Andrew Garfield Talks About His ‘Spider-Sense’ and Fear of Fame

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Andrew Garfield Spider Man Comic Con 2011 Andrew Garfield Talks About His Spider Sense and Fear of Fame

When The Amazing Spider-Man was first announced, there were plenty of people who were suspicious of a new Spider-Man reboot so soon after Sam Raimi’s trilogy (including yours truly). Slowly but surely, however, it seems like the tide has turned in favor of the film.

In part, the change in opinion comes from the film’s impressive cast and its enjoyable first trailer. However, arguably the biggest reason people are getting behind The Amazing Spider-Man is the web-slinger himself, Andrew Garfield.

Beginning with his moving speech at Comic-Con, Garfield has been winning fans over with his sincere love and appreciation for the character of Spider-Man. The rising young star continues to impress in an interview today with the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex blog.

Lots of actors spend time researching their roles prior to filming, deciding how their character should speak, move, and react to others. In his preparation for Spider-Man, however, Andrew Garfield took his research to the extreme. Dedicated to understanding Peter Parker’s physicality after his transformation, Garfield spent time studying the anatomy and physiology of spiders.

“What would having spider DNA constituting a percentage of your blood — what would that do? So I studied spiders, I studied their movements and how they operate in the world and I tried to incorporate as much of that as I could. He’s a boy/spider in terms of how he moves, and not just in the suit. It also shapes the way he interacts with people. A spider is so sensitive; their skin is sensitive to everything. That’s the thing with the spider sense and the way he takes in everything. Imagine all of your skin was as sensitive as a spider, the slightest gust of wind would feel like a tornado going by. You’d always be rushing, that rush. What does that do to you? The idea of how he adjusts to that. And I looked at the idea of having more legs, more arms, and the spacial awareness. A spider moves up, down, side-to-side, all around. He’s not linear and with the knowledge of that spatial awareness and the fact that he can be here and then over there incredibly fast. The stillness of a spider and the lightness I found all of that very interesting to explore as well.”

On the surface, Garfield’s comments are somewhat laughable. It’s doubtful that audiences will be able to recognize a marked difference in the way Parker moves pre and post-transformation. However, the fact that he’s even considering these kinds of issues speaks volumes to the level of commitment he’s put into the role.

andrew garfield subway spider man 570x329 Andrew Garfield Talks About His Spider Sense and Fear of Fame

You have to admire an actor who is as dedicated as Garfield, particularly when you consider how much of a risk taking on this role was in the first place. In the interview, Garfield speaks to the fear that came along with accepting such a high-profile project and his desire to lead a relatively normal life – in spite of his likely international fame.

“I don’t like to think about [the fame]. It terrifies me… The visibility thing — the being a more visible actor or just a more visible person in the world — was the one thing that deterred me. That was absolutely the one thing I questioned. Do I want to do this? I thought about it for a month, constantly… I did take the role, I took it on, and i don’t regret it. It’s meant something to me for all of my life. But I’m going to do my best to remain me.”

Maintaining your privacy while being the face of a (very likely) billion dollar movie franchise can’t be easy, but if anybody can do it, I’m betting it will be the level-headed and likable Garfield.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters next summer on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: LA Times

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  1. Geez, he sounds like a methods actor. That’s pretty cool. Although I wouldn’t say that his study of the anatomy and movement of spiders is laughable at face value. Not necessarily anyway. What if there really is a big difference in the way that he responds to people and his environment post Spider bite? Even when he’s plain old Peter Parker? Obviously, when he’s in the suit there’s going to be a difference, but it should be interesting to see the film explore Peter’s transformation in more detail. So far, it has been hinted that this origins tale will be pretty in depth.

    They’re going to focus on how Peter invents the web shooters. From the sound of the comic con panel (now posted at youtube in its entirety, minus the film clips) they really had fun with that aspect of the film. They’re going to show how he creates the costume (you can see some experimentation going on in the official pics that Sony released). They’re going to show, apparently, a metabolism spike and possibly a spike in aggression as well, which shows that they’re looking a little deeper at the biological aspect of the whole bit (like Andrew). Heck, we know that Uncle Ben is going to bite the bullet at some point in the film, but we could end up having him throughout the entire film as well. So what with everything that Andrew said, even the minute details that he’s mentioning might be pretty significant in the movie too.

