Peyton Reed Will Direct ‘Ant-Man'; Adam McKay To Help With Script

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Ant Man Hank Pym Avengers Celebration Peyton Reed Will Direct Ant Man; Adam McKay To Help With Script

Marvel Studios had a busier-than-usual two weeks, having to add in a rushed director search in the middle or shooting The Avengers: The Age of Ultron, locking down a director for Doctor Strange and promoting Guardians of the Galaxy. After the unexpected last-minute parting ways between Edgar Wright and Marvel over creative differences in the direction of Ant-Man, Marvel Studios needed to find someone quickly in order to meet their summer production start date and keep the film’s July 2015 release.

The situation and the search created plenty of headlines as we heard of eight different names, all with comedy backgrounds, either talking or being looked at by Marvel Studios to take the Ant-Man director’s chair. One of the first names to reportedly be offered the gig was Adam McKay (Anchorman 1 & 2, The Other Guys) who some said stepped out of talks. As we learned just now, officially through Marvel, McKay is on board, but he won’t be directing.

McKay will be helping with the script – the central issue that made Wright leave the project in the first place – while Peyton Reed (The Break-Up, Yes Man) will direct. We first reported that Reed was being looked at – alongside David Wain (Role Models, Wanderlust) – yesterday but sources put Reed as the frontrunner. That was true and now he’s just landed a career-changing superhero gig.

Ant Man Movie Logo 570x384 Peyton Reed Will Direct Ant Man; Adam McKay To Help With Script

As we pointed out yesterday, Reed actually has some background with Marvel, having been in charge of developing the first Fantastic Four movie for Fox in the early 2000s. He ended up exiting the project in ’03 due to creative differences, and now he’s filling in for someone who left Marvel Studios for the same reasons.

With McKay signing up to help with the script, we’re curious as to what that means. Production is supposed to begin in just a few weeks and the script was reportedly taken out of the hands of Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish for some alterations they didn’t love too much. Is there much more script work to be done in the next few weeks? Will Ant-Man begin shooting without a finished screenplay much like Iron Man 2 and Thor: The Dark World? That was a major issue for directors Jon Favreau and Alan Taylor, and with Ant-Man being such a unique and less bankable property, it can’t afford script issues after shooting begins.

The good news is that the film is still on track to release just two months after The Avengers sequel next summer. For Reed, this is a big opportunity to make something new and different and launch his career forward. Are you happy to see Marvel find their creative team for Ant-Man?

Official Ant-Man Synopsis:
Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang (Rudd) must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (Douglas), protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.


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Ant-Man stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Patrick Wilson, Michael Peña, Corey Stoll and Matt Gerald.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Wow, they went with a “hip” “young” 50 year old C-movie director. His IMDB credits are AWFUL. You could not pay me enough to watch any of them. 5 – 6 range on the ratings. Ouch.


    Maybe Marvel will learn to stop sh*tting on directors and talent because of it? Nah.

  2. Nope, they won’t learn a thing.
    I got a 20 spot that says this doesn’t tank.

    It SHOULD, but it won’t. Disvel fanboys don’t have what the rest of us would call “good taste.” Read through the comments, many are already rationalizing this into some kind of win for Disvel.

    Pathetic. When they are not held responsible for making some bad movies (and they have made some bad movies) then they are just going to continue pumping out the same uninspired formulaic crap that once and awhile turns out a good movie.

    • You’re right. It won’t tank financially. I meant more in terms of quality and critically.

      It seems like a lose-lose for any director. Even if the movie somehow does well, people will still credit it to Wright’s original input. Hence, the reason they could only get a C director to do it.

      Michael Douglas should have thrown some weight around. Assuming he still has some.

      • You ladies calm down. Ant Man will do fine. AS IT SHOULD!

        • Firstly, Ant-Man is piggybacking the Avengers. Secondly, one of the principle actors is a spunky child, it has flying ants, possibly a diabolical 2 story tall killer beetle. Thirdly, the director understands romantic comedy and has made movies for and about women in the past. I smell a 1.2 billion.

