Corey Stoll in Talks for ‘Ant-Man'; Evangeline Lilly Closes Deal

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coreystoll houseofcards Corey Stoll in Talks for Ant Man; Evangeline Lilly Closes Deal
Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Avengers: Age of Ultron may be the talk of the town right now, but there’s another Marvel film starting to get its own share of the buzz. Like this fall’s space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy, director Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man is gearing up to show us a whole new world of superheroes.

Yet what we know about Ant-Man seems to be just as little as the titular character’s size. So far, it’s been established that Paul Rudd will play the Scott Lang version of Ant-Man, while Michael Douglas will play the character’s older iteration, Hank Pym. Meanwhile, Patrick Wilson has all but confirmed he’s along for an “important” role, though we can only guess as to which one, and Michael Pena is apparently still in talks to join since first being announced back in January.

Now there appears to be one more name being thrown into the mix. According to The Wrap, Corey Stoll is currently circling an undisclosed role in the film. Stoll first caught viewers’ attention as Ernest Hemingway in Midnight In Paris before getting rave reviews for the first season of House of Cards. He recently co-starred in Non-Stop opposite Liam Neeson and will next head back to television in FX’s new vampire series The Strain.

Ant Man Rumor Casting Evangeline Lilly Corey Stoll in Talks for Ant Man; Evangeline Lilly Closes Deal
The Wrap‘s Jeff Sneider has also confirmed that Lost alumna Evangeline Lilly recently closed her deal to star in Ant-Man, though again there’s no word on who she’ll be playing. As the only female to be cast so far, according to reports, it’s increasingly likely that Lilly will star as the female romantic lead – possibly Janet van Dyne.

In the comics, Janet van Dyne was married to Hank Pym and fought crime alongside him as ‘The Wasp’. However, in this version, seeing as Douglas and Lilly have a large age difference and the Pym character has been described as a father, it’s possible she’ll be playing his daughter and Lang’s love interest. At this point, we can only guess.

With production set to start in April, it’s a little alarming that there are still so many roles yet to be nailed down or announced. Either the story is being kept tightly under wraps for some reason or they’re waiting to release details when they begin filming. At this rate, we may even have to wait for the first set photo leaks to know anything substantial.


Ant-Man will open in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Hope she’s the wasp. She’s perfect!

    I can already she her next to the rest of the avengers haha god I love marvel.

    • Agree… already starting fantasizing how the first 6 Avengers stands along with Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Ant-Man, Lilly as Wasp, the Guardians, and other new ones to face Thanos in the third movie.
      THAT. WILL. BE. EPIC hahaha

      • That sounds awesome on paper but on screen that would be a massive mess! Unless they made it a two parter. Maybe the entirety of phase 3 could revolve around Thanos and his generals. Each character or team getting a shot at him or his allies in their own films and than have the Avengers just fight him straight up at the end of the phase.

    • Hell ya!

  2. Helluva cast you’re putting together, Mr. Wright. Helluva cast.

  3. Good casting choice. Evangeline Lilly is underrated, IMO

  4. Corey Stoll was always my choice for Lex Luthor!

    • caus he’s bald lol

  5. Meh, probably pass on this one.

    • good for you

  6. Stoll is totally gonna be one of the villains.
    And I reaaaaly hope Lilly will be Janet, or a new version of that character. We need the Wasp to join Ant-Man in Avengers 3, if not just for a new female superhero with interesting ability.
    Really curious to what Patrick Wilson is gonna be, it would be awesome if he’s young Pym who then uses the time gem to come to the future and become Yellow Jacket.
    Marvel is truly a talent heat-seeker hahaha

  7. I want Pym as Giant-Man or Goliath. I think in the “fair flower” Lilly (whom I would like to give tu-lips to) we have possibly found our Wasp; we do need Goliath/Pym in Avengers though. I am wondering…if Pym is older in Ant-Man, and Lang kind of becomes the new Ant-Man (before the old one Pym even gets started, essentially), if Ant-Man joins Avengers, will he be Lang or Pym? And will he grow into Giant-Man, whichever one joins? Will whichever one joins be paired up with Wasp in say, Avengers #3? Oh, I so want this movie to be good, but it sounds a bit iffy (although the test footage was good). I really really hope they do not mess this up, but that is always a big risk when THEY-STEP-AWAY-FROM-CANON,-DARN-IT!!

