Anne Hathaway Confirms Catwoman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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Interesting news for The Dark Knight Rises is all but nonexistent, thanks to Christopher Nolan’s nearly iron-fisted grip on any and all inside information. The only trustworthy source for TDKR plot information, in fact, is either Nolan himself or a member of the cast and crew. Take, for example, co-star Anne Hathaway.

After Hathaway was officially cast as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises, there remained some question as to whether or not she would be playing Catwoman, as well.

Now, courtesy of an off-handed remark on Oprah (via Batman-News), Anne Hathaway has confirmed that she will indeed be playing Catwoman.

Today, on her show, Oprah Winfrey asked Hathaway how she got invited to host the Oscars. Hathaway’s answer was telling, especially the part that didn’t have anything to do with the Oscars:

“Do you want to know the real story? I’ve never told the real story. […] So the real story is, I was waiting back to hear if I’d been cast as Catwoman. And my manager called me and said, ‘Are you sitting down?’ She’s like, ‘You’re about to hear something you will never hear again in your whole life.’ I’m like, okay. And she goes, ‘You’ve been asked to host the Oscars!’ [And] I’m like, I’m Catwoman! [Wait, w]hat?!”

Check out the entire video below:

If Anne Hathaway is to be believed – and really, why wouldn’t she be? – we can assume that she’ll be playing some version of the character known as Catwoman. However, what “playing Catwoman” precisely means within the realistic Nolan-verse still remains to be seen (check out Kofi Outlaw’s excellent analysis of that very question).

The most plausible theory, in my opinion, is that Anne Hathaway will be playing an atypical cat burglar that the Gotham City papers come to dub “The Catwoman.” Does that mean she’ll have pointy cat ears? A superfluous tail? Razor-bladed fingertips for claws? These things seem increasingly less likely to me, but I suppose anything is a possibility — especially in the same world where a magic doomsday machine vaporizes all water except when it’s inside human bodies.

The Dark Knight Rises, starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and possibly Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard, starts shooting this spring and is scheduled to hit theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: Oprah [via Batman-News]

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  1. I always assumed she was playing Catwoman, still its nice to hear a pseudo confirmation

  2. You guys liked to the much better, but credited Batman-on-Film. Might want to fix that!

    • *linked

      • Fixed! Thanks for that.

        • No problem! :)

        • Thank you Ben! :)

          • You’re welcome! Sorry about that.

  3. Just devil’s advocate here, but could she just be talking as an ill-informed actress and be saying “Catwoman” as a general term since that name is more widely known than Selina Kyle?

    • Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I don’t see this much a conformation. Most people recall the character as Catwoman and should could have been misinformed.

    • But Wally Pfister (the cinematographer) said last month that he shot her screen test and she looked “phenomenal in the wardrobe”. I think she had that catsuit on… I think her comments on Oprah all but confirm that she won’t just be “Selina Kyle”.

      • Others suggest she could have just been in a dress that the character will wear sometime in the film. Not necessarily the catsuit.

        • Then why was Pfister reluctant to divulge more information regarding the wardrobe?

          • …ummm, because of that tight-fisted control over details about the film that the article, itself, stated Nolan is maintaining?!?

            While it MIGHT be true that she’s playing both roles, THIS interview says NOTHING about it. Hathaway starts her story saying she was waiting to hear about being IN “Catwoman”, then correcting herself to say PLAYING “Catwoman”. At no time did she indicate anything other than a hope that she would be the PERSON who is both identities, using the name Catwoman because that’s the more well-known name…like ordering a Coke in a restaurant when all you actually mean is “soft drink”.

            I think you read too much into THIS one…

            • I’m sorry, but no way. She’s not a moron. Also, she has more handlers than she knows what to do with. If she weren’t playing Catwoman, she’d know it. And if she were playing Selina Kyle but not Catwoman, she’d say, ‘I was waiting back to hear about being in Batman.’

              • I never said she didn’t know. I said this particular interview did not say one way or another, hence the “read too much into…” comment.

                I also did not disparage her intelligence. I merely said that she misspoke for a moment and immediately corrected herself. She said “Catwoman” as the PERSON she is playing, not the FILM in which she will be playing. I maintain that this was not some slip of the tongue/great revelation but a simple, easily-made, even more easily-fixed flub.

