Andrew Garfield Talks ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot; Shooting Locations Revealed

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Despite the fact that shooting is already underway on Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot, Sony has kept most details close to the vest (or spider-suit).

But Social Network star, Andrew Garfield couldn’t let his co-star, Emma Stone, be the only one spilling the beans about the next Spider-Man franchise installment.

The Guardian caught up with Garfield for their Film Weekly podcast (which you can listen to HERE), and managed to get the reluctant star to reveal a few, albeit, vague details about the Spider-Man reboot as well as his feelings about getting to play a super-hero:

“I’m going to have to hibernate into this character for at least four or five months. I feel like a kid in my pyjamas. I can only say how it feels and it feels pretty special. It feels like a dream realized and a fantasy realized. Again, I don’t take it lightly and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to wear spandex for the next couple of months.”

As for how Garfield intends to actually approach the character, both physically and mentally:

“I think Spider-Man needs strength, but Peter Parker is still a teenager, you know? That’s a very tender balance to figure out. It’s very specific what we’re trying to achieve in terms of body type and the feeling of that. Rest assured, there’s a lot of people helping me with that because I have no discipline in that respect. My father’s a swimming coach and I kind of rebelled against that very early on. Any kind of exercise routine has to be cracked with a pretty firm whip.”

Despite speculation that Spider-Man could be an entirely digital character, like Cameron’s Na’vi, it sounds like we might get to see Garfield don a slim, spandex, spider-suit after all.

The focus on a lean, but still powerful, Parker is a welcome addition to a film genre filled with overstuffed muscle-men. Certainly Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans had to bulk up for the parts of Thor and Captain America, respectively, but their transformations are a bit scary.

Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans Thor Captain America Andrew Garfield Talks Spider Man Reboot; Shooting Locations Revealed

Garfield’s comments also show an appreciation and care for the role of Peter Park and his web slinging alter-ego that should help dispel some fear over the High School backdrop for Webb’s reboot.

Die-hard Spider-fans, as well as Twi-haters, have raised justifiable concern that the Spider-Man reboot could be too melodramatic – to appeal to the hordes of supernatural-teen-drama fans (the ones who line-up days in advance for Twilight and Harry Potter). While Sony is undoubtedly hoping to snag that demographic, it’s hard to imagine an intelligent filmmaker like Webb – as well as seasoned stars, such as Garfield and Emma Stone, dumbing the picture down.

In addition to Garfield’s comments, we’ve also got an updated report regarding when Marc Webb and his team might be web-swinging to a city near you.

Here are the latest Spider-Man reboot shooting details (courtesy of the Los Angeles Times):

  • The Spider-Man reboot will employ nearly 1,000 crew members.
  • The production is taking up seven stages on the Sony Pictures lot.
  • On-location filming locations used so far include Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood and Immanuel Presbyterian Church in mid-Wilshire.
  • Production will include two weeks in New York but the bulk of filming will occur in Los Angeles on the Sony lot and various locations around town, from South Pasadena to San Pedro to Woodland Hills.

Regarding the amount of Los Angeles shoots, compared to New York (Spider-Man’s actual hometown), Sony Pictures Entertainment spokesman Steve Elzer reminds fans that Raimi’s Spider-Man films were also shot in Los Angeles:

“This is the fourth Spider-Man production we have shot primarily in Los Angeles and for good reason. The crews here are the best in the world but there is a comfort level in producing a project of this size and scope on your own backlot.”

Given Raimi’s success at capturing New York in his Spider-Man trilogy, there’s no reason to think that Webb will have any problem doing the same. Though, it’ll certainly be interesting to see where the director choose to film in NYC.

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Sources: The GuardianLos Angeles Times

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  1. Sounds good.

  2. I thought Toby McGuire had signed up for 5 Spiderman movies… What happened with that… I thought he made a great spiderman… now I have to pray this guy don’t make spiderman look stupid…

    • Too late.

