Angelina Jolie To Play Catwoman?

Published 7 years ago by , Updated September 12th, 2013 at 10:43 pm,

Even though most of us are still basking in the afterglow (more like after-gloom) of The Dark Knight, it’s never too early to start thinking aboutΒ the next Batman film. Well, apparently we’re not the only ones looking ahead.

According to fanboy site Comic Book Movie, actress/world savior/supermom Angelina Jolie is also hoping to become part of Christopher Nolan’s Bat-universe, by donning the super-tight tights and fierce claws of Catwoman for the third film in the franchise.

(Just picturing Jolie wearing the cat suit begins to erase the horrible memory of that Halle Berry flick.)

Best of all is the source from which this news has stemmed: former Catwoman Julie Newmar is quoted as telling the New York Daily News:

“Angelina would own the part,” said Newmar. “My industry friends tell me [she] has made inquiries about the role,”

Well, it seems as though Newmar is a lot more comfortable passing the torch than Jack Nicholson was. And let’s face it, Angelina playing Catwoman would be as sultry, badass, and downright sweat-inducing as any actress could possibly be in the role. Unfortunately, The Daily News article goes on to remind us that in a recent interview, Dark Knight writers David Goyer and John Nolan stated that, as of now, they are reluctant to include Catwoman in the third film. Maybe Angelina can change all that. The woman has been known to sway men in the past.

catwoman 450x450 Angelina Jolie To Play Catwoman?

I for one think that Catwoman is a logical step for the next film. The Dark Knight left off with Batman being falsely accused of murder, sandwiched between cops and criminals, more alone than ever, with his only love interest having been blown to smithereens. A fella’s got to have some kind of relief, and a woman in a skin-hugging cat suit, who also likes a bit of midnight roof hopping, is never a bad place to start.

What do you think, should Angelina Jolie be the next Catwoman?

Source: Comic Book Movie via The New York Daily News

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  1. Nah .. if your going to use us just float some free movie passes our way


  2. @The Big Dentist : EEK, your kidding! Must have grown up in the desert or a stressful youth. The sun can really wreck your skin.


  4. Or the trauma of having that jet engine dropped on her brother’s room!

  5. Jolie is perfect as catwoman, she is a good action star I love her in wanted. And her beauty is stunning and wild just like catwoman!!

  6. Ok if she gains 20 pounds and covers the tatts, I can deal with her as the Catwoman.

    After looking at this hot picture of her everytime I login here,,, sheesh. Ok ok. Ok.

    Where do you get your photos Kofster. Damm you and your subterfuge!! πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m surprised at how many people are so blinded by her looks they actually think she is talented. The funny thing is the amount of people referencing Wanted as proof of that. Wanted was such a pile of trash. Jolie showing up in a movie that is actually good happens about as often as we have the Olympics. Of course I’m giving her more credit than she deserves.

    Lets see TDK and Batman begins have both been widely loved by fans and critics everyone. Jolie has done what now?
    Wanted? Tomb Raider? Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Gone In Sixty Seconds? Sky Captain? Stop if you can think of a movie she has been in that can be on the same lvl as TDK.

    I will give credit to Screen Rant you as unattractive as I find her you did manage to find a picture that is extremely hot. She is very wow in that pic. I find my self wondering how it’s the same person.

  8. Has anyone considered that it might be pretty darned cool if Mr. Nolan decided to eschew the whole villain thing and write in another DC “hero” character to persue the now hunted/haunted Batman?

    I’m sure that any one of a number of the DC stable could be “Real World”ized to fit in with his motif, and if done as well as the last two, could really help to open up the possibilities for a film like “Justice League”…

    Just food for thought.

    Peace out, ya’ll


  9. actually I have found it is not really the talent of the actor but the malleability of the actor and the talent of the director for manipulating the actors that ultimately determines a good or bad character portrayal. Nolan has definitely proved his capability there. so whom ever he chooses will just have to be molded to fit the character he is trying to portray.

  10. I’d have to agree with Daniel Fenwick on the fact that everyones blinded as far as Jolie is concerned. She made a name for herself from being exotic and a wild child and all that freakiness leaked over into her acting career. She’s not noticed because she’s THAT talented, she’s noticed because of all the drama of her personal life and deeds. Women want to have the freedom to be as shameless as her and get away with it and men want to hump her. That’s ALL her status. Someone mentioned Rosario Dawson for Catwoman, and I’m definitely all for that choice, but Nowhereman’s idea of bringing in another “hero” to hunt down the “fugitive” Batman is the best idea for a 3rd movie I’ve seen.

  11. Nowhereman’s idea is absolutely awesome. I’ve been thinking up scenarios, and I’ve concluded that Green Arrow, Black Canary, or Huntress would be perfect for that role.