                Hopefully, that clears up any confusion. I happen to agree that she will be Catwoman as well as Selina Kyle…but NOT based on this interview.

                • Anything OTHER than NORMAL clothes WILL be NOLAN’S version OF the CATWOMAN costume. I seriously DOUBT they WILL have SELENA Kyle IN the MOVIE and NOT have ANY burgleries. I like words in all caps too :)

                  • Heh.

              • Don’t think anyone ever accused her of being “a moron”, as I said in my original comment she may have been speaking as an “ill-informed” person. She may also be trying to make it more understandable for the audience. Like Archaeon said, it’s like order coke instead of soft drink, asking for a kleenex instead of a tissued, or googling instead of using a search engine. I’m guessing most of Oprah’s audience isn’t aware of who Selina Kyle is but they’d be more likely to recognize the name Catwoman.

    • I think she was less an ill-informed actress, and more just a person talking to an ill-informed audience. I doubt many in Oprah’s audience will make the connection to Batman. Saying Catwoman is just easier.

    • Well, she says she’s been waiting to see if she was “cast as Catwoman”. Should we assume that Anne Hathaway knows “Selina Kyle” = “Catwoman”?

  4. Wow, that one picture on this article makes me want to purr and take her out for a warm bowl of milk!

  5. YAY Two villains I can not wait!!!!!!!

    • I don’t know if they plan on using Catwoman has a villain the trough the whole film. Batman and Catwoman actually team up quite sometime in the comic.

  6. Did we honestly expect Nolan to not use Catwoman? I mean, why else would he use Selina Kyle if not to have her turn into Catwoman? If not, then he could have just used Vicky Vale or someone.

  7. vicky vale Vicky vicky vale

    • Extra points for the Chuck reference!

  8. This seems stupid to me…But,I mean, seriously. Christopher Nolan is directing HIS finale to HIS Batman trilogy. Why oh why, ON EARTH, would he go to the trouble of setting up the potential eventual future Catwoman for some other sub-par director to poorly follow through with?

    He is doing CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’S CAT WOMAN. I tell you this. Also, The Joker and Two-Face were not too far off from the comic books… I don’t see a problem with a “CAT” Woman in a traditional sense, with pointed ears and all.

    Did Morgan Freeman not hint at the cat claws? Was I the only one stupid enough to catch the reference?

    • “should do fine against cats”…

      You’re so right! I wonder if that was intentional…

      • There has to be a bane reference in TDK as well….

      • No, it was just a mistake on Nolan’s part. :)

    • And when The Joker asked Gordon about the time he was hinting at The Clock King as a villain too (sarcasm).

  9. After watching Anne Hathaway carry the Oscars by herself lifting a stoned Franco last night I’m all/totally behind her playing Catwoman!!!
    Why didn’t Nolan call this, “The Dark Knight Shines”. It sounds better then rise’s. (Imo)

    • Did you not see “Love and Other Drugs?” THAT will tell you why Batman will be “rising” in this movie. :)

  10. IMO, selina kyle is to catwoman, as harvey dent is to two face. anyone wondering if catwoman will be in TDKR should think along those lines.

  11. Well, considering that the movies involve a guy who runs around dressed up like a bat, why would anyone think that a woman running around dressed up like a cat is all that far out?

    I’m really having a hard time understanding where people are getting this “realistic” label for Nolan’s Batman movies.

    • Vincent,

      There are levels of realism. IMHO the more “real” you try to make a movie like this, the better. Makes it easier to suspend your disbelief and to buy the story.


      • Yes IMO Nolan’s Batman films are as realistic as you can possibly get…

        • Apart from the microwave emmitter, the fear toxin, the sonar phone thing, the memory cloth, the ballistic reconstruction of a bullet to get a fingerprint, Batman and Rachel surviving the fall from the building… Need I go on?

          • I think what Rickster is saying is “Nolan’s Batman films are as realistic as you can possibly get…:. He didnt say realistic but as realistic as they get. There is a difference. Nolan makes you beleive something like that could actually happen…it could. Except for the microwave emmitter that would kill us all I think its all plausible for future inventions.

