Marvel Gives ‘Ant-Man’ An Official 2015 Release Date [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated September 11th, 2013 at 1:05 pm,

Ant Man 2015 Release Date Marvel Gives Ant Man An Official 2015 Release Date [Updated]

[Update: Sept 10, 2013 – Marvel Studios moves up Ant-Man release date to July 2015.]

At San Diego Comic-Con this summer, Edgar Wright made a welcome appearance during the Marvel Studios Iron Man 3 presentation, and for the first time in over five years, had something to show fans for the seemingly forgotten Ant-Man. He and Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige premiered incomplete test footage of an Ant-Man action sequence to showcase the relatively obscure character and how his ability to alter his size could work in live-action in a believable and interesting way.

For the hyper-excited 6000 attendees, the brief Ant-Man tease did not disappoint. Still, while unveiling “Phase Two” of the Marvel cinematic universe with four confirmed release dates, Ant-Man was the only confirmed title not to be given a release date. After years of speculation, rumors and reports, that changes today.

Disney just distributed their updated schedule of upcoming film releases for the next three years. Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World both come in 3D next year. Captain America: The Winter Soldier maintains its 2014 spring release date, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy in August 2014. The Avengers 2 and its May 2015 release date wasn’t mentioned, but at the end of the list was a very pleasant surprise for the Marvel faithful:

ANT-MAN is now dated on 11/6/15 wide (Marvel)

And there we have it. Marvel Studios will stick to its (more feasible) plan of two major theatrical releases per year and Ant-Man will release November 6, 2015, six months after The Avengers 2. Previous rumors of course, had Ant-Man possibly shooting early next year, after Thor 2 completes principal photography and just before Captain America 2 begins in the spring, for a 2014 release. Such a production schedule would allow Edgar Wright enough time to finish shooting The World’s End while and give Marvel a slight gap in between other productions.

Captain America 2 Ant Man Production Dates Marvel Gives Ant Man An Official 2015 Release Date [Updated]

Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito, Co- President of Marvel Studios, both previously hinted that Ant-Man may actually come in 2014, marking the first time the studio could release three films in one year. It would depend on the reception to the Comic-Con test footage and the resources of the studio. That was our going assumption until just before The Avengers hit home video and I chatted with D’Esposito myself, who at the time, had changed his tune, revealing that they were now very unsure of their current ability to get three films done for one year. They simply didn’t want to get too ambitious and spread their people too thin.

For Ant-Man fans in doubt, there couldn’t be better news at this juncture. With James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy a reality, Marvel Studios is not afraid to take big budget risks after the success of The Avengers, and Ant-Man is simply another example of their faith in their creative talent and branding.

What this also means is that the Ant-Man character will almost certainly be introduced in The Avengers 2 and given his own time to shine after. We also know from Wright’s early descriptions of his screenplay, that it would be more of a spy movie, indicating that Ant-Man could be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, just one with a superpower. With Captain America 2 casting rumors making the rounds, and its focus on the mysterious organization, it’s also possible they could introduce the character there. One rumor even has the introduction happening in the Iron Man 3 post-credits scene.

The burning question now is who will Edgar Wright and Marvel Studios select to play the Marvel hero who the director said “will kick you ass one inch at a time”? Be sure to check out our own list of 10 actors who Marvel should consider for Ant-Man.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.


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  1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YAY!!!

  3. I’m looking forward to this one more than, GOTG.

    • I’m the opposite, but I look forward to all of Marvel’s Phase 2 and 3 movies. The next three years can’t get here fast enough!

  4. Thank you Marvel!!!!!!!!

  5. thank god, now we have an official release date,yes. so,maybe at the end credits of – the avengers 2- he will be introduced or maybe earlier in -cap 2-. i can´t fit him now to the end credit of -t.g.o.t.g-.

  6. I’m gonna see Ant-Man before a Justice League movie? WTF is going on with WB/DC?

  7. November 2014 would have been better, but I can’t complain!
    I just hope Wright and Marvel Studios gives the fans what they want: Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne – in the present day: I really want to see Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Hank Pym “speak English” in the next Avengers movie!!