          • That funny I smell 10 million if they’re lucky. Cap 2 couldn’t make a billion but Antman with no super villains to fight will make a billion, yea right.

            • “No super villains” OK – The film has contrasting Ant-Man, the darker, most likely insane, older Hank Pym played by Michael Douglas and the loveable thief played by Rudd that steals Pym’s Ant-Man technology to save his critically ill daughter.

              This movie could also:
              1- Begin as a horror flashback by detailing the events that transpired when Pym first shrunk down to the size of an ant. Making ants the initial protagonist.
              2 – A subsequent flashback scene could be a parody of the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion with the CIA and Fidel Castro as the 1960’s villains similar to Inglourious Basterds treatment of WWII.
              3 – Rudd’s introduction as an underemployed single father with a critically ill, yet spunky, daughter could be quite touching/ tear jerking if executed well. Cross Industries will most likely be the villain.
              4 – Rudd’s thief of Douglas’s tech would result in Pym and his daughter the Wasp hunting down Rudd, creating a Wasp / Ant-Man romantic comedy in the process.
              5 – Which would conclude with Lang and Pym teaming up for a big score and an eventual takedown of Crossfire.

              Therefore, the film will have murderous ants, Fidel Castro, possibly the CIA, Rudd, and Darren and William Cross as protagonist during the course of the film.

              • Point 3 is the only one that seems mildly interesting.
                I would never pay movie ticket price for that.

                • Well, the reason Wright quit was the tie ins to AoU and Cap 3. Marvel most likely wants the main characters involved in CAP 3 included in Ant-Man too.
                  So the movie could be considered both a AoU prequel and Captain America 2.5. This movie is going to be a mega hit.

              • This is the first time I’ve ever seem someone not understand the word “protagonist” you mean ANTAGONIST, a protagonist is the hero of the story you goof.

                • Oops, LMAO

        • My sewing circle and my bridge club are both in a TIZZY!

    • The irony of you calling others fanboys when you’re acting like a giant one yourself is hilarious.

    • What’s “Disvel”?! Are they new on the scene?

  3. Look at the Russo brothers. They weren’t exactly A grade directors either and look what they did with Cap. Listen it’s not like they are doing away with Edgar Wrights script. According to what I read , they are still going to use it but have Adam McKay fix it up or change it slightly to go with Marvels vision. Adam McKay can write seriously funny s***, so am I upset that Wright left, sure but it’s he’s fault as much as Disney’s. Both him and Disney had ample time to get their s*** together and it was A) wrong for Disney to go behind Wrights back in the first place and B) Wrong of Wright to just walk off with a month to go. They guy had 8 years with this script and Marvel, with all due respect, if they had issues with, they should’ve by right told him and not Palm it off to one of their I house writers.

    b******* from both sides. But I hope they’ve finally sorted this s*** out.

  4. Why can’t people just be happy that they have somebody at the helm making sure this movie gets made.

  5. Okay, lets me just check I’m tracking this (w)right lol

    Feige has gone on record saying Ant-Man only being considered because of Edgar’s script.

    During the course of pre-production there have been a number of Edgar “approved” re-writes

    Seems like those revisions didn’t go far enough in the direction Marvel/Disney wanted so then there was the latest script revision WITHOUT Edgar’s input, Edgar’s reaction to the revisions was “f**k THAT!!” and he bailed

    Marvel/Disney have now brought in someone else to do MORE script revisions as well as a new director. Do we know if the new director is able to collaborate on this revised script?

    That’s a LOT of revisions…… be interesting to see the starting point with Edgar’s original script and this new, new, new, newer end point…. see what Feige and Co getting all their knickers in a bunch about.

    This much muckin’ about at such a late stage usually ends up with a dogs breakfast :(

  6. I agree with MorbidMack 100%. Everybody should be happy instead of being worried. Stop being so negative and stay positive and excited that Antman is still gonna happen and will be showed to all of us Marvel fans. :)

    • True, Wright is a great film maker, but who says that Disney Executives were capable of understanding what he was attempting to create, or perhaps Marvel’s is aim is satisfying the lowest common denominator because its more profitable than creating art. Though I believe Wright surely would have made an instant classic, I also understand that making art may not be the goal at Marvel.

