It’s Official: Andrew Garfield is the New Spider-Man

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It used to be that studios spent vast amounts of resources and publicity getting the news out about the latest actors cast in upcoming films. There were press conferences, phone calls – and later emails were introduced. Now, whether it’s due to laziness, convenience or perhaps both, cast announcements are now being made via Twitter.

Such is the case with the newest addition to the Marvel movie pantheon. Sony Pictures’ twitter account just tweeted to the world:


Yup, there’s nothing like saying it in less than 140 characters.

Ever since Spider-Man 4 was delayed to the point that Sony decided to kick everyone off the project and go with the reboot option last year, speculation has been swirling around who would play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Taylor Lautner, Jim Sturgess, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Logan Lerman, Jamie Bell, and most recently Josh Hutcherson were all in the mix at one point to play the high school nerd turned superhero.

In an unscientific Screen Rant reader poll with over 500 votes, Andrew Garfield just edged out Alden Ehrenreich for 2nd to last place as the person people would most like want to see as Spider-Man, so of course that is the person Marc Webb and Sony Pictures choose – the front runner.

Garfield was pretty good in the mostly overlooked film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and we’ll see what he is made of in the upcoming David Fincher film The Social Network where he plays Eduardo Saverin.  Director Marc Webb seems to be enthusiastic about the casting saying:

“Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor’s work understand his extraordinary talents. He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit, and humanity.”

Of course, Webb isn’t likely to say “we just made a really bad choice and I need a drink now” when commenting on casting decisions. I kid, of course. Garfield looks young and is quite charming – here’s a video of him shot a year ago, after he received a BAFTA award:

It was previously stated that the new Spider-Man reboot was to go back to high school and would be darker and more brooding – you know, like Twilight but with webs. That means Parker will only be about 17 or 18 max for the first film – but Garfield is almost 28… well above high school age. Of course, using older people to play younger teen roles is nothing new. Just look at the cast of 21 Jump Street or Ralph Macchio, who was 23 when he played the 18 year old Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid.

The Spider-Man reboot is being directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) and will be written by James Vanderbilt and Alvin Sargent (Spider-Man 2) and will have Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad serving as producers.

I made this prediction before but I’m making it again – Garfield will only have to play Peter Parker because Sony will go all “Na’vi” with Spider-Man, making him completely mocap CGI. With the film slated to be shot in the same style 3D as James Cameron’s Avatar, I don’t think my prediction is too out there.

What are your thoughts on Andrew Garfield being cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man for the reboot?

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Source: Sony Pictures, Heat Vision (thanks to Filmonic for finding that video)

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  1. ummmm Who?

  2. I just saw this 30 minute short film by Spike Jonze called “I’m Here” with Andrew Garfield and Sienna Guillory as the main characters. His performance was very believable and I think it was one of the best short films I’ve seen in a while.

    With that I think it kinda adds on to his resume.

  3. Anthony is remarkably consistent in agreeing with himself,
    and those who agree with him.

    Good for you!

    Do enjoy your long weekend.
    I know nothing I can say can convince you of the sincerity
    I currently employ. But no worries.

    Those of us who’d dare click on a link w/ the meme “New Spiderman Cast”
    can agree on one simple thing:

    • and you sir, just go on lovin that guy for whatever reason, makes no difference to me

      • Well, clearly your hate doesn’t have much clear reasoning behind it.

        Hate never does, it’s like a rule.

        Lack of reasoning is the pre-existing condition
        that’s required, for it to metastasize.

  4. Django I’d say it’s less like We have a new spiderman and more like we have a new hip trendy twilight wannabe hero loosely based on Spiderman because he looks nothing like Spiderman is mediocre at acting at best and will make no sense what so ever with an adult playing a teenager…Creepy

    I don’t feel comfortable calling this spiderman.

    I can’t wait until number 3 when he turns 19, but is really 35 lol maybe for the next reboot we can go back to high school again and cast Bruce Willis lol

    • Well, all there is most who’ve seen his acting agree he’ll be better than Toby.

      (who, as many of us rightly feel, was alright to begin with.)

