‘Ant-Man’ Shooting After ‘Thor 2′ For 2014 Release?

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Marvel Ant Man Movie Ant Man Shooting After Thor 2 For 2014 Release?

Since Marvel Studios went independent as a film production house (pre-Disney acquisition), Ant-Man has been top of mind for fans of the Marvel cinematic universe who’ve followed along since before Iron Man even hit theaters. For years, writer-director Edgar Wright has worked in the background, revising scripts to bring the littlest Avenger to the big screen. There was speculation and doubt that the project would never see the light of day, at least as a theatrical wide release, but that all changed a few weeks ago at Comic-Con 2012

Edgar Wright made a surprise appearance during the Iron Man 3 panel to present fans to fans in attendance Ant-Man test footage, a brief incomplete action sequence to demonstrate how Ant-Man and his ability to alter his size could be realized in live-action. It must have been a success since all of our theories and supporting rumors about Ant-Man releasing in 2014 may be coming true after all…

Despite missing special effects, the Ant-Man footage did successfully showcase how Edgar Wright can bring a somewhat obscure and odd character to the big screen. From the outset, we knew Edgar Wright would bring his brand of style and comedy to the project, but that didn’t mean it would be a all-out comedy. To date, all of the Marvel Studios films have maintained a relatively light and fun tone, and within that, Edgar Wright plans to deliver a spy movie where Ant-Man is an agent of SHIELD. What we saw was very reminiscent of Mission: Impossible and perhaps that’s the winning formula to introduce another character unknown to mainstream moviegoers, before said character shares the screen with the other heroes in The Avengers 2.

The latest scoop comes from Latino Review who specialize in breaking Marvel movie news, and they claim that Marvel Studios is planning to have Edgar Wright begin shooting Ant-Man in London once Thor: The Dark World wraps up. As we know, Thor 2 is prepping (also in London – at least, partly) to shoot as early as next month. Edgar Wright is currently working on The World’s End, which just got the greenlight and will begin shooting in October. This means that Ant-Man could begin shooting early 2013. When Captain America 2 was confirmed, we expected Ant-Man to follow, but with the former releasing in the Spring, we wonder now if its production will overlap with Ant-Man.

Ant Man Movie Logo 570x384 Ant Man Shooting After Thor 2 For 2014 Release?

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see Ant-Man on its way for 2014. Most of Edgar Wright’s projects take years to come to life (see: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World & The World’s End) and 2014 is the year that Marvel President of Production (and producer on all films) Kevin Feige has hinted at in interviews, which could mark the studio’s first time releasing three films in one year. Co- President of Marvel Studios and Executive Producer Louis D’Esposito also teased a potential 2014 Ant-Man release date at Comic-Con.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is coming spring 2014 with Guardians of the Galaxy coming later that year in August. Ant-Man could therefore take up one of Marvel Studios’ original two scheduled summer slots of May 16th or June 27th. These three films make 2014 the riskiest, yet potentially most exciting, year for the young studio to date. Captain America on his own didn’t snag the same box office numbers as Thor and both Iron Man films, and to make up for it, the sequel will be boasting an impressive supporting cast that will feature plenty of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters (new and old). Guardians aims to accomplish what Green Lantern failed to do, in opening the Marvel cinematic universe to the cosmic side with very over-the-top and outlandish characters. Throw in Ant-Man and Marvel Studios is ready to flex their muscles after the success of The Avengers.

If you’re a fan, be sure to read our list of 10 actors Marvel should consider for the Ant-Man role.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014 and Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014.


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Source: Latino Review

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  1. i dont think antman will do well with casuals, i think its success will be only because of avengers and that will be the reason for people to see it.

  2. Charlie hunnam is ant man. I think. Dude from SOA. At least that is what I got as as he hint from Edgar Weight at comic con.

  3. i hope they don’t overkill the fans with too many films before avengers 2
    comes out. i really like the character antman but i would spend more then $50 million on this film because anything north of 120 million would be a shocking surprise. i put the gross along the lines of ghost rider or the original mask movie.

