‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ Star Quvenzhané Wallis Joins ‘Annie’ Remake

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quvenzhane wallis annie remake Beasts of the Southern Wild Star Quvenzhané Wallis Joins Annie Remake

Quvenzhané Wallis, the nine-year-old Actress who won over audiences worldwide with her debut performance in the Academy Award-nominated indie film Beasts of the Southern Wild, is about to take a huge step into the mainstream for her next starring film role.

Wallis, who is the youngest person in history to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, will play the lead role of Annie in upcoming remake of the famous musical. Wallis was rumored for the role in recent weeks, but was confirmed for the part today in an announcement by Columbia Pictures.

The film, which has been in development for several years, was originally set to star Willow Smith, daughter of megastar producers Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. However, Smith dropped out of the film recently, opening up the spot for the rising young Wallis.

The Annie remake should be a perfect fit for Wallis, who won over audiences worldwide with her performance as the brave, resourceful, and confident Hushpuppy in Beasts. The character of Annie, which is based on the 1930s comic strip Little Orphan Annie, will require the same tenacious and plucky spirit.

annie remake director Beasts of the Southern Wild Star Quvenzhané Wallis Joins Annie Remake

Will Gluck (Easy A) will direct Wallis in the role from a script by Emma Thompson, which was rewritten by Aline Brosh McKenna. In addition to Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Annie is produced by rapper and entrepreneur Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

Before taking over the iconic role of Annie, Wallis will star alongside an all-star cast (including Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Paul Dano, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Paul Giamatti) in director Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave. Most Academy Awards viewers aren’t expecting to see Quvenzhané Wallis take home the Academy Award for Best Actress tonight, but few people would argue that the young actress doesn’t have a long and promising career ahead of her.

What do you think of Wallis’ casting as Annie? Is the sprightly young actress a perfect fit for the role?

Filming for the Annie remake is expected to begin this Fall, ahead of a late 2014 theatrical release.

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  1. Who keeps letting Will Smith makes movies?

    • The millions of people who pay to see his movies.

    • the Illuminati

    • Well it is a black remake, so they are going to be using a black actress to play annie.

      However, I don’t see why they dont just call it Black Annie. Thats what people will refer to it as years from now anyway.

      • Dick, I agree! it should be called “Black Annie!” Because we know the original as “White Annie” and not Little Orphan Annie! Because we all know the only orphans that are out there are little red headed Caucasian kids. The story of Annie is one that could be said of any child in the system black or white. But I guess all of the kids adopted by Angelina-Brad, Madonna, Spielberg, Cruise, & Bullock are all Caucasian, freckled face red head kids who were in need of being adopted. But it’s ok for Johnny Depp to play Tonto (a native American) and not a word of dismay is uttered because he’s 1/64th Cherokee.

        • Wow, what a pointless argument. We know the original as Annie, bc there hasn’t been a Black Annie yet. Watch, after the film comes out, people will first refer to it as the “new Annie.” But after some time when its not a new movie anymore, people will call it Black Annie.
          It’s going to take some time to prove my point, but meet me back here in 2023, and we’ll see who’s right.

          • Wow, k(Black), Dick didn’t say anything even remotely racist and you totally crawled up his a**. You need to get some thicker skin, regardless of what color it is.

            • I never claimed what he wrote was racist. Racist never appeared in what I wrote. I will say that at the very least his comments can be called closed minded. Again the point I’m making is that there’s always an outcry when someone of color plays a part that has been traditionally played by a caucasian person. But when the tables are turned, all sorts of reasons as to why it’s ok (JD being the prime example) are given. That’s the point I’m making. If it’s OK for JD to play a Native American then there shouldn’t be a problem for this little girl to play Annie. That’s what I’m saying.

              • The difference with JD and this is that Depp may be white but he was dressed and played as an Indian, he didnt turn this part around and make Tonto a Caucasian. I’m not saying she wont be good but Annie is a white, red headed girl, changing her to a different race is just a complete recreation of the story.

              • You some kind a n**ger lover boy? We don’t like yer kind around here.

              • Why don’t we have a white person play in the remake of ROOTS!!!!!!!!

