Andrew Garfield Talks ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’s’ Long Shoot

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 13th, 2013 at 11:10 am,

Between all the news about Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, and the yet-unreleased Captain America: The First Avenger, Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man has seemingly fallen through the cracks – which probably has something to do with the fact that it won’t be released for another year.

The man who will be Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, recently attended the Maui Film Festival alongside young actors like Olivia Wilde, Megan Fox, and Garrett Hudlund, where he received the “Shining Star Award” for his collective acting work. He took some time out to talk about his role in Spider-Man, too.

On how he felt about the abnormally long seven month shoot, courtesy of E! Online:

“It was so long, man. It’s crazy. I feel like I lost a sense of myself for a while…It was very hard work. I worked my butt off.”

On the widely discussed – both adored and disliked – Amazing Spider-Man image that showcased Andrew Garfield in the new Spider-Man costume (now with webshooters):

“I saw it before that image was going to be released. [Director Marc Webb] slipped me a little copy of it. I had to catch my breath a little. It was very, very exciting. It was surreal.”

first image of andrew garfield as spider man Andrew Garfield Talks The Amazing Spider Mans Long Shoot

On whether or not Garfield’s prepared for his forthcoming exposure as a result of playing the beloved Marvel superhero:

“Wouldn’t it be funny if there was like no one there? Wouldn’t that be brilliant and kind of hilarious?”

Then, perhaps realizing how unlikely that scenario is, he said:

“I can be smoking a cigarette in a Spider-Man costume looking at the camera for two hours and going, ‘I’m Spider-Man’ and people will still want to see it because it’s Spider-Man.”

Everything we’ve seen and heard of The Amazing Spider-Man seems to indicate that it’s taking its cues from both the Marvel 616 and Ultimate Spider-Man comics. Hopefully, Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) will take an approach to the property that’s interesting and somewhat unfamiliar to us.

The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters July 3rd, 2012.

Source: E! Online

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  1. This releases the same month as The Dark Knight Rises, although 2 weeks before it, and there is also Man of Steel, must be an interesting year for superheroes, all the first-tier superheroes will be back in action, although one will be ending his trilogy hopefully with a bang.

    • Don´t forget Marvel´s Avengers movie…

  2. The movie isn’t produced by Marvel… so far almost EVERY Marvel character that was turned into a movie (and was NOT produced by Marvel) sucked.

    The sider-man trilogy wasn’t nice (it was depressing and the so-called “spider-man” was nothing like the Spidey I know and love.)
    And don’t even get me started on X-men… (which was beyond the point of sucking – it was WORSE)

    Still, I won’t judge the movie before it comes out… I’m just not overly positive that it will be a success. IMO any new Spider-Man movie HAS to be better than the previous ones.

    A note to Marvel: Hi, Marvel. Do me a favor (please)… NEVER sell the rights of your characters to anyone else again! The movies you produce are awesome because you CARE about YOUR characters… the other studios only care about the MONEY they don’t care if they ruin a character for the whole world… as long as they make money.

    • Do you really think Sam Raimi didn’t care about Spider-Man? Spider-Man 2 is an excellent film, in my opinion, and the best “Marvel” movie to date.

      • I think I agree. Spider-Man 2 is still definitely the best Marvel movie so far.

        Still get chills when Dr. Ock comes over to Peter and Mary Jane with that wicked grin of his.

        • “Spider-Man 2 is still definitely the best Marvel movie so far.”

          That´s a joke, right? Not that SM2 isn´t good (I love that movie), but Thor, X-Men (1, 2, FC) and the Iron Man movies were a LOT better…

          • It’s a matter of opinion as always. I think Iron Man is the best comic movie to date but Spidey 2 is a close second. No one is right and no one is wrong. Its opinions. Thank God we are not all alike. The world would be boring.

            • Count me in among the Spidey 2 crowd – I was blown away by that movie!

          • Nope not a joke. Spider-Man 2 was a very satisfying movie from beginning to end, for me, personally. I can find very little wrong with that movie.

            I love Thor, X-Men, X-Men 2, and Iron Man all, but none of them was as memorable an experience as I had watching Spidey 2.

            X-Men: too short with rushed edited scenes (due to the deadline).
            X-Men 2: Cyclops got shafted (not as badly as he did in X3, though).
            Iron Man: Was great, but not enough satisfying action (esp. at end).
            Thor: Also fun, but not enough action at middle and last battle.