  4. i meant to say would not spend more then 50 million on the antman.

  5. I’m angry that nobody bootlegged the test footage because I really want to watch it.

    • You and I both… :(

  6. I think it will be a tough sell for people but its being released after the Avengers, Iron Man and thor. You’d think it would perform well even with a title like ‘Ant-Man’. That is all in theory that IM3 and Thor do well and keep this success rolling for Marvel Studios. With all that said, I think it could be one of Marvel’s best Movies. It’s a bit more grounded, the story has been put through the paces, and it has Edgar Wright.

    Many would say it scares them that the script has had so many rewrites but I don’t think that will be the downfall for Ant-Man. They’ve been writing this to fit and deliver what the MCU needs. And they obviously have had plenty of time to get this script right. And this will be Edgar Wright’s coming out party. He’s a genius in my mind. Most of his movies are really underrated, because of poor titles or what brief part of the movie they see and just judge it from there. Kind of like John Carter…It didn’t deserve the amount of bad buzz it got. Wasn’t awesome but wasn’t awful by any means and everyone jumped aboard the Hate Train. Scott Pilgram vs. the World was pretty amazing. I do agree that you have to like his dry-type comedy to enjoy his movies but I think people will come around, finally.

  7. This is one of those characters that i never got into and I’m not sure how this would play out but i know this much, since its Marvel behind it i would give it a try. I’m so happy that this won’t be a vehicle for people like Jack Black or Seth Rogan. Additionally I’m very happy that a studio like fox won’t be anywhere near this.

  8. I think it Will do better than guardians of the galaxy which to me as movie fan sounds silly as if it should be an animated movie from art I’ve seen. Edgar Wright’s movies always under perform in the box office but have been great films. I’m all for ant-man cause of Wright. I’d rather see it than cap or Thor 2

  9. i think that shoot make ant-man movies in 2015 but shooting in october 2012,

  10. Heck yes! I am super excited. By the way Rob, how do you feel about WB expanding the Hobbit into a triliogy? I can’t wait for that myself.

    • I know your question was for Rob but I wanted to say, does anyone else besides lotr he has already proven he can adapt the great work of Tolkien . he needs go be ambitious and challenge himself

    • I’ve seen a lot of snark and negativity about it on Twitter, but I’m 100% for it.

      There are so many character arcs and battles to flesh out, why not give them the time (them being EVERYONE who was involved in this production)? Are fans really not going to love seeing more of The Hobbit cast interacting in middle-earth? This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing so fans who loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy should be happy.

      • Yeah, especially considering the fact that this is the last time we will see these characters and stories on screen.

        • im not by any means saying fans wont love it. But as for someone who is not a fan id like to see peter jackson take his talents into the relm of original ideas or atleast diffrent from middle earth.

      • Rob, do we know for sure they are splitting the Hobbit into 3 pieces or is calling it “The Hobbit 3″ just a generic working title and it is actually a bridge movie?

  11. 2014 sounds about right. Let’s just hope the script is right too and the movie will be about the original Ant-Man.

    On another note, looking at that title poster, the font and coloring looks exactly like what I would imagine a Black Panther movie’s title poster would look like…

    • I never noticed the black panther thing. Spot on!

    • it look similar

  12. did you watch the nerdist over the weekend they talked about this movie and it sounded great LOL size-fu

    • Speaking of that I want a Chris Hardwick action figure!

    • Don’t forget Iron Fist and Moon Knight.

