Angels Love Weapons in Red Band ‘Legion’ Trailer

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legion trailer paul bettany Angels Love Weapons in Red Band Legion Trailer

At San Diego Comic-Con, Sony Pictures presented the attendees in Hall H with the very first look at their upcoming fantasy thriller, Legion. In the footage we got to see a ton of R-rated action combined with some creepy horror scenes, and a side of warrior angels.

What we saw looked interesting and its star, the talented Paul Bettany, looked amazing. Today, we finally have for you the full red band trailer for Legion which shows you some of what we saw in San Diego.

Watch and enjoy (if you’re of age):

As funny as this may seem, the intro of this trailer shows us the most normal look at Doug Jones we’ve seen in a movie! He plays the character known only as the “Ice Cream Man.”  I’m exaggerating about his on-screen appearances, but still, you may not recognize him from his real face (extended mouth or not), but he played Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies and The Silver Surfer in the Fantastic Four sequel. I met him down there and he’s a great guy.

Notable call-outs from me: Kevin Durand looks awesome as Gabriel and the crazy mouthy demonic grandma was very creepy – that scene had a fun reaction with the audience at the Comic-Con panel.

This movie has my attention and it looks like a fun thriller with a great cast.

Legion’s story and direction comes from Scott Stewart with a screenplay by Peter Schink. The film stars Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Kevin Durand, Doug Jones, Tyrese Gibson and Adrianne Palicki.

What do you think of the trailer?

If you dig this and/or like Paul Bettany, Scott Stewart and him are already at work on their next feature together which also happens to be religious-themed: Priest. Check out the Priest poster which was revealed for the first time at this panel as well.

Legion opens January 22, 2010.

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  1. @Paul Young
    “Congo” was the movie and Bruce didn’t make it past the Title,lol.

    The casting and rating for this movie looks great and the plot seems interesting. Little disappointed with the demons…the graphics looks like something from WB “Supernatural” which is not bad for a televison series but novice for a sizeable silverscreen film. I’ll still pay to see it.

  2. @ogb – Consider me in the 50% that does. I don’t want to debate you on theology vs. fiction, that would be more appropiate for a different blog.

    The angels losing their powers when coming to earth would explain the guns but I think it has more to do with guns go bang and look cool.

  3. Yeah I knew the title of the movie and what does it say for Bruce that he was in it for 5 minutes and that was the only good part of the movie :)

  4. @Paul Young

    I would LOVE to hear how you think that story to be true. A dude builds a boat in primitive times that houses ALL the species (billions) of all the different animals. The boat apparently provides living conditions to all the groups of animals, ones that are accustomed to live in the arctic and ones that are accustomed to live in the African deserts. I could go on forever but I it will probably fall on deaf ears. Like I said, FASCINATING that so many ppl believe this nonsense.

  5. @ogb – Sure, as long as we understand each other that we continue to be civil and agree that we share different view points on theology, then I’ll tell you why I think that story is true. I’m all for civil debate.

    Do you really thinking asking a person that believes Noah and his sons built a massive ship to hold every animal and enough food to sustain all for 40 days will have trouble beliveing it could be done? I believe the entire Earth at one point was flooded…THE WHOLE EARTH BUD! Would it really be a hard stretch for me to believe God was able to shut the lions mouth and adapt the harsh climate animals to live together?

  6. Being civil is what’s it all about :)

    So your reason for believing the noah’s arc story is that you believe in an even less plausible story?

    Let me ask you something else, do you believe in the jonah and the whale story also?

  7. @ogb – of course I do. I don’t pick and choose what to belive in the Bible. If I belive one thing I believe all things. BTW, there aren’t billions of kinds of animals. There may be millions of different species but only 25k – 40k different kinds. Canine is a kind of animal, wolf, dog, jackal…, species would be the individual type of each kind, bulldog, timberwolf so forth.

    Are you familiar on the actual dimensions of the ark? It was big enough to hold the contents of over 550 railcars. 101k sq.ft and 1.1 million cubic feet. Add in mutliple levels and that floor space grows. Fish, water adaptive mammals, insects and more would not have to be stored.

    I understand some people can not grasp the concept because it was on such a large scale but just because it was a phenomenal feat doesn’t mean it is automatically fiction.

  8. @ogb & Paul

    Enough with the religious/anti-religious discussion.


  9. BAH! Vic is right, email me ogb no reason why you and I can dicuss it for fun .

  10. Look at Paul … gettin’ all brave posting his e-mail and such.

    One sentence Vic and I promise I’ll let it go.


    It’s all about faith.

    That is all.

  11. HA! That’s my public email. I wouldn’t just throw around my private email to everybody :)

    ogb we agree to disagree….*internet fist bump* I would still go see this movie with you when it came out. Seriously how bad ass does the mace look in the angel fight?

    I would have liked to see Betty White as the old woman though. She’s hot!