            I’d say Iron Man is the second best Marvel movie so far, with X-Men 2 the third best, and Thor is fourth best.

            It’s too bad that Spidey 3 was as bad as Spidey 2 was good.

            • P.S. One thing that wins me over with Spider-Man 2 vs Iron Man is the rewatchability of these movies.

              I can watch Spider-Man 2 all the time. Iron Man not so much, because about 25% of the movie (especially after Stark gets back home from Gulmira) can easily lose your attention. Ditto with X-Men 2, because you kind of want to stay with a certain favorite character more than the others.

              This is not a problem Thor has, though. But as said, the lack of action in vital parts hurt that movie for me.

      • I think the reason the second spidey movie was so great was because alfred molina is an incredible actor. dafoe was good in the first movie with the whole schizophrenic acting but molina made it alot more relateable. he stole that movie and i have no complaints :) ive never been a big tobey fan to be honest. every time i see him in a movie i kinda roll my eyes and prepare myself for his acting. iron man was good. the incredible hulk was awesome but lacked in luster because the old hulk screwed up so bad that they didnt want to give it too much of a budget just in case it sucked again. so i could have been better. all of the movies were great, but it feels like their holding back on us because they are afraid of outshining the avengers film. if they make one of the independent hero films amazing and avengers “so-so” then it would be very bad.

      • Except that it isn’t a Marvel movie… it was produced by Columbia Pictures… sure Spidey is a Marvel character but if Marvel were the ones to produce those movies they wouldn’t have made it soooo depressing.

        Iron Man was the best Marvel movie and even IM2 is better than the so-called spider-man movies. I would also say that Thor was better (Blade also rocked).

        But… I guess it is a matter of opinion… just remember that MY opinion is the correct one ;) (please note that that was a joke)

        • How are the movies depressing?

          The first Spiderman film was a good solid film, the second one was fantastic, the third sucked. But they weren’t really depressing, maybe not super upbeat or anything, but you didn’t see Peter Parker trying to slit his wrists or anything.

        • Maybe you missed the quotation marks around “Marvel.” I wasn’t saying it’s the best Marvel movie. I was saying it’s the best “Marvel” movie.

          Frankly, the only Marvel movie I’ve really liked is Iron Man, though Incredible Hulk was enjoyable.

    • I agree with Marvel doing better movies in general, but I have to say the Blade movies and the first two Spider-Man movies, as well as the first two X-Men movies, were all done VERY well.

      Since then, though… kinda went downhill. These movie studios got lazy, I guess.

    • Something that I think a lot of you guys don’t understand is that Marvel had nothing to do with the X-Men, Ghost Rider and Spider-Man movies (including the new one).

      Marvel created the characters but sold the movie rights. (And I’m sure that they used some of that money to produce IM and TIH).

      You can’t say “Spider-Man was the best Marvel movie” because it WASN’T a Marvel movie – Marvel had no say in the production – no input.

      So those of you who think that this movie (the new Sidey flick) “will hold back because they are afraid to outshine Avengers” – are wrong… the two movies (Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man) aren’t made by the same studio… they will actually COMPETE with each other in the Box-office (not like Thor and Cap who are made by the same studio).

      • No one is saying that it’s the best Marvel made movie, they are saying it’s the best Marvel superhero movie.

        I think you may be taking this whole Marvel movies thing a little too personally…

  3. Growing up and who am I kidding even now the 2 Superheros and comics I read the most and followed closely were Batman and Spiderman. So my fingers are crossed that both are great. The news and info that I’ve heard about both has been good so now I’m anxious to see some footage.

  4. RE: “I can be smoking a cigarette in a Spider-Man costume looking at the camera for two hours and going, ‘I’m Spider-Man’ and people will still want to see it because it’s Spider-Man.”

    Not this person. I have no desire to see my favorite superhero rebooted into Emo country by a music video director who has less than 1% of the love for the character that Raimi had.

    I won’t be seeing this, so smoke it up Garfield.

    • Hear hear!!! I totally agree. Garfield came off as a douche bag inferring that Spidey fans are mindless drones that will see anything that is Spider-Man. Screw you Garfield.

  5. Not really too interested in this if they’re doing an Ultimate Spidey take. I never read the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, either.

    Though I do agree that it’s a good concept to introduce more contemporary versions of Marvel’s superheroes to a different generation, I still don’t really care much for alternate versions of the superheroes I grew up with. Heck, I could barely tolerate Green Goblin’s costume in the first trilogy.