  13. I meant shang Chi.

  14. D**n! Keep 4getting about iron fist and moonknight.

  15. This makes sense if there’s a button in Iron Man 3 that has Antman. HENRY PYM! HENRY PYM! HENRY PYM! and wasp too.

  16. Wright already said he was going with a story line from Marvel Premiere #47, that has Ant Man suit being stolen, so it has to be Scott Lang whom, was a much better Antman then Pym ever was. Pym needs to be in the movie as a character but not as Antman. He can be a Shield Scientist and Janet can be in as his wife and partner. Also think about it at the end Lang whom as proven himself a hero, turns himself over to Shield. the after credits shows Lang being visited by Fury or one of the other Avengers and asks him weather he is ready to join the Big leagues

    • Story arcs and characters have and can always be tweeked to be more appealing for general audiences and fans. The movie version of Tony Stark isn’t all that much how he was in the comics. Robert Downey Jr. made the character his own and more appealing. The same can be done for Hank Pym. Hank Pym is an icon and deserves the spotlight, not F-lister SCOTT LAME. >;(

    • Better than the original? Hardly.

      A 2 bit thief with an electronics background is no replacement for the original version. It would be a tragedy if Hank Pym, one of the FOUNDING members of the Avengers never made it onto the team or was at best relegated to the status of SHIELD Scientist #4.

      Other things to consider are Scott Lang = No Wasp.

      It also means no Ultron which also means no Vision.

      And while we have heard about the supposed Wright draft, a lot of time has passed since then and it is possible the script was changed to use Pym. We can only hope such is the case because we do NOT need a clueless thief along side the likes of Thor IM and Cap. We NEED the creator of the Pym particle and a true understanding and application of how they work. (plus we need Wasp, Ultron and Vision ;) )

      • ^ It goes without saying, but I completely agree…

      • um did you read the part where I said Pym and Janet should be n the movie, also if the Costume is stolen from Pym that would also stand to reason that he at some point wore it, however dont get on me about it if you saw wright at SDCC he says that he was using, Marvel Premiere #47 which is the issue where Lang steals Pym suit. Oh by the way, I dont care that you think Pym is the stink, I personally cant stand the punk he has always been more trouble then hero, and as a hero, he never was a great one. His big moments in comics have all been bad ones , such as creating Ultron, slapping his wife, being a psychotic, multi personality crazy person. Only recently has he done anything worth while and even then he ends up on the wrong side of things. The Wasp was a better hero

        • No I didn’t miss it, I found your “inclusion” a bit insulting, relegating both Pym and Wasp to token positions as some random SHIELD scientists. A slap in the face for two of the Avengers founding members.

          And I saw no official (or unofficial for that matter) statement by Wright from Comic Con that the script was based off of Marvel Premiere #47. We do however know that the script WAS going to be based around Lang at the beginning of the year but we were all hoping that version had been revised. If you are correct though, then it’s very depressing news because that means the story we know of will most likely used.

          That script has Pym inventing his suit in the distant past, using it and then putting it away. Flash forward to the present where Pym is now an old man and Lang will steal the suit. This makes Pym an old man and in no position to be an Avenger (and most likely a retired scientist. Hardly a befitting end to the character.

          I also don’t give two hoots (even one hoot) that you dislike Pym and think a thief like Lang is “da bomb”. You are however in the minority and most want Pym to play Ant-man because he is deserving of the role.

          As to his “bad” moments……I consider his invention of Ultron a great moment because he introduced the world to one of it’s greatest and enduring villains. Yes it’s technically bad in a sense but without great villains, the heroes wouldn’t have anything to fight against now would they? And it’s his complexity that makes him interesting to read rather than the rather one dimensional Lang version.

          Oh and, in case you didn’t know, the infamous “slap” was actually a mistake made be the inker and never supposed to have happened. It was only once in his entire history up until they rewrote him in the Ultimates so I really don’t consider it a fair characterization of the character in general.

            • Thanks for the link. That little piece was omitted from the commentary here on SR and I never saw this bootlegged footage (too bad the IM and AM test footage were conveniently omitted :P ). So while it’s unofficial, it sadly sounds as if Wright didn’t change the script after all.

              The “mix” of silver age and modern version is especially telling because that matches my story description and they will use Ant-man from the 60′s and make him 70-80 for the current version. Too old to be of any real use as a SHIELD scientist.

              The comedic element also screams “Greatest American Hero” where we will see him bumbling around trying to figure out how the suit works. Not something I want to see.

