Angels Love Weapons in Red Band ‘Legion’ Trailer

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legion trailer paul bettany Angels Love Weapons in Red Band Legion Trailer

At San Diego Comic-Con, Sony Pictures presented the attendees in Hall H with the very first look at their upcoming fantasy thriller, Legion. In the footage we got to see a ton of R-rated action combined with some creepy horror scenes, and a side of warrior angels.

What we saw looked interesting and its star, the talented Paul Bettany, looked amazing. Today, we finally have for you the full red band trailer for Legion which shows you some of what we saw in San Diego.

Watch and enjoy (if you’re of age):

As funny as this may seem, the intro of this trailer shows us the most normal look at Doug Jones we’ve seen in a movie! He plays the character known only as the “Ice Cream Man.”  I’m exaggerating about his on-screen appearances, but still, you may not recognize him from his real face (extended mouth or not), but he played Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies and The Silver Surfer in the Fantastic Four sequel. I met him down there and he’s a great guy.

Notable call-outs from me: Kevin Durand looks awesome as Gabriel and the crazy mouthy demonic grandma was very creepy – that scene had a fun reaction with the audience at the Comic-Con panel.

This movie has my attention and it looks like a fun thriller with a great cast.

Legion’s story and direction comes from Scott Stewart with a screenplay by Peter Schink. The film stars Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Kevin Durand, Doug Jones, Tyrese Gibson and Adrianne Palicki.

What do you think of the trailer?

If you dig this and/or like Paul Bettany, Scott Stewart and him are already at work on their next feature together which also happens to be religious-themed: Priest. Check out the Priest poster which was revealed for the first time at this panel as well.

Legion opens January 22, 2010.

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  1. Looks a bit like the Christopher Walken Prophecy films, or something Garth Ennis might have written in Preacher. Paul Bettany was great in Gangster No. 1 and I’ve been waiting for him to have a decent leading role ever since. Could be interesting.

  2. Looks Awesome

    that creepy grandma part was hilarious =D

  3. Looks Awesome

    that creepy grandma part was hilarious

  4. wow… another “quality” film to look forward to… i think i’ll definitely be skipping this pile of bull.

  5. I’ll be skipping this film. Why does Hollywood always insist on making angels and God look like the bad guys? I swear they do it just to tick people off.

  6. Good call on the Prophecy similarities

    It looks like a good break from Hollywood movies actually. Seems fun, interesting and I will definitely be seeing it when it comes out on DVD

    Jes, Hollywood is anti god? Calm down

  7. Looks like a clone of a movie called Gabriel which wasn’t bad for low budget trailer below:

  8. Still have yet to see a movie where angels are portrayed in a satisfying manner — and that includes the various Christian movies … seems like all we can get are cheesy angels, ultra-touchy-feely angels, or fallen angels.

    Looks to me like they grabbed a number of random concepts from various faiths/religions/traditions/myths and threw in machine guns … Very Weird. I will be curious to see what people make of this, but I doubt I can get past the “kitbashed theology” to see it myself.

  9. @ogb

    You’re joking, right?


  10. Nope

    It looks like a campy “group of survivors surviving” movie. I like that.

  11. The Prophecy films were awesome!

  12. This looks like the closest thing to a Carpenter film in a long while and I’m excited for it.

  13. Well i’m sorry to those who feel like this may be insulting their religion and whatnot… but this looks effin awesome. The only bad thing i see in this movie is that it comes out next year

  14. An interesting idea, but I have the feeling that it will create way more questions than it is willing to answer.

    Which leads me to believe that it will be a run of the mill thriller using religion to excite people and shamelessly market the film.

  15. @ Jes

    You should read the Bible, that really makes them look bad :)

  16. Looks kinda fun. I’m there.

  17. Religion aside The movie looks interesting. Has a Constantine Vibe as well as Prophecy. I’ll give the movie a chance. I also don’t go to the movies to hear the word of god, or listen to a sermon,I think most people should take a grain of salt and not focus on how “Bad” it makes Angels look. Hell Chris Rock was the 13th apostle and that didn’t seem to bother much people. :)

  18. @Tiny

    I do believe the Weinstein’s got death threats on that one. Not so much on Chris Rock being the Thirteenth Apostle (or saying that Jesus was Black), but more on the movie as a whole.

