Angelina Jolie Back (from the dead) For Wanted 2

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angelina jolie watching dengerously oaph33 Angelina Jolie Back (from the dead) For Wanted 2

Coventry Telegraph is reporting that Angelina Jolie will be back – apparently from the dead – for Wanted 2. That’s right, in order for Wanted 2 to have a snowball’s chance in hell, somebody has cut Angelina Jolie a big enough check to return as “Fox” for another go at a half-decent movie based on a half-decent graphic novel.

All this “official news” comes our way by means of Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov, who was interviewed recently by Russian news site RIA Novosti about the upcoming sequel, and took the opportunity to drop the news about Angelina’s involvement, plus a few other gems like what locations the film will shoot in and which other characters may return for the sequel. We’ve got your links to the full interview below.

If you can read Russian then go here, if not, go here.

If you can’t tell by now, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Wanted. Somebody gave me the graphic novel for Christmas one year, thinking I’d like it… And it was all right. Saw the trailer the for movie…  It was all right. When the studio moved the film into a summer slot I thought, “Must be a good sign.”

And then I saw it.

I’m not going to rehash the experience, but let me just say: resurrecting Angelina’s character, for whatever reason, is STUPID. It’s a ploy, we all know it’s a ploy, and damn you Hollywood. Damn you.

Is the ploy going to work? Probably. I don’t want it to, I’m not going to support it, but I’ll probably be overruled by the masses. Wanted ended up making over 340 million worldwide – no telling what numbers the sequel will do. Creatively speaking, unless it’s a complete 180° from the first one I’m not interested – Jolie or no Jolie.

Wanted 2 is slated as a 2011 release.


Source: RIA Novosti & Coventry Telegraph

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  1. I enjoyed “Wanted”, and I agree bringing her back is stupid and just a ploy.

  2. Personally I can’t stand Jolie and I thought Wanted kind of sucked.I mean it wasn’t the most awful thing I’ve ever seen, but it was clearly about big action and Jolie. The movie was catered to her. The second one might of been ok enough, but now it’s really gonna suck. They were smart enough to know that she was the main reason they made half their money.

  3. I actually read the graphic novel after I saw the movie and I have to admit that it was a bit of a let down,and the movie wasn’t anything great,but entertaining enough,I guess.

    My problem is that there is absolutely no need to even make a sequel to Wanted and bringing back Fox is just beyond stupid.I’m not gonna waste my money on this one.

  4. Wasnt crazy about the first, but im in love with her. lol. so ill probably see anything shes in

  5. I had a lot of fun watching it. Yeah I mainly watched it for the action and to see Jolie. But I found that Macavoy (sp?) turned out to be a pretty cool dude in the movie too. I’m not familiar with anything else he’s done. Sure a lot of it is stretching the imagination, but it was still fun to me. And the soundtrack was kick @$$ too!

    I don’t know how they’ll spin this sequal to get Jolie back in it. But I’ll watch it regardless if she was in it or not. I’d have to say though, that I’ll enjoy it even more because she’s in it hehe.

  6. the original was barely worth the cost of renting it from netflix. A sequel doesn’t make any sense, it was a decent stand alone movie. Let it go.

  7. I kinda liked the first one. Mindless and entertaining. And sometimes thats all i want.

  8. Desperate,,,I mean Wanted yeah that’s it.

    Screems, “we are out of ideas, relying on Jolie’s starpower”
    We suck, ,, blah blah blah.

  9. I saw Wanted for free and STILL wanted my money back. She’s too old and skinny to play an action role nowadays, especially one where she’s supposed to be “smokin’ hot”.

  10. The tatts only age her more,,,

  11. tats do not at all turn me on I find them to be kind of nasty and skanky especial hers. I mean the tat on her belly makes me want to throw up

  12. Twin sister? clone? … I don´t know, but if she is naked in that one to it might be worth watching..

  13. Oh, come on… Don’t act as you don’t want to see Jolie as Fox again… (just see the hits of bath scene on youtube)

    The true is many watched Wanted because of her and if they make it work with her, why not?
    McAvoy was fine but would you bet 150 million on him alone??? I don’t think so.

    Hollywood is rigth and, yes, I want to see her back. Yeah!!!

