Anna Faris Passes on ‘Scary Movie 5′

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Anna Faris Scary Movie 5 Anna Faris Passes on Scary Movie 5

With the announcement of Scary Movie 5 after a six-year hiatus, it’s unclear how much enthusiasm remains for the franchise. The sequel’s prospects now look even dimmer after the announcement that series mainstay Anna Faris will likely not be returning for a fifth outing.

Faris, who had her breakthrough film role playing Cindy Campbell in the original Scary Movie back in 2000, has returned as a variation of this same character for each of the previous sequels. She has served as a constant, of sorts, for the series, even as the Wayans brothers passed the creative torch to David Zucker after Scary Movie 2.

The fame generated by her participation in the once-popular franchise helped propel her into more substantive roles in films such as Brokeback Mountain and Observe and Report. Though still not above starring in the occasional slapstick comedy, Faris has garnered enough clout in the industry over the last decade that she is no longer relegated to such parts.

In a recent interview with Coming Soon, Faris revealed that she would not be reprising her role as Cindy Campbell in Scary Movie 5, at least not in any significant way. She left open the possibility of a cameo appearance, but that’s a far cry from her lead roles in the previous installments. The exact reason for Faris’ departure from the series remains unclear. She may be trying to distance herself from the character to which she’s frequently been type-cast, or may simply be avoiding a project that seems destined to under-perform at the box office. It’s also quite possible that the film’s writers simply wanted to move the franchise in a new direction, and therefore excluded the Cindy Campbell character altogether. Whatever the case, Faris is likely far more focused on the upcoming release of the new Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Dictator, in which she co-stars.

Expectations for Scary Movie 5 already took a hit with the recent announcement that little-known director Malcolm Lee will be taking the reigns from series-veteran David Zucker. Though an injection of new blood may be just what the stale franchise needs, Lee (Undercover Brother, Soul Men) doesn’t necessarily have the chops to pull it off. Faris’ apparent absence likely won’t earn any points with fans, either. Then again, it’s at least something new. Dimension Films better launch one heck of an ad campaign if they want to see this rekindle the franchise.

Scary Movie 5 currently has a release date of January 11, 2013.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. this series shouldve ended after the third one. and i know some people will say it shouldve ended after the second one.

    • Once the Wayans brothers stopped doing them, they should have stopped. Even Leslie Neilson’s role in the sequels was terrible.

      The only reason that i would watch any further Scary Movies, would be if Anna Faris went back to being a brunette, and was butt naked from start to finish. Even then, I’d probably just download it and only watch her parts.

      • what do you mean by “watch her parts”? you mean just watch the parts of the movie that shes in or do you mean that you would watch her parts? haha

  2. It shouldn’t even BE a series. The poster even said “No sequel” right on it.

  3. I didn’t know she was in Brokeback mountain……Probably because I’ve never seen, nor will I ever see Brokeback mountain.

    • Aww, DannyBoy afraid of a little male on male action? Insecure much?

  4. The first two are watchable but after that… This is one franchise that should really stay dead.

    • I agree.
      Part 2 was on Showtime a couple of weeks ago and I watched most of it and even laughed a few times.
      I’ve seen 3 and 4 but to be honest I don’t remember anything about them, except that I think Charlie Sheen was in one of them.

  5. I wish they would do a spin-off of her character in Just Friends. She was hysterical.

    • Sorry, double post… hysterically funny*.

  6. The first 3 were good, especially number 3, but the 4th sucked. No Anna Faris or Leslie Neilson, no me watching this.

  7. No Wayans brothers? No Faris? No Buy!

  8. it should of never started

  9. Obviously I loved the first movie, I even quite liked the third one and the fourth was okay. I didn’t care all that much for the second one. The only reason I would watch a fifth would be if Anna Faris was in the leading role, nobody else would cut it for me, and if the Wayans brothers returned. Fat chance of that happening though.

  10. part 2 was terrible. 3 was funny, and 4 was pretty funny too. thats what these movies are, dumb fun…i like em. but no Farris? i’ll dl it. if shes in it, id prob go to the theatre and pay.

  11. After reading the (supposed) plot summary leaked online, all I can say is that the role of the oversexed stage director, Pierre, would be PERFECT for Tim Curry. He’s one of the few saving graces of “Scary Movie 2″ so why not bring him back to make “Scary Movie 5″ at least…tolerable?

  12. Now that I think about it, another great new cast member would be Harrison Ford replacing Leslie Nielsen as the bumbling and fumbling US President. It would give Indiana Jones a real chance to show if he has any comedy chops which I personally would pay big money to see.

  13. part one was ok. part two isnt that funny except when the guy gets smoke like weed. threes ok. i havent seen 4. i think that the only way to have a good movie is to make it

  14. No Faris? No interest! She’s the best thing since sliced bread. Why even bother without her?

  15. Just read other comments. I agree that A.F. is really hot! Some of you shouldn’t talk about The Princess that way, although to be fair, I totally agree and you wouldn’t be able to get to her cuz I’d be there first and kick you away. :) I wonder if she’s a natural blonde. She looks good now but I liked her before she got rebooted. Why screw with perfection?

  16. The movie’s going to bomb. They’ve left it too late to make another sequel (does anyone even care about parody movies anymore?)and the fact that Anna won’t be coming back for it is a deal breaker.

  17. Won’t b the same without her. i was excited when i saw the preview, but not so much now

  18. Right. No Anna Faris and No Regina Hall?
    No thanks.

  19. Probably a good call for Anna Faris to pass on SM5. I just watched it (free) on HitBliss…it was probably worth that price, but not much more.

  20. My opinion in descending order of overall funny/entertaining:
    Scary Movie
    Scary Movie 3
    Scary Movie 4
    Scary Movie 2

    With none of them being “stale”. 4 and 2 weren’t “good” but they had enough moments for entertainment purposes. Scary Movie and Scary Movie 3 were hilarious.

    As far as I’m concerned, No Anna Faris, No Regina Hall, no Scary Movie. They killed Regina’s character in every film but she always came back in the next one. Kevin Hart and Patrice O’Neil (unfortunately dead) were scene stealers together and helped give 3&4 some great moments.

    • Oh and Leslie Nielsen had some perfect scenes in both 3&4. Charlie Sheen was great in 3 but only had a minimal role in part 4 (playing Bill Pullman’s character from The Grudge, even though Bill Pullman was also in 4 but played a character from The Village.