Angelina Jolie To Play Catwoman?

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Even though most of us are still basking in the afterglow (more like after-gloom) of The Dark Knight, it’s never too early to start thinking about the next Batman film. Well, apparently we’re not the only ones looking ahead.

According to fanboy site Comic Book Movie, actress/world savior/supermom Angelina Jolie is also hoping to become part of Christopher Nolan’s Bat-universe, by donning the super-tight tights and fierce claws of Catwoman for the third film in the franchise.

(Just picturing Jolie wearing the cat suit begins to erase the horrible memory of that Halle Berry flick.)

Best of all is the source from which this news has stemmed: former Catwoman Julie Newmar is quoted as telling the New York Daily News:

“Angelina would own the part,” said Newmar. “My industry friends tell me [she] has made inquiries about the role,”

Well, it seems as though Newmar is a lot more comfortable passing the torch than Jack Nicholson was. And let’s face it, Angelina playing Catwoman would be as sultry, badass, and downright sweat-inducing as any actress could possibly be in the role. Unfortunately, The Daily News article goes on to remind us that in a recent interview, Dark Knight writers David Goyer and John Nolan stated that, as of now, they are reluctant to include Catwoman in the third film. Maybe Angelina can change all that. The woman has been known to sway men in the past.

catwoman 450x450 Angelina Jolie To Play Catwoman?

I for one think that Catwoman is a logical step for the next film. The Dark Knight left off with Batman being falsely accused of murder, sandwiched between cops and criminals, more alone than ever, with his only love interest having been blown to smithereens. A fella’s got to have some kind of relief, and a woman in a skin-hugging cat suit, who also likes a bit of midnight roof hopping, is never a bad place to start.

What do you think, should Angelina Jolie be the next Catwoman?

Source: Comic Book Movie via The New York Daily News

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  1. A lot of us were guessing about who would play the Joker in TDK, but we were all wrong. Paul Bettany, Crispin Glover, even Mark Hammil were all rumored (ie, fanboy fantasies, even by yours truly).

    If they decide to go with Cats, I don’t know if they’ll go with her. Fans were shocked and some were outraged over Ledger’s casting as the Joker, but I said 2 years ago that I trust Christopher Nolan.

    I can’t wait to hear more, but Nolan may do something else first. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bats 3 is in 3D, though.

    Great article!


  2. As soon as Bruce Wayne asked Lucious Fox “Will it stop a dog?” (in regards to the new Batsuit) and Lucious replied “No, but it will stop a cat” I thought that Catwoman would make an appearance in the next movie. And it does make perfect sense, new love interest, new criminal who poses a new dilemma(someone he cares for but has to fight).

    And of course I think Two Face is still alive and will be a big part of Batman having to redeem himself in the eyes of Gotham.

  3. I sincerely doubt Jolie would get the job. As Heath has said above, Nolan had Ledger in mind well before anyone else. Despite the fact that many A-list actors came to his doorstep for the role. If Nolan were to actually have Catwoman, he wouldn’t pick her, unless that’s who he wanted in the role to begin with.

  4. Well WANTED sold me on the fact that Angelina can play a badass anti-heroine (that butt shot really secured her position,) but if we’re throwing her name out of the ring, who do we predict Nolan is going to draft from out of left field? I would’ve said Maggie Gyllenhaal but she got blown up real good in TDK. (And remember, this is the director who put KATIE “WOODBLOCK” HOLMES in the first film.)

  5. I actually thought Halle Berry’s rendition of Catwoman (catsuit and attitude) was very good; the movie sucked but she, as Catwoman, was good.

    Angelina has shown, as Kofi said, that she can play the anti-heroine. I didn’t like Wanted all that much but Angelina did a good job. Also, just as Jack Nicholson had the type of personality for the Joker, I think Angelina has that same type of personality as Catwoman (well, at least before Brad anyway).

  6. I think if you had your pick of actresses to play a sexy cat like anti-heroine/villian then Jolie would be perfect for the role … ME…OWWW..!! Saucer of milk for table two please!!!

    I didn’t like Gyllenhaal in the role of Rachael Dawes…I’m not saying she can’t act…I’m just saying I am not, nor have I ever been, fond of her…Something about her look that I can’t quite put my finger on…

  7. Purr purr… Angelina? yes she is hot, and has shown that she can act, if she want to… And sure a another A-list adition to the New Batmovies is great, and I would not mind. But Nolan might suprise us and choose someone none of us has even considered…

    and shuld Catwoman be the Villan? yea.. that would be nice, but than we need an additional villan, and No, two face is dead… I’m sure Batman would know this, if not he would be all, Gordon kall the ambulance, he is still alive! – The other villan? Why not : Ventriloquist and Scarface

  8. I think Angelina would be exquisite as Catwoman , she would be perfectly cast . I’d love to see this notion gather momentum :)

  9. Yeah Greenknight333, Gilenhaal has a perfect look for Harley Quinn. Big dopey eys.

    I’m anti-Jolie “period,” so I’d rather not see her as Cats.

