Andrew Garfield Talks More About Playing Spider-Man

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When the announcement broke that Andrew Garfield will play Peter Parker in Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot, most moviegoers had never heard of the 27-year old actor, who was born in the U.S. but raised overseas in Britain.

Garfield  is seemingly okay with his unknown status (which is about to become much more known once The Social Network arrives in a few weeks); as he put it in a recent AP interview, “I’m just a performer who plays roles.  I don’t want to be a celebrity.  I don’t want to be famous.  I just want to have a nice, fun life, creating things I want to create.”

The character of Spider-Man is a huge favorite with comic book fans and Garfield counts himself amongst those that grew up loving the adventures of everyday nerd turned super-powered crime fighter, Peter Parker.  Like many others, Garfield connected to Peter’s struggles as a physically weak but emotionally strong and capable young man.

Here is how the actor put it himself:

“It was always something that gave me hope as a skinny little kid whose sense of injustice about the world didn’t match his sense of strength about his body.  I found it so inspiring and uplifting and reassuring.  To be a part of that mythology and that legacy is a true honor.”

Production on the Spider-Man reboot begins this December and Garfield is about to set to work on his physical training as the acrobatic web-slinger.  He expects “… to be doing a lot of flexibility training and a lot of strength training” since he will naturally “have to swing and stuff.”

Tobey Maguire played Spidey in Sam Raimi’s blockbuster trilogy and spent a fair amount of time working out and bulking up for the part – even though a large chunk of the action sequences in those films involved a CG Spider-Man.  The reboot will reportedly be gritter in tone than Raimi’s movies so it is possible that Garfield will end up doing more stunt work in costume that Maguire did.

Maguire played up the kind but nerdy and mildly naive aspects of Peter Parker’s personality in Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man movie – the character retained those quirks to some degree, even as Maguire matured and took on more responsibilities throughout the franchise.  Garfield may take a slightly different approach to the role and portray Parker as someone with grander plans in mind, who then gets the opportunity to truly make a difference in the world around him via his newly-acquired superpowers.

Will Garfield’s Spidey be a darker, more driven hero than Maguire’s was?  Moviegoers can at least take solace in the fact that they won’t likely see Peter Parker dancing around the streets of New York (a la Spider-Man 3) in the reboot.

Spider-Man is scheduled for release in 2D and 3D theaters on July 3rd, 2012. If you want to here Andrew Garfield talk more about playing Peter Parker / Spider-Man, go HERE.

Source: The Associated Press (via Yahoo)

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  1. My biggest question of the film is what the costume is gonna look like? Since they’ve done the silvery webbing and glass eyes, what next for the costume?

  2. I still can’t believe they cast THIS guy as Spidey. I just don’t see him as Peter Parker! This movie has “DUNG” written all over it already.

    • Thats what they said about the last guy that played spiderman lol

  3. I’m just curious as to what the spidey costum will look like and if they r gonna go the same route with organic webshooters personally I would love 2 see the mechanical webshooters I think it’d be cool to see the mechanical webshooters being created & designed by Peter in the movie as well as the web fluid I think it would show Peters scientific I.Q. Just have to wait and see ^_^

    • Id like to see the mechanical webshooters myself. It worked for the 90′s animated series and it would be a fresh thing for the reboot. Still im not sure im gonna see the reboot.

      • not to mention it worked for the 60`s cartoons and in the comic books since 1962.

  4. I just dont see it…They should have just made one more lousy movie with this group (they all make a TON of money) to wrap up all loose ends in the story and waited about 8 or 9 years to reboot…this is too soon and this guy will not be a good spiderman. I just dont see it working out that well. Plus now it has to go up against avengers, batman, and superman (not based on timing just that they are all comics and they all cannot be critically acclaimed).

    • They couldn’t wait for 8-9 years… Sony would lose the Spidey franchise by then. It would return to Marvel Studios… Anyway, the trilogy kinda sucked for me. Tobey Maguire wasn’t funny at all and he was kinda whiny and looked like crap when he cried. Kirsten Dunst was horrible she lacked the “Wow factor” that made MJ look great in the comics. I’m kinda glad they’re making this reboot, but I still think they could have chosen a better actor for Peter.

