Anne Hathaway Is Game For A ‘Catwoman’ Spinoff

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anne hathaway catwoman movie Anne Hathaway Is Game For A Catwoman Spinoff

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is (obviously) the trending topic of discussion, and Anne Hathaway’s performance as Selina Kyle is widely considered one of the film’s highlights. So… will the Cat-burglar be getting her own vehicle?

Hathaway had made it known that she’s interested in a spinoff, so long as it maintains tonal continuity with the Nolan-verse iteration of the feline femme fatale. The actress is certainly not alone, as many fans are eager for a Catwoman movie that wipes away memories of Halle Berry’s solo outing as the character.

Digital Spy asked Hathaway about the idea, and she responded:

“I think it would be lovely to see more of her but only if it’s with the right people. She lives in [Nolan’s Gotham City] and so it would have to be established by the people who have made this Gotham City. For me, at least.”

The Oscar-nominated actress expounded on her stance towards a Catwoman spinoff, while discussing her approach to tackling the iconic Batman antiheroine role:

“I didn’t want to focus on the other peoples’ interpretation of [Catwoman] because I didn’t see where that would get me; it would only be a rehashing of something already done – and done very well. I thought it was probably best to focus on being a part of Chris Nolan’s Gotham City.”

Catwoman The Dark Knight Rises Anne Hathaway Is Game For A Catwoman Spinoff

Nolan has made it known that he has no plans to serve as a central creative guide in the developing DC comic book movie universe. However, that doesn’t exclude the possibility of a Catwoman movie where Nolan serves in a secondary position and helps get the project off the ground (as he did with Man of Steel).

The filmmaker offered Access Hollywood his thoughts on a Catwoman spinoff:

“Anne is incredibly precise and articulate about the psychology of the character. She’s really built it from the ground up, it’s a delight to watch her perform, the things she does in those heels is not to be taken lightly… I certainly think she deserves [her own solo movie], she’s incredible.”

This Catwoman movie talk from Hathaway and Nolan puts the ball into play in the court of public opinion (if nothing else). Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning: Dark Knight Rises avoids an intimate exploration of Selina Kyle’s backstory, so there is worthwhile material for a spinoff to explore.

Are you interested in a Catwoman spinoff starring Hathaway? Let us know in the comments section.

Meanwhile, The Dark Knight Rises is currently playing in theaters.


Source: Digital Spy, Acces Hollwood

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  1. A robin spinoff would be great! As long as they tell a great story behind him as far as catwomen I would love to see that as well but Have the black mask and the no face society in it

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  2. Robin spin off and catwomen spinoff with her have black mask and the no face society

  3. catwomen spinoff with her have black mask and the no face society

  4. with her have black mask and the no face society

  5. I would have thought the DC universe would have allot more characters lined up for movies that are more important than Catwomen. I’ve always thought of Catwomen as a protagonist to Batman not really worthy of her own movie or comic.
    Having said that I’d see it if it was done well but I’m very skeptical Catwoman can hold her own for an entire movie. Anne Hathaway is a great actor though.


  7. A Catwoman spin off would be a horrible idea, as it would likely clash with the concluding note Nolan left with his TDKR.

  8. She still looks like an awkward dork in a Kmart costume.

  9. Terry and David Bowie, go f*** yourself! I would LOVE a Catwoman spin-off as long as it doesn’t mess up the critical success of the Nolan-verse Batman and as long as it RISES above the holy crap lame Catwoman 2004 film

  10. I wouldn’t want any movie made where the villain is the main character. Not even The Joker.

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  12. As far as a Catwoman movie goes I’m always game. But Hathaway, to me anyway, didn’t portray catwoman as she should have been portrayed. Catwoman is supposed to be a bad a$$, Sexy, and not afraid to get her paws dirty in the process. Lets try a different approach to Catwoman later on when it’s time to once again remake the Batman Universe. Now a Robin spinoff would be fantastic.

  13. I don’t mean to be a troll, but I’m not interested. I thought Anne Hathaway did a fantastic job in this movie, but I can’t imagine any material that would make two hours of Catwoman interesting. I’m not interested in her back story. She isn’t heroic; she’s a jewel thief, so it’s not like we could watch Anne Hathaway be the same Catwoman that she was in Batman and also watch a superhero movie, because she would be stealing things and not rescuing people. I mean you can’t have Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman being a sympathetic lead for two hours, because Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman is not sympathetic. She’s a really strong, semi-apathetic criminal.

  14. A catwoman spin-off would be terrific- Michelle Pfeiffer should be included somehow as well.

    • I was waiting for someone to mention Michelle Pfeiffer. Her Selena Kyle/Catwoman was awsome. According to the trades she was all about doing a solo Catwoman movie if the right script came along. This is why she didn’t do Halle Berry’s. I enjoyed Halle’s because I like her. You get a great actress in a supporting role, this may go the way of Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway would be all for it but it would have to be beyond remarkable.

  15. With the right tone, i think a catwoman spin off would work. The character is more than just a thief and more complex than most super heroes.(including Superman)

    • It’s easy to be more complex than Superman.

  16. I want a Catwoman Spinoff. I want it with Hathaway. I want Nolan to do it. And most importantly i want it RIGHT NOW!

    …and by the way: I’d like Nolan to do another Batman Trilogy… :-)

  17. I would love to see GOOD Catwoman movie.
    Anne Hathaway just isn’t badass or sexy. She can’t pull off her own movie.
    IF there was another Catwoman movie, they should cast Michelle Rodriguez or Charlize Theron.