    There are some things I do like from these Ultimate comics visually, like Hawkeye’s different costume, which is definitely better than the original. (He really should adopt that same uniform in the Earth-616 comics, too.) But they’re few and far between.

    • “Not really too interested in this if they’re doing an Ultimate Spidey take. I never read the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, either.”

      So how can you tell you won´t like it if you never read the comic books?! That´s BS to me. You should read Ultimate Spider-Man (the issues BEFORE Jeph Loeb effed up the whole Ultimate imprint) before you say something like this. It´s like saying:

      “I never tried out tomatoes because I don´t like them.”

      • Why would I be interested in an Ultimate Spider-Man movie if I wasn’t interested in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics to begin with?

        Explain that for me. Sheesh.

        • Valid point. It’s difficult to back a film based on a certain comic franchise if you haven’t even read it.

      • Honestly, I’m a big fan of a lot of the stuff Bendis did in USM prior to this Death of Spider-Man arc. Jeph Loeb may have ruined the Ultimate universe, but he didn’t ruin Ultimate Spider-Man.


  7. We here at Screen Rant have been positive and upbeat about this film for a long time, while for the most part it seems visitors have left comments slamming it.

    I hope it turns out to be great, but let me predict that if we end up watching it thinking it’s a bad movie (and our review reflects that), that there will be a collective outcry from the masses ripping us to tiny little shreds.

    You read it here, first. 8)


    • I think it turns out to be another First Class (at least I hope so). Everyone kept bashing on FC until they´ve seen the movie. And all of a sudden everyone loves it. Even Ghost, who was one of the top 5 FC haters.

      And BTW, I hope my previous comment doesn´t end up in Limbo, Vic…

      • Scape,

        Don’t know – I’m not personally moderating comments any more, one of my writers took that function over.


      • I too see at least one X-Men – FC parallel here, though clearly not as optimistically as you do:

        The PreBooquel is alive and well with this ill-conceived Spidey film. It’s not a reboot just a sort of reboot. BAH.

        We’ve gone into this endlessly with XFC and I still don’t think it’s settled – for me prebooquel contains the necessary letters in it “…boo…”.

      • I knew from the get-go that I wouldn’t enjoy First Class. And I was right. The reason I knew it would suck is because the “First Class” I wanted to see was the original X-men team.

        I wanted Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman, and Angel. Maybe add a few extra characters to round out the team (not Wolverine, he’s overused enough as it is).

        The only thing about First Class that was watchable was Magneto. Everything else was garbage.

        • But they couldn’t use that carachters because they already were used in the firsts X-Men films.
          The only way to use them is reboted the series and if they do that you will be angry for that.

        • The movie didnt suck, you just didnt get what you wanted. All in all it was a great movie. Some parts did seem rushed. And i was bummed that darwin got killed off so fast. I didnt like the whole havok existing before his older brother scott, or that the energy just blasted from his body rather that his hands. But i understand that they did that to explain how prof x and beast knew how to make glasses that could control cyclops’ powers. Beast wasnt a big thick guy that didnt wear shoes or gloves in his costume. yeah these things kinda took away from what i wanted to see, but i still saw a great movie. If i look past my own selfish opinions and desires, i can see something for what it is.

  8. I’m glad we can all have different opinions on films. Makes for interesting discussions for sure.

  9. I really hope they bring back the constant improvivization, witty banter, and name calling during fights. I grew up on the 90s cartoon, Spiderman Unlimited and Neil Patrick Harris Cel shaded spiderman. Tis all I want in my spiderman.


  10. how big of a role is disney having in these marvel movies?

  11. I have been very outspoken about how bad I think this film is going to be and how much I feel it is unnecessary. I sincerely hope that I am wrong. However, the casting in this film is awful (Sally Field as Aunt May? REALLY? People LIKE this move??) Garfield’s attitude in the quote above reaffirms my convictions that he is all wrong for Spidey. Plus it insinuates that he thinks comic book fans are pavlovian idiots that will drool and support anything Spider-Man. That alone is going to keep me from seeing this in the theater. This really bothers me because Spidey is one of my all-time favorite superheroes.

  12. 100% agree with ya Andy!

  13. First off I may be one of the few ,but I really enjoyed Spiderman 3 flaws and all. Secondly Andrew Garfield is a great actor, He was fantastic in the Social Network. I do hate this reboot crap when in my opinion Sony didn’t wanna pay Sam and Tobey what they would have deserved to make a fourth Spidey movie and then thought you know a reboot would be cheaper. I think some of the things they are sound good but others just plain bizarre like no j.j. jameson and this van adder crap wth. I’m hoping its good but I’m getting the same feeling I had when I was first learning things about the Green Lantern movie.

