Angelina Jolie To Play Catwoman?

Published 7 years ago by , Updated September 12th, 2013 at 10:43 pm,

Even though most of us are still basking in the afterglow (more like after-gloom) of The Dark Knight, it’s never too early to start thinking about the next Batman film. Well, apparently we’re not the only ones looking ahead.

According to fanboy site Comic Book Movie, actress/world savior/supermom Angelina Jolie is also hoping to become part of Christopher Nolan’s Bat-universe, by donning the super-tight tights and fierce claws of Catwoman for the third film in the franchise.

(Just picturing Jolie wearing the cat suit begins to erase the horrible memory of that Halle Berry flick.)

Best of all is the source from which this news has stemmed: former Catwoman Julie Newmar is quoted as telling the New York Daily News:

“Angelina would own the part,” said Newmar. “My industry friends tell me [she] has made inquiries about the role,”

Well, it seems as though Newmar is a lot more comfortable passing the torch than Jack Nicholson was. And let’s face it, Angelina playing Catwoman would be as sultry, badass, and downright sweat-inducing as any actress could possibly be in the role. Unfortunately, The Daily News article goes on to remind us that in a recent interview, Dark Knight writers David Goyer and John Nolan stated that, as of now, they are reluctant to include Catwoman in the third film. Maybe Angelina can change all that. The woman has been known to sway men in the past.

catwoman 450x450 Angelina Jolie To Play Catwoman?

I for one think that Catwoman is a logical step for the next film. The Dark Knight left off with Batman being falsely accused of murder, sandwiched between cops and criminals, more alone than ever, with his only love interest having been blown to smithereens. A fella’s got to have some kind of relief, and a woman in a skin-hugging cat suit, who also likes a bit of midnight roof hopping, is never a bad place to start.

What do you think, should Angelina Jolie be the next Catwoman?

Source: Comic Book Movie via The New York Daily News

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  1. Ugh. Hush is the most boring and generic villain in the entire Rogue’s Gallery.

    I really like the idea of bringing in Cassandra Cain, though.

  2. “(am I the only one who thinks she resembles a crack-whore??)”

    Where do you live? You must have some really hot crack-whores there. :)

  3. Nice call Thomas,
    She was great as Chiana.

  4. No one has mentioned Azriel and the Order of St. Dumas. Maybe the “villian” isn’t a villian at a all but a rival hero who takes things too far. Hmmm…. Throw Bane and a Riddler cameo in there and there’s your movie!

  5. That was kind of the theme behind Batman Begins with Raz…trying to exterminate corruption by destroying the entire city…

  6. I would really like to See Bane done some Justice, but The Black Mask would be great as well. It could be interesting to have The Black Mask and Penguin both as sort of leaders of their own gangs and have them at war and the war has to be stopped by Batman.

  7. Although I think TDK hinted at Catwoman (or maybe it was just a plug for fans with no foreshadowing intended) I don’t see how Catwoman would fit in Nolan’s BM universe. A female villain would definitely be a welcome change from BB and TDK, but Talia would probably be a better choice. Considering how Raz was portrayed, Talia could be the daughter of any previous Ra’s incarnation, any ethinicity, age, etc.

    A Twoface resurrection would be difficult to do, but possible since they never said he was dead (not that I recall), and how far was the fall? I have to see it again to refresh my memory.

    I could see Harvey coming back after reconstructive surgery (like previously mentioned), but I’d rather leave him to his fate and move on. The Riddler is the only real villain that makes sense in Nolan’s world (most others being to campy), but I would love to see what he could do with someone like Catwoman or Talia

  8. You say most other Villians are to campy, but the Riddler isn’t? I find Bane, Hush, Black Mask heck even Clayface and Mr Freeze less campy than Riddler.

  9. “You say most other Villians are to campy, but the Riddler isn’t?”
    If played by Jim Carey.. yes. But I see your point

    Clayface… maybe if you take away the shapeshifting, but then your’re left with a psychotic guy in a mask (oh wait, you’re right that would work)

    Mr. Freeze has a freezing gun (oh please). Bane, powered by ‘venom’, wouldn’t really work.. maybe if he was just really strong. Riddler is the only one I envision Nolan using because it would add a mindgame aspect to it. Clock King, although kind of silly, could also work as a criminal mastermind.