      • Bob, agreed – any chance of doing this movie right disappeared when I heard the most evil word in Hollywood: REBOOT. Why can’t they take a page from Bond and simply continue the Maquire series??

        Sorry Hollywood, but once again you’ve made another terrible decisions with our heroes. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

        • Expect the worst, hope for the best!

        • Exactly! Sony could have easily just replaced Raimi with Webb, and have it set in the same universe. But Sony just wants to make it their own series, and forget what Raimi did in his trilogy. Although, I am glad that we can hopefully see a better portrayol of Venom now. That’s the only reason I support this reboot.

          The only thing this reboot has going for it is the cast. Everything else is just bad. It’s too early to have The Lizard as the villain. Webb is too inexperienced to direct (He’s only done ONE film, but has NO experience with a comic book film or action). The only reason he was hired is so that Sony could have someone they could control easily.

          • Little Monster I disagree the only reason he was hired was because his last name was Webb lol

            Kidding aside I don’t think it even has cast going for it. They have a guy in his late 20’s playing a kid in high school and he doesn’t at all look young enough.

            Then there is Emma Stone who isn’t very good at all and has that ‘Oh my god I can’t put my cig down to read this line’ voice.

            Both actors are terribly miscast.

            I also agree that The Lizard is terribly wrong at this point in the film and would of been better for a sequel. They don’t even have time to establish Peters relationship.

            I also never liked Gwen and with out MJ I really lost interest in seeing this.

            • I’m willing to give Garfield a chance at the role. He’s not my choice (Logan Lerman was mine), but I think he could pull it off. Besides, many actors don’t portray characters the same age as them. The guy who played Xander (for get his name) was like in his thirties (if I remember correctly), but portrayed a teenager at the beginning of the show. Also, Tobey Maguire wasn’t a teenager when he portrayed Parker in SPIDER-MAN.

              I like Emma Stone as an actress, but to each their own. I do still wish she was portraying MJ than Gwen Stacy. Ironically, the girl I wanted to play Gwen was going to be cast as MJ before they dropped the character.

              • Little Monster, I think I agree with you more than disagree. Logan Lerman was definitely my top choice.

              • Little Monster actually Nick Brendon the guy who played Xander was in his mid 20’s when he got cast on Buffy not 30’s. I understand casting older people has been done for year, but my problem is usually it’s with someone who actually looks like they could be that age and Garfield doesn’t. This is a case of someone who really does look his age. Also Tobey played a teenager for like 5 mins and then they moved on to college and he was a senior. My understanding is that this entire film will be him in High School and he will be younger than a senior so that the next film can feature him in HS as well.

                I also thought Logan would of been a great fit.

                I can’t understand anyone liking Emma she’s not good at all and her voice is the most annoying chain smoking voice I’ve ever heard.

                • i dont mind Emma, and i think you’re wrong about garfield. i think once we see him in the movie, he’ll look young. i mean come on.. he looks much younger than he is! but i also agree, lerman would’ve been a super choice.

                  • I don’t think he looks young at all in fact I’d go as far as saying he looks a little older than he actually is. I don’t think there is anything they could do to make him look young enough for him to look 16-17 unless they CGI his young age which would be a massive waste of money. With lots of make up and practical effects they could maybe at best make him look 21. I’ve been told I look older than I am and he makes me look young.

                    and I hate Emma Stone more than almost any other female actress. I want to find a girl willing to punch her in her face every time I hear her god awful voice.

          • Why should your criteria disqualify Webb?

            Joss Whedon is about to direct The Avengers. He’s directed one film, Serenity, which, in spite of his fanbase and how good it was, flopped. Avengers is also the first comics based film he will direct- let alone the first actual script based on a comics property that he wrote (in full) that will be made.

            Joe Johnston is directing Captian America. He’s directed several films, one being The Rocketeer, and SR’a authors had (and might still have) reservations about that.

