Angelina Jolie Passes On Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’

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angelinajoliegravity Angelina Jolie Passes On Alfonso Cuarons Gravity

This is just a massive shame. According to Deadline, Angelina Jolie has passed on the lead role in Alfonso Cuarón’s 3D film Gravity (co-starring Robert Downey Jr.). Despite being offered a mountain of cash and the opportunity to work with one of the greatest mainstream directors alive today — Children of Men was the best sci-fi film of the last decade, if not one of the best films ever — Jolie is too busy prepping her directorial debut, a Bosnian love story circa 1990-something.

Gravity, scripted by Cuarón and his son Jonas, is about two characters—a team leader (Downey Jr.) and a female lead—who get stranded in space after their space station explodes, killing the remainder of their team. The bulk of the film is about the female lead trying desperately to return home to her child…before bedtime! (OK, that last part I made up.)

Because the film focuses so heavily on the female lead, Warner Bros. pushed hard for Angelina Jolie, one of the few actresses around—or actors, for that matter—who could possibly dominate the screen by herself for the majority of the film. (Think Cast Away but in space, and with a lady instead of Tom Hanks.)

Previously, the studio had reached out to every other actress working today—from Sandra Bullock to Blake Lively—but Angelina was far and above their favorite, which is why they reached out twice. Now the question remains, without the most beautiful woman in the world onboard, will Warner Bros. be willing to throw $80 million at Gravity? Or is Gravity’s future, more likely, now in jeopardy?

cuaron Angelina Jolie Passes On Alfonso Cuarons Gravity

Don’t look so sad, Alfonso, you’re breaking my heart

I would, in all seriousness, watch anything and anyone directed by Alfonso Cuarón: the man has never disappointed as a director. In fact, his disappointments (Great Expectations) are at worst ‘just plain good.’ He has made beautiful children’s fantasy tales (A Little Princess, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), he has made powerful and personal art-house films (Y tu mamá también), and, I repeat, he has made my favorite sci-fi film of the past ten years—if not longer—Children of Men.

Speaking of Children of Men, it has been said that Gravity will use some of the same long-take techniques that were so prevalent and mind-boggling in the aforementioned sci-fi masterpiece. In fact, the opening shot itself, according to The Playlist, will be twenty minutes long or longer, bringing to mind the best opening shot in film history—that of Orson Welle’s Touch of Evil. One shot. One scene. All awesome.

Gravity, which will be 60% CGI, not unlike James Cameron’s Avatar, starts shooting next year after Robert Downey Jr. finishes Sherlock Holmes 2 – that is, if everything falls into place. Cross your fingers, Cuarón fans.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. Children of men was the best movie of the decade imho. He shouldn’t have to worry if jolie drops out. His talent and credentials alone should garner a green light. I loved his sceen in paris je tu me’ also best sceen in that film with the coens’ sceen. Cannot wait for this film.

  2. Big fan…fingers crossed.

  3. Hey im a sullivan too!

  4. Children of Men was the best movie of the decade? Wow. The only reason I WOULDN’T see this film is if Jolie was in it. How on earth can you think so highly of this woman?? What has she ever done that’s worth anything? (I conceed Girl, Interupted) Tomb Raider? Salt? There are 100 actresses who could perform this baby-collector under the table.

    • A) What movie do you deem to be better? B) The studio doesn’t seem to think so.

    • What did Angelina Jolie do to you???

      A Mighty Heart
      Tomb Raider (Come on!!!Who didn’t like Tomb Raider?)
      Girl, Interrupted

      She was brilliant in all these. You get Angelina Jolie in your movie, especially an Action movie and you’re assured a $100 million, Only 3 or 4 actresses can do that.

      My guess is you’ve read too many tabloids………..

      • I liked Tomb Raider a lot!!! They should make another.

  5. Yes of the decade IMHO. Repeat IMHO.

  6. alfonso cauron is a hack and shud never be allowed to direct again

    those wh havent read hp have NO IDEA why sirius is called padfoot in order of the pehonix

  7. Wow, you’re basing your opinion on a hp movie? That’s funny! Watch his other films then tell me he’s a hack.

  8. was that pro cauron or anti hp

  9. Pro cauron. I’ve never seen nor read anything hp related. Not my thing. But his other films are awsome. So if someone doesn’t like his take on the hp movie he did wich was the 3rd i believe, it shouldn’t make his other films less accomplished. By the way i read somewhere the what’s her name that wrote the hp books said his was her favorite.

  10. I am part of the group who found CHILDRE OF MEN to be less then good but not unwatchable. I also know that to each his own and so I would never criticize someone else for tagging COM as the best SciFi film of the decade.

    I do believe that as much as I like her, Angelina isn’t the only female lead capable of fulfiling this role. She may the first and most obviocus choice but certainly not the only choice. What about:

    NICOLE KIDMAN: She may not have been hot lately but shes still hot and a great actress with presence.

    CHARLIZE THERON: Another actress that has taken the lead in 1 or more films. Remeber MOnsters Ball?

    HILLARY SWANK: If the actress need to be of the physically stroing type Ias Angelina portaryed in WANTED) then Swank could be a good choice.