    • Think for yourselves. This is Wright’s style. Not every comedy should look like an Edgar Wright movie just as not every movie should have plenty of explosions like a Bay film or lens flares like an Abrams. For a second get off the bandwagon and realize that his novelty is in quick cuts, albeit very well planned.

  7. “It WILL TANK!

    Whoa!! I didn’t know Nostradamus was a part of this board.

    I find it increasingly interesting that news about “in production” movies a lot of times get met with: “This is going to be a horrible movie”.

    Why not try to keep an open mind? If you’ve made up your mind about a film sucking before seeing it. Then YES. It mostly always turns out to live up to your expectations because we as humans can, with enough willpower, convince ourselves of everything. In the end the only one cheated is yourself.

    Do I think the dude they want to direct is the best choice? Nope. But do Marvel know a bit more about making movies that work than me? There might be a small possibility. Are directors the only ones who dictate how good a movie will be? I’ve seen really good movies made by less than stellar directors and really bad movies with fantastic directors behind them. Movies tend to be cooperative efforts.

    Personally I’ll reserve judgement for the finished product.

    • This board can just be really negative. It seemed like everyone was saying Days of Future Past was going to blow big fat chunks and die, but then it came out and everyone jumped on the X-Men bandwagon and sang its praises. Fanboys on all sides love to nitpick and complain and judge before the proper time, and they love even more the opportunity to declare something’s failure in apocalyptic terms.

      This could be terrible or it could be fine, but I’ll have to wait until the curtain drops to know for sure.

    • *sigh*… JAWS, The Exorcist, Apocalypse Now, and Titanic were all production nightmares and look at their success… Do your homework and stop being so dramatic. Ant-man will be fine.

      • Agreed. You don’t even have to go back that far- world war z totally benefitted from changing hands a few times.

        • Good point,
          But, with these movies more people liked the movies over top of it just making money. The classics pull both and they have a stronger effect seeing them deeply rooted into pop culture( “Don’t go in the water”, What a wonderful day for an exorcism, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”,I’m flying, Jack!”) World War Z wasn’t a bad zombie movie but it let down so many fans of the book. I’ve never seen the film or read the book. That was just the general consensus I keep heading.

      • The films you mentioned also had an interesting premise, something Ant Man doesn’t.

        • A movie based on a 1960’s character that somehow still has a following TODAY where different from most shrinking movie he’s not running around trying to get big but using it as a tool. Do you know what happens to a baddy punched by a man shrank by Pym particles…. Same thing if he was hit by a full sized man. Soooo an ant with the haymaker of a pub hooligan. HAHA
          I watched a movie about a big boat sinking and history books had the spoilers in them. Yeah Antman has itself a VERY interesting premise plus its in the same universe as the Avengers. hmmmm in..ter…es….ting.

          • Plus, Wright quit because Marvel wants to add existing characters to the Ant-Man movie; therefore, based on that bit of information we can surmise that Ant-Man will be a Marvel team-up movie with multiple heros that ties into upcoming Marvel movies as well.

        • True , it is presumptuous to compare Ant man to those films just yet but the quality of the actors is in the same range of those films. All this negativity towards the direction of the film totally disrespects the ability of the actors to make the film great. It is also possible that the film outgrew Edgar at some point

          • Presumptuous, not so much… Most of these movie outside of titanic weren’t theatrical “tour de force”. Regardless of the stance towards the MCU they have placed themselves into the realm of having a following. These great classics stand above Antman through quality or their precedence of seniority. The point is; if an enduring set of movies can have their own set of problems and rise as successes and favorites. Then a not as well known property with a franchised universe to supported it shouldn’t cause that much worry.