    I guess the bad news is, now 2015 looks very unlikely for Black Panther.

    • marvel will never make black panther because, despite everything that contradicts the thought, someone somewhere will think its racist

      • ???????????????……wtf ?

        • Somebody, somewhere, somehow…

          Boulder has a point, but that would be the VERY few, so I don’t think it would be a problem to have a movie called “Black Panther”. Somebody will complain about it, being boring, not having a story, bad actors, people will complain about anything as long as someone will listen.

      • call the movie Marvel’s Black Panther Or just Panther… problem sloved

        • Black Panther is called “Black Panther” because his suit is black, is he not?? To think otherwise would be as stupid as thinking Scarlet Witch is supposed to be red!

          And Black Panther is a cool character that I would love to see in an upcoming film :-)

          • The Black Panther is called that because Jack Kirby and Stan Lee saw fit to do so. The Coal Tiger was considered and Black Leopard was actually used for a time, but thankfully, someone had the wherewithal to correct what should’ve never been “fixed” to begin with.

            Waaaay back in 1966, Lee and Kirby gave us a revolutionary concept that was badly mismanaged by successive writers and artists over the decades until Christopher Priest and Reginald Hudlin innovated the character.

            I’m almost relieved that the current regime at Marvel Studios has chosen not to develop Black Panther for the big screen because their recent attempts in their animated endeavors have been in the words of KRS-ONE, “wick, wick, WACK!”

            So, to Marvel Studios, if you’re going to do it right, please get Reggie Hudlin in a room with Joss Whedon while he’s still on the payroll, and make it correctly…or not at all.

            • I agree, with the right director and writers behind it a “Black Panther” film would be amazing in my opinion. I also think if he’s introduced in the ‘Avengers’ sequel Joss Whedon would certianly make him badass and do the character justice without a doubt.

      • lol, someone thought the “he’s adopted” remark from Thor was in bad taste too. There will ALWAYS be someone who gets offended at something, but I don’t see how Black Panther would offend anyone (who’s of sane mind and body): if you’re referring to the character’s name, it’s because there’s an animal called a black panther which (in the comics) the Wakandans worship.
        If anything, a well-done BP movie would strengthen the African and African American cultures – just like the comic book character did in being the first African superhero (which was a huge inspiration for millions of Africans and African Americans).

        Africa gets a bad rap and most people think we have wild animals walking around in the streets – that’s not true and Wakanda is the perfect symbol for what the continent of Africa is capable of becoming (just to a lesser scale of course seeing as Vibranium isn’t real ;))

        In short, if they were to do a Black Panther movie properly, the only people who could possibly get offended would be uneducated and unreasonable pansies… IMO ;)

        • And I would like to add that the person Marvel hired to write the Black Panther movie is a documentary filmmaker… I’ve never seen any of his work personally, but I assume that someone like that wouldn’t besmirch any African cultures or make inaccurate statements or offensive undertones.

        • “the only people who could possibly get offended would be uneducated and unreasonable pansies… IMO”

          Want … to … respond … but … must … control … change …

          • /gives INK a jab with his mini-cattle prod…. :D

      • Nah you’re wrong, ‘Black Panther’ will happen, the REAL question is when. Will it be in ‘Phase 2′ or ‘Phase 3′.

    • I hope since “Antman” is coming out in November 2015 that means it will start ‘Phase 2′, if so that means that there is a strong possibilty “Black Panther” could be in ‘Phase 2′, but who knows ultimately what will happen but Marvel.

  8. To all the haters saying Ant-Man is a dumb super hero. Your missing the point.

    the excitement is all about Edgar Wright

    As a fan of all his movies, i’m super excited to see how he tackles a superhero movie. His brand of comedy and action are sure to fit right in with the Marvel Universe. Antman is an ok superhero, but Wright is an excellent director and i can’t wait.