    • Agreed, good comment.

      You have to give him a lot of credit. Hes under alot of pressure, and just like the article said, at least he seems hes going above and beyond for the role. Cant knock him for that…

    • yeah in th comics he had his powers for a while before his uncle died. he was already a locally famous tv star but he had a bad day then he finds out his uncle dies and then he decides what to do with his abilities

  2. His hair is still bugging me…….

    • I wonder where he puts all under the mask. Like does he wear a du rag or one of those hair knits the lunch lady from elementary school wore. sigh. They never gave you an extra slop of sloppy joes.

      • LOL.. Yeah he looks like Henry Spencer from Eraserhead! why didn’t they chop about three inches off that? Who is Spider-Man? Just look for the guy that looks like his hair hangs upside down all the time.

        I get what he’s saying but he doesn’t say it very well. Impresses me that he’s trying to feel the character out more than figure him out. Is that technique going to work for Parker the intellectual, especially if the movie is focusing more on his genius? I think he’ll have to switch gears to capture Parker’s character. Might be something to look for in his performance…

  3. Off topic, is that some guy sleeping on the train when he is hanging from the top?


    • He’s on an NYC subway. That’s probably the least strange thing you’d see in a day.

    • Never mind that…Peter’s dingy is stuck in the ceiling!

  4. Have to agree with Levi. The fact that Andrew would go to those lengths and show the humility to share his process with fans says a lot. People are quick to judge, mostly negative, so he’s done an impressive job handling all of this.

  5. He should go back to making more SOcial Network movies, leave the super heroes to the pros.

    • What Pros are you talking about?

      • Why Sam Rami of course he did such a bang up job with the series…../sarc

  6. You can all say I am a troll, but I really don’t care. This guy is WRONG for the role. I will NEVER be convinced that Andrew Garfield is Peter Parker. EVER.

    • rrrrrrright dude. i bet you’ll be there opening weekend.

      • I won’t be. THAT I can guarantee you. This movie won’t see $1 of my money.

        • Because you´re gonna download it illegally.

          • If you’ve followed this site at ALL, you would know I am vehemently against illegal downloading.

            • lol @ scape goat

            • Who uses the word “vehemently”? Hahaha! ;)

              But in all seriousness, people can’t judge a movie if they haven’t even seen it yet. Also, we’ve only seen ONE trailer and it was more of a teaser than an actual, full-on trailer, so a conclusion can’t be drawn from that.
              I’ll most likely go see the movie (since I love Spidey and didn’t like the first trilogy), but I’ll watch a few more trailers before I make a final decision.

              • People who use the word “vehemently” tend to watch things other than “Jersey Shore” and “Jerry Springer.” :-)

  7. Rob, no offense dude, but this article makes it sound like you’re a shill for Sony. The cast of this movie is horrible. Sally FREAKING Field as Aunt May? FAIL! No J.K. Simmons as Jonah? FAIL! Denis Leary as Georgy Stacy? Are you kidding me? Not to mention how bad Garfield is as a choice for Spidey. This movie is shaping up to make Spider-Man 3 look like The Dark Knight.

    • haaa you’re crazy if you think it will be as bad as spiderman 3. you can’t get much worse than that. even superman returns beats that. i would even go as far as to give xmen 3 the ege over spiderman 3. i don’t think any movie could make spiderman 3 look like the dark knight haaaa. look at little goblin jr. gonna cry?

      • jonah Hex

        • Jonah Hex needs a sequel

      • the only thing wrong with spiderman 3 was that they didnt flesh out the villians aside from harry, and venom deserved a much bigger role…

        That and emo spiderman, and the spider dance…

        And given the right treatment, topher grace COULD’VE been a good eddie brock (Im not saying he would’ve, just saying that he couldve been good after all who here was superstoked when they heard that kirks dad was gonna be thor? or that pretty boy Heath Ledger was gonna be the joker).

