‘Ant-Man’ News: Jamie Bell & Rashida Jones Rumors; Marvel Boss Talks Casting

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Ant-Man Casting Rumors

Ant-Man CastingWith the successful theatrical run of The World's End at an... end, writer and director Edgar Wright is back in Los Angeles to - as he puts it - "finish a little something [he's] been working on." That means he and Marvel are finally getting to work on Ant-Man, one of the very first projects announced by the studio seven years ago.With Ant-Man's release date pushed several months closer, now releasing alongside The Avengers: Age of Ultron in summer 2015, the casting process (and rumors) have begun,and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd are the two names at the top of the list. But they aren't the only ones... 

The Third Ant-Man Candidate

Jamie Bell Ant-Man RumorWhen the trades broke the news earlier this week that Marvel Studios and writer-director Edgar Wright had Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd in mind for Ant-Man, a third unnamed candidate was mentioned to be in consideration for the titular role (or one of them, anyway) as well.With Wright back in LA as of two weeks ago to begin production on Ant-Man, the timing was interesting that Jamie Bell was also tweeting about being back in LA. Combine the timing with an IMDB user claiming to be working on an Edgar Wright project that involves Jamie Bell and a lot of blue screens - and the fact that they know each other very well from their work on the TinTin films - and it's possible Bell is the third name in talks for/testing for a role in Ant-Man.In Marvel Comics, there just so happens to be three men who become Ant-Man (Henry Pym, Scott Lang, Eric O'Grady), so for all we know, all of the rumored names could be in the film.

Who Will Play Janet van Dyne?

Rashida Jones Ant-Man RumorSuperhero Movie News, who were the first we saw mention Paul Rudd in association with Ant-Man, long before the trades picked up on his alleged talks with Marvel Studios last week, have another potentially major scoop, this one relating to the female lead character in Ant-Man. According to the same source who leaked to them Edgar Wright's interest in Paul Rudd, Marvel has Rashida Jones in mind to play Janet van Dyne.Jones of course, who co-starred with Ant-Man candidate Rudd in I Love You, Man and Our Idiot Brother, currently stars alongside Guardians of the Galaxy lead Chris Pratt in Parks and Recreation, and the report goes on to explain that she would be playing the main love interest in Ant-Man but that we won't see Wasp - yet.Instead, that character transformation into Wasp will be hinted at, likely setting up for the character's potential future involvement as an Avenger down the road should Marvel Studios President of Production follow that path from the comics.

Marvel Studios Boss Weighs In

Marvel Studios Kevin FeigeWhile in London for the Thor: The Dark World press junket, Kevin Feige played coy about the latest Ant-Man casting news when chatting with The Huffington Post.On Joseph Gordon-Levitt's name being associated with Guardians of the Galaxy before and now Ant-Man:- Well, sometimes it's because we are legitimately talking, and sometimes it's just because he's a prominent actor out there now. And lots of rumors surround prominent actors.On the idea of Paul Rudd joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe:- Well, nothing is true yet. I like Paul Rudd, too.Screen Rant is there too - so if you have questions for Feige and cast, leave them in the comments!

Ant-Man News Soon

Ant-Man Casting RumorsExpect much more news on the Ant-Man front soon since it, and The Avengers sequel, begin shooting early next year.For more on Ant-Man and Marvel: Ant-Man hits theaters on July 31, 2015Follow Rob on Twitter @rob_keyes for your Marvel movie news!Sources: HuffPo, SMN (2), Kevin Feige photo from Marvel.
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  1. Need Pym. Don’t know that we need the other 2 Ant-Men. Need Janet/Wasp also. Need Goliath/Giant-Man in Avengers. Need good costumes. No dorkenheimer humor being the over-riding factor in this movie, please. That is all.

    • +1

      I agree. My main worry about this film is that Wright’s comedy background combined with Paul Rudd’s quirky/sassy humor style is another Marvel movie that doesn’t take itself seriously in the making.

  2. Ask feige when will we see some diversity

    • Don Cheadle, Idris, and now possibly Rashida. They’re getting there.

      • i think he means when are we going to see a black superhero solo movie. all the actors u mention are just supporting roles.

    • My idea of diversity on this issue: sometimes Pym is Ant-Man, sometimes, Goliath.

  3. That’d be pretty cool if Rashida Jones and Paul Rudd got the leads. They were great together in I Love You, Man.

    • True.