  9. Can we get an estimated shooting schedule emailed to Nathan Fillion?

    • haha…second that !

  10. Though I am not as eager as some for this movie,I still think they are going to have Pym’s role and AntMan being two seperate characters, AntMan being Scott Lang. This would serve two purposes first, Pym (pacifist)could essentially take over the Mr Fantastic role of ET expert and Science guy in everything cosmic, working for SHIELD. While Scott Lang can be the guy that steals the AntMan and reforms to become the hero and can take on the badguys. Best of both worlds.

    • Not best of both worlds. Fans want Pym to be the hero, from what I read. I want Pym to be the hero. I want Wasp in the movie too. I don’t want Scott Lang. Practically no one wants Scott Lang.

      Aside from including Lang in the story, I really like your idea of Pym taking over the role of the expert-science-guy, like a consultant for SHIELD. From what Selvig said in “Thor” though, I’m not sure he would be happy about collaborating with SHIELD again (considering it has been established by Marvel that the friend Selvig wanted to email was indeed Pym, but I assume if you all are here, you already know that ;-))

      • i had asked that question before on a thread and got no reply. i had no idea that’s who they were hinting at. thanks!

        • Oh by the way glad you liked the other part though , I mean someone has to pick up the Science side for what is coming next, and I think by having Pym, being the Pacifist that he is, still carrying a major role as the one explaining to the heroes what is going on would better suited to his character. Cause lets face it, Stark and Banner will have their hands full with Thanos and if you can have the Brains of Pym and then the Suit that Pym Created on the battlefield with someone who isnt afraid to throw a punchthat makes his contribution all the more important.

          • I agree with you on that. On the other hand, I don’t see how Lang, an electronic technician-turned-petty-thief is any more suited than Pym to kick butts ;-) In the comics, Pym got through his fair share of fights, and got training from Captain America. He can handle it, IMO.

            But the thought of seeing Banner, Pym and Stark argue over science and who is right just made my day! I just imagined the look on Stark’s face as Pym would say : “No, no, you got it all wrong”. Priceless!

            • Understand , that its not That I dont think Pym can hold his own in a fight, of course he can he has proven over the years, my point is more to the fact that, Marvel has an opportunity to introduce two characters and cover to more areas with the AntMan Character. Its similar to what they did with introducing War Machine. This would also would not limit Pym to just Science Guy, I mean we are talking about Pym here, he has a whole closet of super suits to put on. I think it would be a cool scene if when Lang breaks into Pyms Lab to steal the AntMan suit that we see, sort of like IronMan’s Hall of Armors, Pyms Hall of suits. Then when Avengers 3 Hits and it’s the Big Battle with Thanos, we can see Pym break out the GiantMan or Yellow Jacket uniform.

              • Giant-Man!!!! Now THAT would be great!

        • Does Edgar Wright make a movie for Edgar Wright, or for the fans? Just asking ;-)

          One thing I wonder though… (I really wonder, there is no sarcasm in there, it’s a genuine question). The second Thor movie has already begun shooting, and we’ve only just heard of the plotline (I believe in fact there have been leaks). And yet, Wright would go about telling everybody what his Ant-Man movie will be about? The “To Steal an Ant-Man” comics may have been brought simply because it’s one of the only comics that feature the name “Ant-Man” in the title? (ok, I know Wright said he loved that story, but still… ;-))

          Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I don’t find it logical that the synopsis for a movie that didn’t even have a release date yesterday could have been known for what… almost two years?

          • Have to agree with you here. Its all speculation at this point. If pym gets a cameo in one of the phase 2 movie and a slightly larger (no pun intended) role in avengers 2 then anything is possible for an antman solo outing. If hes with shield then theres alot of crossover with capt in the sense that they both essentialy work for the same organisation (not to mention Falcon, who nobody seems to be talking about but who will be getting a piece of the avengers 2 pie). The spy angle would make it different also pym penchant for pacifisim. Idk it will depend where they want to go for phase 3 (ultron? Secret wars?… Oh the possibilities)

  11. benedict cumberbatch is my choice.