    Diane Lane or Juliane Moore: I think either of these could pull this off as well.

    While probably the obvoius first choice, Angelina Jolie certainly isn’t the only obvious choice and I hope they don’t let her not being involved stop the films production.

    • Agreed. She isn’t the only one. Of the 3 you mentioned I’d pick Charlize Theron but I’d like to add:

      ZOE SALDANA: She’s queen of the geeks right now and can’t go wrong when it comes to Sci-fi movies…. Star Wars and Avatar. She’s the future Angelina Jolie.

      SANDRA BULLOCK: She’s bankable like Miss Jolie and is riding a wave of popularity stemming from an Oscar win, so anything she’s gonna do in the short-term future is gonna be popular.

      MEGAN FOX: If the decision was up to me and if angelina Jolie was definitely not available. I’d have her walk around the space ship naked and sexually frustrated………..

      • @ BlueCollarCritic…

        I agree with you on Charlize Theron or Julianne Moore in the lead female role. Both actresses are quite talented, and when it comes to the action movie stuff, both of them would do quite well (does anyone — besides me — remember Charlize kicking butt in Aeon Flux?), and they would also add the type of seriousness which some of these 20-something actresses haven’t yet gotten the hang of yet.

        Angelina Jolie isn’t the only actress in the world who can carry a film on her own. There are many talented actresses out there who deserve the opportunity to take a lead role and make it worth watching. The big issue will be the script, and even though I want to be excited about this movie (the presence of RDJ notwithstanding), the fact that it’s being filmed in 3D is tempering my interest (I had some bad experiences with 3D movies recently, and don’t want to repeat them).

  11. While I recognize that it’s all a business, it’s sad that they hinge entire productions on one person saying yes or no, especially given the depth of the talent pool in film & tv today. Once upon a time, Jolie was just another pretty face until she gave a couple of strong performances (Gia, George Wallace, Girl Interrupted) and exploded into a full-blown celebrity. Maybe if they can’t find a ‘name’ they should look for someone who’s one performance away from becoming one. Let them prove that they have the chops and reap the benefits if they succeed. As an example, actress Katheryn Winnick has as much screen presence as any of the big names. Find a talented actress who doesn’t require millions of dollars on her paycheck and deliver a movie that people want to see for the story, not the celebrity. (Seems easy in theory, I know.)

    • Jason seems to be the voice of reason here… and yes… Children of Men was quite good…. lets not sweat the small stuff and see what Downey can do for him anyways…

  12. How ironic would it be if they rewrote it for a man??

    • That could be a cool twist. The concept of father and son being reunited certainly worked well for Field of Dreams. Just bump Robert Downey, Jr. up to the starring role and forget the rest.

    • BRAVO……(((^))))…… POINT WELL TAKEN

  13. @sully311 by my info her current favorite is the latest one the half blood prince

  14. I’m happy that Angelina is out of the movie, but now the studio is scared? Why not just hire an unknown? I’m pretty sure that there’s someone out there that can carry a film better than Jolie can. I just seriously want this movie to get made since I’m a fan of all things Cuaron.

  15. cauron nearly ruined harry potter


    • Why do you keep saying that?
      Prisoner of Azkaban was the best reviewd one of the series, fan seem to love it, and meanwhile fans seem to loathe Yates. Personally HBP is my favorite in the series, but I always meet someone who says that “Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince suck”. Besides, we’re talking about a totally different movie and you’re bringing up another one, all directors are allowed one “bad” film so you can consider “Prisoner” his bad film and shut up.

      • Coming from a non-HP fan who’s still seen all the films – I prefer Azkaban by miles. It’s the only one that I’d bother to re-watch (and have done), and works well as a standalone movie. Even just from an aesthetic point of view, it’s gorgeous to look at.

        OK, there were some plot points spliced from the book. Don’t they all do that? And it was nothing I noticed having not read the books, just stuff HP fans bang on about.

        Cuaron’s one of the best working directors around today – even if you don’t enjoy Children of Men, you can’t possibly watch that and say he’s a ‘hack’.

  16. I wasn’t a big fan of Children Of Men… Disappointed that Jolie won’t be in this movie tho.


    • So? Yates cut out Dumbledore’s funeral, 6 memories involving Voldermort, a a lot of other things. Every director cuts out something because the director knowss it won’t work on film or has a specific goal in mind. Cuaron’s plan for the movie was to focus on the dramatic side of Harry, how the story was affecting him, his character, all of that. That’s why a lot of backstory material and other stuff was cut out. Plus Cuaron directed my favorite sci-fi film ever so I don’t mind what he did with
      Azkaban. Neither should anyone else anyway since “Prisoner” was designed as a filler story.

  18. OUT*

  19. @ adam. Like i said i read it somewhere sometime ago so i could not be up to date with her current fave status. But as far as i know she liked it. But you should give his films a chance. C.O.M. is a really smart movie with lots of historical references that some people miss.

  20. By the way my last statement was not directed towards any commenters on this thread :).

  21. “Why do you keep saying that?”

