‘Ant-Man’: New Details on Edgar Wright’s Departure – New Director Announcement Soon?

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ant man movie new director Ant Man: New Details on Edgar Wrights Departure   New Director Announcement Soon?

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – okay, pretty much everybody – got blind-sided late last week, when the news emerged that Edgar Wright is no longer directing Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man movie. The Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World filmmaker had been working on the comic book adaptation for around seven years now – and with production slated to begin very soon, Wright’s departure from the project at this juncture, came as all the larger a shock for it.

Latino Review was quick to assemble and publish a report on the reason for Wright leaving Ant-Man, with the primary issue cited as being forced script rewrites – rewrites that were, apparently, “Poorer, homogenized, and not [Wright's] vision,” which led the director to step away from the project. A fresher insider report confirms this general idea; in addition, said article reveals a few more details about the break-up, and what needs to be done next, to keep Ant-Man moving down the pipeline at a steady pace.

Marvel Studios heads, according to THR, had temporarily halted forward progress on Ant-Man some weeks ago, so that the superhero film would no longer be able to make its originally-planned June shooting start date. MCU architect Kevin Feige thereafter ordered the aforementioned script revisions; problem was, although Wright had been open to amending the Ant-Man screenplay as necessary before then (having already tinkered with the script so it better fit in the MCU), these new rewrites did not have his blessing:

According to sources, Wright had been willing to make revisions earlier in the process. But the new rewrites took place without Wright’s input, and when he received Marvel’s new version early during the week of May 19, he walked, prompting a joint statement announcing his exit “due to differences in their visions of the film.”

We’ve already talked in depth about Marvel’s track record of not seeing eye to eye with filmmakers who have distinct voices and styles – though, of course, the studios’ output thus far, speaks for itself. Either way, the following quote from a THR source seems reasonable enough:

Kevin Feige [and his top lieutenants] run Marvel with a singularity of vision, but when you take a true auteur and throw him into the mix, this is what you get. They don’t want you to speak up too much or have too much vision. People who have never worked there don’t understand how they operate, but if you trust them, they have an amazing track record.

Indeed, while there’s a lot of excitement among the moviegoing public for the studios’ next release, Guardians of the Galaxy, the off-kilter nature of James Gunn’s film has apparently left Marvel executives feeling nervous (and, to be fair, not without reason) – enough so that the studio, as a whole, feels it’s already “gone outside its comfort zone” with Guardians, and that Wright’s Ant-Man might’ve been “too quirky,” to serve as the next non-Avengers installment in the MCU after Gunn’s movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy Meets Star Wars Ant Man: New Details on Edgar Wrights Departure   New Director Announcement Soon?

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is the next Marvel Studios’ film release

If there’s a silver lining to be found in all that discussion, though, it’s the implication that Guardians of the Galaxy might well be the oddball change-of-pace for Marvel that many have been hoping for. Similarly, now it looks as though Wright is headed off to make another film (potentially, an original one) that feels distinctly like “his”; Ant-Man should also be okay, since Marvel Studios is simply too much of a well-oiled machine to allow it to fall by the wayside. At worst, a release date delay might be in order.

Speaking of which: there appears to some disagreement on that issue, as far as what insiders are claiming. THR‘s report mentions that currently-unoccupied “key crew positions” will soon be filled – after the original crew members walked in the wake of Wright leaving. Meanwhile, though some doubt the film will be pulled back together in time to make its previous July 2015 release date, sources “close to the studio” believe it could still manage the task and not compromise the final result, artistically. We’ll see, of course.

[Update: Ant-Man has a new director and writer. Find out who HERE!]


We’ll keep you posted on the status of Ant-Man as the story develops.

Source: THR

‘Ant-Man’ Artwork by Julie Bell

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  1. Not interested in this movie anymore, sadly. Not spamming, was just really looking forward to seeing what Edgar Wright would bring to a CBM and his passion for this story. The character of ‘Ant-Man’ alone doesn’t do a lot for me. Bummed.

  2. Too bad. I’m not an Ant-man fan, but was willing to check out Wright’s version of the character. Edgar Wright’s style is fairly well-known, so Marvel/Disney knew what they were getting when they hired him. The company has a right to maintain control of its character, but it seems unfair to site “quirkiness” as a reason to drastically change the script they already vetted as viable. Sounds like Marvel just wanted a “named” director either for publicity or to seem current among the cinema community.

  3. trouble in paradise

    if hes not the shoe in for the Danny Rand role i initially thought.. then i wouldnt be surprised if Effron wasnt being squeezed into the ant man role against the (former) directors wishes

    we’ll see
    whatever the case
    the cracks are beginning to sufrace

    • Curious about your username mate,

      Is that from Geoffrey Rush’s character from ‘Mystery Men’ movie ?
      It was an underrated classic , btw

  4. Why did they re-write the script without the director this time?

    If Wright is the one that brought Antman in place, before MCU became a studio, he should not be treated like other any other directors.