          • Pointless? I disagree. So if we follow you’re line of thinking then from here on out we’ll have to call Tonto the White Tonto because he’s being played by Depp right?

          • you are completey wrong their has been a Black Annie before.

            actress India Scandrick was the first African American girl to play Little Orphan Annie

            • Ok if that’s true (and I’m not doubting you I just didn’t know that fact) then what’s the problem with this young girl playing the part of Annie?

        • They should do a remake of Roots and have a white guy play kunta kinte!

          • Roots is a film about black people… While Annie was first played by a white actress, her story of being an orphan is universal, ad could be played by any race. The only things that she is controlled by are her age and gender, but if a remake were made and the title was Andrew, it could be a boy. Kunta Kinte and slavery in America are NOT universal. If Roots were to be remade into a white film, then it would need to follow a different story line about Caucasian roots.

            • Well the time that the original annie was made in blacks weren’t aloud in white orphanage and the help

          • die.

  2. This girl was good in beasts but people are overreacting about how good. She wasnt any better than the kid from looper..

    • IMO Quvenzhané Wallis was great in Beasts, but Pierce Gagnon was brilliant in Loopers, I found him to be professional, real, creepy, and just down right an amazing actor.

  3. Annie was never black and this is not even a racist remark. It’s just a fact. You make a comment about this fact and for sure you’ll be called racist by people with chips on their shoulders.

    • It doesn’t matter what color she is! It will be a different flavor and an additional movie to watch. For those who don’t like it, don’t watch it. That sounds simple to me.

    • ” Annie was never black and this is not even a racist remark. It’s just a fact. ”

      The fact that this even warrants mentioning at all simply demonstrates the fact that those mentioning
      the difference in skin complexion posses an even bigger chip on their shoulder. There’s nothing stipulating
      that the character of Annie has to be or even remain perpetually white and/or redheaded.

      • I don’t have a chip on my shoulder. I just called attention to the fact that when Little Orphan Annie was created as a comic strip she was White. If they choose to make a black version then so be it. Diana Ross played a black Dorothy for the Wiz. I bought her music but I didn’t watch the movie because I just couldn’t reconcile Diana Ross as Dorothy.
        It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.
        I didn’t complain when Ms. Moneypenny was cast as black.

      • The Musical was written from a cartoon strip called “Little Orphan Annie” and in the cartoon Annie was a little white girl with poofy red curls. So how does that very LARGE character trait not warrant that the actress should also be lighter skinned with poofy red curly hair? smh

    • Annie has been played by a black actress before

  4. The fact that she’s not a white redhead makes no difference. Will and Jay-Z are gonna be making a more modern version with the kind of music the kids listen to these days.

    What’s wrong with that?

    I won’t be watching though because I hated the original.

  5. I don’t think it’s racist for a person to state the obvious, which is that the character Annie, is supposed to be a white orphan.
    Perhaps this version of Annie is black because it’s being produced by Jay Z, or maybe because Hollywood can’t find talent like Shirley Temple so they’ll just use a girl who is currently being buzzed about , I’m not sure. Either way, there is nothing wrong with people voicing their opinions ( which happens to be fact) about the character’s origin and roots.

    However, making remarks such as ” …. Isn’t she a bit dark?” is not the most respectful way of saying, ” why is she African American and not White/Caucasian like the character was supposed to be?”

    I honestly would much rather have Hollywood work hard on finding a an actress who best represents the Annie we all grew up watching ( but obviousoy modernized) , not some uninspired, lazy version.

    • Sorry,and apologies from here !
      I was just trying to be careful with how to express my self without hurting anybody ! Was not meant to be disrespectful ! Maybe i chose the wrong wording as English is just my second language !

      Thanks for your understanding !

      • Its totally understandable. Im sure none of us thought you meant any harm :)

    • Thank you!!

      -points up to mikah –

    • ‘which is that the character Annie, is supposed to be a white orphan.’

      What? Why is Annie SUPPOSED to be a white orphan?

      And don’t you think an uninspired and lazy version would be to keep as much the same as you can instead of changing just about everything except the underlying story?

      I now know why (besides SRGP and some new writers) im beginning to find SR less then what it use to be. It has gotten too popular and has lost the quaintness it use to have by having jack wagons like you able to post their honest opinions.