        If if and buts were candy and nuts…

        • “venom deserved a much bigger role…”

          Umm yeah like into a fourth movie!!!
          Face it, they wrote themselves into a corner. This is just indicative of why Marvel should take their properties back from the licensees. Licensees will never have the faith and take the care required to overcome the flow problems.
          What do I mean by that? The constant restarts, the failure to advance the stories and keep them going, giving them a continuity they deserve.

          You can argue forever that it’s impractical to expect that but I don’t believe it. The problems can be transcended and things like the changing faces of the actors playing the roles, that’s not nearly as bad or as frustrating as the constant stagnation of the storyline by the reboots, restarts, and rehearsals for a genuine effort to get on with the story. He*l series TV has been doing this stuff for years and as loose as the Bond series might feel at times it at least “Gets on with it!” A testament to the focused efforts of a single production company, instead of a mish mash of competing companies out to exploit the properties right down into ruination with very little care to their long term life…

          And if wishes were fishes we would all cast nets..

          • True, the 3rd Spider-Man was not want anyone one was hoping for, but I think the first two movies, and there box office takings, speak for themselves.

            “The constant restarts, the failure to advance the stories and keep them going, giving them a continuity they deserve.”

            I would argue that of all the CBM’s given the treatment by licensees, that the Spider-Man series had the most coherent in-movie continuity. The stories of Peter and Mary Jane, Harry dealing with his dad, the arc of Ben’s death. Each movie had more threads connecting them than just the title character in all 3.

            Obviously this new movie is making me tell a lie, but whats wrong with a reboot? I would personally prefer a Spider-Man 4 with Toby and Kirsten, directed by Raimi, but this movie may end up being Peter Parker’s “Batman Begins”.

            It wont, but wouldnt it be nice?

            “This is just indicative of why Marvel should take their properties back from the licensees”

            I would agree with that if all of Marvels films were all box office smashes or were all extremely well written or all stayed true to the source material. Marvel is just like any other production company. No film is guarenteed gold in there hands, they will make changes if it suits them, and even if it is a great film, its no guarentee that it’ll collect in the box office. Maybe Marvel will think twice before selling the rights to its properties next time.

              • “MARVEL STUDIOS, is the company that MAKES movies……we got 3 great movies in my opinion from MARVEL studios…(X-Men, THOR, Cap. America)..” – Marvel Studios had nothing to do with X-Men. Fox owns the film rights to the X-Men (like Sony owns he rights to Spider-Man)

                Marvel Studios has released 5 movies in total, namely:
                Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America: TFA

                Anyways… I do agree with you… people shouldn’t be so quick to judge. This flick could turn out to be awesome.

                • Sorry Avenger, didn’t know much about X-men: FC……still loved the movie tho

                • i also meant those were the movies released this past summer, I knew about the other 3 movies, although i was mistaken about X-men

      • Catwoman.

    • Forrest where’s your mom?? Oh, she’s playing Spider-Gumps aunt…

    • There won’t really be much of an emphasis on the Daily Bugle in the first movie. I think I got that from an article on hype, but I’m not positive. Regardless, that would explain the lack of casting for any of the characters in that news organization.

      With that aside though, Simmons probably won’t be casted as JJJ when the Daily Bugle is brought into the picture. They’re going for a total reboot (Avi Arad was full of beans when he said otherwise), so it’s hard to imagine that he’d be invited back. I’ll miss him, but at least he’ll be voicing JJJ in the new cartoon that comes out next year.

      As for Sally Field, what’s wrong with her? She’s a good actress with a solid background. Lately she’s been on television, but she’s got a good reputation. And last but not least, I don’t really know anything about Denis Leary. Cromwell was cool, but I hardly got attached to him, what with his small part in SM3. Who would you suggest for Cpt Stacy?

      • “As for Sally Field, what’s wrong with her?”

        Fair enough Levi she’s a very good actress, but it just seems and feels like a miscast. She might want the opportunity to play the role, but I believe it pigion holes her into playing these kinds of roles. You know their will be the inevitable comparisons to her performance in “Forrest Gump.” I know it sounds harsh but I’m not being nearly as mean spirited as I know the real pros. of mean spirit can be if this effort fails to strike a chord.