    • He may be a good actor, but the look, I just can’t look at him and think of a superhero, or super villian, I would rather have Iwan Rheon play Ant Man.

    • Benedict Cumberbatch is a good actor but terrible choice for AntMan. The look just isnt there.

      • Could not agree more, I have been saying that since those rumors first surfaced.

      • why not, he´s tall ,he is a bit handsome and hank pym in the comics looks like a normal scientist, when he is not in his ant-man suit. better then nathan fillion.

      • can you give us an example how he looks. i know that thor is tall with long blond hair, tony stark looks smart and has his iconic beard,cap is blond,tall and handsome, banner has a normal look,not too handsome but also not ugly and the drawers of banner always make him look different,you know the normal guy. and it´s the same with antman pym he´s got brown hair like banner and looks like a normal guy.

  12. Im kind of worried. does this mean that ant-man and wasp wont be in avengers 2, or is ant-man going to be set beforehand and they just couldnt work it into the schedule before avengers 2?

    if its the latter, would it be that big of a deal to, maybe, switch the release dates?

    • If you mean switch the release dates for Avengers 2 and Ant-Man, then yes. That’s a very big deal. No way, no how is Avengers 2 missing the summer tentpole release. You stick untested stuff like Antman in the November timeslot, since fewer people are going to the movies anyway.

      • You’re right about that my friend, why would you switch “The Avengers” release date and “Antman’s”, that’s the stupidest thing i ever heard. “Antman” would be a flop at the summer kick off start compared to what you would get from “Avengers 2″, which is a film that’s made to kick off the summer movie season as we all know by now. Box office wise or common sense wise it would be rediculous to release a film like “Avengers 2″ in the fall, how dumb LOL.

    • I’m not trying to jump on you or anything, but yes it would be a VERY BIG DEAL to switch release dates of “Avengers 2″ & “Antman”.

    • @boulder i all depends on what they have planed for phase 3. Antman may appear in some form as a cameo in either ironman 3 or capt 2 and may play a larger role in the avengers 2. Hard to say. Now that the Avengers world/universe is established they can intro new characters by injecting them into existing properties (Avengers 2) then from there give antman his own solo movie folowing the events of that movie. Since hed be the first movie out of the gate for phase 3, could suggest antman/pym/lang and his creations (pyms) vision/ultron could play big for phase 3. Fun to speculate.

      One character nobody seems to be really talking about is Falcon. He’s gonna play a part in capt2 and avengers 2. True hes doesnt have the pedigree of say pym and his affiliation with the avengers mythos, have the feeling falcon will be an important character that shouldnt be discounted.

      • I definantly rather see ‘Black Panther’ in “Avengers 2″ than ‘Falcon’ without question. ‘Falcon’ is a cool character but he’s still nothing more than a second string-second tier character similar to ‘War Machine’, but ‘BP’ is another beast altogether. And besides he’s fine staying in ‘Cap’s’ films, if you did’nt add ‘War Machine’ you don’t need to add ‘Falcon’ in my opinion. Besides those spots should be reseved for characters like ‘Black Panther’, ‘Ms. Marvel’, ‘Ant Man’, ‘Namor’, ‘Vision’, ‘Wasp’, etc, that’s just how i see it. The Avengers have enough great members and interchangable characters that you don’t even need to add second string heroes to the mix.

  13. I’d love to see this movie have a Splinter Cell feel to it. Have Adrien Brody play Ant-Man.

  14. I;d love to see Benedict Cumberbatch as Ant Man.

    • Iwan Rheon… I would like to see Hank Pym with a british accent :D

  15. If it isnt Cumberbatch as Ant man I’ll be gutted. Really gutted.

    • Aquaman: Gutted? I will save you, Mr. Fish!
      Antman: psst, his name is Olly, he is not a marine animal…
      Aquaman: Then how come he said he will be gutted?
      Antman: I think he meant to say something else? I don’t know, what do you think Batman?
      Batman: I AM THE G@D D@NM BATMAN!
      Aquaman: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
      Aquaman: Avenge… me… (dies)
      Antman: (Shrugs) Whatever, I’m just happy I got my own movie before that guy.