            • Yes Alpine that is what I meant :)

              But what Microwave emitter? lol

          • Actually, Sam…Toxins and gasses of various types (poisonous and otherwise) have been used and researched for development for years. Also, microwave weaponry (though different in form and operation) has been HEAVILY researched. Memory cloth OF A TYPE is, in fact, being developed right now.

            Does everything work the way it does in the movies (or will it, at some point in the future)? No, of course not. However, quite a few of the devices are based on real systems or inventions or plans or even brain trust conceptualizations. Thus, I repeat PLAUSIBILITY is a perfectly viable way to look at the gadgetry, not REALITY. In these films, after all, the Batmobile really does drive fast and make incredible jumps…

      • I don’t undestand all the fuss about realism. It’s a movie. The story and the performances have to be convincing. I didn’t think “Star Wars” seemed particularly realistic, but I don’t recall that interfering with my enjoyment of the film.

        • Gene,

          Star Wars is not supposed to be realistic. The less realistic it is the better. Nolan’s films are realistic in some ways. Of course there are some things that could never happen but he presents it in a realistic way and that makes the film all the more believable and sensational.

          • Jake,
            I suppose it’s just a matter of taste, then. And context. I expect “The King’s Speech” to be realistic. I expect “On Golden Pond” to be realistic. You say that “Star Wars” isn’t meant to be realistic. Well, I don’t expect a movie about a rich guy that dresses up as a bat so he can beat up bad guys to cling too tightly to realism. In fact, it’s then that I find realism to be too restricting. I like the Nolan version for what it is, but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with Tim Burton’s. To me, trying too hard to make “Batman” into a convincing reality is like trying to make “Ordinary People” an enjoyable effects-filled musical.

            • Gene,

              Good point. It’s definitely a matter of taste. I can’t agree with you about the Tim Burton version of Batman but we all have different opinions, likes and dislikes.

          • The way I took Gene’s point is that a movie doesn’t have to be “realistic”. And I don’t really agree with your statement “makes the film all the more believable and sensational.” I would say on the sensational part the least realistic the more sensational it is.

        • @ Gene

          I pretty much agree. Aslong as the movie is great, realism or not, thats all i care about. Take Superman Returns, Singer had that film look & feel more realistic for today’s audiences when it came out but it didn’t do aswell as TDK. Not even Nolan’s Batman Begins topped Burton’s 89 Batman film. So imo realism really has little to to do with it. Maybe more these days, but still depends on the film.

          • Now context, I can understand. Following the past two Nolan films, it’s clear that the Catwoman has to fall into his version of “realism”. The Bane character, as portrayed in that awful Schumacher disaster, would not fit into Nolan’s world. So I understand why Catwoman, for now, has to be “realistic”. I just don’t believe that realism in itself makes a movie better or worse.

          • WallyWest,

            I liked Superman Returns but many people did not like it for whatever reason. I don’t think it had anything to do with realism because it’s Superman after all. Like I said, I liked it but I think the main problem with it was pacing and that there wasn’t much to get excited about. The scene with the airplane and blasting through the wings and all was probably the most exciting part of the film but other than that it was pretty slow and predictable.

            • @ jake the snake

              What people didn’t like about Superman Returns didn’t have to do about the realism that Singer brought to it. If you read my post carefully, You’d know it was other reasons such as not as much action mostly. Reasons like imo it was too much like Donnor’s original film but mostly what ticked people that i know was Superman having a kid.

              • I have a hard time chipping in about “Superman”, because I’m not particularly passionate about the character, which probably explains why I thought “Superman Returns” was pretty good. While it’s nowhere near the kind of kick in the pants (and I mean that in a good way) that Nolan gave us with “Batman Begins”, I’d say it’s definitely equal to “Bgins” as a step up from the Schumacher-esque “Quest For Peace”. I liked Routh a lot, and though I was initially disappointed to see Luthor used yet again, I thought Kevin Spacey was a blast. I’m not sure if the kid was a good idea, but I would have liked to see where they went next. I guess not enough other people did.