    Lol! That’s funny Jose. :)

  22. I agree that Children of Men is an absolutely stunning piece of filmmaking..There are many powerful scenes from the film that I cannot forget because the imges have been imprinted in my brain..The suicide kits that are for sale is something that is often missed and is a sad statement on the value of adult life in the film. The end sequences with them running through the Islamic refugee camp with the baby is one of the most powerful in any movie I have ever watched especially when everyone actually realizes there is a baby…As a guy with children I can almost cry watching that scene..A truly instant classic that deserves many repeated viewings to see everything AC was trying to convey..

  23. This film does not need Jolie..she may make it more bankable but it certainly is not make or break without her..I’d certainly see the film with no well known stars if AC is directing it because I know it is going to be great

    • hear here…. this is some what of an understatement … lets not forget how well Scarlett stood up against Paltrow opposite Downey in Iron Man 2 … not that she is my pick for this role… far from it actually

      Picture this… Q’orianka Kilcher… Lead in The New World opposite Colin Ferrell… steps up like a new character straight out of the old Star Trek Days with the will of Khan to live and survive… At least it would keep her off the streets and out of the Native Times for loitering with aggrevated assault of a iron fence on Pennsylvania Avenue

      this chick is one feisty and forward player in the game as I see it given that she has already taken on her own stunts in real life as a form of protest and arrest for activist efforts at the white house


      • Scarlett Johansson was easily the worst part about Iron Man 2, and there were a lot of bad things going on in that movie to begin with.

  24. Since there is a policy of ‘no profanity or personal attacks’ I will just say I am disgusted to see a visionary director such as Alfonso Cuaron being judged on the basis of what got edited out of his Harry Potter movie (something based on a book intentionally and professedly written for grade-schoolers).

    I am equally aghast at the prospect of GRAVITY falling apart! I agree with whoever said Charlize Theron and Julianne Moore would be great candidates; and likewise I have to echo the statements of everyone who’s said this would be a great role for a very talented unknown actress! They exist, they are out there, and surely for something this inevitably awesome they could invest the effort to find one of them!

    I don’t think there are words to articulate how disappointed I will be if the whole project dies because of this scheduling conflict.

  25. The script draft I read requires an actress who can emote powerfully with limited physical movement. And to draw in an audience and hold their interest all alone and talking to herself for much of the film. I can understand the studio’s desperate desire to get Jolie on board. There isn’t anyone else who can carry this with the hope of making it profitable. Cuaron may have to revise the script and bring in a co-star. Or shelve it until Jolie’s schedule frees up.

  26. You really think Jolie is the only actress who can accomplish this feat… hmmm… lets see…. Rachel Weisz can do that…

    Then there is the likes of Thandie Newton who nearly stole the lead away from Vin Diesel in Chronicles of Riddick with her diabolical ways or Alexa Davalos subdued style ….. Hallie Berry surely isnt a lost cause when it comes to emoting well and owning the screen

    Then we get into a slew of actresses with plenty of screen presence and dynamics such as Scarlett Johansson or Naomi Watts…

    Why not see what an actress like Michelle Rodriguez could do with it or possibly Rosario Dawson, Selma Blair or Eva Mendez

    Honest to mercatroid… I would rather see Beyonce or Mariah Carey up there pulling it off just for the sake of variety and pulling in a wider audience than be forced to think that Angelina Jolie has locked down the imagination of our entire film industry…. do you hear what I am saying???

    Hmm… for that matter… I bet Pink could pull it off too IF ONLY SOMEONE WOULD ASK MORE OF HER THAN JUST CROONING OR BEING A TRAPEZE ARTIST….

  27. Here’s a twist for you… Cast a crossdresser or even a transvestite in the role.. I have seen Jude Law pull it off and know that Depp would take a role as a cross dresser as long as he still plays a man… Really… That ought to cover all the bases

    ok ok ok… all humor aside… the field is wide open for a Sci-Fi film

  28. So whats wrong with Juliette Lewis or Rutina Wesley stepping into a sci-fi thriller and treading new psychodrama pathways? I say promote within the ranks on this one or go way out. Clearly we are only talking about the sort of actress who can physically create a series of iron clad idiocyncracies and cut a good profile such as Jennifer Garner did with Electra. It’s really not rocket science nor is it the sort of scripting that Uma Thurman would shy away from.

    Alfonso can bring a raw essence out of these kinds of women simply by immersing them in his settings and talking camera angle in my opinion. His films are about essence and dimension and all of these actresses (aside from Garner) have put that together.

    I also like the idea of Q’orianka Kilcher from The New World in the role.

  29. GRAVITY, despite the money WB have put into it, is a female driven sci-fi flick which isn’t action/adventure oriented in the vein of AVATAR or to a lesser extent INCEPTION and as narrow minded as it may be to many film buffs here and elsewhere the studio want a return on their investment.

    I’m frustrated, on the one hand, as ,assuming it does get shelved, it’s an example of the studios failing to give more actresses (up and comers as well as the established likes of Bullock) opportunities to actually headline tentpole movies that aren’t romantic comedies or glorified Lifetime specials.