Angelina Jolie Discusses Her ‘Wanted 2′ Departure

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angelina jolie wanted Angelina Jolie Discusses Her Wanted 2 Departure

Despite a healthy batch of Angelina Jolie films en route, including The Tourist and Kung Fun Panda: The Kaboom of Doom, her sharp exodus from Timur Bekmambetov’s Wanted 2 was still somewhat of a surprise – considering the director had promised she would reappear.

On the road, promoting her new film Salt, Jolie offered an explanation for her abrupt departure.

Speaking to Coming Soon at a recent Salt junket, Jolie was very direct about her choice to leave the Wanted franchise behind. If you haven’t seen the first Wanted film, consider turning back, Jolie’s quote (as well as the rest of the article) contain major spoilers:

“Being dead makes it difficult. They were (trying to bring me back) but I kind of feel like if I die in a movie, I should die actually. I’m that way, and that character is not as complex as Salt. It would just be doing the exact same thing in another movie, so it’s not that interesting to me.”

Jolie certainly deserves a round of applause for holding the line – with regard to Fox’s death. It wouldn’t have been difficult for the Wanted 2 writers to simply utilize a more intensive version of the healing bath from the first film, but the character of Fox would certainly have lost a lot of integrity in her return. Not to mention the resurrection would definitely deflate the power of the final Wanted showdown.

However, speaking of character, Jolie seems somewhat quick to throw her Wanted heroine under the bus. Fox was one of the more compelling characters in the original film, and it’s interesting to hear Jolie describe her as “less-complex” than the current role she’s promoting. It makes sense that Fox might not be as interesting, or challenging, the second time around – but to make a blanket statement that the character, in general, is less-complex feels a bit “been there, done that.”

wanted fox angelina jolie Angelina Jolie Discusses Her Wanted 2 Departure

If Jolie isn’t excited about Fox as a character after two years, it might be hard for movie-lovers to get excited about returning to Wanted for any repeat viewings. Will Jolie say the same thing about Salt should she end up promoting Cleopatra in two years?

In addition to discussing Wanted 2, Jolie did offer updates on Steven Soderbergh’s aforementioned Cleopatra musical as well as the possibility she’ll play Malificent in Tim Burton’s live-action Sleeping Beauty film:

“It got out that we may be doing them, but we’re so in the early stages. Neither one has a script, but I’ve loved Malificent since I was a little girl, so when I heard somebody may be doing it, I was the first one to try to (get it). I would love to work with (Tim Burton), it would be a dream to work with him. I think he’s just extraordinary.”

In the mean time, rumors have put Twilight actress, Kristen Stewart, on the list of potential Jolie replacements for Wanted 2. One thing is for sure, no matter what Jolie thinks, Fox is significantly more complex than Kristen Stewart’s most famous role – Bella. Here’s hoping, if the rumors are true, that Stewart takes it up a notch for Wanted 2.

Wanted 2 is still aiming for a 2011 release, though director Timur Bekmambetov’s attachment to the upcoming Red Asphalt has temporarily bumped Wanted 2 production back.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. whatever…

  2. Good article Ben.

  3. I have yet to read the comic book of Wanted, so it’s hard to tell if it’s dire in keeping the character Fox by Jolie alive. She would still be great for the part, but Jolie has had more great hits than misses in films. Anyways, if she feels that certain about not doing the film, it’s not that big of a loss. Director Timur B. is taking too much time doing the script and it seems like the character Fox would end up being in a coma.

    • Comic: the world’s been run since 1986 by supervillains who’ve rewritten reality Matrix-style by using “seven-dimensional imps and alien supercomputers”, and Fox looks to have been modelled on (pre-Catwoman) Halle Berry. And there the similarity ends! The movie passed a couple of hours while I gently banged my head against the wall – couldn’t care less what happens with 2, to be honest.

      • LMAO!! Dude you always crack me up.. Thanks :)

        • It’s just a real shame, greenknight! Like The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the original comic could have made a fantastic (and no less commercial) film instead of something that made you want to tear your own teeth out. More Marshal Law than Dark Knight – Watchmen with laughs. Much as we all love a good Morgan Freeman monologue, who wouldn’t want to see the likes of S**t-Head and F**kwit immortalised on the screen?