    • We seem to want the same thing at the base, Goldilocks :) Although I’d be really disappointed if somehow it was Lang who end up teaming up in A3, even if it seems more likely than it being Pym :( And even MORE disappointed if down the line, Lang would become Giant-Man… cause that would only be then wrongest thing ever as a comic book fan.

      I mean, look at the MCU so far for Pym: NOT a founding member, NOT on the Avengers team, NOT created Ultron, (probably) NOT Janet’s husband, and now they would give his Giant-Man persona (the one that he himself said that has always represented for him the best balanced his super-hero side and his scientific side) to someone else? No, that would just be plain wrong… as wrong as pairing Janet with Scott Lang.

      I know this is ranting, but yes I will go see the movie, to see a live action movie about a shrinking superhero that was loosely based on stories from a Marvel comic book.

      • You are quite in line with my thinking, Mary Jay. I love Pym as Giant-Man and Goliath from the comics, and when I see them making such drastic changes to the character and his origins, persona, accomplishments, etc., I kind of feel like a frustrated hamster in a cage on a wheel running in circles saying the same thing, “this is wrong, wrong, wrong!” . I will definitely buy the flick on DVD (always buy all the ones I like for my collection), but if I were writing the movie, it would be alot different in some aspects, and I think tradition, canon, the older comics would be more respected and better-represented as far as what we traditionalists are familiar with.
        I remember when I was very young I had all the first editions of alot of the big-name comics: Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man–many of the best as well as the obscure were represented…and that was just Marvel (I also had many DC titles as well as Thunder Agents, who were great also but lesser-known). I no longer have that huge collection, as when I got older I gave them all away to a friends young son, then later started collection comics again, and eventually sold that collection on Ebay. Unfortunately, I had read some of them practically to rags, so they were no longer worth “big bucks”. But I do find myself nostalgic now and then.
        Probably my favorite team of Avengers was Captain Amewrica, hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath (blue/yellow costume), and Wasp, with an occaisional guest-appearence by Black Widow. Other heroes that came and went before and after had various levels of popularity with me (although Iron Man and Cap were probably about my all-time favorites). I always did have a special “spot in the comic-lover’s heart” for Pym in his various incarnations, tho (especially as you-guessed-it: Goliath). I remeber how often Pym, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye would banter with eachg other, but sometimes rub each other the wrong way, and almost come to blows (usually Cap, Wasp, and Scarlet Witch would break them up). Kind of like how Torch and Thing would get into it in Fantastic Four, and Reed and Sue would have to calm them down.
        Speaking of Fantastic Four (talking early comics here), are you familiar with the early FF plot-lines where the FF fought a group of villains called The Frightful Four? They were comprised of their leader, The Wizard, Sandman, Trapster, and Medusa (Medusa later become a member of the Inhumans and made her peace with the Fantastic Four, and Sandman, who also fought Spiderman in the comics, was the comic character they adapted for the Spiderman #3 movie). Anyways, I would love to see the Frightful Four as opponents for the Fantastic Four (NOT the reboot FF coming up…that one looks pretty bad in my opinion)in a movie. The FF versus FF plot-lines in the comics were some of the better ones, I thought, and I really enjoyed those.