              So in one fell swoop, Wright has managed to kill off using Wasp, Ultron and Vision just because he thought it would make a good movie. What a buzzkill.

              • No prob on the link, but again I wouldnt frett to much, I’m still pretty sure that they will find a way to make it work with Pym and Janet, maybe not as Antman an Wasp but still in it. I also am not confident that Ultron will make its way into the movie, which I agree is tragic but I do trust Marvel as far as mapping out the course of the films. They have done pretty well so far. Unfortunately not every fan is going to get what they want but so far im pretty satisfied

                • Well it would appear as if you (a Lang liker) will be a bit more satisfied than us Pym likers. ;)

                  The best we “Pyms” can hope for now is exactly as you described, being some old guy scientist working for SHIELD while Lang tools around with his outfit and powers.

                  And our hope for Ultron was that he would be the main villain in Avengers 2. I guess old man Pym could still help Stark create the androids but Ultron is supposed to hate Pym, his creator, above all others. Kind of a non-sequitur if the “hero” is too old and feeble to fight back.

                  • I’m with Mongoose on this, and as I said before on other threads, I don’t understand why Wright would go and make a movie about a character that not a lot of people know/like/want to hear about (ie Scott Lang). From all I read on various threads and forums, the fans want, even DEMAND (some actually BEG ;-)) to have Hank Pym for Ant-Man, join the Avengers and be from the same generation as Stark, Banner and all.

                    I don’t think it makes much sense honestly to make a movie that fans would dislike because their hero is relegated to a secondary character, and all that it implies (not on the Avengers team, no Wasp on the Avengers, no Ultron, no Vision) It looks like an awful lot of negatives just to have Scott Lang (who doesn’t have anything going for him except for being a somewhat of a crack in electronics, and never did much worth mentionning besides steal Pym’s suit…) playing the hero. He’s a bland, unidimentional character not that interesting honestly.

                    I really wish Mr Wright will take what the FANS want into consideration and go for Hank Pym. That’s what most of the people want, from what I can see.

                    And it doesn’t make much sense that he would leak out SO much of the script out in the open. I mean, considering that the intrigues of the other Marvel movies are so close-garded that sometimes we don’t even know who the villain is until it’s finished filming… and now not only the movie is not started yet, there is no casting whatsoever, but the entire plot of the movie is out in the open? I find that hard to believe.

                    So maybe it’s just to see what people will say about it, maybe it will really be the plot of the movie, who knows? I know that at Comicon 2012, Wright had the famous #47 “To Steal an Ant-Man” comics in his hands, which scares me a lot… but I’m an optimist, so I’ll keep on waiting for more news before throwing the towel.

                    But, Mr Wright, you say you want to make a movie mostly about Lang, the fans want a movie about Pym. Who do you make your movie for? The fans, or yourself?

              • The only thing I could think of that could satisfy both parties is if the movie was made so that Hank Pym was working for SHIELD and developping the suit, and Land stole it for his own profit (make him a mix of the original Lang and O’Grady) and started getting in trouble somehow. Then, Pym would have to find a way to get it back before Fury finds out it’s missing. Insert a real villain, Egghead or Whirlwind for instance, brought about by Lang, and here you go!

                So you would have Pym as the hero (what mostly everybody wants) and not an old dude, you would also have Lang (doing the only and same thing he’s remembered for: stealing Pym’s suit), and in bonus, you could have Wasp, and Pym on the Avengers in the future movie.

                Or yet again, Pym working by himself on the formula for shrinking/growing (remember, it’s not really about the suit in the beginning; Lang or O’Grady can’t shrink/grow without it, but Pym can (Avengers V3 #71 for an example) :-)) and SHIELD want to get its hand on it, so they send Lang to steal the formula, or the suit.

                My two cents ;-)

      • I AGREE***

  17. I meant I agree with Mongoose an The Avenger.

  18. I am all for an Ant-Man movie. Mainly because he is a big part of The Avengers stories I have read throughout my life. He is a really cool character. And the eventuality is Giant Man which would be spectacular to watch on screen.

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