            • Nemesis looked interesting – haven’t read it yet. These days I tend to wait for the collected edition of a miniseries. The last story of Millar’s I read was Marvel 1985, which was…okay. Nothing special. Wanted was the one where I thought he’d taken his customary What If approach and made it more than the sum of its parts.

              Funnily enough, what made me appreciate that the Wanted film works perfectly well on one level if you’ve never seen the comic was watching Kick-Ass. I enjoyed the movie (apart from the inexplicable wire-work), then read Millar’s original. Ah. Had I done it the other way round, I wouldn’t have been nearly as happy. The basic tone of certain scenes changed, and enough of them to subtly transform the movie into a creature I don’t think the story was ever intended to be. The differences made to Big Daddy’s background (and death) on their own shift his relationship with Hit-Girl, and so alter the entire emphasis of the comic.

              I suppose up to a point you have to admire Millar for not being too precious about his creations, but you could also say he’s been lucky so far; I wonder what his reaction would be if someone truly mangled one of his works in the transition from page to screen.

              • I enjoyed Wanted for what it was Big Dentist…I haven’t read Kick-Ass yet but I think I will wait until after I see the film on BluRay this August..I have read a lot of Millar’s Marvel work and I have been underwhelmed by it..I think you’ll enjoy Nemesis but the first two issues were action packed and it kind of grabs you from the first few pages..I hope we get a little more back story on the major characters in Nemesis because if we don’t it will leave too much to the imagination if you know what I mean..

                • I’m kind of the opposite – I haven’t read any of his other Marvel stuff, not even Civil War. If you weren’t too impressed with it, was that him trying a revisionist style that didn’t work, or just the storylines?

                  Sounds like I’ll have to add Nemesis to the shopping list then.

                  • Oh, I hope I haven’t spoiled Kick-Ass for you – sorry about that!

  4. tim burton making sleeping beauty!!! oh no. hope he doesn’t waste it like alice in wonderland

    • Tim Burton has reached the echelon of top directors in U.S. and worldwide because Alice in wonderland is ranked #20 in all-time highest gross in the U.S. and #5 in all-time worldwide gross beating out the Dark Night for the spot. Just like Cameron & Nolan, Burton has reached the $BILLION$ dollar mark, so he’s earned the right to direct whatever he wants.

      • Buncha claptrap. If I ever…

  5. omg if stewart plays in this movie i will defiantly not see it
    cant stand her

    • If I met her I would make an agreement with her that if she agreed to smile I would gladly pay for the stitches…

  6. Most definitely, props to her on this.


  7. Why bring her back? Because Angelina Jolie is the Female equivelant of THE BAD BOY. Shes’ hot, sexy and kicks serious but. She’s the kind of chick that every guys wants to be with but all would be afraid to marry.

  8. God when will people finally stop casting her in stuff. I absolutely hate her. Not only is she not a great actor, but her personality is terrible and I wish she would suddenly lose her ability to speak because when she spouts off from her mouth I want to smack my forehead in to a brick wall.

    • If you hate her so much and can’t stand what she says, why would you open an article that is so clearly about her and her statements?
      Just save yourself the stress..

  9. When I said I can’t stand what she says I was refering to her political views and her idiotic statements toward anything not related to acting. She really doesn’t know much of anything but desperately tries to interject her self in all the worlds affairs. She a mouth piece soap box moron. She says what ever is hip and popular to say at the time and I suspect has no real beliefs that are her own other than “it’s great to be relavent”

    I opened to see why she choose not to read because I figured she isn’t gonna talk about world events and it’s a statement so I wouldn’t have to see her mediocre acting.

    Opening an article and reading it gives me no stress what so ever… Though your concern for my health is noted.

  10. Yep because sadly getting to direct whatever you want comes from making alot of money and not from actually being talented or creative. Some times one trick ponta can make lots of money and work for a long time. Guys like Bay and Burton are perfect examples.

  11. This woman has a BIG ol head that looks like the box a pair of Shack’s shoes came in! Spidery looking body too. I guess the folks that idolize the likes are the ones lost without kings and queens ruling over them. Pathetic “spider woman.”

    • That Red Queen’s got a pretty big head. I think you might be onto something! :-)

  12. i want work wanted 2 not a acting i want see movies 2 year i want act in movies vicky my mail is not working my num is 09039526089