      • Agree regarding Lang. Somehow to me he just doesn’t seem like Giant-Man of the Avengers (or Ant-Man, etc.). Pym however fits there like hand in glove. It would be kind of like a little kid anxious for Christmas, and then when he goes to visit Santa Claus, finds out it is only one of Santa’s helpers dressed up and not the real McCoy (or even worse, tugs off Santa’s beard and then sees not only is the beard fake, but the guy playing Santa is Sam the local milkman who he knows from around town…that is how Lang instead of Pym would kind of feel!). Overall love Marvel movies, but think Marvel may be using a good color in introducing Ant-Man/Pym, but are kind of painting themselves into a corner plot/time-line-wise, with Pym in Avengers as Giant-Man or Goliath (much as has happened with alot of characters and time-lines in the X-men movie franchise).

          • Kang is a big baddie time traveler. maybe he could square off with Pym/Giant-Man somewhere in time and zap him back or forwards into the modern Avengers’ time period? Just tossing out random half-thoughts here…!

    • I agree with you here, I dislike when they step away from canon, but I think they did it this way because of Pym’s more troubling aspects of abusing Janet. Obviously they wouldn’t put this in their movies, but I could see them getting a lot of backlash anyways.

      • First off Pym did NOT “abuse” Janet in the original comics. That was an inker mistake blown out of proportion. Marvel then, for whatever reason, embraced the idea in the Ultimates version.

        That being said, why the HELL is it so damn easy to change or simply ignore certain aspects of OTHER superheroes quirks/issues but with Pym, he just HAS to be a wife beater? Talk about your silly double standard, geez! If they can completely re-write the Ultron story to not include Pym, it would have been just as easy (or easier in fact) to drop that abuse thing into the trash. Problem solved.

        • Still trying that angle huh? Now I guess you’ll post that link I’ve seen you throw out before that proves absolutely nothing. When it comes down to it he did what Marvel comics said he did as they own the character and they say he smacked her around sorry ’bout it.

          • Not “trying” anything, it’s the simple truth.

            What it proves is Pym was never intended to slap his wife.

            And Marvel didn’t “say” he smacked her, it was an unfortunate mistake made by one person which went to print and you don’t exactly do a comic retraction. So it was something Marvel had to accept.

            • Whatever you say gramps.

        • I see no double standard here, because I didn’t refer to anything else. Also, yes it is “abuse.” Even it is just in their ultimates version.

          • The thing is people are so focused on the Ultimates version, whereas it’s only an ALTERNATE universe. Mongoose mentioned the “original” comics, i.e. 616 universe, in which yes, Hank Pym struck his wife once. I know some tend to say it was an artist’s mistake, the writer didn’t intend it that way, etc… yes, maybe, but it DID happen. I’m a huge Pym fan, and still I am not denying this at all. But I don’t see this (the one-time slap) as an argument to keep Pym out of the MCU, or reduce his role to a secondary character. SW commited genocide, QS is a reknown turn-coat, and they’re still in Avengers 2.

            If people think that this is a good enough reason to keep Pym out (because in the Ultimates, he’s a freakin’ major a$$ hole) AND if they have actually read both the Ultimates and the main comics, they should look to the MCU and tell me where those characters come from. Are Iron Man, Cap, BW, Hawkeye or even Banner based on their alternate selves from the Ultimates, or are they more inspired by the 616 universe? I’m not talking costumes or skin tone… I’m talking character. The answer is 616, by the way. So why would it be any different for Pym?

          • But it IS a double standard if Marvel can completely change some characters while, according to you, they can’t just disregard the slap incident? You are talking as if it defines the character, which it does not.

            • No dude I was not talking about anything defining Ant-Man, i was saying that I could see people creating a controversy. I read the comics, I know it’s a different universe.