      Rorschach: Rorschach’s journal, October 15 2012, went online to complain about movies on some websites, found out no one likes Aquaman. Big green freak named “hulk” smashed him into a pool of his own urine. Other heros laughed at that, they must pay for their sins…

      • ^ Best comment of the day right here ^

        • I second that. :D

      • Just saying left played a high iq scientist in mission impossible. but he sure isn’t physical

      • 2 points for you, Mary Jay. Some of these names are just way off. Your two cents count IMO.

        • Thanks for the support :)

      • hank pym is not a top modell like cap,iron m and thor.

  16. Zac Efron for Ant Man

    • get out

    • Seriously… get out.

    • Iwan Rheon. Can’t see Cumberbatch as Pym, maybe its just me, but he does not look like a hero to me, a good actor, yes, but I think its his face that makes me get irritated. IDK why?

      • Iwan Rheon does not look the part at all… looks a lot too boyish.

      • I dont like Iwan Rheon for the part. I am not even sure who he is but he looks nothing like Ant Man.

  17. Josh Holloway was rumored for the role a while back and is now in contention for a role in Capt. America 2. Perhaps Ant Man will be introduced in Capt. America 2? The role he’s up for was described, if I remember correctly, as being “physical” and possibly a S.H.I.E.L.D agent.

  18. I just totally thought of how they could bring in two classic Ant Man villains into the Marvel film universe. Have Egghead be Hank’s lab partner until the two have a falling out, Starr leaves, taking the materials for Hank’s prototype highly advanced intelligent robot. Egghead perfects the design and programming, which he names Ultron, programming it with an intense hatred of Hank Pym. But Ultron gains sentience, breaking beyond his original programming codes, and forces Egghead to work with him to destroy Hank and remake the world for robots. Or something to that regard. I just totally went on the fly with that.

    • Wow…! I could totally see that work! :)

  19. I thought they wanted all the attention to Avengers sequel , like the first one this year.

    It needs really good marketing cuz I doubt anyone will care after Avengers 2 about movie called Ant-man.

  20. The big question mark is Egdar Wright for me. I mean I don’t particurarly liked his movies but who thought Favraue would make Iron Man such a good movie?

    So, Go Edgar Wright!

  21. That’s kind of weird. Does Ant-Man mark the beginning of Phase Three or will he get plenty of time before hand? My guess: we meet Scott Lang in Cap 2 (pre-Ant Man) and we meet Hank Pym as Ant-Man in Avengers 2 (maybe meet him as scientist in Iron Man 3).

    • I like that idea… especially having Hank Pym cameo in IM3 (there have been rumors of an end credit scene including Pym)

      • Yeap and yeap.


        • @ rob

          Does this mean that there won’t be an iron man 4 until 2016 at least? Will there be an iron man 4? Will it be with RDJ?

    • Oh forgot one thing. Now that antman is going 2 be introduce I wonder if vision is not far behind? Like 2 see mockingbird introduced as well. She’s definitely someone from hawkeye’s past.

  22. YESSSSSS! Bring on Ant Man! But November 2015, man thats a long time. But hey if they can pull off Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man then they can finally bring in Black Panther and Iron Fist!

  23. Great news for Ant Man fans!

    PS: After reading the comments I am glad casting choices do not revert to any of the ranters on this site. I just dont know about some of you guys…… :)

  24. Okay does that mean that Ant-Man is “Phase Three” or does that mean that Ant-Man is the final part of “Phase Two”. I mean Avengers 2 should be the end of Phase Two, so that would make Ant-Man the first movie in Phase Three, right?

    I hope they add Wasp. No clue about the actor thing, I trust marvel, they made amazing casting choices in all their movies so far :)

    • Good question. I always figured it was a part of Phase Two but with it coming AFTER The Avengers 2 (what I thought would be the end of that chapter of the cinematic universe), I’m no longer sure.