      I only know her from that movie and The Office though. Never even heard of Parks And Rec until 2 months ago.

      • Slappin da base, mon.

        • Hope this is not like the Mandarin debacle in IM3, or it will be more like “Slap-in-da-face, mon!”

          • lol Hope not.

    • I don’t really like Pual Rudd in the role, but Rashida Jones would be interesting. Though, honestly, I’d rather see Ashley Greene in the role of Janet.

  4. I tried posting that Rumor of Jamie Bell on CBM and they quickly deleted it for an unknown reason.

  5. Never thought of Rashida for Wasp. That would be some great casting. I saw someone say if they cast Levitt then Anna Kendrick could be a great Wasp alongside him and I think I agree. She has the perfect personality to play her. I could also see Isla Fisher in the role for sure, great personality for the role. Mila Kunis is my last choice.

  6. Jamie Bell FTW!! Paul Rudd close second.

  7. Out of all The Marvel characters, Ant Man? Really? Come on Disney, come on Marvel, you’re better than this, get it together baby.

    • Ant-Man is an okay hero but with Edgar Wright directing this can possibly be the best Marvel film yet next to Iron Man and Avengers. Oh and if they get a good lead like Rudd or Levitt? Even better.

    • Wright has been developing this WAY before even IM1. The success of the Avengers just got him his green-light.

    • Ah, another guy who knows nothing about the character
      and his judging him simply on his name and powers


      It’s Hanks Personality that actually makes him really intriguing-
      which allows the potential to deal with emotional themes that literally no other
      superhero film could- but are ones everyone could relate to.

      + edgar wright

  8. Ok how about this casting idea for Wasp:

    Steal an actress from Bollywood…… Eesha Narang. Not only is she a very attractive actress and model, but she’s also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

    That would help with the diversity problem.

    • I agree that there is a diversity problem within the MCU but Rashida Jones is the daughter of Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones. She’s half black & half white.

      • alot of people forget shes half black lol

  9. Was it really necessary to make this a slide? Anything for a page click

    • I think you wasted more time typing that comment than you did clicking on each slide.

      • BOOM!

        Nice comeback haha

  10. Jamie Bell would be awesome, way better then rudd or JGL IMO. Rashida jones would make a kick ass wasp too. Shes pretty, has a good personality and vibrancy, ant man could be a damn fine film with those two and wright. Makes me excited for the film.

  11. Would be a REAL travesty of comic book justice to have Janet van Dyne in the movie and then have Scott Lame playing Ant-man instead. Very sad that they will most likely cut Pym, the only remaining founding member of the Avengers, totally out of everything. Would almost be like having a Justice League without Martian Manhunt…….oh wait ><

    • I’m with ya man- I hope hank pym is the main character.

    • +1000 !

      I told you before, Mongoose… don’t give up hope. I mean, Scott Lang’s story would be good for a Sunday afternoon telemovie on PBS. Pym is a lot more complex character, with more than 50 years worth of history. Scott Lang has been dead longer than he’s been active in comics. And most of the people rooting for Lang only want him because they want Cassie anyway 😉

      Sorry for Lang fans out there. This is only my opinion.

    • Hey, Mongoose, glad to see you are back. I agree with you…we gotta have Pym, not that pym-ple Lang! We need Hank = Goliath = Giant-Man for The Avengers most definitely, and Janet Van D. = Wasp as well.

  12. would rather Jamie Bell out of the other 2, I’m not a huge Antman guy,I like the idea, I like that they are making it but I do not want all 3 antmen!! Pym or none at all!

    It is going to be a very lame idea to have all 3 in one film, and from what little I do understand Pym is the Original and the best one!

    • You got that right, friend :-)

      But to be honest, Jamie Bell doesn’t look anything like Pym in the comics…

      • Wow, first Mongoose, and now Mary Jay emerge from out of the darkness. Good to see a couple like minds out there. You are on the mark that Bell does not look like Pym , nor do any of the others suggested for the part. While that is not a make or break in itself, I believe in canon-canon-canon, and would probably first look for someone fanboys would recognize as the character, then out of those candidates, see who the best actor would be that would loook and fit the part. Would anyone really want to see a Superman, Flash, or Green Lantern that did not look like Kal-El, Barry Allen, or Hal Jordan?

  13. Paul Rudd for sure, but I dislike the idea of Rashida jones. I think Anna Kendrick is an interesting choice for Janet.