              • WallyWest,

                Not exciting enough=not enough action

        • Really I think the whole reality thing might have started with films like “Star Wars.” Technology and effects back in the late 70’s got noticeably better and so it was easier to invest in the overall story. Writers and directors realizing this slowly wanted the realism of the story to be right up there with the quality of the effects. Really the advances and adaptation of technology raised the whole game of movie making. It put every aspect on a more equal footing. Personally seeing older audience members walking out of “Return Of The Jedi” for example with tears in their eyes had an impact on me, because I realized a fantasy had the power today, given the proper wielding of all the tools, to really move people. And that folks drives up box office numbers. All the young turks that talk trash about emo movies and the like don’t realize that ALL movies use emotion and its cues to draw and entertain the audience. It’s part of what makes movies enjoyable. A good one done really well makes you appreciate the medium and WAMB you slowly start to turn into a critic. Hey, how come the latest 80,100,200,500 million dollar blockbuster doesn’t have the impact, the entertainment value it once did? So you begin to look for the reasons. IMO it has much less to do with originality than a faltering in, or at some aspect of, the art and craft and the structure of the risk today. In other words if the art and craft were good originality would spring from it…

  12. In another interview she did, she said commented the physical demands of stunt preparation for this part… figured that was a giveaway of sorts as well.

    • See…THAT comment says more to me about the probability of Catwoman appearing…Physical demands seem more to the point than the offhanded mentioning of the name.

      For the record, I, too, think Hathaway will be Kyle AND Catwoman, BUT we don’t want to start frothing at the mouth following false leads…

      • Yes, because the actress saying I was waiting back to hear if I was Catwoman just isn’t enough for you.

        • Snippiness is not a good trait.

          I explained myself above, so I shall refrain from being repetitive. If something in my above response offended you, I apologize. I, however, was NOT attacking you. Hopefully, that ends the snips.

          • I don’t think “snippiness” is the word you’re looking for here. Perhaps sarcasm.

            I just think you’re working pretty hard to make what she said — and what I wrote about — seem irrelevant. Have you ever heard of Accom’s Razor? “The simplest answer is usually the right one.”

            • Archeon’s right – it’s an off-handed remark. Don’t assume it means anything about the movie itself.

              You do know what it say about you when you ASSUME right?

              • I’m not assuming, I’m taking into account all of what has been said on the topic, from all parties involved, and making an educated conclusion. The actress in TDKR said she played Catwoman and you’re “assuming” either A) she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, B) she’s simplifying the issue for the Oprah audience, or C) she’s lying. You. You’re assuming.

                • Is that your idea of “I know you are but what am I?”

                  actually, if you read carefully my point is NOT to assume. I’m not assuming anything because I haven’t reached a conclusion whereas you wrote an article titled “Anne Hathaway Confirms Catwoman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’”
                  which sounds like a conclusion (prove me wrong).

                  All the facts you say? The only facts in your article are that Anne Hathaway was cast as Selina Kyle in TDKR and what she said on Oprah (not so many facts).

                  I’ve said twice (now three times) I agree that Catwoman probably appears, but “Anne Hathaway Confirms Catwoman” in inaccurate. She made no definitve statement about Catwoman appearing in TDKR.

                • I think Ben has been taken out of context here (I still think we need a universal sarcasm font and a universal understanding of the meaning of sarcasm as a friendly jibe rather than an attack).

            • Ben…

              Actually, snippiness is exactly what I meant. Your response confirms my firm belief that you, for some odd reason, felt the need to defend yourself. The truly sad aspect of all of this is that we AGREE that both identities will be in the film. I simply saw no definitive confirmation of that probability in the interview. Thank you, Panda, for getting what I was saying AND why…

  13. So is Nolan going to be pissed off? As much as he has been keeping things under wraps for her to just blurt it out like that! I wonder how he is reacting to this…

  14. She will be the cat… Y’all will see. Can’t wait to hear was the plot to B3.

  15. The main reason I think that she’s going to be playing Catwoman is that I just don’t think Nolan would close out his trilogy by adding a pseudo-character like Selina Kyle who would never delve into her Catwoman persona. What would be the point of that? We would all know who she was supposed to become, but why would he just leave it like that? That would be utterly unsatisfying not just for a film, but as the last piece of a trilogy. Just doesn’t make sense.

    • It’s funny you say this (I wholeheartedly agree, BTW)…There are still some people who actually believe Nolan would end his trilogy with Batman’s back broken and Bane in control of Gotham! WHY???