      • Im sorry you miss those ” quaint ” days of Screen Rant. Though If I were you, id be far more upset to know there are people like yourself on here, who go around Name Calling in an effort to get your point across. Life may not have been kind to you, but that doesnt mean you have to be unkind to others.

        • What does life being kind to me (or not for that matter) have to do with anything?

          No I would not be upset with people telling it like it is. People who make statements like ‘which is that the character Annie, is supposed to be a white orphan.’ ARE Jack Wagons. I could call you a few other things that would be uncalled for but would still be true based on your statement.

          You may not be like that irl however all I can go on is your expressions written here.

          Calling a Duck a Duck is not unkind its just cold hard fact that you apparently cant deal with.

          So until you can prove that ‘Annie, is supposed to be a white orphan’ I will continue to consider you as such.

      • “You know,I really like that Little Orphan Annie. She doesn’t have any eyeballs.”–Gomez Addams

  6. she was amazing in Beast…. Am sure as Annie she will be great as soon as they dont put rap music in it.

  7. This is a heavy loss for gingers.

    • …my condolences.



  9. Being white or black or ginger or Asian is not essential to the plot of Annie… I will see this movie just because if her… Loved beasts of the southern wild. Can’t wait to hear her sing tomorrow. No Annie without this song
    Do black American name their kid Annie ?

    (Anyway it will be a modern version with jay-z own hard knock life gettho anthem in the soundtrack…
    Instead of the Hooverville song, they should sing obamaville about entitlements instead of poverty… Free (shanty) house for everyone
    Lol just trolling)

  10. Why is it racist if the fact that little Annie is black in this film? It’s plain stupid to throw such a spin on classic stories. We all know Annie as a freckled redhead. I think the fact that black producers has selected an all black lead cast for this. What a freaking disgrace. Jay z??? A horse mouthed rapper? Stick to rap dude. Actually he could have Annie rap. This is dumb. This girl is adorable. But the fact that the story is being changed is what I think is flat out dumb.

  11. pretty soon James Bond will be black too, they already made Moneypenny and Felix black

    • movieguy, You must have missed the Idris Elba as Bond rumors.

  12. We live in a multicultural society. The reason the directors cast Annie as a redhead with freckles is because they were the children who were less likely to be adopted at the time. Freckles were notoriously unpopular, as was being a redhead. I am AA and am 36. I can remember when being redheaded and having freckles meant a girl was not accepted in the “in crowd” amongst white people. It’s weird the hierarchy that’s made inside of our own races and cultures. It is now more acceptable to be a redhead with freckles but still not as popular as the brunette or the almighty, always over glorified blue eyed blond.

    I will see the movie because I adored the spunk of the original Annie and I hope she can live up to the acting ability of the original actress. Not only that but I really hope the movie itself will live up to the original. Not the remake but the original. You know, the one where they had the kids doing all kinds of flips, dance numbers and stunts. I showed my daughter both and she, at 13 preferred the original and was amazed. Now that is what I want to see. Now off with my head since I have my own opinion right?

  13. The only fair thing to do now is remake Roots staring Matthew Mcconaughey as Kunta.

  14. Big deal…………I mean a man with bronze skin and woolen hair, is call jesus, but is shown with dishwater blond hair and blue eyes

  15. Getwitheswirl, the reason directors originally cast Annie as redhead and freckled is because she was a comic strip character with those features. Perhaps that is why she was written that way, because redheads were unpopular as orphans, but “Annie” is a comic strip character first. If I misread how you wrote it I apologize.

    In some ways they should have kept with the original character because, sadly, “redheads” are “gingers” now and there is still stigma attached to that.

