It’s Official: Andrew Garfield is the New Spider-Man

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It used to be that studios spent vast amounts of resources and publicity getting the news out about the latest actors cast in upcoming films. There were press conferences, phone calls – and later emails were introduced. Now, whether it’s due to laziness, convenience or perhaps both, cast announcements are now being made via Twitter.

Such is the case with the newest addition to the Marvel movie pantheon. Sony Pictures’ twitter account just tweeted to the world:


Yup, there’s nothing like saying it in less than 140 characters.

Ever since Spider-Man 4 was delayed to the point that Sony decided to kick everyone off the project and go with the reboot option last year, speculation has been swirling around who would play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Taylor Lautner, Jim Sturgess, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Logan Lerman, Jamie Bell, and most recently Josh Hutcherson were all in the mix at one point to play the high school nerd turned superhero.

In an unscientific Screen Rant reader poll with over 500 votes, Andrew Garfield just edged out Alden Ehrenreich for 2nd to last place as the person people would most like want to see as Spider-Man, so of course that is the person Marc Webb and Sony Pictures choose – the front runner.

Garfield was pretty good in the mostly overlooked film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and we’ll see what he is made of in the upcoming David Fincher film The Social Network where he plays Eduardo Saverin.  Director Marc Webb seems to be enthusiastic about the casting saying:

“Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor’s work understand his extraordinary talents. He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit, and humanity.”

Of course, Webb isn’t likely to say “we just made a really bad choice and I need a drink now” when commenting on casting decisions. I kid, of course. Garfield looks young and is quite charming – here’s a video of him shot a year ago, after he received a BAFTA award:

It was previously stated that the new Spider-Man reboot was to go back to high school and would be darker and more brooding – you know, like Twilight but with webs. That means Parker will only be about 17 or 18 max for the first film – but Garfield is almost 28… well above high school age. Of course, using older people to play younger teen roles is nothing new. Just look at the cast of 21 Jump Street or Ralph Macchio, who was 23 when he played the 18 year old Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid.

The Spider-Man reboot is being directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) and will be written by James Vanderbilt and Alvin Sargent (Spider-Man 2) and will have Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad serving as producers.

I made this prediction before but I’m making it again – Garfield will only have to play Peter Parker because Sony will go all “Na’vi” with Spider-Man, making him completely mocap CGI. With the film slated to be shot in the same style 3D as James Cameron’s Avatar, I don’t think my prediction is too out there.

What are your thoughts on Andrew Garfield being cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man for the reboot?

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Source: Sony Pictures, Heat Vision (thanks to Filmonic for finding that video)

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  1. Hahahahaahah oh my god i was actually looking forward to this, but now i really hope it flops and fails hardcore! jesus christ what a bad choice..

  2. wow worst choice possible done be suprised if they want another reboot after the disaster this movie will surely be

    • hopefully they just give the rights back to marvel if it sucks…which it will

  3. Great! I was really really angry when I read that Josh Hutcherson was going to be Spider-Man, why?? because in my opinion his acting skills suck as hell and he is not even similar to Peter Parker. I wanted Aaron Johnson or Jamie Bell for the role because both of them are great actors and Aaron was great as a nerd teenager in Kick-Ass and he also make a terrific acting there, but Andrew Garfield is not bad either actually after watching that interview I think he is perfect for the role, he is really similar to Peter Parker, great choice!!

  4. Hmmmm… seeing how old he is, and the rumour that Peter Parker be a college student (not in High School as previously reported), maybe this movie will be more of a *revamp* than a reboot?

    Hope so!

  5. I have no complaints. I’m not extremely familiar with his work (have only seen Imaginarium) but he has a nice face and I can imagine him as Spider-Man if he uses an American accent (which he obviously will).
    I strongly disagree with the negative comments being made about the reboot. How is making a franchise darker and grittier at all making it similar to Twilight? Since when is Twilight “dark” or edgy? Twilight is bland, romantic crap, not “dark.”

  6. Loved Imaginarium. This guy is great. They could have gone with your typical hollywierd turdball. A relatively unknown independent filmmaker and a virtually unknown actor with integrity. Did Sony just get balls? I was initially very disappointed with the news that we would not see a Raimi redemption movie. I am now intrigued.

  7. So in the sequal we will have a 30 year old playing 18 rofl wow sony couldn’t possibly try harder to wreck this film. I thought Josh was gonna be bad lol.

  8. Well, at least they didn’t go with Chris Evans.

    • i totally agree, he was johnny storm, then steve rodgers… in all honesty, he DOES look the part. and with that cast, and the fact that all these marvel movies are doing so well, im SO exited for Cap America, Spider-man though?… i’ll pass…

      • Chris Evans for Flash Thompson.

        Just to eff things up that much more.