  12. You know who I think would make a good catwoman? Milla Jovovich :)

  13. Now that’s an interesting one. Some of that…otherworldliness from The Fifth Element and Joan Of Arc might work, she’s the right age and she’s obviously got the action moves. Not going to happen though, realistically…

    Daniel Fenwick asked what Jolie’s been in that’s on the same level as TDK. I watched The Good Shepherd the other night and she’s actually not bad in that, but the whole time she was on screen I just couldn’t escape the fact that she looks as though she’s had someone else’s mouth pasted onto her face. Quite unsettling.

  14. no no no no no please no i like her she has her great roles but completly wrong for her she would mak a terible catwoman awfull im not saying if she is i wont see it because well these have been the best batman movies ever anyone who liked the adam west one has got to know it was stupid on purpose but there are way better women to play her i would take aviril lavigne before jolie(i hope shes dosent though)but please i hope nolan look at the options first before settling on her like i said she is a great actress but not for this. also man hoffman would make a great penguine not as good as devitto but still good

  15. I guess she is gonna be fantastic as catwoman. looking forward to her role as catwoman.

  16. I guess it’s a done deal that Angelina is going to be Catwoman,since porn star Tera Patrick has given her blessing!:p

  17. I hope Jolie plays Catwoman, She looks stunning and a good actress. She’ll probably be the best looking cat woman ever!!!!

  18. So is it just me or does anyone else think Megan Fox from Transformers would make a perfect Catwoman?

  19. Its just you DST,,,

    Really don’t expect Catwomen in Batman3.
    Chicks like Megan Fox are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.

  20. i dont expect it at all, but i figured id jump on the rumor mill…i just think angelina jolie is way past her prime…

    if catwoman isnt boring enough in the new intense Gotham City thats been created, seein Jolie play catwoman would be torture. It would be like watching Lara Croft, Mrs. Smith, or any of her other roles that shes ever played. She’s got the look, but I don’t think she lives up to the new Batman series

    If they are gonna put Catwoman in a series that has a demonic Joker and what seems to be a Johnny Depp Riddler, at least give us someone we havent seen jump around and kick ass already for the past 10 years

  21. Well I agree with you on that. I avoid Jolie films like Hep-C. She’s painfull to watch in anything and her skinny tattooed body is scary looking.

    I also don’t expect Nolan to cast Depp as the Riddler.
    I would think that Nolan has other plans. πŸ˜‰

  22. well you caught me off guard with that one…i could see depp being amazing…if he hasnt shown the world he can play any role ever, imagine the riddler actin a little drunk like jack sparrow, with the look of edward scissorhands sorry but i can never think that Depp wouldnt be a perfect match for the riddler

  23. Well I agree, Depp could totally pull it off, I just don’t think that casting is gonna happen.

    But I wouldn’t mind if it did. 😎

  24. Angelina…I say no…..Fairuza Balk…I say YESS….she has the eyez…and the darkness…

  25. Angelina Jolie is way overrated. I tend to not want to watch anything she’s involved in lately because it has become almost a gimmick to cast her to get all of the horny teenaged boys to drool.

    Although I can’t think of anyone who would play the part well off the top of my head…

    I know, Halle Berry! πŸ˜€

    Lol, just kidding of course.

  26. Well put. Double YESS on that one.

  27. This is my opinion on the batman films. If you notice, Nolan isn’t really follwing the comic books as much as we might think. I mean the joker didnt even have scars or makeup in the comic books, their was an accident that bleached his skin and lips and stuff like that. I think Nolan is just trying to go with a different direction with these batman films instead of from the older ones, a more realistic concept.

    Nolan always has done something we havent suspected either. I personally think that Jolie could do the part but mabey not the best choice. And i dont even think they should throw catwomen in quite yet. mabey wait a film or 2. I like the riddler idea though and i think two face should still be in the mix somewhere.

    I dont think anyone could top Heath’s peformance as the joker but mabey someone could come close? who knows the dark knight isnt even out in dvd yet and i dont think Nolan is going to worry bout the next film till the dark knight is done and over with.

  28. You have scrambled the word maybe, you got all the correct letters, but in the wrong order, lol. :-)

  29. If Jolie was catwomen it wouldn’t be selena kyle it would be angelina jolie. I mean if they had done this movie a couple years ago she would have been perfect but now it would just be awful. Another clooney accident is what it would be it might look good on paper but when all is said and done it just would never work out. But i think it’ll be some unknown because it’s a heavy role to play and everyone has expectations so if they cast a new face i think as movie goers and lovers of the franchise we’ll take the journey of the character.Without being inhibited by our previous knowledge of the actress. so definetly not an a-list actress (though i’m sure she would look really hot in a cat suit! ) but hey that’s what tomb raider is for…