    To all, in general, I ask with ignorant wonder, while I realize that ethnicity shouldn’t be such a focus, as it is how an actor can act not the colour of her skin, and we need to see more diversity overall, is it such a good thing when a character is changed solely to reflect their “race.” “Annie’s” story certainly can be seen through the eyes of any ethnicity, but also why not cast the best actor, even if it meant Annie is Samoan, and “Daddy Worbucks” as Jamaican-American. Seemingly when the first African-American portrayed Annie (on stage?) I doubt they changed the entire story to reflect this. The story change as it is now then brings up why can’t there be an Annie film based on
    the life of a Chinese orphan girl later on? That wouldn’t be a bad thing at all, but will we see iconic characters’ altered to reflect further diversity? Who decides which characters are ok to change from White to Black and their stories reflecting a specific culture or sub-culture? Is it based on popularity or the general (white) populace being comfortable with that change? Or, rather why is it ok to change a long established iconic fictional character that’s White to Black but never vice versa? Would it be ok if, for example, Captain America was played by a Black actor and have Falcon played by a white actor? While I understand that there is racism involved with people’s reactions, and I can understand when there is such little multiethnic representation in iconic characters and having even those taken away is a terrible thing, is there any time a person who is “Caucasian” able to be angry when one of “their” characters are changed? Is it more acceptable for a red-headed freckled woman to be upset her icon has been changed than anyone else? I’m not trying to be flippant here, I honestly don’t know what the right way to view this is.

    • Those people who are remaking this movie don’t fully understand how iconic Little Orphan Annie was to Americans. They’re doing it purely to reflect their own race and I find that disrespectful and a disgrace. I mean, how would blacks feel if Asians, or Mexicans, or whites decided to change the ethnicity of one of their beloved black figures? How low is black self-esteem that they would change Little Orphan Annie or Santa Claus’ ethnicity just to make them feel better about themselves? I’m asking this as a non-white person.

      • Have you ever been to Egypt Museum? The photos that they have up there are people of color NOT WHITE so when you learn about them in school or watch movies that they show on TV or in movie theaters of Egyptians being white you don’t think that show low self esteem for the white race? Understand that this role can be universal and it could be played by any race black white Chinese Mexican Asian you name it. And its kinda hard to believe that this is coming from a non white person you’re probably just a uncle tom then

  16. I really dont get why it is necessary to remake movies that there was nothing wrong wit. It seems nine times out of ten the remake sucks. Please stop!!! I

  17. Is it racist to be annoyed by the rewriting of history – little orphan Annie was metaphor/ tale of an Irish kid. The Irish, who suffered terribly under English rule, and that’s why they left in droves for America. The Irish built most of US’s northern big cities, by construction labour, when the African slaves were very far in south. Skin colour has no leverage here, it’s just a complete cultural appropriation of an urban American Irish tale.

  18. Annie is a classic movie. I don’t think it should be remade at all. I love that they’re using a black main character, but seriously, it’s classic movie and broadway performances are how it should be. Now, it’ll be talking about ‘The new annie’ and ‘the old annie’ and Annie should just be one of those classics, like Ghostbusters. I get spinoffs and all, but come on..

  19. She may be a good actress but Annie was white with red hair. The movie industry is going overboard with its political correctness. Would you consider casting a white man to play Martin Luther King Jr.?

  20. I can’t stand black people anymore.

    Ya’ll have waaaaay worn out your welcome..

    • Too bad. We’ll always be here. We’re not going anywhere

      • First a black Karate Kid now a black Annie. This black racism and rape of classical movies has to stop now!


          • The only reason why black people choose to “be like white people” is because we like diversity. We choose to look different. And that’s not all black people. Alot of black people choose to go with certain things because they feel it suits them best. They could dye their hair purple and people could have a problem with it. It’s just the fact that other non-black individuals don’t like thats blacks are rising in society. Oppression is over. And it’s time we as people move on and except the fact that blacks are apart of our nation as well.

  21. Why why why is this a black and white thing these two young girls played Annie very well and I personally love both of them,it don’t matter what their races are just be more supportive for young talented actors.

    • Let the black people make all black films they want to. They just better not rely on an all black audience to Fill the Box office. It will be a flop.

  22. I feel all of the main characters should have been Black. Why was Jamie Foxx’s love interest White? The little girl playing Annie did a wonderful job, but most of the other characters needed improvement. Black version fine, but the original did not have an interracial couple.

  23. The movie and musicals were based off of the comic strip which the little girl had short red curly hair so I think that is why some people are confused as to why the need to remake it with a little african american girl