  14. Anyone else learned that Edgar Wright confirmed that 2 “Ant-Men” will be in the movie, Henry Jonathan “Hank” Pym and Scott Edward Harris Lang (Actual full names). Apparently 3 actor are contenders for the role of Ant-Man. Whoever of the 3 (Or more at some point later) gets cast in the movie to portray Ant-Man, 1 of them will portray 1 of them and another the other (Word to ya mother. Lol.)

    And i would not be disappealed by any choice to portray Janet van Dyne/The Wasp, only if she is not someone who doesn’t work correctly for the role (Though, since Edgar Wright is a part of the casting team i can rest in that)

    • Personally, the only thing that I’ve seen “confirmed” is that Pym will be in the movie.

      That’s right, people. Hank Pym will be in Ant-Man. It’s almost as shocking as when I learned that Tony Stark would be in Iron Man and Steve Rogers would be in Captain America…


      • I was not 100% sure it had been confirmed that “Ol’ Hank” would be in Ant-Man; thank you for giving me hope! (How can you really have Ant-Man without him?)

  15. I’ll be quite glad if Anna Kendrick doesn’t get cast in this movie as The Wasp. She annoys me some (It would be a waste of any of you all’s time spending mentioning to me why she shouldn’t. I’ve watched alot from her and eventually realize why i am).

  16. Rashida jones would make a kick ass wasp- I think anna looks the part too, but she’s too annoying.

  17. Hmm my top choice for Wasp would most likely be…

    1) Isla Fisher
    2) Rashia Jones
    3) Mila Kunis
    4) Anna Kendrick

    • Hmmm…could it be your list is the same as my list for top choices for dinner and dancing dates (hee-hee!)?

      • You lost me lol what is that?

        • Really?

        • Those chicks that would play Wasp…they give me a real “buzz” (hope they would not “sting” me on a date!).

  18. Out of the names that have been rumored, and judging only by looks, I would have to go with Rudd still. Jamie Bell, really?? Like JGL, he looks like a boy. And it’s not a question of age, but we need a man who looks like a man to play Hank Pym. I’m not saying those actors are not talented, just that they’re not right for the part, IMO.

    Although, I must say I’m not overly excited about Rudd for the part, but at least he looks like a grown man 😛

  19. Antman will need a darn good story. I don’t know if there is a large enough fan base to make this work as a stand alone.

    • This is a pretty stupid thing to say- since when does any superhero film bench it’s hopes on it’s built in fanbase.
      The people who go see these movies in the majority are people who are largely unfamiliar with the characters,
      and certainly not downright fans.
      All that it will need is interesting marketing, an intriguing premise, and good word of mouth like all movies.

      • beau: “The people who go see these movies in the majority are people who are largely unfamiliar with the characters,”.

        True. It is the main reason why realistic versions of how the costumes, super abilities, and stories are portrayed in these super-hero movies. If MARVEL/DC stops doing this, too many people will stop going to see these movies more and more, thus would be the end of super-hero movies.

    • I agree.

      Only people that will care about seeing someone named “AntMan” on the big screen will be a small amount of Wright fans for his overrated kid comedy films and hard core Marvel nerds who actually know who “AntMan” is. Otherwise the general movie going audience will not care!

      Arrogant Marvel/Feige is reaching with this AntMan film and all they are doing is over saturating the market with their characters onscreen.

      • Nope.

        Again, Edgar Wright is one of the most talented guys out there at making -on paper- ridiculous ideas
        work fantastically, you do realise he turned ideas like a romantic comedy zombie film, a teen romance action film, and a british buddy cop film into very successful and critically praised films right?

        Thank God idiots like you don’t work in the industry or all we’d have is boring cliche junk all the time.

        • Hmm…sounds like your just another Marvel fanboy who thinks that Marvel can do not wrong. Just admit it. I see though. Marvel is just milking the Avengers name right with this who cares Antman and his lame comedy and powers.

    • I’m for it. Army of one (fan). That’s enough. On with the show!

  20. AntMan..WTF? Will the general movie going public really give a crap about Marvel 8th tier character? Nope!

    • Call him 8th. tier when he turns into Giant-Man and grows 8 tiers tall, and dribbles you around like a super-ball! He was very important on many occaisions to the Avengers. certainly more so than most of their members!

  21. if it’s not NATHAN FILLION i will set myself on fire!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t understand whats with Nathan Fillion I keep hearing people mentioning his name for this part

  22. I always thought Morena Baccarin would be cast as the Wasp; but Rashida Jones has loads of charisma, I love that choice if Rudd is also cast for the film.

