Angels Love Weapons in Red Band ‘Legion’ Trailer

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legion trailer paul bettany Angels Love Weapons in Red Band Legion Trailer

At San Diego Comic-Con, Sony Pictures presented the attendees in Hall H with the very first look at their upcoming fantasy thriller, Legion. In the footage we got to see a ton of R-rated action combined with some creepy horror scenes, and a side of warrior angels.

What we saw looked interesting and its star, the talented Paul Bettany, looked amazing. Today, we finally have for you the full red band trailer for Legion which shows you some of what we saw in San Diego.

Watch and enjoy (if you’re of age):

As funny as this may seem, the intro of this trailer shows us the most normal look at Doug Jones we’ve seen in a movie! He plays the character known only as the “Ice Cream Man.”  I’m exaggerating about his on-screen appearances, but still, you may not recognize him from his real face (extended mouth or not), but he played Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies and The Silver Surfer in the Fantastic Four sequel. I met him down there and he’s a great guy.

Notable call-outs from me: Kevin Durand looks awesome as Gabriel and the crazy mouthy demonic grandma was very creepy – that scene had a fun reaction with the audience at the Comic-Con panel.

This movie has my attention and it looks like a fun thriller with a great cast.

Legion’s story and direction comes from Scott Stewart with a screenplay by Peter Schink. The film stars Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Kevin Durand, Doug Jones, Tyrese Gibson and Adrianne Palicki.

What do you think of the trailer?

If you dig this and/or like Paul Bettany, Scott Stewart and him are already at work on their next feature together which also happens to be religious-themed: Priest. Check out the Priest poster which was revealed for the first time at this panel as well.

Legion opens January 22, 2010.

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  1. VIC

    I didn’t call ppl delusional until you decided to use that word. Like I said, if someone told you a story where someone lived inside a freaking whale for 3 days you wouldn’t believe them or think they’re delusional.

    This has nothing to do with you defending me in the past. The topic at hand is obviously something we disagree on.

    Again, I’m really holding myself back and trying to show respect to you and your site. But I definitely feel as if the respect is not mutual.


  2. There’s a ton of cheese with this film like many have pointed out, but it looks very interesting.

    The biggest selling point for me is my love of Paul Bettany – It’s about time he gets a role like this!

    @ Bill Blume,

    Agreed. For me, as I said in my Legion panel post, the poster was the coolest thing ever, then seeing the trailer brought me back to reality – but it’s still something I’ll see for sure.

  3. Holly Cow! It’s Dogma on steroids…did I see Ben Afleck???
    Wow…movie looks sick! I wanna see it.

  4. As they say, sex, religion and politics are all topics to be avoided in polite company…


  5. This I know…God exists and it has many names in many religions..Quantum physics will prove this in the future if it is not there already..The Unified Field Theory when described is defining God..the creative force that underlies everything in the universe..everything arises from is everywhere in time and space at once…everything returns to it in one form or another..It has consciousness and maifested everything in the universe…it exists , it is real and it cannot be explained away..God exists..

    There is a Noah history/myth/legend/story/parable in almost every culture in the world and there may be more than one Noah as there have been many calamities that have plagued mankind for tens of thousands of years.There have been several great floods. I think the Noah flood of the Old Testament was mostly confined to the Mediterranean region of the world around 3500-5000 years ago.That would explain how he got two animals of each type male and female. If Noah stuck to his geographical region then two animals of each species suddenly seems a lot more plausible.There might have been some flooding on the east coast of North America at the same time and these floods were most likely caused by an asteroid impact.

    I believe in God..whole-heartedly and completely..I think it is the worst type of rude behavior to make fun of what someone else believes regardless of how “out there” it may seem to some or many. Respect others’ beliefs even if you don’t see it their way. They have that right to believe what they want. Sooner or later the consciousness experienced by an individual or group of individuals will maifest itself in some way..Meaning people can give life to their thoughts and beliefs if focused enough..

    That’s my rant…


  6. @ogb

    There is a reason why Politics and Religion are taboo subjects. People have strong beliefs in both and therefore easily offended, as you have shown by responding to each time the Bible is brought up.

    By calling the stories fictional you have offended people, the only thing that has been said to you is: Yes, people do believe these things… and you have laughed at them.

    Vic has only asked you to stop (more than once), and you will not listen. So now I will tell you that you lack the maturity to have a civil conversation on this subject.

    You need to take a look at the comments you made and see if it is something that you would like to be said about your beliefs (whatever they may be). I will point out something: You brought up points that are easy to attack and scoffed at them. This is a weak and ignorant way to win an argument (and I do mean argument). You weren’t looking for a discussion, you just wanted to feel better about your beliefs by laughing at others.

    Now if you would like to see an example of respect, then you need to pay attention to all the other posters, who have not once attacked your beliefs.discussed

  7. @Vic

    So… now would be a bad time to bring up the advancement on the Iranian borders by sex crazed cardinals?

    Only with all this, ahem, “debate” about religion, I kind of thought you were setting me up for it.