        • I appreciate that actually. To be honest, Field wasn’t my preferred choice either.

      • She is a good actress, but she is SALLY FIELD. It’ll be Sally Field on the screen, not Aunt May. You don’t need a famous face for the role of Aunt May, you need the right actress. Rosemary Harris was perfectly cast, IMO. Granted, the original trio of movies had their own casting misfires (Kirsten Dunst I am looking at you).

        As for Denis Leary, he’s Denis Leary. He’ll always be a foul mouthed comic to me, so I don’t feel he’s appropriate as a choice for a father figure in a family movie. He’d have been better cast as The Hobgoblin.

  8. My enthusiasm for this particular film was dulled a bit by the teaser, which has some flashy, bad CGI 1st person perspective of running around rooftops.

    I’m still gonna give it benefit of the doubt, but I have a feeling its gonna be disappointing. Hopefully enough to get those rights back to Marvel.

    Same with X-Men…

    • The teaser was no good. It sucked to be honest. However I’m extremely excited for this movie! I think it will be the best Spiderman movie date. I don’t think any of the spiderman movies have been great, 1 and 2 were good, 3 were alright. And I’m really glad Garfield got the part cause I think he will do justice to Parker and Spiderman which Toby did not manage. So fingers crossed!

  9. Garfield sucks! O’Doyle rules!

  10. Fear of Fame?
    Is he Dreaming ?
    Still,Sam’s Spiderman would have been better,condiderimh Bruce would have had bigger role as well,and Danny making the music.

    Can’t help thinking of what could have been.

    Selling out here again,money rules the world,those guys have no character ! Want Tobey back !:)

    Anyway….i can see that many people have no backbone,and just jump horse. No Loyalty anymore !

    Could be a good movie,but not as what could have been !

    I can see into the future,and i saw it !

    • haaa being loyal to cheesy crap that was put on the screen? if we are going to get real here, spiderman was never that great. it was cool seeing it on the big screen because it was a new experience. now going back and watching them it’s almost laughable. tobey was alright at first but his constant whining and goofy raimi emotional crap through the 3 movies was played out. kirstin dunst was annoying and made me want to hit my tv w/ a baseball bat. all she was good for was some nip action. your comment of “what could have been” is quite moronic. we saw “what could have been” and it went down the toilet. obviously your expectations aren’t that high or you just like the cheese factor that was being spread on thicker and thicker w/ each movie. they ruined venom and there was no way eric foreman should have been venom in the first place. we have plenty of backbone and are loyal, just aren’t manipulated as easy as you are into thinking things are great when they aren’t. yes, money controls everything but it’s suckers like you who are willing to pay for the dumb stuff the rest of us don’t fall for. when something goes bad it’s time for a change, you obviously don’t see that. then again i’m sure it made you giddy seeing spiderman w/ out his mask in every movie. who knows how this new movie will turn out but it won’t be any worse than the raimi movies, you can take that to the bank. i wish bonesaw was around to beat some sense into you.

    • McGuire was terrible portraying the role of Peter Parker (IMO). He was definitely not the right actor for the job: WAY too depressing.

      • I agree, but part of that was the script.

  11. I think the cast from the first trilogy was perfect (with the exception of McGuire of course ;)).
    I do understand WHY they didn’t get the same actors to portray Aunt May, Jonah Jameson, etc. but I still think the original cast was by far the best (once again: with the exception of McGuire)

    So, I’m exited to see Garfield in the role, but as for the rest of the cast: the word “terrible” comes to mind…

    • I thought Tobey was great as both Peter and Spidey. Now Kirsten Dunst on the other hand was horribly miscast as MJ. MJ is supposed to be a drop dead gorgeous model/actress. Dunst is cute, but she definitely is not drop dead gorgeous.

      • Well, I disagree with EVERYTHING you just said ;)
        But hey, it’s your opinion, I can respect that.

        I really hope Amazing Spider-Man will do well in theaters…

        • Which means you never read the comics. If you think a bad dye job will turn someone into MJ then anyone could be MJ.