      This IS a game of the studio wrangling control of their property.
      Avi Arad USED to be Marvel’s head honcho movie producer, before Marvel Studios was
      created – he’s certainly invested a lot in this character but I don’t think he was the
      one calling for Venom to be shoehorned into Spidey 3.

      If he was, then I’m with you guys. Stars, acting abilities & all the clout in the world can’t
      stop dumb producers from fiddling w/ solid properties in the name of “appeal”.

      Actually, the more I look into it. Arad WAS the guy who ruined Spidey3.

      Okay, okay. This movie definitely still has plenty of potential to suck, going forward.

      But this guy’s still an excellent actor. I’ll stand by that.
      What we really have to worry about is whether Mark Webb is dedicated & knowledgable
      enough about the character to stand up to Arad if he pulls more “cram Carnage in there” b.s.,
      without thinking about it first.

      • @” Arad WAS the guy who ruined Spidey3.”

        That was both Raimi’s ans Sony’s fault. Sony forced Venom into the story, and Raimi did a piss poor job of handling the character.

        I think this guy is too old, but I’m willing to give him a chance. I’m more worried abou Sony being in charge of this right now. Like I said above, Sony is partially to blams for SM3, and now they have complete control. BTW, Webb isn’t directing. He’ll be sitting the chair behind the camera, but Sony execs will be issuing all the orders. That’s why this reboot is happening, so the studio can make a Spider-man movie *their* way.

        • Sam had more and more control wrested from his grips as production went on in that fiasco, wasnt even half his fault in my opinion

        • I think Raimi tanked Venom on purpose just so he could say that he gave Sony *exactly* the movie they asked for. My thing is how much creative control does Sony have over Marvel to let them destroy one of their most widely known properties? Sam Raimi was the perfect director for Spider-Man. It’s too bad that Sony was to interested in how much money they could squeeze out of the public to truly give a crap about producing a quality film true to the comic legend.

    • Couldn’t have said it better.

  5. Anthony gotta disagree a lol every one deserves equal blame for spiderman. Raimi may of had things forced on him but he could of tried to do something with it. I’ve said it twice Spiderman 3 could of been great as a two film saga but to much stuffed in to one film was bad. Also raimi resented Venom being stuffed in the film so much that he spat all over the character.

    • The film could have been a lot better if Venom wasn’t in the film. The story would have been better if Parker discarded the symbiote in the last moments of the film, and have that scene where joins with Brock as the very last scene in the film. That way the origin would have been over with, and you could of had the fourth film with Spider-man trying to destroy Venom.

      Anyway, it’s too late, and no sense it wondering how it should have been. Hopefully the character will be handled with more respect in this new series (if it gets past the first film).

      • i honestly felt he should just bowed out of it altogether. the man just needs to hook up with Campbell and finally give us all another Ash movie

    • totally agree, Venom is the perfect villain for a cliffhanger. If Raimi was so forced to put Venom in with one movie, then swallow your pride and drop Sandman to focus on the villain studio thinks people want to see (and a LOT of people did want to see)

      could have been a great ending to the Raimi’s Spidey movies, but alas, we crapfest two two-steps from a full blown muscial. shame

  6. holy crap – he’s british!

    I’m exagerating, it’s not an issue, I just didn’t know til I watched the clip

    • yes panda…its such a travesty that a british noob hack of an actor is playing the role of an american comics book icon

  7. Wow… I am severely against this new Spider-man reboot and I think it’s the worst direction possible. This new guy, no Tobey Maguire that’s for sure, has not impressed me at all, I saw Imaginarium and I did not care for it one bit, and I go into movies with an open mind, but this new spider-man… They could have bounced back with the 4th one I’m sure, they didn’t need to take this “ultimate” looking route and then connect it to Twilight? Oh dear lord thats a horrible series as it is, anyways I just have a bad feeling about all of this and my childhood is again being brutally raped by Hollywood (Airbender, GI Joe, X-men 3, I could go on…)

    • i actually kinda liked GI Joe lol

      • Same here. Wonder what the sequel will hold. I heard the the guys who are Twins will be in it & Zartan’s gang. Just rumors though. Sienna Miller was hot. I hope somehow they bring back back Storm Shadow cause i liked his and Snakeye’s fights.