  8. No need to get into the religion debate.

    The movie looks decent but the pic kind of reminds me of Max Payne a little and that’s not a good thing.

  9. @ greenknight

    Very few things in this world are a 100% and for you to “know” that god exists doesn’t make it true for the rest of us. Like I said, everyone’s entitled to their opinion but to know that people in the roles of decision makers are making choices based on their belief in god is scary.

    @ Giraffehead

    You missed a couple of my posts where I did try to stop. I ONLY responded when someone posted a message preaching about god and presenting it as fact.

    I called the stories fictional in a respectful way, I asked for an explanation, which I was never given. This always happens with people who believe in the bible. You ask them to explain it and you get attitude back, whether it be about me not having a big enough imagination, not being able to comprehend such a “big and powerful” being, etc. etc. This is what’s happening now.

    I was having a civil discussion with the other poster and we both knew where we were coming from. Then others got involved and assumed I attack them. Sad.

    If I’m wrong, prove it to me, don’t assume I’m a rude person for questioning your beliefs.

  10. Talking religion made me think of a quote from a movie. Movie trivia anyone? What movie is this from?

    You may not believe this… but there’s a part of me that wants more than anything to believe in your God. To believe that we’re all here for a purpose, that all this…means something. But it’s because that part of me wants it so badly that I’m so stubborn about making sure it isn’t just self-delusion. Of course I want to know God if there is one… but it has to be real. Unless I have proof how can I be sure?

    Do you love your parents?

    I never knew my mother. My father died when I was nine.

    Did you love him?

    Yes. Very much.

    Prove it.

    It shouldn’t be hard for you hardcore movie nuts to figure out what movie this is from.

  11. Oh no, playing the victim already.

    Anywho, religion?? This is a bad sign, lol.

    I’m a “believe it when I see it” person, which makes me agnostic. I don’t believe AGAINST the concept of a god, but I don’t believe it until I see it. But I’m open to the possibility. I believe in science and evolution and all of that stuff, but who’s to say a god didn’t create science and evolution? You can’t prove a negative. So who knows, I’ll know when I die, lol.

  12. Wow Ken. I think that might be the first time you made sense to me. I’m shocked here. I’m not even fibbing either. I read through your whole comment without going “oh no it’s Ken again”.

  13. @ Crying Critic

    We’re on the same page. Because of my “vivid” imagination I do believe that there’s a 0.000001% chance that god does exist. So that makes me agnostic, although I hate that label and most labels.

    It’s human nature to explore and look for “deeper” meanings of life, etc. But in the end, we are born, we live, we die. It’s a little sad and some people won’t accept that. Then come religions etc. Religion is in many ways a psychological by-product of human nature. Anyway, getting off topic here.

    KEN J

    Wow, something we kind of agree on. This calls for celebration.

  14. ogb I did answer you bro and told you to email me to continue the discussion. That email never arrived. You are not the first atheist I have ever talked to and you certainly won’t be the last. I have however found every atheist to be the same way: indignant, arrogant and paranoid. Jesse Ventura said everyone that believes in a God or religon uses it as a mental crutch. Those are the people that scare me in office. II’m not sure how deep your background of American history goes but the Pilgrim’s did cross the ocean looking for religous freedom. A freedom you now enjoy to avoid religon, which is your right. I have not seen anyone else in this comment section referred to you and your “dis”belief as delusional, small minded or any other reference to your mental accuity. You however have taken every opportunity to let it be known that you find people with beliefs in a God or religon as below you mentally and intelluctally. “Prove to me that there is a God” Prove to me that there isn’t bro! You can’t prove yours, I can’t prove mine but I have things around me that strengthen my faith and allow me to believe whatever I find to be right.

    Again, please stop with indignant self-righteousness. Shoot me an email, I’m happy to debate you in a private forum. This public one is not the place for it, at least not a Screen Rant movie forum.

  15. For christ’s sake (get it?) lol

    Anyway, “bro”, after you told me to send you an email, I ended the discussion…until someone else attacked me. I wasn’t talk to you anymore. I’ve only said good things about you. And here we go again with this crap where I’m the bad guy for questioning the validity of a CRAZY story.

    Let’s compare how much harm Ventura did when compared to the likes of Bush, Chaney, etc. There isn’t even a comparison to be made actually. We all know how the whole Bush thing worked out.

    My “disbelief” relates to MOVIES, your relates to your WHOLE LIFE and the lives of others. And like I said, after the movie is over, BACK TO REALITY.

    I never said people are below me. For crying out loud, where do you get these things? Don’t put words in my mouth. I always promote people having opinions but I do not agree when they bestow these opinions onto others or something that affects others. All I said is that people who believe in the bible are “fascinating”, not in a good way however.

    The burden of proof falls on you buddy. You’re the one that brought up god as being a fact in your first post. I questioned it. That’s how it works.

    “I have things around me that strengthen my faith and allow me to believe whatever I find to be right.” – I think this is what Jesse was referring to. You have comfort around you and your opinion (church, supporters, etc.) but when I tried talking to you you got more and more defensive and now went on the attack.

