Amy Adams Is Lois Lane In ‘Superman: Man of Steel’

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While Zack Snyder has spent a good chunk of the last few weeks talking up his reboot, Superman: Man of Steel, most of the recent casting rumors have concerned prospective actors who could play the film’s villain – possibly that of General Zod. It’s actually been nearly two months since there were any serious rumors about which actress could play Superman’s iconic love interest, Lois Lane.

Now word has gotten out that Snyder has settled on an actress to play Miss Lane opposite Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in Man of Steel and it’s none other than multiple Oscar-nominee Amy Adams.

Hero Complex is reporting that Snyder is currently in Paris, where he’s been promoting this past weekend’s release of Sucker Punch, and that the director called up Adams earlier today to tell her the good news. That means the latter is just the latest well-accomplished and acclaimed thespian to join the Man of Steel cast, along with Cavill, multiple Oscar-winner Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, and fellow Oscar-nominee Diane Lane as Martha Kent.

Adams has long been successful at portraying endearing and sweet characters onscreen, with a resume that includes mainstream fare like Disney’s Enchanted, and more independent titles like Junebug, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, or Sunshine Cleaning. She shed her cutesy image in last year’s The Fighter and received her third Academy Award nomination for playing Charlene – a foul-mouthed bar girl with a heart of gold (or something like that) that falls for Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg).

Amy Adams  The Fighter movie image Mark Wahlberg Amy Adams Is Lois Lane In Superman: Man of Steel

Wahlberg and Adams in ‘The Fighter’.

In my book, Adams is just about the perfect choice to play the new incarnation of Lois Lane, following in the footsteps of Margot Kidder’s generally beloved take on the character and Kate Bosworth’s… less than beloved version of Lois Lane. Adams is quite the versatile actress who can be convincingly kind, warm, serious, tenacious, hard-edged, or charming when the occasion calls for it. Just watch her play Giselle in Enchanted, and then check her out in The Fighter – and tell me that’s not true.

Unlike other previously rumored Lois Lane contenders – be it Olivia Wilde, Natalie Portman, or even Kristen Stewart – Adams is a fitting age for the role as well. She’s 36 years old (not that it shows) and looks quite mature and developed, which lends her further credence as being a dedicated professional like Miss Lane. The dynamic between Lois Lane and Clark Kent is in some ways very similar to that between Charlene and Micky in The Fighter as well – again, suggesting that Adams really is a great fit for Snyder’s Superman reboot.

Here’s what Snyder had to say on the matter:

“There was a big, giant search for Lois. For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it.

“… It goes back to what I’ve said about Superman and making him really understandable for today. What’s important to us is making him relevant and real and making him empathetic to today’s audience so that we understand the decisions he makes.  That applies to Lois as well. She has to be in the same universe as him [in tone and substance].”

What do you think of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Superman: Man of Steel?

Source: LA Times

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  1. She is so not Lois Lane.

  2. I never followed superman that much in the comics. But wouldn’t the death of superman story make a for a good trilogy to re-boot the franchise?

    You could have the first movie be his battle with doomsday when he dies and the 4 fake superman emerging…

    The second movie could be based on the four fake superman with superman himself being in heaven and finding his father and eventually returning to earth at the end …

    Then the third installment could be when superman returned to earth with long hair and kicking a whole lot of butt?

    Then you could also have spin-off movies based on one of the four fake superman like the man of steel or boy wonder. Sort of like what what the X-Men franchise did with Origins: Wolverine?

    I think that would be awesome to bring life back to the superman franchise and give the man of steel redemption for his past movies..

    Just a thought…

  3. I’m having a break from this site. I am tired of being personally attacked, and now it seems I have started doing to other people, a sign that maybe its time to go.
    I respect (almost) everyone who posts here, and I enjoy the community we all have here. So it’s nothing personal to anyone.
    I’m sure no one cares too much.

    • No need to take it that far, there is still room for everybody.
      Just drop the negative “Your opinion is wrong, so here is my correct opinion instead” attitude. Everyone can have a bad day, but no need to leave the site and be all dramatic about it :p

      • Never said I was leaving. Just having a break. Usually I would never belittle anyones opinion, but I did. And I don’t like that.

    • hypocrite

      • Yeah that was the point I was making. Thank you for making it plainer.

        • Don’t dish it out if you can’t hack it DSB because you know you do the same.

          • I can ‘dish’ it out better than most. Especially on a subject that I am passionate about, but don’t provoke me. That’s all you’re really doing here.

            • No, just pointing out your hypocrisy. By the way, how is your break from the site going?