  5. I for one am glad about this reboot. While the first two Spiderman films were great they were missing things in my opinion. Peter didn’t crack wise enough,MJ wasn’t right,no mechanical webshooters,the list goes on. One HUGE problem that I had was how Tobey looked in the costume. I’ve always known Spidey to have a very very lean build but muscular. Tobey kinda looked doughy. Maybe it was how the costume fit him. I don’t know. One more thing about the Spiderman movies,why was it that in the first film a pumpkin bomb explodes in Spidey’s face and he gets not even a scratch. But in Spidey 3 one of those same bombs explodes in Harry’s face and he ends up looking like Phantom of the Opera. Yeah yeah I know Peter had spiderpowers and all but Harry was under the influence of the ‘green’ superenhancer. In any case I remain optimistic that this reboot will be an improvement.

    • In first movie spidey doesnt get a scratch after the bomb explodes? he was see bruised and little bloodied by the impact of the explosion alone. And in Spidey 3, Harry’s powers was one thing to leave his faces scarred like that, but the same bomb exploded at close range next to his head when he turned his face.

  6. WELL THAT SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Looking at the side by sides in the face they both kind of look alike lol.

    • Except Garfield looks more like a giraffe. “Giraffe-Man!”

  8. Wasn’t the reboot supposed to be about Parker in his high school days? This guy’s 27 and pretty much looks it. How’s he going to play a teenager?

    • When Stockard Channing played Rizzo (a highschooler) in Grease she was in her 30s.

  9. If Spider-Man is to be rebooted, Id wait that long just so Marvel Studios gains the rights.

  10. No More SONY SPIDER!

  11. that guy looks just like my daughters boyfriend its creepy LOL

  12. Y’all got it all wrong! The reboot is about the spider insect)itself, where he came from.. LOL!

  13. Gosh, I for one hope they don’t have mechanical web shooters. They were not missed in the previous films. What is also of note is they start “shooting” in December but nobody outside of Garfield has been cast yet in any other role. Nobody in “talks”, nobody confirmed.

    I’m VERY concerned.

  14. I think that the reboot is too soon. Spiderman 3 just came out in 2006. Batman Begins came out a decade at least after Tim Burtons. But if Sony is trying to make more money off of Spidey before Marvel gets it back, thats Sonys decision. I think Andrew Garfield would bring a spin to Spiderman. I like the idea of them picking an unknown actor, and with the Social Network coming out it shows off his ability(also with him being in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Paranasus is a small plus). I personally would have picked Aaron Johnson. He seem like he would be a great Peter Parker and Spiderman. Also, I would still keep J.K Simmons as Jonah Jammison. He was really really good in my opinion. Everybody else can go.

    • Yup, Aaron Johnson all the way! XD

  15. I think somebody should make a short film, casting everyone who audtioned for Spider-Man and watch them try to kick the crap out of each other… and re-cast with the last man standing.

  16. Another movie in which I will stay away from. After watching the whole “Spiderman 3″ disaster, I think there are some heroes that should only remain in comic books.

    • while i liked spiderman 3 i have a question.

      why should a film franchise not be made by another filmmaker if you didn`t like the way the last ones job.

      unless the third one is the only one you saw you must have liked the first 2.

  17. Hes freaking 27!!!! How will they make him look younger? How will they?!?

    • makeup :P

  18. I think raimi should have done the fourth i enjoyed all 3 spideys :)

    • @ tom

      Raimi & Maguire dropped out. Why? Same bs thatthe studio was giving Raimi when he made the 3rd film. They even promised Ramimi to have more creative control, which went in one ear, out the other. And sony didn’t like the idea of Vulture being the villain as they thought he wasnt popular enough. To me the worst villain they could use would be Rhino, unless he’s part of the Sinister Six. Anyways, Raimi thought he couldn’t meet Sony’s deadline in time and agree with what villain/villains to use. I read Maguire had creative differances himself about the film and what Sony wanted. So we know the outcome now, Sony reboots, Petey back in hih school again, etc. Not sure i’ll be goin, besides it will up against heavy hitters im more in interested in seeing in 2012.

      • I Agree. Sony’s over-involvement in Spider-Man 3 caused the quality to dip, NOT Raimi.
        What Sony was asking for in part 4 was when Raimi drew the line and said F**k it, I’m outta here.
        They should’ve left him the hell alone, stopped meddling, and let him make the film his way.

  19. As long as they reboot/reimagine/remake, they can keep using the most popular villains and lower paid actors.