‘Annie’ Remake: First Images of Cameron Diaz & Quvenzhané Wallis on Set

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Quvenzhane Wallis and Cameron Diaz Annie Remake: First Images of Cameron Diaz & Quvenzhané Wallis on Set

Those who haven’t yet been to see the most recent Broadway revival of Annie might want to buy up tickets now, as its year-and-a-bit-long run is coming to a close in early January. For those who can’t afford the ticket price (or don’t live close enough to New York), there’s no need to despair, as Annie is also coming to the big screen next year in a new adaptation from Easy A director Will Gluck.

With filming on Annie now underway, images of the actors on set and fitting into their roles have begun to emerge. Cameron Diaz, who is playing the Hudson Street Orphanage’s cruel overseer Miss Hannigan, tweeted a photo of herself in heavy make-up with the caption, “I want you to meet someone. Her name is Ms. Hannigan. She ain’t nice and she ain’t pretty.” Well, that’s about half right.

For a better look at the whole ensemble (including the rest of that fabulous fuzzy sweater), the Daily Mail has photos from the on location shoot in New York City this week, in which Diaz compliments the look with some denim hotpants and some laddered tights and plenty of jewellery.


Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan in Annie Annie Remake: First Images of Cameron Diaz & Quvenzhané Wallis on Set

The set photos also show young star Quvenzhané Wallis, who plays little orphan Annie, filming what looks like the scene of her leaving the Hudson Street Orphanage as Miss Hannigan gives her a “friendly” send-off. Wallis is just 10 years old but has already received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, after her role in 2012 drama Beasts of the Southern Wild. It’s a thankfully solid casting choice, especially considering the original choice was producer Will Smith’s daughter Willow Smith; no offence to her, but last time she was handed a celebrity career it didn’t go well.

It’s only a brief glimpse into proceedings, but already Annie is looking ideal for a contemporized version of the Tony Award-winning musical. Producer Jay-Z hasn’t mentioned any specifics about whether the music will be updated in the same style as his 1998 hit “Hark Knock Life,” but if the rest of the film is being remodeled for 2013 then it would make sense to do the same for the songs.

Annie feels like it’s going to be 2014′s Les Misérables, in the sense that we really hope it’s going to be good, but it’s difficult to tell without seeing (and hearing) some of it first-hand. Maybe it will be great, though. Maybe…


Annie will be in theaters on Christmas Day 2014.

Source: Cameron Diaz, Daily Mail

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  1. Why didn’t they cast a black woman to play Miss Hannigan? Now instead of just being a cruel orphanage overseer, she’ll be the cruel white lady abusing the little black girl… Or are they trying to play that race angle? I’m just curious.

    • Nope, I just a see a woman and a girl in an orphanage. It’ll be racist if you see it that way. Grow up dude it’s the 21st century.

      • @Jasonator

        Speaking of growing up, part of it is something called comprehension, not just reading. I don’t even care about this movie or plan on watching it (or the original for that matter, not my type of movie), I’m talking about the public perception of the movie’s intended message. I’m not talking about your idealistic view of the world, I’m talking about the real world, where when you watch the news, a white person killing a black person is seen as a hate crime while a black person killing a white person is just a crime… Go ahead and deny this and show how naïve and blind you are to the world…

        And boy would my ex girlfriend, who is Nigerian, be surprised to find out that I’m a racist. Whoa…

        • I’m not going to comment on anything other than your notion that if a black kills a white person it’s “just a crime” but if it’s the other around it’s a “hate crime”.

          America’s perception of white and black criminals are different and I don’t necessarily see it as perceiving the white man unfairly -

          James Holmes, a white man, shoots up a Movie theater and kills many – the resulting coverage spends a stranger amount of time discussing his impressive Academic achievements.

          Charles Ramsey, a black man, rescues 3 woman from their ten year captivity and the resulting media coverage wants to discuss his previous domestic dispute issues, issues that had been legally resolved and long since dealt with.

          So whatever racial unfairness you where trying to touch base on I believe goes both ways.

          • This is true but then the American public also focused on the fact that George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin but conveniently forgot that Trayvon had attacked him first in self defense then decided to go back and attack him again for whatever ridiculous reason.

            The world is messed up but lets not bring that messed up race war stuff to movies now, fellas. They have a well known actress in it to help pull in crowds until the rest of the cast is announced and she happens to be playing one of the villains.

            I can guarantee people would complain if it was an all-black cast too. Fact is, Jay Z and Will Smith are behind this movie and if they want to give a starring role to a girl who got an Oscar nomination earlier this year and want to help her career early on then they will. Race doesn’t matter when it comes to helping people on the career ladder.

            • Trayvon did not attack him twice. If you are going to use Zimmerman’s account of the events that transpired at least recount them accurately. According to Zimmerman Trayvon accosted him on his way back to his car and the fight escalated from there up until he shot trayvon.

