‘Annabelle’ Trailer & Poster: Before ‘The Conjuring’ Began

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Director James Wan has managed to get a lot of mileage out of creepy dolls over the course of his career in making horror movies – even his Twitter handle is @creepypuppet. Saw took the voice of a sadistic killer and put it in the body of the pale-faced Billy the Puppet. Dead Silence took True Blood star Ryan Kwanten and placed him inside a nightmare of living mannequins controlled by the spirit of a dead ventriloquist. More recently, Wan’s paranormal thriller/drama The Conjuring featured a possessed doll called Annabelle, which was based on the “true story” of a toy encountered by the Warrens.

The image of Annabelle was so striking (and scary) that the doll is now getting her own spin-off movie: a prequel to The Conjuring called (you guessed it) Annabelle. Since Wan has said that’s done making horror movies, Annabelle was directed by The Conjuring‘s cinematographer John Leonetti (The Butterfly Effect 2) and scripted by Gary Dauberman (Swamp Devil).

The first teaser trailer for Annabelle has now been released, and features a slightly less aged version of the doll being given as a gift to the heavily pregnant Lydia (Annabelle Wallis) by her partner John (Ward Horton). Instead of throwing the nightmare fuel immediately out of the window, like a rational person would do, Lydia seems delighted and puts it with the rest of her creepy doll collection. After night falls, however, the doll draws some unwanted attention. Check out the trailer above, and the first poster for Annabelle below.

Annabelle movie poster Annabelle Trailer & Poster: Before The Conjuring Began

Annabelle is the first of three micro-budget spin-offs about the Warrens’ cases that are being made in addition to the upcoming sequel, The Conjuring 2. Obviously the design of the doll has a big built-in fright factor, but this first teaser just isn’t all that scary – and since James Wan isn’t involved on the creative side of things, fans of his horror work will need more of an incentive to give this spin-off a chance.

While the story of Annabelle that was told via flashback in The Conjuring is based on the version of events documented by the Warrens, this seems to be an original story about the people who owned the doll before it ended up in the hands of college students Donna and Angie and, in turn, the Warrens. Based on this short scene, it seems like the movie will show the genesis of Annabelle’s nasty nature, as the doll becomes “infected” by the spirit of one of Lydia and John’s attackers.

There is a lesson to be learned here, and that lesson is that you should never, ever buy creepy dolls or accept them as gifts. It doesn’t end well.

Annabelle arrives in theaters on October 3rd, 2014.

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  1. The cinematographer is directing? I’m in. His camera work in The Conjuring was a HUGE element in what made that film so good. Looking forward to this.

    • Hmmmm…Wally Pfister and Transcendence. Awesome cinematographers definitely should be eyed with caution when moving to the directors chair. Who is doing the shooting in this film? I was definitely interested after watching The Conjuring and found that the Annabelle section utterly delightful. Knowing that Wan isn’t involved bums me out. High hopes officially dashed.

  2. Liked The Conjuring. Got to admit that the doll, Annabelle was creepiest thing in the movie and this actually looked interesting. Though, correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t Annabelle possessed by a demon in The Conjuring? Here it’s possessed by that psycho lady.

    • As far as the true story its based on goes they bought the doll for their daughters but whenever they came home after school it had moved on its own so they started to get concerned to the point they brought in a spirit talker something guy i don’t know the name and he claimed it was possessed by a demon so they called the couple the conjurings lead characters are based on who collected it to bring to their museum ( where it still is today if you want to google image it) but along the way steering became difficult and he lost control of the vehicle a few times but other than that it’s just been on display in a case with a warning next to it. this movie looks good but i’m not sure what the link between the psychos either but it should be possessed. It could be the dolls effect on people getting them to do it’s bidding.

  3. I think “psycho lady” was possessed or something like that. You can see some crazy stuff going on next door before the lights go out. The possession must transfer over or something when she gets killed.

    I agree, Annabelle was the creepiest thing in The Conjuring. I thought the movie was great.

    • You may be right. Thanks

  4. a series based on the room where the Warrens kept all their trophies would be nice.

    • Absolutely agree with you! That would be awesome.

  5. I’ve had my eyes on this doll ever since I saw it on The Conjuring. And now they’re making the spin-off which is great! Can’t wait to see it.

  6. There has never been a creepier doll than the one that looked lke George Costanza’s mom. Why not make a spinoff featuring that one?

  7. I really hope this movie is good. I love The Conjuring and Leonetti’s eye for composition. My only concern his history of directing is not as amazing as his history of cinematography.

  8. Can CHUCKY cameo on the sequel? or do a Chucky VS Annabelle.

  9. Looks disappointing. Maybe a rental at best.

  10. I’m looking forward to seeing this but I have to admit that this trailer wasn’t good.
    It’s only a teaser and I’m glad it didn’t show to much but if I wasn’t already familiar with the story I’d be worried.

  11. As far as the actual doll goes it’s actually a Raggedy Ann Doll which for quite a long while was pretty popular (my little sister had one) and it would have been great if they were able to acquire the rights but I understand why the company wouldn’t agree.

    I’m not sure if it’s still popular but having young girls associate you product with demon possession probably isn’t good for business. ;)

  12. The real Annabelle doll is a harmless looking Raggedy Ann doll and I guess making the movie doll look as creepy as possible is more believable!

  13. too drunk to be scared

  14. This movie already exists. It’s called Child’s Play, remember?

  15. I do not see the trailer in this page? can someone see it?

  16. I saw another clip and I almost ran out the movie theater. Where Annabella went from the kitchen to over the baby crib. The movie looks great.

  17. this is so freaking scary!!!!!!!!!!

  18. can i eat ur toes

  19. This movie was amazingly scary and I need to know if there will be a second Annabelle movie within the next couple years from now on so needing to know how the college kids got the doll

  20. Ya iam also a huge fan of the “The conjuring” series but i want to say that we want “Patrick Wilson ” as a Ed waren and “Vera farmiga” as a lorein waren again in the conjuring 2 these two makes the movie ourwhelming and they will become the beauty of the movie because I have watched the conjuring and this is mind blowing because of these two actors.. Thanks

  21. Just a heads up that the 911 emergency system was not in place in North America until 1968. However, in this movie, Anabelle, which I understand to take place in the 50′s, there is a call made to 911. 30 lashes to the movie’s research department