Anna Paquin As Rogue In X-Men: First Class?

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anna paquin rogue Anna Paquin As Rogue In X Men: First Class?

Yesterday Screen Rant reported that director Bryan Singer is interested in returning to the X-Men franchise, six years after directing X2. Today we have another member of the X-Men team, Anna Paquin (who played Rogue in the first three movies), showing interest in doing another X-Men movie as well – in this case, the upcoming X-Men: First Class.

In a recent interview with IGN, Paquin talked a bit about the X-Men movies she’s starred in so far, and commented on her potential return to the series. When X-Men: First Class was first announced, Variety reported that the characters most likely to appear in the film would be Rogue, Iceman, Angel, Jubilee, Colossus and Shadowcat, amongst others. So does Paquin see herself returning as Rogue in the First Class spin-off?:

“Absolutely. Yeah… I would hope I could do a little bit more action next time, though. I kind of find it ironic that I did three big action films and did, actually, no action whatsoever. I mean I got some really amazing emotional story moments, but I didn’t really get to do the physical stuff.”

“You know, as much as I loved doing those films I was kind of like, ‘OK, so when do I get to beat someone up? When do I get to steal some powers?’ You know Sookie [Paquin's True Blood character] gets to do more action than Rogue ever did. So I’m just putting that out there. More action please, for next time.”

On top of the possible First Class character roster given by Variety, Screen Rant writer Rob Keyes speculated – based on the information we have about past and future X-Men projects – that the First Class line-up will probably include the likes of Beast, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Jean Grey and Storm. Sadly, according to X-Men producer Lauren Shuler-Donner, the ever-popular Gambit will not appear in X-Men: First Class, mainly due to continuity issues (although as Rob Keyes pointed out in his post, Donner’s reasoning doesn’t make much sense).

gambit rogue taylor kitsch anna paquin Anna Paquin As Rogue In X Men: First Class?

Screen Rant also reported on Gambit actor Taylor Kitsch’s suggestion of a possible X-Men spinoff featuring Gambit and Rogue. Kitsch said he would love to work with Paquin, and that it would be cool to have Gambit and Rogue in a film together. However, as Rob Keyes again pointed out, in the continuity of the existing X-Men movies, Rogue is introduced twenty years after Gambit’s appearance inĀ  X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which would mean (if we follow continuity) a huge age gap between the two lovers.

Personally, I think they should just leave out the Gambit/Rogue relationship, simply because it poses too much of a problem for the established X-Men continuity. Although I’m not opposed to the idea of more X-Men spin-offs (even though Wolverine didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped), I would much rather them just continue on with the continuity established by the X-Men trilogy. To put it simply: they should forge ahead and make X-Men 4 using all the characters we know already (including Paquin as Rogue) while hopefully introducing a few new ones.

What about you – would you like to see Anna Paquin reprise her role as Rogue in another X-Men movie? Do you think the character could fit into X-Men: First Class?

X-Men: First Class is currently slated for release sometime in 2010.

Source: IGN and Variety

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  1. I don’t care any thing about no continuity we the fan of the The X Men comic want and need to see a story line, are even a movie with Rogue and Gambit she is one of the most popular characters in the comic and she deserves to have a story about her and REMY they are the only Couple from the comic to have a real and long lasting relationship so you writers need to go back to the drawing board and come up with something better to make the viewer happy with a romance between Rogue and Gambit the way is should be. PLEASE PEOPLE LETS GET IT TOGETHER!!!!! make the story happen ,the actors have already said that they would be on board make it happen!!!!

  2. Why does it matter,Why do you have to make a age difference between Rogue and Gambit they are the only true real couple of the comic everyone one else died are broke up but there love was tested and they came back every time so to the SICK IN THE HEAD writers of these dumb ass stories lines GET IT TOGETHER PLEASE!!!! besides who ever said REMY ETIENNE LEBEAU ever aged anyway??

    MAKE IT HAPPEN you SORRY X MEN WRITERS if you gone write can you at least follow the guidelines that STANLEY LEE made plan and simple for HELLOOOOOO!!!!

  3. In x-men first class show Rouge and Gambit together, show it any how, but show do show them together.

  4. I’d love for Anna to be in X-Men: First Class. Infact she is my favorite charater and the reason i watch X-Men. Although it would be nice for some Rogue and Gambit action, i do think they should keep the two seperate. But i look forward to X-Men: First Class and hope Anna will be in it. I will also be hoping for other movies with Rogue…

  5. Hey, I’m just getting into the X-Men Marvel comics and I’m a little confused about the order I should be reading them in… Any tips?

    • kate read all x men them all thats wat im doing right now i wach all x men movies, nd finshing waching the cartoons now…d just 14 years old nd i started to wach the x men wen the x men moves in fx back to back…..if i can do it so can you

      • that just a few days before th x men:first class came out

      • Thanks, I just finished watching all the animated series and I loved them! Do you know the order of the comics ? There seems to be multiple different series of them…

  6. anna paquin should most definately play as rogue, because she plays her very well. And I think you guys should put the gambit and rogue love scene in the movie because I think it will get everyones attention. I for one would love to watch the romance part in the movie because to me there love is a big part of the x men.

  7. anna paquin was terrible as rogue, rogue is a southern belle and she does not come close to the character very bad casting.

  8. Yeah they need to be together. Everyone knows that her thing with Bobby can’t last even though he is really cute.

  9. I’m re-familiarizing myself with the x-men storylines watching it on netflix. I loved it as a kid. And watching it though “sort of” fresh eyes (though I’m 45 now) I think that Ashley Judd would HAVE and still would make a better Rouge than Anna Paquin. Not to take anything away from Paquin, who’s definetly younger and does a great Sookie Stackhouse; but to me, in the ANIMATED SERIES (I didn’t read the comics) Rouge was (but not by much) younger than Storm, Jean, Cyclops, etc. And, if the story is say to be set maybe 5 or 6 years later, Judd would fit in quite lovely. That’s if they are looking for Rouge to be more serious this time around. The reason I’m saying that they should look to Judd is: even though she was born in Cali, she has the southern charm and southern origins and can pull off the accent without trying too hard. Being a southern girl myself I know a fake southern accent when I hear one (even if they’re British, New Zealander or Canadian). Plus, Rouge’s a smart-ass and beefs with Wolverine constantly; Judd would be great for that, and it would be fun to watch. Like I said, Paquin is great, but Judd would simply make a better more serious Rouge.

  10. I would love to see soe rogue action she is my favourite character and i hate how they’ve made her look so weak

    • Anna Paquin is a large part of why Rogue turned out so weak, and it’s pretty simple – She can’t act. As the main character on True Blood she was the worst actor, and she was horribly miscast as Rogue in the XMen franchise. I’m hoping the XMen: DoFP partial reset of the timeline allows for a recasting of this role. She seriously killed any chance of us ever seeing anything bad ass from Rogue, now we’re stuck with a whiny, weak and useless Rogue. If they do move forward with her as Rogue in a spinoff movie then it will tank, badly.