  14. Wanted was a complete letdown. The ONLY redeeming part of the whole movie was Angelina emerging from the bathtub. 😀 Other than that, the movie was silly with poorly done CGI. Curving bullets. Ppfh. Totally disproved on Mythbusters. 😛

    The only way that having Jolie in a sequel would work is if it’s a prequel, she has a twin OR she is cloned. Knowing Hollyworthless, though, they’ll just ignore the ending.

  15. I got it; it was dream. No? It was in virtual reality? Been done. A clone? Too silly. A sister? With the same abilities and name? Nah. How about we just forget she killed herself? Yeah, that’s the ticket! Title: Wanted 2: We Suck! :-)

  16. Why don’t they just get Megan Fox; that will bring in all the dirty filthy boys that she hates soo much. 8)

  17. I went into seeing the first wanted thinking taht it would be a horrendous mess and came out thinking that it was not all that bad. Tried to bring in some elements of the matrix (didnt succeed as much) and popular action movies and it had a fair cast. A lot of the movie was still very mindless and cliche but hey that is hollywood; but overall the outcome was far better than I had expected.
    Now as for a sequel, I don’t know…first off if they wanted a sequel why did they kill EVERYONE off (besides the main character)…they should have left a few people alive (like they did in the first matrix)…
    In addition, Jolie is DEAD, I think they are probably going to take her body and put it into the white gooey substance that makes people heal at an increased rate; even so I still thik bringing her back is dumb but that woudl be the ONLY logical way to do it. If she just wakes up in a hospital alive or ends up being a clone I am walking out.
    There are several things that the second movie could explore though. FOr one, who was coming up with the wanted to list determining who gets killed? I dont think Morgan Freeman’s chracter was doing it but rather spitting out the information.
    They could also try and find more people out there that have super abilities (and I bet one will be the “chosen one” haha)….
    There is still more movie here and a sequel wont win any awards or impress any critics and will still probably be pretty bland but it WILL make money and it will be somewhat entertaining..
    soo go ahead an make it…i mean tehy are making final destination 4 y not make this

  18. I did NOT like the 1st one and There is NOTHING that will get me to watch the 2nd one… Bringing her back proves that Some Hollywood people think we are STUPID and do not need a real story line to get us in the Theater…

    The fact that Angelina Jolie NEEDS a STEAK or 5!!
    Was very apparent in the 1st movie.. i couldn’t concentrate on the action.. i couldn’t enjoy her walking out of the spa naked cuz.. SHE NEEDS TO EAT!!!!!

    I’ve always found her to be very SEXY … I miss the Mr. & Mrs Smith Angelina.. I miss Tomb Raider~Angelina.. BRING HER BACK!!! With all that said… Nope not gonna be going in for 2nds

  19. i dont find jolie to be good looking personally (big lips, tatoos, broad manly shoulders) but her weight was fine in the movie, any people that are complaining about her being too skinny are probably self counscious about their own appearance..
    leave jolie dead, bring in megan fox amen

  20. I thought there was nothing wrong with the first. Just harmles fun. I’ll be up for a second one, and if Angelina is in it, I wouldn’t mind either 😛

  21. Personally i love the tatts, but i thought she looked great overall. I wouldnt mind them sticking with the storyline of the first and leaving her dead…if they replaced her with megan fox. I hate when they bring people back from the dead. or change characters actors but keep the character, so im not a fan of that idea.

  22. Correct me if im wrong but didn’t she pretty much shoot herself in the head in the first one? The only way i’ll be ok with her being in a second is if it’s a prequel or she’s stone cold retarded from missing most of her brain.

  23. @Xan
    Isn’t that being politically incorrect? Shouldn’t it be developmentally disabled? Oh wait, that’s what the first movie was. :-)

  24. Wanted 2 could be done easily and include a character that dies at the end of the first film.

    Can you say Prequal?

    In fact I believe a prequal would be a better approach then an actual sequel (chronologically speaking) since the best and hottest (and I emphasis HOTTEST) characters dies in the first. Plus it would allow for more exploration of the Fraternity which at the end of the first movie was for the most part disbanded.

    Whats key is to get a good writer and not focus simply on effects. Sadly though what makes a great grphic novel (story wise) doe snot always tranlslate well to the big screen.

  25. I reckon the story for it is gonna be stupid or have so many flaws

  26. fox made wanted interesting without fox the movie with that guy (the lead) would be dry!!! bring fox back but do it with BRAINS