    • I find it funny that it only took 10 years to reboot Spider-Man. That has to be a record…

  8. During the early to late 1990s, I use to collect “Web of Spiderman”. What an incredible and fun comic book about a grown adult who married is longtime sweetheart. Since I was going through high school at the time, I thought Spiderman was ‘that guy’ who ‘I wanted to grow up and become.

    Now, he is ‘that kid’, which I can no longer make a connection with. Life changes.

  9. i still have web of spiderman issue 1. i collected that comic til the end of its run. not sure how many issues i have still boxed up, too much stuff in storage lol

    • Lol… I jumped in around #80 something. They don’t make comic books like they use too. Lol… I managed to get a reprint of the first three issues to “Spiderman”. It doesn’t have a surname. My friend and I use to travel across our home state, and try to find collector issues. Man, we traveled forever in a day. Lol… We put them into storage containers, which prevent air from seeping into to bins. As a matter of fact, I am sitting next to it right now. Lol…

      Spiderman use to rule. :)

      • he used to, till the powers that be emo’d him to death

  10. Spidey 3 was never ruined,I like it as much as it’s previous ones,I think they shouldve continued instead of going back and ruining it…..

  11. Completely mocap CGI??? Are they sayin they’re gonna have this guy play Peter parker but have Spider-man CGI like as seen in Avatar? Lol if thats the case i have no intention of seeing this film, not even for a rental. Spider-man 3 i thought was ok, not the best & could of been better. Only thing i didnt like about it was Peter’s dancing on the sidewalk. And i hear people complain about too many villains even with this reboot having multiple villains, i still dont understand that one because Harry a.k.a New Goblin only attacked Peter twice but ended up helping peter at the climax after his butler explained the truth about his father. As for Venom, Venom wasnt really didnt show up till closer to the climax. To me Sandman, & partly Venom were the villains of the film. I wanted to see Venom in a sequel but thought only by himself or w/ Carnage. As for scenes like Peter’s dancing etc. i thought those scenes should of been replaced with more scenes of the Black Costumed Spider-Man. Id much rather spend money seeing Spider-man 4 than seeing Peter back in high school again in a reboot. Oh Well, Hopefully with this reboot coming, they will release the 90′s Spider-man animated series volume sets.

    • LOL if thats the case why not just get andy effin serkis

    • For me I don’t think anyone could measure up to tobey maguire. He is THE spiderman for me. I really disliked Andrew Garfield before I saw him in any films when I found out he was the new spiderman. I guess I have a loyalty to the original films and the cast. After seeing him in a few films he is a great actor but maybe not for a superhero film. For me I just think he will have to be unbelievavable to change my opinion of no-one being even comparable to tobey maguire. It’s probably not his fault, I am just very against this reboot. I think the original films were brilliant. I can understand some of the critisism that people gave the third film. It did not measure up to the others, especially the first film. But it was still good. I suppose it means now that the films will be totally different and that the original trilogy will be not have sequel after sequel until it has all the life sucked out of it. I for one don’t particularly care what people say about the original films not being true to the story in the comic books. I think the story they came up with was genius. I liked Peter parker more and I especially like mary jane more. It would be sad for some of the cast of the new version but I seem to be really hoping that this film bombs and that the original films will be the ones everyone talks about or that the maybe start making again. I can’t see me liking it.

  12. This guy is too old, too ugly and who gives a flying f##k about a Spiderman film based on that sh#te Spiderman cartoon (can’t remember the bllody name sure it was Totally Spiderman or somethink like that).

  13. My hopes for giving venom justice in a movie still lives… since this reboot is based on the ultimate spidy universe and eddie brock jr. has a HUGE role in that universe as parkers childhood buddy it would make sense to have venom as the main villain in the first or second film since eddie will more than likely be in the reboot.

  14. Soon there will be more reboots ppl,with all the crappy movies Hollywood are making,they are running out of ideas……

  15. I miss Tobey.

  16. I love Andrew Garfield !!

  17. I love Andrew Garfield !!