    Hope Nolan breaks the silence on B3 soon.
    All this speculation is getting old. I friend of mine at WB, informed me that Riddler was in the next film, but he also told me we would see a hint of that in TDK and we didn’t so , who knows.

  10. Wow I thought most people would have the same reaction as me, but I guess not. I think Catwomen would be a terrible choice for a villain at this point. Not only that, but I think Jolie is a terrible choice for Catwomen or any other part in these films. I have never liked her and don’t find her all that talented or attractive. I think Jolie is probably the most overrated person in Hollywood and hiring her would be a cheap stunt.

    Since TDK proved that these movies can get an audience on their own it would be a waste and there is no need for her.

  11. @greenknight333: “Something about her look that I can’t quite put my finger on…”
    Do you think she looks noticeably older than Bale or Eckhart? I did. It kind of made those intimate scenes a little off balance, especially with Wayne’s other Date partners. Looked and felt less natural, but perhaps is intellectually more real, given Wayne’s predicament. Wayne is portrayed as emotionally older than his physical years.

    An older Rachel, given over much less to impulsiveness, she’s thoughtful choosing between Wayne and Dent, indeed a complicated story.

  12. JohnK from Norway, people easily are revived in comics. Look at it this way, how many people fell from buildings during TDK and survived the fall? Why would Two Face get just half of a movie to do just a little bit of killing? It doesnt make sense. What we saw was the death of Harvey Dent, and the birth of Two face. There was no body, just a memorial of Harvey Dent.

    Its just my hunch, but I think it is pretty safe to think he is still alive.

  13. Argh a bad idea, Jolie is always Jolie on screen, whereas Ledger set the bar for actors taking things to a new level

  14. Angelina Jolie would be OK as Catwoman,but IMHO Rosario Dawson would be a better fit for the role.

    Two Face is dead!Remeber,Nolan is making these movies closer to reality,rather than to fantasy.


  15. OH MY GOD. I had this same idea right after watching TDK opening eve at the 3:40am midnight showing. I did notice that scene when Lucious mentioned that Batman would be ok with “Cats” with his new suit. I hope that they’re hinting towards an “Jolie” Catwoman. I’m sure I’m not the only person that noticed this or that wants her in the role. Even though my favorite Catwoman was Michelle Pfeiffer. Jolie and her share similar physical traits such as Big Beautiful Eyes and Sultry Luscious Lips. I agree with Kyyle23 and Kofi Outlaw about the perfect situation with Catwoman and how they left off TDK. I really hope that it works out that Jolie gets the Catwoman part. By the way, I also liked Berry’s catwoman. Isn’t there some sort of petition that we can start to get Jolie as the next Catwoman? (I wish Nolan was my uncle or something)

  16. Actually Tom my theory is that Two Face is still alive. If you notice at the end scene they never actually test his pulse. I think he’s still alive, but Gordon and Batman decided to keep him hidden from the public. He just becomes a villian and most people don’t know he is actually Harvey Dent Maybe.

    I think adding Catwoman would be terrible I don’t think the character fits in to Nolan’s world especially not right now. Jolie definitely dosn’t fit with the cast because she is not among the same caliber as the other actors and would appear very flawed. The only reason so many people like her is because they think she is hot. Personally I don’t find her to be. Her lips alone gross me out a bit they remind me of those big Candy lips you can buy in the store.

  17. “Angelina Jolie would be OK as Catwoman,but IMHO Rosario Dawson would be a better fit for the role.”

    hadn’t thought of that, but excellent choice. We’ve seen Jolie in the seductress role again, and again, and again…. I think Nolan will go with someone who will bring something new. I for one would like to be suprised by the casting.

  18. Listen, I just saw TDK again last night and the plot of B3 is all laid out in it. A) Harvey is never confirmed as dead, there’s no blood on the ground where he falls, no body at the memorial and the Mayor, Bats and Gordon were all willing to cover up his actions. Don’t bet they haven’t locked him UNDER Arkham Asylum while they look for a qualified plastic Surgeon, giving him the perfect excuse for a future crime spree: either he pulls off the robberies at his whim, or Gordon and Bats stop him, threatening to blow the lid off their cover up. A double edged sword.

    B) The Joker laid it out saying that, like the Batman imitators normal citizens would start “going crazy” twice as fast based on his example. So the Riddler as a crime mastermind, yes, but consider Mr. Freeze (a Waynetech scientist with a dying wife steals a Waynetech prototype freeze gun to obtain the money he needs for her operation; Poison Ivy (Environmental activist and leading botanist starts poisoning people with rare spores and plant extracts till Gotham lowers its pollution rate); Mr. Scarface (a put-upon ventriloquist from the Narrows starts hearing voices); and Catwoman (an abused, yet empowered woman decides to take what she wants from a corrupt world).

    Now, consider not one of these villains, but perhaps a combination of them, first working independent, then together when Batman becomes an obstacle, maybe orchestrated by the Riddler or Two-face. The point of this story? That because Batman stood up and did something extraordinary, thereby inspiring the Joker to do the same, more and more “normal” citizens trapped within the “Normal” boundaries of life also begin to throw off those boundaries and become something more than their current states allow them to be. And in this new costume arms race, Batman must prove that he is the original and yet still the greatest of them, and that no matter what kind of new and uncanny threats pop up, he will always be there to guard Gotham. The trilogy ends right where it should: With the birth of the DC universe, a time of heroes and villains and a lot of crap no one ever thought possible. Rising above our supposed limits = why Batman is so universally loved. THE END

    Give me a script writing deal already WB!!!!!