  9. Cant be worse that tobey maguire

    if he can act and has charisma/wit and can pull of the geekiness of parker then Im happy

    We all know the villain will make or break the film anyway… I hope comic con reveals who it is

    • He actually looks ALOT like Peter Parker from the brilliant 90′s cartoon

      I wish they would focus on Peter in college rather than high school but oh well… As Dahmsey said an unknow actor with an indie director is miles better than having a well known arrogant director/star ruin it…

      I have high hopes

  10. why do big budget films always cast british actors….? because they’re way better than american young actors…

    • That’s a big call. It might be that they’re cheaper to hire? :-) Then again what do I know, I’m Australian.

      • hahhaha mag. this is doomed to fail, bigtime, i wont be seeing it ever

  11. Ummm…NO. I will NOT be seeing the Spiderman reboot EVER after this garbage.

  12. Wow didn’t take long for the America sucks crowd to show up.

  13. Physically he is closer to Peter then Hutcherson.
    I am eager to see the rest of the cast.

  14. He was fantastic in “Red Riding”, very natural and an all around great actor. I’m glad to see he is a lock now

  15. We may have to wait until the movie comes out to find out the truth about this one. Yesterday it was Josh Hutcherson and and I read alllll the comments. There were alot of statements about the reboot going in the wrong direction, that it was perhaps being geared towards the younger generation. If that’s the case maybe Jaden Smith could be Parker. Or not. More mature you say!?! OK,OK, Big Will could do it!!!! The best idea if you want maturity in the role of old Peter Parker would be Mr. Lee, why dose he always have to have cameo appearances? Put him in, he could do it talking about knowing the character.WOW!! STAN LEE is SPIDER MAN!!!

  16. Whether the movie turns out to be good or not, I hope it bombs so that they don’t reboot these franchises like this 5 YEARS AFTER THE LAST MOVIE. I say five because this is slated to come out in 2012 unless I’m mistaken.

  17. He looks a bit like Tobey Maquire but with a bigger nose. :-)

    • i want aware that tobey had thick eyebrows?

  18. Haha why is everyone freaking out? I like that they went with an unknown actor. AND how could it fail with the mastermind that is Marc Webb behind it? I mean have you people SEEn (500) Days of Summer?!

    • No, I have not seen 500 Days Of Summer was it good?

      • It was amazing!

  19. Jonah Hill was 17 when Superbad was made. He looks like he could be a High Schooler.

    • 27*

      • 23*

        • maybe Hill should play parker/spidey?

          • They could make the reboot be “Peter Porker, The Spectacular SpiderHam”


            • OMG!!hahahahahaha hulk, that was just too funny hhhahaha

              • Look it up. It’s an actual comic!

                And yes, Jonah Hill’d be PERFECT for it.

  20. saw the news of andrew garfield being picked for new spidey. i hear he is pretty good actor. so i am glad they got a solid pick for the role. though i am surprised they went with a 27 yr old. since the first reports were to go back to highschool days. though i did just read that there is a chance the film script is changing from highschool to college to fit garfield.

  21. Never seen him before but he looks the part. Im down, just as long as josh Hutcherson or anyone who LOOKS young will be in it.

  22. A little surprised they didn’t go with someone a bit younger but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • Just get daniel radcliff too do it lol….(lets see, can handle a long term film, Looks like he can be kinda of geeky, we know hes fit from recent trailers for Deathly Hallows…..) Other options The kid that played impulse from smallville….episode 5 season 4

  23. I agree with Woolycaveman, give the guy a chance. Personaly he was great in The Imaginariun of Dr. Parnassis! Course so was everyone else. But anyway lets see the first trailer then have an onpion. Also British actors are great at hiding thier accents. The other night I watched an British actor play a Texan in The Crazies. So anything is possable. I believe Andrew Garfield will do just fine.

  24. Brandon you must not of ever seen what Cap looks like if you think Evans looks even remotely close to cap.

    Whatever back on topic. Terrible casting choice won’t watch this spiderman at all

  25. So when this fails can Marvel (ahem:Disney)buy back the rights and do their version of the reboot?

  26. Can’t be any worse than Raimi’s films so I’ll wait and see some actual footage before I make any kind of judgement.

    Hopefully they will be able to actually capture the essence of the character, Spiderman was never one of those heroes constantly in emotional turmoil and misery, he knew how to have fun and making inappropriate jokes/sarcasm was central to who he was, “with great power comes great responsibility” didn’t mean there wasn’t some fun to be had.

  27. will film companies continue to reboot films? regardless of if they where good or bad in the first place? ive liked all the batman films each one has a unique take on the material. In the same way different artists drew the comics. That said will another director in years to come re-do batman. I can kinda understand the need to re-do spiderman. He´s one of the most popular characters and warner bros made a fortune with their reboot. This actor though did actually suprise me in the imaginaruim… i think he could be quite good, if the studio is going for a more real feel (as real as you can make a film about radioactive spiders). Im more interested now than i was before

  28. He seems like a very modest young man.

  29. dear god sony make up your mind. Garfield may be a good choice but he is way too old.