              • Just fine thank you.

              • MJC05…

                Is there some reason you’re being an ass? Sam has stated that he’s not quitting the site, just lessening his presence for awhile. He, also, did not attack you (and, generally, does not attack posters anyway).

                You, on the other hand, have been a twit to AT LEAST two people (if I recall from the Thor thread) and are acting like the definition of a troll.

                Stop, because if you and others like you continue such imbecilic behavior, all of the interesting people on the site will disappear, leaving only the irritating buffoons.

                Just STOP.

                  • Yes, he did attack even though he didn’t like being attacked himself, so I can see how you feel he was a hypocrite. Although it looks like he was sorry for his behavior, and that’s why he is lessening his presence.

                    You on the other hand, it looks like you want to provoke him and make a point which isn’t necessary to make. The situation was taken care of, it’s over and almost forgotten. No need to bring the subject up again and start attacking him for it, it only makes you look way worse.

              • Come on folks, no need to antagonize one another.


  4. No need to leave us DrSamBeckett.. i just started on here and me and you had a great conversation interaction regarding Michael Shannon as Lex. If everyone had the same opinion then there would be no point in this forum, it would be boooooring.

    Also, I think Adams is a great choice. She’s an extremely versatile actress who can pull off Lois. She’s played a tough as nails Boston woman and a sweet innocent bored young woman who starts a daily blog following her attempts to recreate Julia Child’s cookbook. Two VERY different roles if you ask me.

    Regarding the age difference.. I can see some people worried about that. But she definitely does not look 37. She’s aging very well, i would not have guessed that she was almost 40. That’s just my 2 cents.

  5. Good choice. Don’t get her to die her hair though. We can just ignore that detail this time.

    Thank god he got good actors, I wouldn’t say he was an actor focused director. So hopefully they can just do their thing!

    • yeah so far if only one thing Snyder has going for him, is he’s casting great actor/actresses. Kevin Coster, Amy Adams, Diane Lane..

      • Kevin Costner I meant

    • She has to dye her hair, or she’ll just be Lana Lang on screen. I don’t want everyone saying the movie was miscast. That has been one of the bright spots so far. No need to piss off Lois Lane fans, when a simple bottle of dye can fix everything.

  6. May as well of given this movie to Uwe Boll to direct.

    • Ouch.

      …and totally untrue.

    • At least Green Lantern should be good. I’ll still check in every now and then, but I won’t be commenting very often anymore.

      • That’s why I rarely comment here anymore Sam, too many nancy-boys.

        • Yeah. I’ll still be around though. No other sites are half as well written or up to date.

          • Ill miss ya DSB 😀

            • Watch it Anthony… I AM a nancy boy. And I know my sh*t. In the spirit o fun, you “macho Alpha guys” are acting like bunch of drunk queens at a gay bar. Let’s all have a round of Cosmos and make nicey-nice shall we?!

              Anyhoo, maybe Amy Adams is a great choice. This’ll be the first time a non Brunette has played Lois. Nice start. Although, the Costner; really? Why not cast the Cage as Gen. Zod then. Wow… Ok, so who is playing Zod? Is there a Zod in this movie?

              I think I would like to see Braniac happen. Why is it that evereybody is trying to shy away from the Sci-Fi aspects of certain films… In the same way the horror elements were lost in Spider-Man?

              I have yet to see a Superman idea that really fleshed out the fact that he’s an alien and used it to the best explain the character. It always reverts back to making him all… Human-y.

              … He’s NOT A HUMAN!

              I’m hoping that Zach will bring something unique to the table other than great casting and dope-ass special effects.

              I need more than that.

              • What is it I am supposed to be watching??

      • … And what makes you wqnt to see Green Lantern? I think Ryan Reynolds would’ve been a MUCH better Flash…

  7. Ha ha ha ha Uwe Boll, who knows, given the right budget he could pull that off? Amy has to die her hair.

    • “Amy has to die her hair.”

      THANK YOU. It is baffling to me why people are even questioning it. Is Superman going to be blond? Lois Lane has millions of fans in her own right. Why would the movie go out of its way to piss them off?

  8. Not questioning your credibility, but there is NO WAY she is 36… 😉 (I would still drink her bath water)

    • thats what i said. she does not look 36 at all. sooooo hot want to touch the hiney….

  9. Don’t dip DSB! This site needs people like you to battle the groupthink of the Nolanites!

  10. First of all I believe that this is a great casting choice. Amy Adams is an AMAZING actress anyone saying otherwise is crazy! This is a three times academy award nominated actress playing a comic book character! It doesn’t get better than this. This can only tell me that comic book movies are being taken seriously in Hollywood which has to be a good sign!

