SR Pick [Video]: Little Anakin Skywalker, 10 Years Later…

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star wars episode one the phantom menace ver1 SR Pick [Video]: Little Anakin Skywalker, 10 Years Later...

While surfing the always-growing expanse of the Interweb during Comic-Con weekend, we stumbled upon this video of (now 20-years-old) Jake Lloyd who played “Anny” Skywalker from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

It seems that Hollywood has created yet another child actor that in general, has benefited from being a “child actor” but still clearly has issues. Check out what I mean:


Even though we’ve seen the conclusion of the  Star Wars series, many still criticize George Lucas’ handling of the prequels. Is it fair for people to heap on ANY of the responsibility of the “failure” of Episode I onto Jake Lloyd’s shoulders? Isn’t it Lucas who should be shouldering the blame, not some poor kid he picked out of the blue to play one of the most poorly-written roles in Star Wars history?

Let’s Discuss in the comments.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. I think the guy has a level head on his shoulder to be honest. He started off in a slightly whining attitude but caught himself and finished out pretty strong. Notice how he talks about the kids in high school and college as the ones that gave him a hard time? They are his age now and were his age back when the movie came out. Jake even says EP 1 was for kids, so what exactly are those kids he goes to school with messing with him for? My guess is they picked up on what critics were saying about the film and equating it to Lloyd’s performance, which is totally absurd.

    Can you honestly sit there and tell me that you wouldn’t pee your pants every single day you went to the set if you were asked by Lucas to be in a Star Wars movie?

  2. @Paul

    I sum it up this way …

    Kids are mean. They will always find something to make fun of someone about. Myself included.

    And I agree he seems pretty level-headed.

  3. Even though I thought that his performance was not so good in Ep.1,he does seem like a cool dude that didn’t let the whole Star Wars thing go to his head.

    He seems really normal and down to earth.As for who ruined the prequels,it’s all on Lucas if not for one reason…Jar Jar Binks.

  4. He spoke very well.

  5. I think he clearly has issues. He looks quite depressed,and in my opinion, he looks like his ‘year off’ has been spent eating pizza,, drinking beer not showering and playing video games in a dark room!

    He is pasty,and unhealthy looking for a young man.He needs to get some motivation, STAT! Life doesn’t cease just because you peaked as a child! Orson Welles continued trying after CITIZEN KANE, Elizabeth Taylor went on from child star to amazing woman.

    He looks as if his ‘arrows’ won’t hit anything,because he seems too apathetic to try! If he were my son,I’d say:

    ‘Wash your face, get off the couch,and either go back to school, or GET A JOB!’

  6. @gottarhyme – Ouch Aussies are rough on a guy! :) I don’t think he has anymore “issues” as the next guy that’s 20 y/o. I did the same as him. Wentto college took a year off because I was tired of school and went back later. And don’t knock him for playing video games girl! If it weren’t for “gamers”, the Comic Cons across the wrold would cease to exist.

    I say look at were they filmed this “interview”, while he was sitting down, leaning against some pallets in the convention hall. It clearly wasn’t planned or he would have dressed nicer. They probably caught up with him at the end of the day and say “Hey, isn’t the Jake Lloyd?” and he was nice enough to talk to them for a few minutes.

    I say give the guy a break. He’s been around for 10 years and hasn’t made a single whiny comment to anyone and now he gets ambushed BAM! everyone is a critic of his life.

  7. I feel sorry for this kid, I mean Lucas just ruined his career after the crapfest the is The Phantom Menace.

  8. He was a KID for crying out loud. How can anyone say it was his fault.

    Lucas shouldn’t be allowed to write EMAILS let alone movie scripts!

    (Indiana Jones and the letdown of Lucas and Spielberg anyone?)

  9. This kid is from Carmel, IN the next town over from where I live and I heard he was a asswhole one time at the movie thearter and kept booing throughout the whole movie! FAME has gone to his HEAD!

  10. @Paul Young

    “If it weren’t for “gamers”, the Comic Cons across the wrold would cease to exist.”

    Yes, that’s why it’s called, “‘COMIC’-Con.”

  11. @SJJ – So because you “heard” it that makes it true huh?

    @Ash Ali – You statement doesn’t make sense to me. Wouldn’t that be “Gamer”-con?

  12. @ Paul Young

    What I’m trying to say is you’re attributing Comic-Con’s success to video-games. When the event’s success is attributed to, you know, comic books.

    “If it weren’t for “gamers”, the Comic Cons across the world would cease to exist.”

    Although I don’t doubt that video-games have helped the Comic-Cons, I’m confident in the fact that they would still exist without video-games.

  13. I gotcha, I read your statement in the wrong context. I would have to agree with you.

  14. he used to be cute. what happened???

  15. @ Paul Young: I actually was looking at the guy bfrom the perspective that he does not seem to have EVOLVED from the age of 10. When do you stop blaming everyone for how your life is and start taking responsibility?

    It seems to me that he will still be this way when he is 30 if he doesn’t wake up to himself.

    @SJJ: If what you say is true about his behaviour at the theatre, I rest my case!

  16. “clearly has issues” I think not. He just sounds like he’s had enough of The Phantom Menace and just wants to move on.

  17. @gottarhyme

    Just because someone isn’t hyper with excitement doesn’t mean they’re depressed.. Paul Young hit the nail on the head, Good job man nice to see someone with some common sense.

  18. hey, guy's…with all due respect, all of these comments are essentially what sparks critisism, this is the blind leading the blind. I truly cannot put my thoughts into how all of you guys have something to say about him over the web, it's just passive agressive and cowardly. Evidently put, I believe (as an oppinionative statement) that the only respect you had for him was when you did not know him, and now that you know him for he truly is, he has somehow lost all your respect. these are facts, we all have our own ethos' but we should all be able to tell which ones are right from wrong. So as a conclusion, light up, drop the negativity and stop the critisism…who likes to feed off of negative reactions?