            • Absolutely. Assuming all goes well the thirst for marvel films post ultron will be unquenchable. And BTW I was using the word presumptuous because the film hasnt actually been released yet lol

              • jolly good. I don’t fret over the variables, the “What if” of Marvel unless they’re the comic series. Bottom line: JAWS, The Exorcist, Apocalypse Now, and Titanic were all production nightmares and it worked. Forget released! It’s still in PRE-production with shooting starting next month. It’s not fire and brimstone just yet. The production will be fine and Ant-man will be closer to good…

                • Without sounding condescending or sarcastic you put my mind at ease. Although I wasn’t too tore up about Wright’s exist. I still found Peyton a faceless. A wikiapedia page and IMBD click later. I’m feeling hopeful! He directed episodes of New Girl or as I like to call it a guilty pleasure. Bring on Ant-man! lol

  8. YEah, directors should be allowed to do whatever they want, even if it ruins the property, or makes fun of the genre. Screw the shared universe…. said no one ever. I like some of Edger Wrights, stuff, none of Cornish, so if they wanted to change Ant-man, it was going to be for the worse. I’m already disappointed it’s Scott Lang and not Hank Pym.

  9. Wasn’t excited for this before and really not interested now!

  10. JAWS, The Exorcist, Apocalypse Now, and Titanic were all production nightmares and look at their success… Do your homework and stop being so dramatic. Ant-man will be fine!

    • why…did…this…post…twiiiiiice?

  11. What about Ed Manning and Peyton Manning his brothers-in-law?

  12. I think this is an excellent choice. I like both Down with Love and Yes Man. If reports are to be believed that the prologue is set to take place in the 60’s than who better than a director who directed a film set in the 60’s and was shot to look a film in the 60’s? Those films featured strong female protagonists which is important if Evangeline Lilly does play The Wasp. He’s also worked with big named actors/actress (Ewan McGregor, Renee Zellwegger, Jim Carey, Zoey Deschanel, & Bradley Cooper) who have given good performances in those films. Besides why isn’t anyone mad at Edgar Wright for bailing out this close to production. I don’t know too many studios that would let a director developed a property for 7-8 years and direct other films to get more comfortable with special effects before working on their property. If any studio deserves the benefit of the doubt in this instance, its Marvel. If the film flops because of this change than Marvel Entertainment deserves the criticism. Given their track record I wouldn’t count on it.

    • The general public has no idea who either Wright or Reed are, but a lot of people will know who Ultron is by July 2015 and if the Ant-Man movie neatly ties into the creation of Ultron and Avengers 2 this movie will easily gross over 1 billion worldwide.

  13. I think this will be Marvel’s first bomb! The reason, is the general public. Of course fan boys will be 1st in line to see this, but go to someone who is a causal movie person, and tell them they are making a Ant- Man movie to see what they say. the name alone sounds silly! I know Spiderman Iron Man Superman, Batman. but these characters are already established with general public. I know someone going to say but Iron Man was not known before his movie, but the big difference is the concept and powers Now once you tell this person about an Ant Man movie then explain to them his powers and this is where we really will lose people. A Super Intelligent guy can shrink to the size of a Ant and also talked to them. He can also turn into a giant. Does that really sounds fun to see? I just don’t think audiences who are not big fans of the comics will say let go see this unless they make a kick ass trailer that might win over someone people. Plus a hero is only as good as his Villain, Ant Man has no great villains, but I could be all wrong about this that ok too, but I don’t know? So far we can established bad script,(too many people working on it) dumb name, and boring superpowers.

    • A lot of people said Iron Man would bomb, how did that work out?

    • Yes the title is antman which is a dumb name and yes his powers is also dumb but thats the most interesting part of it and thats why Edgar Wright also became interested with him in the first place. Imagine the stories that you can create with those dumb powers and did you forget that this will be a Heist movie not just a guy with a dumb name with boring superpowers :)

    • Again, Wright quit due to Marvel demanding that multiple well known existing Avengers be added to the script. Therefore, the revised Ant-Man script basically calls for a Marvel team-up movie consisting of other well known marvel characters working in tandem with multiple Ant-Men.

      Marvel is no longer making a stand alone Ant-Man movie.

  14. Ant-man is Marvel’s baby. Edgar Wright was just the babysitter!