    That said, Dogma actually did make (most) of the angels out to be the good guys.

  19. Me like! This is the first I ever saw and heard about this film, and it looks great.
    I love epic angel demon stuff – In the trailer it kind a looks like angels are demons also, they play both rolls, and that god in bot god and satan, maybe… Look forward to this.

    And yes, kind a gives a Gabriel feel, the New zeland film was interesting, low budget do, and could have been made better. But Angels and demons a cool, not like in the missleading Angels and demons with tom hanks… Very good film do.

  20. I’m a big fan of Paul Bettany, so I’m more than willing to give this film a chance. The trailer makes me a little less optimistic than I was originally, though. I don’t know, just doesn’t seem to be very heavy on plot… much more shock driven.

  21. I don’t get the “angels and GOd are the bad guys feel” from this. The beginning of the trailer clearly says God got tired of the bullsh!t. I think the wrtiers decided to go from the view that “what if God just got tired of it all and wanted to started over again but this time instead of a flood He uses his angel army?” Any Bible believing person knows that God flooded the world in the age of Noah to do just that but has promised to never do it again. Don’t start a theology debate with me, whether you belive or don’t belive isn’t my point. I’m simply guessing at the motivation behind the movie.

    All that aside, the trailer looks good. “The Blob” fighting Bettany looks to easily be the coolest scene in the film.

  22. @Paul

    No debate. God promised never to destroy the Earth again by flood.

    The premise of the film I don’t have a problem with, it’s the direction it looks like it is going. Guns? I mean guns against God’s army and the army of the devil? That would be an epic FAIL.

    And could they not think of another way to let you know the people were being taken over by demons than to have them go all “matrix” in the head? I was waiting for Mr. Smith to show up at the end.

    Having said that, I’ll probably ending up seeing it unless something better comes out in january.

  23. im gonna love this movie sooooooo much!!!!
    my kind of flick!

  24. Hey Paul

    Meant to emphasize “flood” in my last post.

  25. @INK – Yeah I understood what you were saying. LOL I wasn’t even thinking about guns verses angels and demons. Of course they could go with the plot line taht kill the host body and the demon must leave but I’m throw wild stabs in the dark there. I assume it was either use guns or some sorta ancient laser beam made by aliens using a blood red diamond the size of a softball. But if they did that then they would have to have Bruce Campbell being assulted by white gorillas in the jungle. Please tell me someone knows the movie I’m referring to.

  26. Congo?

  27. It does look cool in a cheesy John Carpenter film kind of way, but my first thought when I saw the guns pop up was “why would angels need guns?”


  28. Being a Devout Religious Jew myself I currently am a rabbinical student (who has a little Love for Film). Who currently studies the Bible extensively (The Torah which is the Written Law) and the Talmud (which is the oral Law) I Have to say my two cents.

    Even when G-d destroyed the world’s population by the flood, he still left Noah. (From whom most of us descend from btw, email me if you want more info on that comment He left Noah and his children Alive because Noah was a “righteous man in his generation” (the scribes argue whether that means literally in his generation or he was a righteous man compared to other generations as well) the idea was Noah due to his spiritual status merited to be the one “to be fruitful and multiply in the land”. God did so because he will never completely destroy the world population since that would undo the whole purpose of creating us in the first place. To giving without restraint (If you want more info on that, email me as well)

    God will never get tired of us since his love for us is so great we are all his creations for it says in psalms (Tehilim as I call it) “and he has mercy on all his creations”

    Putting that aside my thought on the movie are I will watch this and if its fun to watch I will like it even if it goes all God is bad blah blah blah because in the end of the day what can you excpect from a Hollywood writer anyhow???

    However I do agree Angels with guns looks kind of stupid especial since we know that in it “and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way” Genesis 1.3 (I think) Lets See Some Flaming

  29. Maybe there’s an explanation in the movie. Like if the angels come to earth they have to become human. Something to that effect. I think the whole gun thing could be explained and I will hold my judgment until I see it.

    @ No Name Facts

    I have no problem with people believing in god, but I do have problem when you present bible stories that are fictional as fact. I literally laughed out loud when I read your 2nd paragraph. Again, I have no problem with you believing in god but please don’t lecture using fictional stories.

    It’s fascinating that over 50% of Americans believe in the noah story.