  5. Where would the Harry Potter franchise be right now if Warner Brothers did not take the chance with Alfonso Cauron in Prisoner of Azkaban? He totally changed the look and feel of the Chris Columbus movies…from the colour pallet and artistic vision to the design of Hogwarts and the school grounds. That film and that directors vision changed the entire franchise from kiddy flicks to films that the whole family enjoyed, and appreciated.

    I guess some studios take chances and trust others while some studios feel they know everything and need to control and micro manage things to the ground.

    • Apparently the whole “already taking a chance with Gunn and the GotG film” was a little too hard to follow?

      And yeah, wb out there “taking chances” with adaptations of the most popular childrens/YA book series of all time and putting out all these risky batman flicks. So, how much does wb pay the shills nowadays?

      • You do realize the only reason Disney marvel does all of these second and third tear heroes is because all of their first tear heroes(spiderman,FF,xmen) are with different companies.

        • I think you mean “tier”

          • Yes thank you Nobel ned! P.s I no jon isn’t your son :D

    • Cuaron took the magic out of harry potter and made it a typical CGI garbage fest with a terrible color palette that didn’t match the content

    • It’s a great example. “Prisoner” is the only movie I really liked in that whole series, and I love the books. That movie is a great example of how to translate a book. Also, that WB let Cauron direct it is a great example because he hadn’t directed very much, and his stuff was more mature. So yes it was risky.

      And Batman Begins is another good example. Nolan had directed a few very well recieved movies, but nothing really like a big action movie. BB was very much a Nolan movie too. It had his “look” and told the story non-sequentially (which Nolan uses a lot), which isn’t done very much, I don’t know why.

      I’ve said it before that MOS to me didn’t look like a Zack Synder movie. It looked more like something trying to be a Nolan movie, like studio suits were pulling the strings. I think it would have been better (I personally hate MOS), if they had actually let Zack Snyder make his movie. Might not have been great, but it would have better. So WB, IMO, doesn’t have perfect marks either.

      Marvel does play it safe, but it is working. And they’ve done so for characters that the public doesn’t know at all, or didn’t until the movies came out. Now they do, and they want more, but Marvel is cautious, and that has advantages and disadvantages.

    • As a BIG HP fan. POA was my favourite book. But what Cuaron did with the feel, the look, changing how the grounds looked from the 1st two films(and the books). Ruined the film for me, and I’ve always hated Cuaron and his other works for what he did on Prisoner Of Azkaban.

  6. “Homogenized”

    Best description for Disvel movies I’ve read yet.
    No hate, or love, in this post. Just my opinion.

    • Ah! Couldn’t agree more. That’s a perfect description. Not that they can’t make good movies. Just most of them are too… Homogenized.

      Most people are just assuming that the rewrites where due to the movie not fitting in with the MCU. From the other unconfirmed quotes, and considering how long Wright has been working on the script, it sounds more like they want to convert his movie into a standard predictable Thor kind of plot.

      Ah, well, go figure.

      • Yeah, it really sounds like another Iron Man 2 situation. Just another part of the formula.

  7. Eh, To be honest Edgar was the only thing that gave me interest in this movie iv read the comic’s and it doesn’t seem interesting enough a character to deserve his own feature film especially over the long list of characters that are more deserving mainly Deadpool whos one of the most popular characters marvels got even without the same treatment and publicity as the others who get mainstreamed due to deadpool not being a pg character it’s good marvels taking risks and films and film’s like gaurdians look amazing and theve been on a role but ant man seem’s like a miss fire on paper for me now Edgar’s out i’ll most likely give it a miss unless it proves me wrong in previews.

  8. Random thought:
    Does Quicksilver wear “Speedos” to swim? Or does he skinny-dip, and call himself “The Flash”?!

    • That is a very random thought.

    • @ goldi

  9. I hope at least he get’s an producer credit to his name. Edgar Wright was pitching Ant-Man to Marvel for ten years or so..he deserves that credit and Marvel are so butthurt just because his vision was not quite in continuity to the MCU. Marvel make the movies f*** the planning out crap if you f*** up which you did with Iron Man 3 critically just learn from it and correct it. Look at Fox for an example they’re now have put X-Men on a good path now after X3 and Origins.

    • Don’t you dare try to put X3 and IM3 in the same league. IM3 was vastly superior to X3 in every way. I’m sorry it didnt meet your high expectations, but it was a solid movie with a progressive story. Plus, continuity does matter to the MCU. If it didnt, it would have ended up like the messy Xmen movies.
      Yeah, ‘f***’ the planning out crap because that method never worked out anyway, right? Who cares about the fact that the Marvel’s airtight continuity is the most successful superhero franchise to date.

      • Don’t mind people who say IM3 sucked…they’re mostly all just Mandarin butthurts. I love a good Shane Black film, and IM3 was a proper Shane Black film, Christmas theme, ficus and all. I believe Edgar Wright would have done the same for Ant-Man. An Edgar Wright style film in the Marvel Universe. Would have been superb…would have.

        Mandarin Butthurts need to get over it. It was a smart idea. You didn’t see it coming, and that’s why you’re mad. It worked. If the movie fools you, it worked, and you must respect it for that.