      • I don’t think he would do that but WOW, what a way to go out. That ending would be talked about for ages considering most people don’t even know that happened at one point in the comics.

  16. To me, on the surface Talia makes more sense but perhaps Nolan has plans to set the pattern for what Cat Woman should really be. I guess in the end Cat Woman is more interesting to him than Talia. Never the less I wouldn’t be surprised if Nolan didn’t authorize this little reveal. You need buzz so why not../

    • I don’t know about anybody else, but I can’t wait for the new batmobile!!!!

  17. Every little The Dark Knight Rises related information just makes me more eager to watch the epicness that the movie is going to be.

    • Sure, the films are not realistic…to the extent that we ARE talking about a superhero film. However, they are designed to be plausible…at least on the surface. Yes, a number of the elements are fantastic in design and/or execution, but with a bit of suspension of disbelief, the audience can think, “Hmmm, well, maybe that could happen; yeah, I could see that as possible”. I just think too many people have used the word “realistic”, instead of the better “plausible” or even “speculative”.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I understand that, but people do tend to harp on about how realistic these films are, and honestly, they are as fantastical as Burton’s films, only Nolan’s are wrapped up in being plausible.

        • You’re right about the extremism of the defense of his Batman. That, again, is why I say substitute “plausible” for “realistic”.

  18. She had better be in a proper catwoman-ish costume!!

    • Agreed.

  19. i would love to see her in the Jim Lee look, goggles and back pack

    • Agreed. I don’t know about the Dark Knight, but that getup would certainly get a “rise” out of me! :)

  20. I’m not sure how I feel about this. If Nolan can make Catwoman serious and entertaining at the same time I will be surprised.

  21. Don’t take away too much from those statements…
    She’s talking on Oprah, so the audience is not likely to be the typical comic movie-going public. If she said “I was waiting to hear whether I was playing Selina Kyle,” much of the audience probably wouldn’t know what she was talking about.

    I’m sure the Catwoman persona is in the film in some form, but I wouldn’t look to Hathaway’s statement on Oprah to be CONFIRMATION of anything.

    • If she’s not playing Catwoman, she would have said, “I was waiting to hear back if I’d been cast in Batman.” It’s even easier than saying Catwoman.

      • I’m just saying you have to look at the totality of the circumstances – what she said, where and to whom she said it. At best this is one point for the theory that Catwoman will appear, not a confirmation as the title says. It’s still a rumor – face it.

        Like I said, I’m sure Nolan will have Catwoman in some form but don’t take Hathaway’s words on Oprah as anything more than hearsay

      • Um… Waiting to hear back and actually getting the part are two entirely different things.

        If you listen to what she’s saying, you realize she’s talking about the fact that she was expecting her manager to call about the Catwoman role but instead heard about hosting the Oscars.

        I wouldn’t be too hasty in any assumption that Hathaway is playing the part, although I’d love it if she is.

        • Uh, what? She got the part. It was officially announced like a month ago. That’s what she’s referring to.

          • not according to the clip. she never really confirmed it.

  22. Hey, anyone know that the comic most of those pictures are from? She looks like Audrey Hepburn.

    • Yes it is Audrey.

  23. I hope Nolan’s version of Catwoman will have her eat cats alive and have her be as lonely and creepy as possible. Hopefully they stay away from latex outfits.

  24. So I also heard the rumor that Dr Hugo is possibly in this played by Robin Williams. Any comments or speculation on that?

    • Also, I honestly thing if not catwoman then definitely harley quinn.. since the joker is out of the picture (RIP Heath)

  25. Batman Begins (2005): A statement that roughly somewhat defines the magic doomsday machine goes in the movie like this: “It uses **focused** microwaves to vaporize the enemy’s water supply.”

    I think the word “focused” has something to do with the selective vaporization of water affecting only the pipes and not the human bodies. Must be something to do with the percentage of water present in the target. Targets with a specific minimum percentage must be affected. — “focused”.

    • “Targets”? It was an AoE explosion, it hit anything it came into contact with, and no matter the quantity of water in any individual object, microwaves would be on the scale of particles. Even the water in a rock would be affected, but generally not present enough to cause anything more than a crack. Stupid argument, but I like physics.