      • Seems to indicate to me that antman will be the first out of the gate for phase 3 and thus it gives possible clues as to where it could go. By clues here, i wont be vague, other than pym particles, antman biggest contribution to the avengers mythos is none other than ultron. Not saying hed show up as a fully formed villain but certainly the potential is there to seed that story arc into the larger marvelverse. As has been echoed by othe posters, if pym is cameoed leading up to avengers 2 and in that film makes larger contributions it would be a great launching pad for the antman movie 6 months later (regardless of if they use pym/lang or both).

    • Sorry friend, you asked the same question i before i asked it. I did’nt read your comment before i posted, but ‘Antman’s’ release date does indeed raise some interesting questions. If Marvel is making 6 films for each ‘Phase’ why would they close out ‘Phase 2′ with “Antman” instead of “Avengers 2″, that would seem far less EPIC and much more ANTI-CLIMATIC, but maybe that’s just me looking at it that way. If “Antman” is indeed the start for ‘Phase 3′ than would’nt it make sense that “Black Panther” would than become the film that opens after “GOTG” and before “Avengers 2″, if so i could easily see “BP” opening sometime in March. Again that just might be my imagination running away with me a little, haha.

      • Only, there was no word of Black Panther anywhere. I doubt it would come out in 2015, since Marvel doesn’t want more than 2 movies/year and they do announce projects a few years in advance.

        If Black Panther was coming up in 2015, we would already know. It can still be a part of Phase Three though. But I’m pretty sure BP is not gonna be a part of the MCU in Phase Two.

        Unless they introduce him in one of the movies, idk. In Ant-Man maybe? IM3, Cap 2 and Thor 2 are already packed on this front, Avengers 2 may have too many characters already for any new introductions.

        So Ant-Man cameo/introduction or a Phase 3 movie for Black Panther.

        But I bet we won’t see any Black Panther movie sooner than 2016. If they wanted to open it before Avengers 2, it would be already in pre-production, and it’s not, so we’re gonna have to wait. That’s my guess. Phase 3.

        This Ant-Man release date really does not match with the 6 movies/phase things though.

        Oh well, we’ll see I suppose.

        • I hope you’re wrong about that man, i hope we don’t have to wait until 2016 to see “Black Panther” on the big screen. At the least i would like to see him in the ‘Avengers’ sequel. I don’t know what Marvel’s plans are but hopefully ‘BP’ will be involved soon.

  25. I hope this means that Ultron will be the baddie in the Avengers III: Turtles in Time.

  26. Simon Baker as Ant-Man all the way!!!!! My second choice would be Patrick Wilson. Mila Kunis or Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Wasp(though supposedly she might play the love interest of Cap in Cap2-that would be such a waste of talent imo).

    • Simon Baker.

      no comment

  27. “indicating that Ant-Man could be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, just one with a superpower”

    Picking nits, but Ant-Man’s shrinking and insect-communication abilities are not superpowers, rather fantasy-tech gizmology.

    I suppose Marvel felt compelled to go with Hank Pym, lest the fanboys poop their Pampers, but damned if I didn’t want the late Eric O’Grady (killed off to let the returning-from-the-dead-because-COMIC-BOOKS Scott Lang resume the role) to be the one to fill those tiny boots.

    • Haha fantasy tech-gizmo. Yup thats pretty much it. Ive always seen antman as the uber-geek version of stark/ironman.

  28. I’m not sure if this means anything yet, but does ‘Antman’ being released 6 months after “Avengers 2″ now means it will kick off ‘Phase 2′ instead of being part of ‘Phase 3′. I only say this because if Marvel sticks with the plan of having every ‘Avengers’ film close out each ‘Phase’, that would mean another film has to come before ‘Avengers 2′, if that’s true could that ‘other’ film be ‘Black Panther’ afterall. I’m just throwing that out there and ‘Antman’ could very well be the final film of ‘Phase 2′, making my point moot in the end.