    • I was really pissed off when I read that the guy playing venom wanted his face shown more than venoms, we got this lame version with a venom body and Tofers face. I was so excited when spidey 3 was coming out, I pissed myself stupid waiting for this movie to come out. 3 things that ruined S3 were, a lame venom( my faverate villian ever), a horrible goblin costume, and not enough screen time for that awsome black spidey suit.

      • i agree. venom should have been the best part of that movie, instead he was one of the worst things in it, and to add to it as bad as venom was, he is still the best thing about it.
        sandman did look good though, i just didn’t care for the backstory of him being involved in uncle ben’s death.
        too many times the new villian is responsible for a previous death. too convenient for the writers.

  14. Why does everyone keep saying these movies wernt made by marvel, They were, Every superhero movie in the marvel indrustrie is made by marvel and has someone to promote there movie such as fox, cloumbia pictures (most) , Lions gate, But all marvel characters which become movies are made by or with marvel!

    • Wrongo. Marvel has NO creative control over what is done with X-men, Spidey, FF, Ghost Rider, et al. They gave Fox and Sony creative control over those characters. Do you REALLY think that Marvel would have given the green light to what they did to Spidey in S-3? No, Sony wanted to have Venom in the movie and thus he was forced in. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, etc. are all under the creative control of Marvel. They have complete control of the scripts, the characters, the actors, distribution, etc.

  15. I for one will stick to the comics… at least the comics hold true to the character: the Spidey I know and love – the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man I grew up with watching on TV.

    I will NEVER see any of the old Spider-Man movies again and I won’t support Amazing Spider-Man until I see some evidence of it being true to the comics


    Watch the full video before attacking the guy. Sorry, but I don’t understand why some of you on here are stamping your feet like toddlers and saying you will not watch a movie because its lead actor has said something you deem to be patronising. That’s just weird. He’s an excited, shy, at times awkward kid who says a silly little thing right at the end of an interview as a joke that doesn’t mean anything (and then correcting himself by the way). Before all that he talks about being a fan himself and wanting to do the part justice for all the other fans. Give the guy a break.

    If you’ve seen The Social Network and his TV dramas, Red Riding Trilogy and Boy A (for which he won a Bafta) then you’ll know what a fantastic actor he is and one that will be oscar-nominated countless times for years to come I’m sure. David Fincher and Terry Gilliam are no mugs, nor I’m sure is Marc Webb. Even if he DIDN’T have any respect for comics or comic fans, which he’s already stated he has, would it have stopped you going to see The Dark Knight if Christian Bale had said he once used a Batman comic to prop up a wonky table? I’d like to think you’re watching a movie for the characters portrayed within in not for the actor’s personal beliefs or opinions. Christian Bale is a known a**hole but it won’t stop me going to see his films because he’s a good actor (despite the overly gruff voice) and I’m sure it didn’t stop you either.

    • I know I’ll probably be set fire to for saying this, but apart from the ridiculous 5-minute dancing like a tool scene and then walking down the street to James Brown (both of which I’ve failed to erase from my memory), I actually didn’t mind number 3 (though it was the weakest of the trilogy). I liked Sandman’s character and I’m fan of Topher Grace anyway so I looked past a lot of its faults. Also looks awesome on blu ray which helps save it slightly.

  17. @DanD

    Just saw the clip and totally agree! Sometimes it’s hard to read context through quotes. He seems to be pretty excited about the film as a fan as well as an actor.

    I’m reserving judgement until I see a trailer – am hopeful it’s gonna better Spiderman 3 though :) that can’t be hard though can it?

  18. Been jumping between comic book movie comment sections on since First Class started with its trailers. It’s very interesting to see, at least IMO, the differences in some peoples standards depending on the movie franchise. Sometimes its ok to stray from source material, sometimes its not. Sometimes its ok to change the costume or origin or age or race etc sometimes its not. Why is it ok in one movie, but not another? As one who loved First Class, I appreciate that a film makers vision is his own. I look forward to ASM, even if it is a crappy movie. Which I hope it isnt.

  19. I don’t know why people are giving this movie such a negative take. Andrew Gatfield is an amazing actor and Marc Webb did a decent job with 500 Days of Summer. People should wait for a trailer until they start criticizing it.