        • @ SoundtrackWhore: The most evil word in Hollywood, reboot? Nobody complained when Nolan rebooted Batman…

          • Thats because the last movie before it was Batman and Robin.

          • Of course, that was well after Joel Schumacher killed Batman with two progressively worse sequels. At least let the franchise be dead and give people a decade or so to mourn. THEN it is time for a reboot!

            I know Spider Man 3 was a big disappointment, but it certainly didn’t kill the franchise…

        • I agree with you, except for the fact that Casino Royale WAS a Bond reboot! They did keep Judy Dench as “M”, but Bond wasn’t even a double 00 agent at the beginning of the movie. It did not continue where Pierce Brosnan’s Bond left off, which I thought was great!

          • That´s because Casino Royale was Flemming´s first Bond book.

  3. I still can’t believe that they’re going back to a teenage Peter Parker. WE KNOW THAT STORY ALREADY! Why can’t they have at least continued the story with Peter as a grad student and comfortable with his abilities. This movie is going to SUCK so bad that it almost makes me angry at what Sony is doing to Spidey. I disagree with Little Monster on the cast. I think the casting job is horrible. I never like Dunst as MJ, but that and Topher Grace as Eddie Brock were the only really bad casting decisions by Raimi. I’ve yet to hear ONE decision on this reboot that inspires anything but dread.

    • When I say “cast”, I’m mostly referring to Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, and Emma Stone. I would only see the film just to see them. That and it will give me something to do while I wait for TDKR 2 weeks later.

    • But Andy, we haven’t really seen anything from the film except pictures of Gwen at a funeral. They haven’t even given us a teaser yet, so I think it’d be better to wait and see the final product before deciding the film will be bad.

      • I agree. Let´s watch it before bashing it. If it really sucks, there´s enough time to bash it afterwards.

    • Andy, he was only in high school for 30 minutes (maybe less). Then he became a college dude. This is going to a period earlier than that. Just wanted that out there. He was at the end of high school in Raimi’s Spider-Man.

  4. “Leaner” Peter Parker just screams, “I’m Andrew Garfield and I refuse to lift weights!!”

    He can get muscular without pumping up the way Hemsworth did for Thor. I just think he doesn’t want to put in the effort.

    • Yeah, I’m afraid of this too. A skinny Spider-Man works in the early versions of Ultimate Spider-Man, but the average movie-goer wouldn’t understand a skinny superhero. Heck, I wouldn’t understand it. It would just look plain stupid.

      That being said, It’ll be fun to see how they pull this off. Hope their faith in Marc Webb isn’t a bad idea.

  5. after a fair amount of time spent reading comments about this movie (not just on screenrant) i have reached the conclusion that very few fans even deserve this movie, “good, it’s miscast and a reboot and rawr rawr rawr” i hear people b****… might i make the tiniest if suggestions and request that you get over it and chill?
    Spider-man deserves better than the unappreciative, writhing, heaving cesspool that insists maguire’s Peter was the best without having anything to compare him to yet, (incidentally, it doesn’t take a genious to work out that maguires character was certainly NOT the spidey from the comics…
    this movie has some excellent talent working on it and they deserve more recognition than they’ve been given. i have high hopes tbh

    • The Spiderman TV show from the 1970’s?

    • You misspelled Genius… Genius. :)

      • Epic! 😀

    • i agree

  6. When I think of Spiderman I think of a very lean but muscular guy. Shredded but not buffed up. That’s one thing I didn’t like about Tobey. His body frame was all wrong for Spidey. He looked kinda doughy in that costume at times. Andrew has a leaner build naturally. All he should do is add a little muscle and he’s good. Overall I really think we’re going to get a Spidey that’s much more faithful physically as well as through character than the previous version. Btw,I like how people respond to things as though they’ve read the entire script. No one knows how this is going to turn out until it turns out.