          • I’ve read the comics… (SOOOOO, many)
            And while I agree that Dunst wasn’t WONDERFUL as MJ, she still did a good job.
            She was by no means a “horrible miscast” IMO.

  12. It seems a lot of folks have mostly aesthetic problems with this Faux-Spidey.

    Why can’t you hate in a constructive way? I mean there’s way more to hate…

    Music Video Director?
    Ultimate Spider-Man with pieces of Amazing to suit their needs?
    Prequel but Reboot?

    C’Mon Fellow Haters, let us Hate For Real!

    • I like your style even though I’m pulling for this movie.

      • Thought I should come up with some constructive back and forth. It’s out of order, but what the hay?

        1) Prequel but reboot: Arad said this wasn’t a reboot per se, but others attached to the film have come right out and said that it was. So with that in mind, they’re probably trying to re-establish the character in the movie world. Raimi’s films were fun, but his Peter Parker was kind of stuck in maturity limbo. By starting over, they can take the series in a completely different direction and do stuff that the first series failed to do: like give us a funny Spider-man, whose technical savvy shows a bit more, whose villains do not die in every movie, whose Peter Parker is more interesting and easy to connect with. Peter is supposed to be an everyman, but his character is still interesting in the comics. While I liked Tobey, sometimes his character interpretation was uninteresting. As Harry Osborn, James Franco once said of Peter, “What are you, dead?”

        2) Ultimate Spider-man with pieces of Amazing to suit their needs: Having read a lot of material from both Spider-man series, my opinion is that the source material is strong either way. Bendis nailed Spider-man’s character, quips, intelligence, resourcefulness, etc in his Ultimate run. He also created a very faithful interpretation of Peter Parker that felt fresh and relevant. Some of Spidey’s villains were short-changed under Bendis’ villains, while others thrived. But I’d say it balances out. USM hasn’t been around nearly as long as ASM, but it still has a lot to offer. It is a 10 year long homage to the original source material that manages to be its own beast too.
        I’m reminded of the discussion people were having over X-Men First Class. There was a lot of frustration with Vaughn’s film being called XMFC because it wasn’t really going off of the First Class comic book series. In the end, the movie had to speak for itself but it turned out fine. Even if its title made it sound like it was going to be based off a beloved series. The same might be true here.

        3. Music Video Director: The guy is a director. This will be his second full length motion picture, and his first action movie. That doesn’t instill a lot of confidence, but he’s shown a strong grasp on character, romance, and realism. There is a lot of talk about his dedication to learning about the 3D process, and filming in general. He talks a little bit about the sophisticated rigs his tech crew devised to get Andrew swinging through the sky for real. While there was a lot of wire work in Raimi’s films, it seems that Webb wants to emphasize the practical stunting even more this time around, which is admirable in a new comer. What are our complaints here? Maybe I could respond better if I had something specific to address. I know that people feel Webb is a gamble, one that shouldn’t be taken with a franchise as big as this. That’s fair, but is there something else too?

        • Levi


          man i agree with EVERYTHING you just said haha it’s always nice to see someone who actually knows what he’s talkin bout on these threads, and not just ragging on the film

  13. Hey Vic, Somebody, please get this SPAM Bot off the site, they’re coming up with new ways to post – it seems they are copying legit posts from other articles.

    • Done.


  14. yeah like how it comes to pressure like that of the fallen popular spidey franchise where your director leaves because he feels unwelcomed or shot against-which leaves it to everyone coming down on you as the only hope/hopes to put the film in its searched spot, but hey maguire was too old to play spidey without having a spider kid for several films and this guy may not have to worry because he may make a cr*ppy spidey and leave fans out such as myself who may watch the guy on youtube in his role as the popular super character but never care for the big or HITACHI screen-excuse me if majoritized opinions were that maguire sucked as spidey then tell me how did the spidey franchise come to be so popular again?

  15. ^
    That could be another reason other than some loser wanting to come and take personal and/or precoius things away from you.

  16. excuse me for the mistype of the word “precious”

  17. uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh, my comments labeled to be posted 2 weeks ago?????? it was way longer that. i assume something`s wrong with this rant site, or otherwise, may wanna remind yourself to change word indications such as that of how much time has passed from when i was here at latest