        • If I were writing these movies, I would not even bring up the wife mistreatment controversy in the film. It has no place there and would detract from the original concept of everything heroic the character stands for and his accomplishments. In fact, i would not have even put that in the comics. I also would not want to see them concentrate overly on Tony Stark’s alcohol issues. That should not be central to a good versus evil, hero versus villain film concept. In Pym’s case, despite having some anxiety and “find myself” issues and insecurities at times over the years, he was remarkable as a scientist, and contributed much scientifically to the team and science in general, and was courageous and focused as a hero battling evil to protect human-kind. But for some reason this one little blip seems to be what many like to leech onto. As far as I am concerned, I ignore that that incident for whatever reason even occurred in the comics. And I abhor violence towards women in real life. To me there are few greater privilidges in social interactions than to be honored with the grace of a woman’s pleasant company for good, respectful and intelligent conversation, and mutually-compatible and enjoyable companionship. That is truly a much sought-after and touching blessing (all joking for once aside).

  8. I really like Evangeline Lilly, so this is good news. Although, if she ends up being the Wasp (probably a new version, as the rumors go, and not the ‘real’ Janet Van Dyne from the comics) I don’t understand why she HAS to be the female love interest. Can’t she just be a female hero fighting alongside the guys? Why does she have to be paired with anyone? I mean, Black Widow wasn’t paired with anyone in Avengers, and her character is still great, right?

    • Actually, if I remember correctly (and I do) there was a ‘moment’ between BW and Hawkeye in Avengers so… it’s not completely ruled out that BW won’t become his love interest. As far as Lilly goes, I agree. I really like her and she’s (finally) getting the recognition and high-stake roles she deserves. And I also agree that it’d be nice if she was NOT put in solely for the purpose of being someone LI.

      • In the early comics when Cap, Hawkeye, QS and SW, along with Wasp and Goliath, were the Avengers active duty members team, Hawkeye and Black Widow were an item. That was before he was going out with Mockingbird. In fact, in the comics in those days, BW was stoic and somewhat reserved and “proper” in her manner, much like early Storm (X-Men) or early Scarlet Witch (Avengers). It was the movies that kind of changed her into an agile female James Bond-style agent, I believe, which today’s younger and more modern viewers are familiar with.

    • Yes, she would probably work either way, either as a love interest or just as another important and integral member of the team without the romance angle. I am probably OK with either direction they go with that thought. Lilly does not look too far out of the realm of believability (I am talking facially here) to be The Wasp). I think she would be good in the role.

  9. Since Lost is my favorite show of all time, I am excited that Lilly might be in a Marvel movie. I also think that she’s do a good job as the Wasp. We’ll see if the rumor turns out to be true of not.

    • me too until i saw the last season it made me hate the show

      • That says more about you than the show.

    • “Live together; die alone.”
      Lost is my show! I just started buying all the seasons to re watch the series!

  10. I am up and down about this movie…the Wasp is an independently wealthy business woman who can rival Tony in terms of the corporate world. Lilly is strong but more of a scrappy blue collar strong…not a cunning white collar business woman strong.

    I think she might be better served to be a differrent character in the Marvelverse although I can see somewhat the visual link.

    That is assuming she will be the Wasp.

  11. I’m actually hoping Lilly will be Jessica Jones instead of Wasp. It would be in line with canon. It’d be a great tie-in to the Netflix show and it would allow a chance for the Pyms to still be done correctly

  12. Great casting, Lilly was great in the Hobbit.

  13. I’m sure she’ll be great and they seem to have a really solid cast by now, but I’m still a bit sad that soo-hyun kim isn’t going to be jan. would have fun if she was. oh well.

    • Right? As soon as I heard she was cast, I assumed she would be the Wasp, in line with her ultimates version.

  14. yep i hope lilly is the wasp, she has much better physique then the boney looking mary kate
    olson’s scarlet witch.

  15. I’m happy with this casting, I love LOST, and thought she was great in it. I was first hoping that the part of Wasp (if that is who Evangeline is playing) would go to Rashida Jones, but this is great too. Also, due to the fact she wouldn’t be the original Wasp, then theres no reason Wasp would have to be the romantic lead. I really hope she isn’t.

  16. Yes! I loved Lilly in the Hobbit (she stole the show), and Stoll was fantastic in House of Cards. Hopefully she plays the daughter of Pym and Janet

  17. yes please

  18. shes the perfect wasp