  7. Little Monster I couldn’t agree more, *sigh* to Sony and there stupid ways what a shame

  8. I’m not going to pass judgement on this just yet, mainly because I despised Raimi and Maquire’s take on Spider-Man, however, I don’t think anyone is going to get this character right until the property leaves Sony and reverts back to Marvel.
    Spiderman was always my favourite Marvel character, I’m a DC guy through and through, but I want to see a decent Spiderman!!!

    • So do i Sam, but this looks like its just not gonna cut it for me.

      • I think we´ll ave to wait and see.

        • @ scapegoat

          I’ll wait and see but not at the cinema. :-)

        • Scape, I’m actually NOT planning to see this anyway lol.

          • Too bad. So you can´t say it sucks afterwards. I´ll see it and base my opinion about what I´ve seen.

            • I’ll say it sucks anyway LOL. I don’t care what anyone says here.

    • @ DSM

      The voice of reason prevails.

      I’ve said many times before that as an avid “Amazing Spioderman” reader, I would like to see a movie based on the original, best selling flagship title. I didn’t think much of Raimi’s version of Spiderman either.

      Not a lot people realize the calibre of stories told in “Amazing Spiderman”. Well written mature stories and sometimes with a dark realistic tinge.

      A Spiderman movie showcasing a mature adult Peter Parker the MAN in an all out rollicking action packed Spider-MAN blockbuster may be a long time coming. :-)

      For fans who are really interested, the quintessential character of Spiderman can be found right where it all began in the original flagship title. We have a mature age Peter Parker, a great cast of characters, great writing and artwork and of course Spiderman’s sense of humor and sarcastic wit.

      Phony Sony really need to quit trying. They’re not fooling me again.

      • :-) I meant to type Spiderman not Spoiderman.

        Edit buttons would be a lovely belated Xmas gift. Any chance soon Vic?????

        Just finished reading “Amazing Spiderman” issue (650) and they revealed in the last two pages his new black costume with green neon stripes- a Spidey Stealth suit that warps light and sound which virtually renders him invisible.

        Great story. Mixed feelings about the suit but leaning towards horribly distasteful. Hopefully it will only last a few story arcs. :-)

        • i have dubbed that suit in the current issues “tron-spidey” just another attempt at capitalizing on a new black suit. there are one two real spidey suits people respect, classic red blue, and the origional black suit.

          • I just googled for the new suit. The green eyes are ridiculous. The first thing that came to my mind was Black Sabbath. Neon Knights…

  9. I don’t know about you guys but this is a little ridiculous for me

  10. I would like garfield/spiderman to be built not unlike the actor Cam Gigandet from the film ‘never back down’, maybe even a little bit more muscle in the shoulders and back.. google it and you’ll see hes very srtong looking but super lean build, giving him a fast yet formidable appearance.

    i dont know if many of you recall, but the old spiderman cartoon from the 90s opened up the series premiere episode with the lizard, so really its not to far fetched for him to be the main villain in the reboot. from what i hear the main basis for the film is actually the most recent ‘Spectacular spider-man’ cartoon which i found to be incredible, norman was kind of the behind the scenes baddie until things ultimatly led to him . kinda like palpatine in star wars. anyway i have faith in this film till proven otherwise, i’ll just direct all my hatred at julie taymor and her spiderman musical for the time bieng.

    • If you think that’s old, you should check out the one I grew up on……from the 60s. 😉

  11. hmmmmm

  12. 2 reasons why I support this reboot.

    1. Venom got so screwed over in S3 that I’d be willing to see a reboot.
    2. I’m a bigger fan of the Ultimate version of Spider-Man than the Original Universe version. (I’m young in case anybody wants to ponder that one, since almost everybody here hates Ultimate Spider-Man for some reason.)

    I liked Raimi’s and I’m pretty sure the way this film is going then I’ll like it as well. There may be a chance of this film going as an “Epic Fail”, but still I’ve been surprised before (Piranha 3D for example).