          • @Knock Knock

            Actually, you are the one seeing race as the reason for this. The reason for this is that those facts make their acts surprising. If a shooter has a history of violence and a record of violent crime, then their new act of violence is of no surprise, thus not worth reporting. While someone who rescues someone with a history in public service, is again, not a story. Look at the case of the black professor that was arrested for being belligerent and combative toward a police officer. The news also focused on his credentials as a professor and clean record… It’s the contrast that matters. Except when it comes to the example I gave, then the contrast only matters in one instance and not the other.

            And don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here as me defending the media. I absolutely hate the trash that is modern “journalism.” It’s more “let’s push a political agenda” than reporting on the truth…

            • No I’m sorry don’t buy that. I don’t think for a second that the story of a man rescuing three women who where held be kidnapped and held captive for 10 years was not a story that couldn’t stand on it’s own without mentioning the hero’s checkered pass. That’s b*******. The story was captivating on it’s own merits.

              And I don’t believe for a second that a man who randomly walks into a crowded movie premier at a local movie theater and then starts blowing people’s heads off needed to also be married with stories of his academic past. That’s also b*******. The story again was captivating on it’s own merits. I believe that there is nothing wrong with touching base on their pass to give background, but the way the Hero was treated and the way this criminal was treated was shockingly strange. And America’s perception of the individuals was also a stark contrast, and I’m not solely referring to the media.

              Reading the comments on various forums, threads, and public discussion formats I found that many believe Charles ramsey was a fluke. Discerning somehow that out of a race, that they believe is full of criminals – this is the common perception of African Americans, that Charles was a momentary exception to a rule. And then of course aside from that you still had people calling him the N word, etc, etc… Showcasing the blatant white supremacy that still exists in this country.

              With James Holmes going through discussion after discussions. I can tell you I never came across a racist slur thrown his way. His race in fact is never brought up in discussion. In a strange yet interesting dichotomy as white criminal his actions only represent him as individual, much different to how many view the actions of a black criminal to reflect the actions of the entire black race.

              Ultimately from what I can gather from the general opinion in america is that the white is still viewed more favorably than the black. It think it’s actually very obvious.

    • This movie is nothing more than a remake of Annie. There are no racial innuendos at all in this film. Cameron was not casted so she can be painted as the evil white woman come to ruin the little black girl’s life. I’m black and having quvenzhane wallis and cameron diaz play off of each other will be quite entertaining. This is a movie and that’s it. If we’re going by your logic, because there is one black person in a film, everyone should be black to avoid being seen as perpetuating a stereotype that isn’t even there.

      • @mikeee

        Alright, so I guess you speak for everybody then. I’m sure we’ll not see anything said about this from anyone when the movie is released. Thanks for the reassurance. :-)

    • Yup kinda racist lol

  2. Another film made just to please demographics. At least we won’t see Will Smith’s daughter in it.

    • @Hector

      Well, to be fair, they needed a girl at around her age, and this actress made waves with another movie. So it kind of just made sense in a way to cast her instead of another child actress. I just wish they would have adjusted the casting of supporting characters accordingly so the public will not read into any racial messages from the movie that might have been completely unintentional…

    • +1

      Little Smiths have 0.005% talent between the two of them.

  3. Two words Miley Cyrus’ mom

    • Twerking it !

  4. Blannie.

    • Your a piece of s***

  5. All they need now is Jackie Chan to play Mr. Bundles, Jay-Z to lay Oliver Warbucks, and Dev Patel to play his assistant and you have most of the demographics taken care of.

    • Get real man, can you prove the little girl they cast was not because of her talent? What other girl her age have you seen lately display great acting ability?

  6. So excited to see Diddy Warbucks.

  7. Why remake a Classic like ‘Annie?’ My Wife the other day showed our daughter for the first time Director’s John Huston ‘Annie,’ Tim Curry, Carol Burnett, & Bernadette Peters performances just rocked, please Hollywood don’t ruin this for my daughter’s generation.

  8. Could be a good movie. Disappointed at how ugly these threads tend to get when discussing race.

  9. Why are we even speaking about race? I have yet to read any decent comments (except for the dude worried it will spoil it for his daughter). Get over yourselves people. Stop trying to find racist undertones in everything. Wallis was chosen for the role because she is talented (thankfully no one overlooked that because of her race, yay awesome move on), Cameron was chosen because as we all know from Bad Teacher, she’s awesome at playing a ‘bad girl’. Now can we please discuss the film itself. I started to read the comments to see what you all thought about the film , let’s do that.

    • Agree.

    • I was at Starbucks the other day and the guy in front of me had the audacity to order his coffee black. BLACK! what a racist…

    • Agree with the little girl, but don’t like Cameron Diaz for anything, blah…

  10. I am not even the slightest bit interested in seeing this.

    • + 1000000000000000000000000000

  11. Wtf are they letting a monkey play annie?