    Now what’s up DSB??? What happened here to make you take a break! I would read into it but after 200 comments this is too much for my lazy self to read into! 😛

    Hope you stick around! Your comments are always a good read! 😀

  11. I know people have laughed off my choice of Sophia Bush, but if we actually watch her performance as Brooke in One Tree Hill, they you could see the energy she could bring to the character regardless of her looks.

    I just think Synder is more od a visualist than an actual filmaker. He’s very good at a certain aspect of directing, the same way Michael Bay is with action sequences.

    Both 300 and Watchmen were watchable to a degree, but they really lacked in subtsance, you really cared little for the characters who felt more like special effects and in some cases they actually were.

    Ath the very least we will (or should) get some cooler action sequences this time around. I just hope it doesn’t have that empty feeling a bit like the Incredible Hulk did. That movie just further proved how much people failed to appreciate with the Ang Lee version.

    • I think Sophia Bush would have been great as Lois Lane, very charismatic actress.

    • I agree, Sophia Bush would make a solid choice as Lois Lane.

  12. Honestly I don’t really care if she has the look for it, as long as she can play it, and she can.

  13. This might work she already play along side another Clark Kent in an episode of Smallville

  14. It’s a reboot, not a take on the original Superman. I don’t see any reason Lois has to be a brunette.

    • For the same reason Superman can’t be a blond. Lois Lane has millions of fans in her own right. Pissing them off for no reason is stupid. Do you think Zack Snyder is stupid? Do you think Amy Adams is stupid?

  15. i think amy adams is a great actress and i believe she will do great in this movie just like all the others she has done; problem for me is the age of her a factor did they really want a 37 year old playing this dont know but we will see how it goes

    casting wise i would still like to see:
    viggo mortenson-zod
    michael shannon-lex luthor
    liam neeson-jor-el

  16. No point in anyone’s panties getting in a bunch. With Nolan even minutely involved you can be sure that once the ball starts rolling the whole thing will be shrouded with secrecy. Directors can shift and change their visual style and we may be delighted with what Zack pulls out of his bag of tricks. One thing is for sure – it won’t be the snore fest the last Superman travesty was…talk about BAD casting of Lois Lane! And with that, I will go back to lurking as the flames can grow pretty high and intense on this site :-)

  17. Rachel McAdams would have been brilliant. Ah well.

  18. What does Mr. Nolan have to say about this??
    And people lets just wait for the movie or a trailer atleast and lets hope we get a brilliant movie
    i just wanted to point out many thought Mr. Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace) wouldnt pull off a Joker and look what we got !!!

  19. I don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but her looks (and from what I’ve seen of her, her dimeanor) are more like Lana than Lois.

    Either miscast (probably) or misdirect (maybe?)

  20. I love this news. So far the casting for this has been spot on. I really like Adams and even though she never croosed my mind when thinking about who should play Lois now that I have had a couple days to think about it she is perfect. She’s shown over the years that she can play anything from a princess to a street wise girl from Lowell so I have no doubts she will be great as Lois…

  21. I’m good with this decision. I think her blue eyes would look great with black hair.

  22. i dig her quite a bit, good actress. awesome in the fighter. don’t think she is from boston, maybe she is, but she was as convincing as anyone else in the movie (reminded me of this girl from boston i met at woodstock 99′, saucy girl, mmmmmm…….)

  23. I want to believe she is going to do good with this role but i wanted to see Rachel McAdams get the role. In fact when my roommate told me I misheard him and thought he’d said McAdams. Amy Adams is a decent actress though she is totally the wrong physical type for Lois Lane. She isnt ugly but she is not drop dead gorgeous which is what i wanted to see. My two gripes are all these actresses for these superhero movies have all lately had to dye their hair. (Emma Stone, Kristin Dunst). It’s actually distracting for me during the movie. 2nd grip is why are we continuing with the plain jane Lois Lane from Superman Returns? The comic character is very beautiful, not just average like Adams or Bosworth.

    Sophia Bush and Mila Kunis are both stunners but neither have proven they can support the weight of a role this big. Not knocking either one but they arent seasoned enough to do Lois Lane.

  24. YAY! Go Amy!

  25. She is the ‘PERFECT’ choice, through and through.

  26. When I look at her, I don’t see Lois Lane but the lady is gorgeous, and she is a fine actress. She is definitely infinitely better than Bosworth.