    Personally, I feel Scott Speedman would make the best Hank Pym, but he has never headlined a blockbuster film before and he is not known as a comedic actor. If Marvel is looking for a comedic lead – Rudd, Simon Baker or Owen Wilson would be great choices as well, they are all extremely likable actors.

    As for the Irredeemable Ant-Man character – Jamie Bell seems like a natural, but you’d think JGL would be too big of a star to take a supporting role in Ant-Man.

  23. If JGL is in the movie, I can only see him playing Lang

  24. if the rumors are that Pym will be in the periodic setting (60’s, 70’s) and Scott Lang will be in the present day….does that mean Pym won’t be joining the Avengers? If that’s true then it sounds like it’ll be Scott Lang joining the team, and this I completely disagree with. If Ant-Man is gonna be in another movie (whether it’s Ant-Man 2 or Avengers 3), it HAS to be Hank Pym.

    I just hope to god that the rewrites Edgar Wright has been doing involves putting Pym closer to the present day or something. If Scott Lang is the actual main character I’ll be pissed off. If Scott Lang joins the Avengers instead of Hank Pym I’ll be REALLY pissed off.

    • I believe Wright completed a third draft at Marvels request were Pym is the main character in both a flashback origin story and a present day Spy drama were a Lang/O’Grady hybrid character (akin to the Crimson Dynamo / Whiplash hybrid character in Iron Man 2) steals Pym’s Tech and Hank reluctantly donning the Ant man suit in order to bring the Lang / O’Grady character to justice. I believe Pym will be the leader of the new Avengers (Ant-Man/Goliath, Wasp, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Quick Silver, Vision, Falcon and Bucky / Winter Soldier) once the current Avengers contracts expire after Avengers 3.

      I believe Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie have 6 movie deals without any solo movies planned. (Cap 1-3 and Avengers 4-6 for Shaw, and Cap 2-3, Avengers 4-6 and Nick Fury Agents of SHIELD for Mackie).

      • While a nice thought, the fact that Pym isn’t even involved in the creation of one of Marvel best villains is a very telling sign.

        If Pym did become the leader, he then by all rights should have his creation rightfully restored to his name (a dubious honor to be sure but it is as it should be).

  25. Seriously, Marvel better not downgrade Hank Pym anymore than they already have. We already know he won’t be the creator of Ultron in Avengers 2, fair enough I guess after hearing Edgar’s side of it. But if Ant-Man is more about Scott Lang than it is Hank Pym, this movie will be a failure.

    • how will that make it a failure? most of the general audience are going on marvel brand name recognition, and have probably never even heard of ant man, so they are not going to care one way which ant man it will be

      • You are sadly, 100% correct. It’s unfortunate Marvel refuses to make a movie that both the fan and layman alike will enjoy.

  26. If Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt get cast in the movie, i hope Rudd gets cast for Hank Pym and JGL for Scott Lang (And if any of you are wondering if Lang really is in the movie or not you all can look that up at Bing/Google/Yahoo and or such). And for whether Nathan Fillion is to portray Hank Pym or not an interviewer for ‘IGN’ ask him about that in mid-late June:

    “IGN: It’s really interesting, because it is so consistent. We tweeted out that we were coming here today and of course the first question that was asked was, ‘Will he be Ant-Man?’

    Fillion: [Laughs] I will not be playing Ant-Man. I’m pretty booked-up right now as far as work goes and there’s so much more going on in the entertainment industry than just, ‘Oh, you know who would be great in that?’ There’s a lot more that comes into play. There’s a lot of variables that a fan does not have to concern themselves with. If they want to see a movie and they want that actor, they’re not thinking about the variables that come into play.

  27. These are pretty good casting choices to me I think I wold go with either Leitt or Bell but I haven’t seen Rudd in hat much t be honest. If they are casting O’grady and Lang then I would suspect it would be in more of a supporting role depending on whethe ror not the movie is about Pym I feel it will be, I hope so to I’ve always liked him the best out of all the antmen. I bet marvel wants levitt because he’s become so popular but his price tag may be too huh and also Leitt doesn’t strike me as the kindif actor who would beo for a 6 picture contract for the next few years I hope it’s Levott or Bell though.

  28. I think a young Kevin bacon would work well for the part

  29. Just make this movie better than IM3!