    I’m not going to email. What’s the point. I know where you stand and there’s no reasoning with you as you have “faith” that apparently overrides everything I have to say.

  16. @vic
    hey if this thread gets shut down for whatever reason, will the trailer still load ? Cause i want to show a couple people this before that would happen.

  17. @ ogb

    “Very few things in this world are a 100% and for you to “know” that god exists doesn’t make it true for the rest of us. Like I said, everyone’s entitled to their opinion but to know that people in the roles of decision makers are making choices based on their belief in god is scary.”

    Great rebuttal…*enter sarcasm*

    Thanks for the “informed” opinion..Read up on quantum physics and the unified field..and not just on the net, read some books by established authors/physicists..I am willing to bet your opinion would change somewhat.

  18. Guys, can we let it go please? Even those stepping up to defend me. This has gone on long enough and frankly it’s pointless.



  19. @critic

    Ooh, nice, my only mission in life is to gain your approval, really, it means a lot to me. ;-)

    lol, anyway…


    While I’m agnostic, I have more respect for religious people than atheists. The reason is they are actually believing IN something, not simply against it. Atheists talk all of this big talk about logic and science. But LOGIC tells you that you can’t prove a negative. So what’s the point in convincing themselves that they’re so sure that there is no god? Does that make them feel smarter? Do they think they can “mock” the poor little silly religious people? Come on…

    Sometimes I find their attitude toward other people of different beliefs to be so annoying, but it goes both ways, religious people criticizing those who are not are equally annoying, but I guess I have more experience with atheists talking crap to religious people than the other way around.

    But in the end, I don’t mind atheists, as long as they are not antagonistic of religious people. And like I just said, religious people who tell atheists or people like me that we’re going to hell because we don’t believe, I don’t have any respect for them either.

    I never really understood why it’s so important for some people that other people agree with them. I can care less if people agree with my point of view or not…

    But anyway, about the movie, it looks ok, I’ll probably watch it just because Dennis Quaid is in it, lol.

  20. Oh sorry Vic, I had that typed up and didn’t post it for a while, didn’t see your post before I posted that. No more discussion of religion is definitely a good idea. :-)

  21. Vic – Aye
    Ken – Aye
    ogb – aye for and aye :)

    ken – I pretty much like Dennis Quaid in everything he does. Did you happen to catch the Four Horsemen yet? WHile it was predictable, I found it entertaining.

    There is a definate talent pool they are using in this film. I wonder why they are choosing to run this in january though? It looks solid enough to get a prime slot in the fall.

    I think this may be the only trailer thread to have 80 posts. heh

  22. Paul Young

    I am not an atheist. I already explained my position on god.


    There are Christian “scientists” “proving” creationism to be true and evolution to be false. That does not make it valid.

    Tell me the names of those books and I’ll check them out. It would be interesting to see how they spin science.

    But if I read those books you have to watch Religilous. Although I don’t like Maher (arrogant and a horrible comedian), that movie sums up some of the main points I was trying to make. Not that god doesn’t exist but the way people take advantage through religion and use it to kill, make money, etc.


    I agree with stopping this religion talk

  23. To greenknight333,
    Wow, really liked your comments. I believe in God and also love science. God works through natural or scientific means to those who don’t like to use the spiritual terms ;)

    This Legion film looks okay. Love cool angel concepts but hate the horror factor of the film. Would have been better without that horror flick junk…more realistic.

  24. @ogb

    What part of “let it go” do you not understand?

    Vic – do what you gotta do …

  25. So … anyone else think this movie would make a good Wal-Mart two-movie DVD pack with “Angels in the Outfield?”

  26. I just did let it go

    But go ahead and tell on me to vic :)

  27. @Paul

    LOL, funny you mention Horseman. My friend and I have been watching movies just because we see Dennis Quaid in it, and the next one we are planning on renting is that. So not yet, but soon.

    Innerspace was lots of fun, Frequency is one of my all-time favorite movies, Vantage Point was just OK, the whole rewinding thing was pretty annoying at first but when it all started to fall into place it was pretty cool, but Qaid was pretty good in it, I honestly thought Whittaker was making too many funny faces, lol. I forgot the name, but that sports movie where he’s playing minor league baseball with the Tampa Bay Rays, he was pretty good in that too. Dragonheart is also one of my all-time favorite movies. Flight of the Phoenix was pretty alright, I even watched that Roland Emerich movie Day After Tomorrow mainly because Quaid was in it, lol. I thought he was great as the hot shot in The Right Stuff. Yah, basically I never have any complaints about his acting in any of the movies I’ve seen him in, lol.

  28. Are we done?

    Good. :)

    Personally, I don’t expect this to be much of a hit – too off the beaten path. May end up falling into the cult film category though.


  29. I personally was excited when I saw the poster for this movie… but after the trailer, I feel as though it has been pushed too much into the horror/thriller realm. Which is of course closely related to B movies.

    which isn’t necessarily a bad thing… just not my thing. =/