First Official ‘Ant-Man’ Poster: Size Matters

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Ant Man SDCC 2014 Poster First Official Ant Man Poster: Size Matters

Disney and Marvel Studios have hit the SDCC Comic-Con ground running – with major changes to the Marvel Comics universe still reverberating – and have shaken things up even further with the addition of another unnamed 2018 release to the five dates already reported leading up to Comic-Con 2014.

While these announcements have rattled our own list of the five movies we want Marvel to announce at Comic-Con, one big project in particular remains locked into a July 2015 opening. Ant-Man has seen its share of shakeups, with the departure of original director Edgar Wright, the hiring of Peyton Reed to replace him, and Marvel’s insistence that everything is fine.

Now, with Comic-Con kicking off, we have our first official poster for Ant-Man, courtesy of EW. Check out the poster below:

Ant Man Comic Con Poster First Official Ant Man Poster: Size Matters


This first look at a key piece of promotional material places Ant-Man himself front and center, illustrating his powers and giving us our first clear look at what will presumably be his main costume. Stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas are also featured together, a strong hint that perhaps we’ll be seeing the original Ant-Man, Dr. Henry Pym (Douglas), in action in some form before the mantle is passed to Scott Lang (Rudd). Also, he’s going to ride an ant. (He better ride an ant.)

Fans who have been closely following the development of this property for years are undoubtedly sad that Wright is out and Bring It On director Reed has been slotted in to get the job done, and thus expect Marvel to pony up something seriously exciting at this year’s Comic-Con. This first poster is a pretty bold piece of work: stark, simple and nicely composed.

The events leading up to Wright’s departure have been fairly well chronicled at this point, and fans are now left with the reality that the stylish auteur behind The World’s End won’t be bringing this character to the screen, with a hired gun in his place. Still, co-star Corey Stoll (The Strain) remains enthusiastic about the film, even if Michael Douglas is disappointed.

This is a good poster, though. Disappointed fans will have to adjust to the here and now, and more strong early material like this will go a long way toward accomplishing just that.

Ant-Man opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: EW

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  1. Good enough for now.

    • ‘Tongue in cheek’ dude…

  2. I feel like my one problem with Disney marvel is that at times, they put comedy over substance and action. Although I thought iron man 3 had good moments, the problem with the film wasn’t what they did with the mandarin but with the type of humor they tried to shove in every scene. What made the first one so great was of course the action, character development, and overall plot line. On top of that, it wasn’t that “knee slap” type of humor, but that tung and check humor that Robert Downey Jr does so well. I felt thor 2 had the same problem with being more concerned about having a funny moment in every scene that it took away from the actual story and for me at least made the villain and any fight scenes feel underwhelming and I never got the feeling of any of the characters being in any real danger. Lucky however captain america 2 took a step in the right direction. The reasons I bring this up btw is that clearly they care more about the comedy aspects of this film based on their director choice. Btw sorry about typos I wrote this on my phone

    • Well not every superhero movie needs to be all serious, dark, and gritty.

    • It should be clear by now that a big dose of humor is one of the prime ingredients in every single Marvel movie. The most serious movie is The Incredible Hulk, but all the others are very comedic. There is nothing wrong with that. Guardians of the Galaxy has about the same amount of humor as Iron Man 3, if not more. Brace for it.

      • I’m completely ok with the humor of the movies. Im an avid reader of the actual comics of New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, GotG, and Silver Surfer.

        There is quite a bit of humor.

        People complain that the movies are too comical but then complain that the movies aren’t like the comics. If there is comedy in the comic then why not let it be in the movie?

      • You guys are mistaking what I . I’m not saying I don’t want any humor or that I want it “dark and gritty”. All I am saying is that there is often to much of it in the wrong spots. We don’t need thor sliding down a glass building like a looney tunes cartoon in the middle of the final fight. I like the Loki moments of humor but not moments like that. It’s all about timing. Something iron man and cap 2 did very well. It shouldn’t be laughs over everything else.

        • But it’s these little moments, like the one you mentioned from Thor, that make these unbeatable superheroes seem a little more like real characters, a tiny bit vulnerable. Not everything they do has to be cool. Sometimes they slip, sometimes they goof up and sometimes they use a coathanger to store their weapon. I love it. That looney tunes bit came at the right moment for me, showing that, despite the powers, there is still a regular person fighting the Dark Elves.

          • You’re right they do make them more human and I love that. All I ask is that it doesn’t happen in the main action sequences because for me at least in stead of making the audience feel that the hero and the world might be in real danger they lighting the mood and say “hey guys, don’t worry everything is going to be ok, no one’s in danger, and your favorite heroes will end up on top!” . But that’s just my personal opinion and I do respect yours. That’s what makes movies so great, they are always open to interpretation and opinions :)

  3. Ant Man’s helmet and Star Lord’s are basically the same. I hope that when they meet there is a joke about that.

    • I’m pretty sure there will be a joke when the two meet.

      • It would be even bigger of a joke if Ant-Man and Star-Lord met up with Bumblebee from Transformers. XD

  4. I enjoy some of the Marvel films, but I like my Superhero flicks with a little less comedy in them. This is probably why my idea of the perfect Superhero movie is still “The Dark Knight.” I like to be able to suspend my disbelief just enough to experience the edge of my seat as I would watching a well made thriller. And in most of the Marvel films things get sooooo silly that any tension falls away and I feel like I’m watching a cartoon that’s been adapted to live action. There hasn’t been one action sequence in any Marvel film where I experienced the same thrill that I felt when I first experienced the scene in TDK where the Joker attacks the police convoy transporting Harvey Dent. Nothing in the Marvel movie universe thus far has been that exciting, least of all the relatively harmless aliens on flying jetskis from “The Avengers” whose invasion plan was apparently just to fly in a circle of an 8 block radius while the Avengers shot them down. Even Joss Wedon has said he was concerned that the final battle need another, more physical foe. He’s right.

    • Nothing exciting in MCU? You’re right. Avengers made over $1 billion. Nobody liked it.

      I’m really glad you’re not in charge of things. Guardians looks great & the comedy works. Ant Man will likely be funny too. It feels like a cartoon because…it’s based on a cartoon.

  5. I can’t wait until the following thing happen in the MCU.

    Kill/Replace Tony Stark-I’m so sick of his character and his ego, Stark being on the team just put everyone else in danger.

    Black Panther & Ms Marvel joins the team-If they kill off Stark (which I HOPE they do) you can add these two to replace him on the team. I believe adding them will help the team grow.

    Captain America 3- Should be Captain, Winter Soldier, and Agent 13 vs Zemo & Crossbones.

    Dr. Strange- She Hulk should be introduced as Stranges lawyer then becomes the Avengers Lawyer.

    Kill Stark- I would like to seem him brought back just so they could kill him again.

    • Lol dude. They are not going to kill Stark. He’s the main draw of the films. They are likely going to make Iron Man 4. RDJ gets the most money and Iron Man is always front & center in posters…sorry to break it to you.

  6. So how exactly do you make Batman a comedy?
    The whole premise of BAtman screams tragedy everywhere in every character.
    Except for the 60′s hokey TV show, everything needs to be dark as hell for this character.
    DC gets it right, Disney Marvel is only after $$$$$$$$$$$.

    • DC is not after money? What makes you jump to that conclusion?