        • I personally saw nothing wrong with Any of the Iron man movies as I think RDJ is a great actor. But it seems you are the one who is “butthurt” that some people do not share the same sentiment as you for Iron man 3. They cannot please everyone as that is evident on almost every single CBM announcement.

        • Seriously? Mandarin aside, IM3 sucked in so many ways and on so many levels… and was by far the worst of the three installments.

        • This is an outrage! Directors should have limitless freedom for creativity!

          Just don’t change any of the characters ages, sex, race, motivations, costumes, …In fact stick the the comics. Aside from that, bring your distictive style to the project.

          Shame on you Marvel.

          • Opps. I was going to second that IM3 was great. Actually I don’t see how Marvel can be too worried about that particular example. It made a huge amount of Box office, and the DVDs and Blurays aren’t easily found under full price (indicating that they are selling well enough).

            • The argument I think most are making is that limiting creativity to conform to a single vision has the potential to get stale. I have stated this before that Disney/Marvel have taken great risks to create this highly successful universe but if they do not continue to push this creativity, things can become predictable. You seem to think that the studio can do no wrong but when they try to “re-wright” someone’s vision the final product can lose its edge.

              • It might seem like that, but that’s not what I think. I’ve worried from day one about this potential problem. I remember talking about this before Incredible Hulk and Iron Man came out, that the movies might all look the same (I looked at Ang Lee’s Hulk as a really fantastic failure. It was creative and ambitious to a fault. Look how that is regarded by fans). I thought the first Captain America and Thor both felt “safe.” I actually like IM3 because it was different and Marvel was taking chances. Same with CAWS.

                On the other hand, I think Marvel has played it smart. They have been playing it safe, but it may be the ol’ “slow and steady wins the race.” They’re establishing things so that hopefully they can continue to innovate. Maybe they just felt that Ant-Man needed a similar approach.

                Frankly, there are so many SH movies that I don’t feel any need to not simply wait for a rental if the movie has poor reception. Ant-Man will be no different. In fact, as someone who watches all kinds of movies, I know that big studio superhero movies are the last place to expect creativity. Sure some innovation can leak in and it’s a pleasure to see, but there’s a lot more experimentation and boundary pushing elsewhere.

                And, I was very interested in Edgar Wright’s Ant-man. I did wonder if it would have mainstream appeal, but I think it would have been good. If the Ant-man we get is merely a bland intro to a character and phase 3 “homework,” it can wait.

          • The ant fans really are talking out both sides of their face aren’t they.

  10. Never interested in an Antman movie other than that Wright was directing. Without him(who was the main person pushing the film) I wonder whether they shouldn’t scrap Antman and replace it with an IMO more interesting character.

    • I think thats precisely whats going to happen.

      • agreed..if they dont get this resolved and out there soon,it will be a black eye for Marvel..This was bound to happen to one of their properties..For a new and growing film company,they were bound to have a bad experience,they have to learn from their mistakes just like every other studio has..But what they should learn from this,even though they have Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas involved is that if all of their films are to connect in some way,they need to decide how important the characters are to the main storyline and big picture before they commit to a possible big film to the series..Personally I would love a AntMan/Giantman/Wasp film-if written right it could be a great film but we’ve all seen similar films and basically they weren’t serious at all and were played like a goof..So a film about AntMan would have to have action,drama and just enoiugh levity that by the end the viewers would be rooting for the character. Basically if they could do to AntMan what they did to Iron Man, then Marvel could have another winner at the box office.

  11. I have very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I’m sure Wright had a hand in convincing Marvel to use Lang as Ant-Man and by ripple effect caused Pym to be removed from the current Avengers roster. Thought this was one of the worst decisions by Marvel…..So yeah, I don’t like the guy or his passion for a version of the character I never liked (and that got pushed into an actual movie)

    On the other hand though, this project is well into the process and the damage has already been done. The is no way I can expect re-writes and to change the character focus to Pym (especially since he HAS been written out of the Marvel cinematic universe). This means the general direction of this movie isn’t going to change so a director change may just make this film worse, instead of just letting Wright complete his vision.

    /sigh……good thing I gave up really caring when the plot details were finally revealed.

  12. Matthew Vaughn.

    • or Jon Favureau

  13. the problem is is that once they wrote out Antman’s appearance in the first Avengers film(which sadly was a very bad idea-he’s been a part of every version/origin of the team in every Marvel capacity,even in the cartoon-so to not have been even in the film in some aspect was damning)they’ve been trying to squeeze this film in their fast and busy schedule of films..A film that has been in the planning stages since the first Iron Man film dropped,should’ve been in theaters prior to The Avengers film..now this problem arises and what..Now the film will be pushed back even more..Also because of a lack of AntMan being involved not only in the forming of the Avengers current roster as well as Wasp’s involvement but his involvement in the current storyline running through all of the other Marvel films thus leading into the next Avengers film’s storyline where Stark creates Ultron instead of Pym creating the killer robot..Basically phases out any reason as to why his character should be involved in any future storyline..Hopefully the character’s true purpose in relation to all of these films will be grand and worthy enough for the audience to warrant a sequel or a need to see this character again..But of course the first film has to get out there sooner than later for that to happen.