS GUY? I really think they chose the wrong guy to take Edgar Wrights place.There are so many better directors than Reed and his history doesn’t give me much confidence that he can do a good job taking a character that is sort of lame that no one wants to see and Turning him into the next Big thing.There are so many better for this job for example Paul feig (The Heat),Baltasar Kormákur (2 guns),David Gordon Green (pineapple express),Barry Sonnenfeld (MIB),Robert Schwentke (RED),Doug Liman ( mr. & mrs. smith and edge of tomorrow), my favorite was Martin McDonagh (in Bruges,seven psychopaths) or his brother John Michael McDonagh( The Gaurd,Cavalry) or both.The McDonagh brothers could have probably been the closest to matching Wright’s talent maybe even better.I really hope This guy blows me away when Ant-Man comes out.

    • I like Peyton Reed just fine, but certainly part of what happened here is presumably that he was available to get this thing back on schedule and that was a priority for Marvel. He was also presumably willing to work within the boundaries of what had already been established and tweaking rather than insisting on throwing the whole thing out and starting over, which a lot of directors would have wanted to do.

    • John Michael McDonagh has said (Empire magazine) that he is open to direct movies where he is not the writer.
      He would probably have done a great job at directing “Ant-Man”.

  19. Oh Christ, they’re rewriting the script? F*ck….

    • Don’t you know that always happens with movie scripts? Godzilla 2014 had like 4 different writers rewrite the script before getting a finishd draft

      • Not when the script was already god damn completed. I know you rewrite the script but Edgar and Joe’s was already finished, that’s why it was supposed to be filming last week.

        • Yes potty mouth, even when the script is finished. Sometimes rewrites need to happen.

          • Since when was “god damn” a really bad word?

            Listen, I said it sucks because this guy doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to scripts and yes, some of Edgar’s elements would still be there but it’s going to be like when James Cameron wrote Spider-Man, I’ll bet everything he’s gonna change so much that Edgar’s name would be taken off.

  20. Well, since the larger audience has no clue who Edgar Wright is and they don’t know who Peyton Reed is either, I would say this won’t matter much for them.

    If Marvel thinks he’s good enough, then he most likely is. Only those who have been following marvel news closely will know anything about the director change. The general audience will buy tickets for the Marvel logo and trailer anyway. They don’t care who the director attached to it is, unless it’s someone very famous with a household name.

    I’m still excited for the movie, and I still have absolute trust in Marvel studios to deliver another great comic book movie.

  21. i cant believe Marvel hired the russo bros to make cap2. that film will suck buttermilk.

    oh wait…

    • I’m impartial to the Russo Brothers, because they directed two of my favorite TV shows, Arrested Development and Community.

      • Except that television (particularly comedies) is primarily a writer’s medium, not a director’s medium. Dan Harmon and Mitch Hurwitz are way more responsible for the shows you like than the Russos, even if they did direct the pilots. When they did make movies, they made WELCOME TO COLLINWOOD and YOU, ME AND DUPREE. Reed’s movies are better than that.

    • While it didn’t “suck buttermilk” I am not on board with the Cap 2 is a classic crowd.

      It was really good on first viewing, but dropped to just OK on the second IMO.
      I have no intention of buying the Blu-Ray.

  22. marvel can’t find christopher nolan or zack snyder like director so don’t excited! #bvswillkickallmarvelfilmsass

    • We all know you are really a Marvel fan.
      Seriously, this is trolling 101, put on a persona that is 180 degrees from your actual opinion and then be a prick about it.
      Sit back and listen to everybody tell you what you wanted to here in the first place, which is something along the lines of “Nu-uh, Marvel is the bestest!”

      transparent tactics are transparent. haha ha ahahaha ha hahahahahah hahahaha haha

  23. Finally! Honestly, I’m just relieved they signed a director for the movie. The news about Adam McKay working on the script is good news also.

    I’m not about to complain about Peyton Reed as director. I’ve seen The Break-Up and Yes, Man, and liked them both. I never saw Bring it On, but simply because the world of cheerleading doesn’t appeal to me.

    So all in all, I’m confident that he will do a good job. No, he’s not Edgar Wright, but let’s face it, now that they hired a new director AND McKay to work on the script, this is definitely not a Wright movie anymore. With any chance, it might just be a bit more Pym-centric and less Lang-centric.

  24. “Pym-centric”….hee-hee, like that term! Right on to that! Glad to see I am not the only “canonistic” person out here!

  25. So Marvel finally found the hack they were looking for.

  26. WE HAVE A WINNER! We have an… unusual winner!
    I mean.. surfing his poor wiki, his resumé includes romantic comedies and Yes Man.

    yikes! lets hope the best.

  27. Hmmm a visionary auteur replaced by a talentless hack. Makes sense

  28. Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man is dead !

    This is Marvel’s Ant-Man.

  29. You Marvel fanboys are a sad sad lot.

    Look at you trying to spin this into a positive! Hahahahahaha

    He is a scab that lacks a single good movie on his resume. Period. Hold on to optimism if you want, but stop trying to sell this as a “good thing.”

    Why so Sheepious? ha hahaha haha ha hahaha

    • Most comments here are not positive on his choice as director.

      • So then, the obvious answer is that I was talking to the few who are trying to spin it as a positive. There was more than one.