  19. I can’t see Rosario Dawson in this type of flick, Jolie for sure, she can do it well.

  20. Angelina as Catwoman? I like! She’s always pretty good on these superhero/action-type roles (Tomb Raider, Ms. Smith).

  21. I personally love the idea of Angelina as Catwoman. She is so perfect for the role: sexy, seductive and playful with a kick-ass attitude. Yeah, she is a HUGE flake, but she would be GREAT as Catwoman.

    Personally, I think the Riddler is going to be involved in the next film somehow.

  22. Now this is interesting. I’m really looking forward to this. Jolie is indeed very effective in playing strong female characters and I am very sure she will give justice to the role if she is chosen. I’m just wondering what angle Catwoman will have in the next movie (if ever)I mean, The Dark Knight was really quite “dark” and I believe the next one will be just as “dark.”

    I like your ideas for the character development of the Batman villains. I would just like to add the Penguin into the list, whom I think can be presented as an “Al Capone” type who has filled-in the void left by the previous crime bosses that were put out of action in The Dark Knight movie. The police, of course could not touch him since they can not gather any solid evidence to pin him down. Needless to say, he would (or should) be nastier than the Danny de Vito version.

  23. OKi, No blood where he falls, they don’t check his pulse, there is a slim chance they bring him back, but I dont think that would be a smart move…

    they bring people back in comics all the time, but this is not a comic, it is a movie franchise based on a comic…

    -I do like the idea of several crazy villans, that team up when batman becomes a problem…

  24. Johnny-K of Norway, (cool handle btw. ;-) ) I wouldn’t mind TwoFace in the next film.
    He could have survived the fall at the end,and then gone through reconstructive surgery.
    He could then be unleashed as TwoFace, in all his glory in part 3. Throw the Riddler in there and ya might just break 500 million.

  25. An associate of mine at WB told me in no uncertain terms that the whole multiple criminal thing ( especially a concept where they team up against “bats” ) has an extremely tiny chance of even being considered. The studio is giddy over the reception to this franchise becoming truly “dark”, and is wary of going down the same road as BM Returns, Forever, and the dreadful Robin. They may allude to the doings of other arkham inmates, but don’t expect any team ups. They’re trying to keep things real world (for the most part), and let’s face it… with the possible exeption of certain governmental types, nut house tennants rarely work in a cooperative way.
    (Okay,okay…I’ll give ya “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”). Look for the next film to focus more on how BatWayne extricates himself form his current dilemma and rises to the status of a true hero.

    Just my take, but I’m stickin’ to it.



  26. I think they should have Bane in the next one. Maybe do part of the story where he breaks Batman’s back or something to that extent. We have had all of the mind games and villians that have been all trying to out think Batman and the police. Now how about someone that matches and passes Batman’s physical abilities. Maybe have Penquin or Riddler controling Bane.

  27. if they want some one with acting experience but totally from left field they could try Gigi Edgley. For those whom don’t know who she is try looking up Farscape and look for a character called Chiana.

  28. Daniel Fenwick…I LOVED the comment about candy lips! I’ve said the same thing, myself…I never thought she was all that hot (except for maybe when she was in “Gia”).

    I don’t think Jolie would be a good choice…not only for Catwoman, but to be in a Nolan-helmed Batman movie. She is too big for a “supporting role” in such a film. Siberia said it best: “Jolie is always Jolie on screen.” It would detract from the film.

    They’ve already tried such villians as Two-Face (twice), the Joker (also twice), Henri Ducard/Ra’s al Ghul, Catwoman (twice), the Penguin, the Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, and Poison Ivy…not to mention Carmine Falcone, and assorted other mobsters/thugs.

    I think, for the next one, they should go after some lesser known characters…i.e. Doctor Moon (a Brain surgeon who, well…works on brains), Lady Shiva (arguably the best martial artist in the DC universe, and a former instructor to Bruce Wayne), Black Mask, Clayface, Hush, Mr. Zsasz (continuing along a darker path in the movie…this character carves tallies of his victims into his body with a carving knife…it might be too close to Heath’s Joker, though), Captain Stingaree (a thief who uses a Pirate motif…and why not, it could draw in Verbinski fans :-P), or even Mr. Polka-Dot…not to mention many others…

    They could go an alternate route and introduce another vigilante into the mix, as well…like the Huntress, or someone like Cassandra Cain (the current Batgirl…but without the suit).

    There are always choices…

  29. I agree with DavieDave, no more mainstream villians, especially one played by Angelina Jolie. (am I the only one who thinks she resembles a crack-whore??) A third movie with Hush would rock. I think Christopher Nolan knows what he’s doing and isn’t going to ruin what he’s created by putting someone so “big” in one of these films. It would cheapen it.