    So far, Nolan has used villains with an ego to either give themselves a good name (Scarecrow, Joker) or they take one given to them (Twoface, Ra’s). I could see someone who thinks their really smart call themselves Riddler. The others not so much. I’m not saying it’s the only possibility, just MHO.

    Catwoman I could see given the name by the press, and Bane maybe as a Gangster nickname. I dunno really…

  10. oh yeah… I’m thinking of the Batman TAS version of Riddler, not the campy one

  11. Well what ever they do, for this new incarnation of the series, it will have to be built from the ground up. Your favorite conceptions about Batman’s nemeses will be remolded by the Nolan stamp to fit in with the first two movies. One way or another you have to accept that now, he’s definitely in the drivers seat. If he’s made up his mind, “no Cat-woman,” then don’t expect the studio or D.C. to change it.

  12. Is he, the old man? Comic movies are a tricky thing. You’d think, of all previous directors, Sam Raimi would’ve had the power to create the kind of movie that he wanted. I mean, Spider-Man 1 & 2 did incredible business. Instead, he was pressured by Avi Arad to include Venom in the movie. A character that he hated.

    Nolan’s looking good now, but I can’t say he’s immune to editorial fiat.

  13. Well stupid is as stupid does..
    Don’t you think the industry learned something from that? Besides DC is a different animal than Marvel. They perceive that they are playing catch up, at least from what I’ve read. Some group reins in Nolan, they better know what their doing! “Dark Knight” has been in release less than two weeks and is seriously approaching 1/2 billion in business.

  14. Don’t you think the industry learned something from that?

    I wouldn’t count on it. Previous to The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 3 had the highest grossing opening weekend in history. And its total gross was nothing to sniff at.

    You’re probably right about DC doing things differently. Mainly because the Batman franchise is clearly following a different trajectory than the Spider-Man movies. I’m just saying that in the movie business, nothing is guaranteed.

  15. Who Knows?
    Nolan might surprise us and Use CatMAN instead !
    He is part of The Bat mythos too.

  16. Well sure, it’s your time, you should fill it like you want. :) My best response is “I’m still collating.” 😉

  17. Old man, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s 4 years younger than Bale and a good 10 years younger than Eckhart! Know what you mean though, it’s those lines round her mouth. I’ll pass on Jolie as Catwoman, particularly if she insists on doing that bizarre “I’m-a-bit-exotic-yet-strangely-Russian-sounding” accent.

  18. Guys, i think some of you need to separate yourselves from the batman incarnations of the past. A) Nolan’s films have a Bat-tank that can “jump” and ride rooftops; a Batpod that can rotate its front wheel on both a verticle and horizontal axis; a bat-suit that allows Batman to “glide” all over the place; a “Micro Wave Emitter…” the point is, all that tech is based on real world things the military uses, etc… Mr. Freeze’s gun ALREADY exists in the real world, if you’re a watcher of those futuristic weapon shows like I am. Poison Ivy is just a woman who knows how to make toxins from plants (forget the telepathically controlling them crap). But I do like the idea of warring gangs led by “Super criminals” trying to fill the void left by the slain mobsters. That leaves the door open for Bane, The Clock King, Clayface I, The Riddler, The Penquin, or all of the above.

  19. Anybody read the rumor that the producers of the next Batman that they are looking to Johnny Depp to play the Riddler…It is quite possibly just a rumor but I did read it somewhere…I think that would be really great!!

  20. Does that mean Tim Burton is going to be helping on the next film as well?

  21. LMAO Eighth times a charm…

  22. So is this the highest post count for any single topic yet?

  23. “So is this the highest post count for any single topic yet?”

    obviously you weren’t tracking the “Who’s the Final Cylon” thread

    I seriously doubt this Jolie rumor is true. Just internet speculation.

  24. These days speculation posts on Batmam #3 are all the rage. 😉

    I have a feeling Watchmen will be the next huge Superhero film !!! 😉

  25. What brought that on Greenknight333 ?

  26. I think you’re reading to much in to it Greenknight and even if you were not what’s the big deal? Isn’t better for them to get a feel of what people want then to just do whatever they want?

  27. Yeah, I just assumed that those polls were run by obsessive fans. Seriously, word of mouth is its own crazy marketing vehicle. (Though I don’t doubt some of it is studio driven. Guerrilla marketing is the most loathesome kind.)

    Ummm… are you worried that our banter here will somehow cause the studios to sign up Catwoman or something? I think the time honored tradition of casting is hardly consensus driven.