    • @ MercWadeWilson

      I started reading “Amazing Spiderman” in 1975 aged ten. I’m in my mid forties now, so it’s a bit like your first love. I tried with the “Ultimate” universe, but just couldn’t get into it. :-)

      I’m hoping we get lots of Spiderman reboots until an authentic mature age Spiderman film is made but then again, that may be a stinker as well. :-)

    • @ MercWadeWilson: I loved Ultimate Spider-Man (the whole Ultimate Universe in general) until Jeph Loeb came along and messed up everything that Bendis and Millar created.

    • With so many decades of stories, the filmmakers take what they get out of them to suit the story they want to show. Every adaptation requires updates, changes etc. Every new comics related film, reboot or not, is, at the core, a re-telling of that character’s comics stories to some degree. All comics based films break a “comics continuity’ to some extent. All of them.

      Whether or not they own the rights to a film property, Marvel has always managed to sneak in a little Ultimates in the back door (such as the previous “Spider-Man” film) to varied success.

      There is nothing concrete that suggests inn the reboot that it’s all based around the Ultimates line.

  13. I think that two of the best things that came out of Raimi’s version where camios by Bruce Campbell that trilogies and Aunt May. Not a big Sally Field fan my self. And I hate to be a broken record but we really don’t have anything to compair the first trilogy to. So I too am waiting to see the finished product to make up my mind even thou like Dr.Sam, I too am more of a DC guy my self. As for Batman, I can see what the director was trying to do and that was to make Batman Forever and Batman and Robin mor like the 60’s tv series. And he did a horrible job. I do try to forget those but they’re kinda my guilty pleasure. but if you want to compair Batman movies then compair Burton’s to Nolan’s and leave it at that. Anyway, I’m going to give this Spiderman a try and hope it does better then the first trilogy.

  14. While I don’t mind the thought of a lean Spider-Man, I don’t think that either Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans hard work should be described as “scary”. It takes a LOT of self-discipline and hard work to achieve what they have for the role they wanted in inhabit. They should be commended for their efforts, not disparaged.

  15. Spider-man has usually been portrayed as lean and lanky in the comics, I don’t get the problem with him not being beefy in a movie. That was one of the things I didn’t like about Tobey as Spidey – they picked a short, stubby looking actor play a character that was always been lean, with long arms and legs.


  16. I am desperate to see some costume designs and details.

  17. I was all for a 4th film. I doubt Raimi would of had the Vulture lookin bald in a green, featherly costume as seen in the comics etc. Might of looked like he does young in the 90’s Spider-Man animated series or somthing. But as for Felcia Hardy being his daughter would throw me off more than her being called the Vultress instead of Black-cat. Im sure there would be somthing to block her from becoming Black-Cat properly on film. I agree with Little Monster’s post that if Sony had enough of Raimi, atleast they could do is have another good director & actor to play Spidey that continues on from Spider-Man 3.

  18. Well first and foremost I can’t get past the fact that in such a short period of time they’re going back to the beginning. After a fourth film maybe but it’s just too soon for that. Garfield just doesn’t inspire either. Maybe he’ll be great but I don’t see it. I’m not so much hung up on the body type as much as I don’t see him carrying the Parker scenes. As soon as I see one scene where he makes that goofy face he makes it’s all over for me. I don’t think anything screams not Parker more than that face he makes. Even Tobey’s terrible scenes in #3 are easier to live with. What on Earth are they thinking with Sally (Ma Gump) Fields playing Aunt May? Every 10 year old boy is going to yell hey it’s Forrest’s Mom. Then some other kid is going to say where’s Forrest? They might as well have a scene where Forest Gump is playing on the TV in the movie for crying out loud.

  19. I can’t imagine what the prototype Goblin is gonna look like, Anyone know? And any idea if Lizard is gonna be completely cgi or actor in prospthetics & make-up etc? Just curious.

  20. Isn’t Garfield in his late 20s? What were they thinking?

  21. We want Tobey Maguire back…

  22. Yes. We do :(

  23. ohhh guys…
    hes good :-) believe me!