  12. I can’t bring up the trailer, so will have to wait till I get home. Angels and demons with guns does sound strange to me.

    Now for the argument about Noah; seems like people are limiting God, if you believe in God. Sure, for what we know the story of Noah sounds iffy but we are talking about a Being with supreme power. I tend to believe that the flood was EurAsian but I wouldn’t discount that it could have been worldwide. But that’s just me.

  13. Oh, sorry, Vic, the man, has ceased all religious discussion on the matter. Nuff said. :-)

  14. Nothing to do with religion, (yeah right, sorry vic) but its cool to see a nice handfull of people on this site believe in god its just COOOOOOL!!!

    Nuff said
    i also posted my email and it was my personal!!! you see you cant harm me unless g-d wants you to and if that is the case then its fine with me…

    Email me if you guys have any questions…

  15. @ 790 (or anyone else who has seen them):

    I think I remember seeing the cover for the Prophecy movies a few years ago but passed on the movie for some reason … are they similar to this movie at all?

  16. Well looks like my last comment was deleted. So much for a civilized discussion.

    Anyway, I look forward to the movie although I’m did not get excited like everyone else about the grandma thing, it look completely fake and cgi. Other than that, no problem with the trailer.

  17. SpaceCowboy

    Prophecy definitely has a lot of similarities with the bigger themes in this trailer. I thought all 3 Prophecy movies were great but an acquired taste for sure.

    @ No Fame Face, thanks for the good laugh

    “you see you cant harm me unless g-d wants you to and if that is the case then its fine with me…”

  18. OK, call me crazy, and I’m sure some of you do :) , but I always thought Ghost Rider embodied the essence of an agent of God. Stick with me …
    He turned an obvious worker of the devil into a being who does His work. Casting demons back to Hell. Don’t get me wrong, the whole premise of Ghost Rider has no real place in religion but … eh .. it’s what i think of when I hear agent of God. Not a messenger of God mind you, an agent, a warrior.

  19. Wow … just re-read my last post and it doesn’t even make sense to me. Oh, well.

  20. @INK
    Take your meds, bud. It’ll be OK. :-D

  21. Sure looks interesting and a good cast!

  22. OMFG that was a frikken roller coaster of a ride all packed into a trailer! Looks great…going to see it.

  23. @ogb

    I don’t care how much of a happy face or naive “what? did I say something wrong?” tone you paint on your comment(s) – as a Christian I found it offensive. Elaborating on how our core beliefs are based on fantasy/fiction/make believe/whatever offends me and others here.

    If you don’t believe fine, but basically calling half the country delusional fits my definition of offensive. And I won’t comment on your beliefs, either.


  24. @John “Kahless” Taylor

    “Take your meds, bud. It’ll be OK.”

    If only they’d work. :)

  25. I’ll just avoid the whole religious topic altogether but as for the angels with guns situation, it seems to be well explained in the trailer, to me at least.

    The only one I saw with guns was Bettany (Michael).

    We see Michael come down and cut his own wings off and the blue halo thingey drops from above his head to his neck and forms into a bounded collar that breaks and falls off obviously symbolizing his end of his servitude or angel status and in turn I assume turning him human (or maybe super human by the looks of it but essentially giving up all his angel power goodness.)

    The first thing he does is break into a giant arms storage locker and loads up…. (as would I because fighting a horde army of angels and demons set on destroying the earth with a broomstick and bicycle chain would just plain suck.)

    He loads up with the heaviest artillery he can find in his earthly state, steals a police car and moves on to find the unborn child that is destined to save all of humanity.

    I don’t know, maybe I’ve watched too many Carpenter or 90′s quasi religious cheese movies but it seemed like pretty standard stuff to me.

    This looks like someone took the Prophecy films, Prince of Darkness, Bordello of Blood and a couple other 80/90s Carpenter flicks, mashed it all up in a can, threw in Quaid and Bettany and viola, this came out the other end. And I will gladly go watch it.

  26. @blipvert

    Yeah, has a very “B movie” vibe to me. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.


  27. Okay Vic, fair enough, I was just showing respect towards you and this website, I wasn’t sugar coating anything.

    But looks like you’d rather sweep it under the rug than to discuss it like I was doing with the other posters.

    And believing into the bible in my book does make you delusional. If you saw on the news today “A boy survives inside a whale for 3 days and 3 nights” what would you think? Give me a break.

    You’ll probably delete this post also but it’s sad that you have to censor me even though I’m leading a discussion in a civilized and respectful matter.

  28. @ogb

    And HOW is calling someone delusional even REMOTELY respectful? I’ll see your “delusional” and raise you one “arrogant”.

    And do keep in mind that I’ve defended you here in the past.


  29. @ Ink

    Then wouldn’t Spawn also be an Agent of God, except cooler and with better powers.


    Im still not wasting money on this because it just looks like the movie Gabriel that I posted the link to earlier. It is nice to see that Charles S. Dutton is still alive and actign though.