  18. Anne H…………All the way!!.

    Anne’s, Catwoman Is the real thing and straight forward.

    Michelle’s, Catwoman was more of a riddle me this or that Type of gal.

    Halle’s, Catwoman was more of a virgin and childish.

    Bane voice; LET THE GAME BEGIN.

    • ‎”I’m not afraid. I’m angry.” -Bruce Wayne

  19. Nolan should make a Catwoman movie it would be great but i would want to see a Black Widow solo film first from Marvel.

  20. No spinoffs please. We’re done with this universe it was brilliant. Anything more would be milking and spoiling it

  21. This bothers me. A Catwoman film could potentially contradict the end of TDKR. This could only really work if it is somewhat of a prequel for her character. I don’t like the idea, at all.

  22. Awesome performance by Anne Hathaway. She definitely owned that part. I would love to see a spinoff by her. A little bit naughty and a little bit nice.. she played it perfectly.

  23. Anne Hathaway is sexy as **** IMO. She’s always been cute and girl-next-door to me, but after showing her bad girl side she just makes me like her that much more.

    A full Catwoman spin-off movie…I’d say yes, but that’s mostly be just nodding excitedly at a chance to see Hathaway being flexible, stretchy and bad girl in a tight suit for 2+ hours. But as far as interesting story arc for her role (which would be a backstory, and non-heroic at that)? Not so sure.

    But I would definitely watch it though.

  24. Ok, sorry if this has been asked before, but no way I’m reading through all of that. But maybe I just missed it or something, but can someone please tell me what was “cat” about Nolan’s Catwoman?? I mean, the cat ears thing seems more of an accident. She didn’t really reveal herself to be a cat lover, she doesn’t have claws, and there wasn’t a single cat joke in there… Did I miss it?? lol

    From what I remember, she was more “Thief woman in black tights and heels” than a Catwoman…

    • Some of the reports in newspapers (and whatever other reports Bruce researched) referred to her as “The Cat”. At no point was she (officially) “Catwoman”. Her stealth and agility, her sneakiness and air of mystery, and her seemingly mercurial behavior all identified as Catwoman. Also, in her original appearances in the comics, Selina Kyle actually WAS called The Cat; later, the name changed.

      All of these things, as played by Hathaway, made this version of the character AT LEAST as much a legitimate portrayal as any other onscreen of “Catwoman”.

  25. that will be great to see hollywood having another
    crack of the whip at catwoman again and this time
    i hope that they stay true to the story of catwoman
    no disreguard to halle berry’s version in which it
    was great in it’s own way but this one will be new
    so anne please do it and yes please i’m in.

    frankie (cool rider) smales

    frankie smales tv and movie review uk.

  26. I think it would be great to see Catwoman movie, Ann Hateway did a good job, better than the Halle Berry Catwoman, not blaming Halle Berry for the movie which was not her fault, the director or producers should did more research on Catwoman before they proceeded, I think it would be great to see her go against Harley Quinn. As far as a Robin movie, I think it would be better to call it Nightwing instead of robin, there are so many Superhero movies in the works its exciting.

  27. You know a Robin spinoff would be cool.The way I vision it he takes on Slate the guy that he’d been fighting in the tv animated series Teen Titans.He always had a grudge against him.It was rumored that Slate was Batman the whole time.Then once he fights some other villans in other movies,they should introduce a concept of Teen Titans getting there.Maybe like where towards the third or fourth movie of the Robin spin-off movie,or even yet the second one,their could be small scene where one of Teen Titans is shown talking to Robin maybe towards the end somewhere close to the end.In my view It should Starfire or Raven.Personally Starfire because he falls in love with her.So for Robin spinoff..yeah that would be awesome and hopefully it would lead to Teen Titans movie.

    As for A catwoman spinoff it better not suck like the Halle Berry verison.Well that’s all I have say.And as for Batman who knows is going take over series.

  28. I would like to see a catwoman spinoff and i would like to see the catwoman to battle up against the riddler..

  29. Nooooooooooooooooo, movie sucked ….they changed way to much—- Come on bruce wayne who is a millionaire has poor health care. and is crippled.. He would have the best medical doctors.. instead he goes to crappy doctors. anne hathaway as catwoman is as bad as halle berry… Wayne foundation not doing back ground checks on employee!! Talia was Bruce’s lover not enemy! – Bane not Spanish!! assassin for hire… Stupid!!!completely Hollywood ruining a franchise!

    • @Daniel

      I was not a big fan of Rises at all (and am surprised people love it given how amazing the first two were as compared to this travesty), but I have to say you are somewhat crazy.

      1) The point was Bruce had given up on life. As you saw, as soon as he felt like rejoining the world, he got himself totally fixed up.
      2) Talia absolutely is Bruce’s lover AND enemy in the comics. In fact, the current Robin is Damien Wayne – the son of Bruce and Talia.
      3) Bane also has been portrayed on both the Animated Series, Young Justice, and occassionally in the comics, as a gun for hire (not sure if he was hired during KnighFall).
      4) Anne Hathaway was *almost* as bad as Halle Berry. I swear, Catwoman didn’t say anything that wasn’t a one-liner, and her motivations were a big mess. She did great “looking the part,” but I can’t believe the BJs fan-boys are giving her and Tom “Scottish accent” Hardy for. Those performances were terrible – ESPECIALLY when compared to the non-ham-fisted turns by Ledger, Murphy, Neeson, and generally Eckhart. Nonetheless, NOBODY will be as bad as Berry (in both X-Men and Catwoman. Ugh).