Amy Adams Is Lois Lane In ‘Superman: Man of Steel’

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While Zack Snyder has spent a good chunk of the last few weeks talking up his reboot, Superman: Man of Steel, most of the recent casting rumors have concerned prospective actors who could play the film’s villain – possibly that of General Zod. It’s actually been nearly two months since there were any serious rumors about which actress could play Superman’s iconic love interest, Lois Lane.

Now word has gotten out that Snyder has settled on an actress to play Miss Lane opposite Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in Man of Steel and it’s none other than multiple Oscar-nominee Amy Adams.

Hero Complex is reporting that Snyder is currently in Paris, where he’s been promoting this past weekend’s release of Sucker Punch, and that the director called up Adams earlier today to tell her the good news. That means the latter is just the latest well-accomplished and acclaimed thespian to join the Man of Steel cast, along with Cavill, multiple Oscar-winner Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, and fellow Oscar-nominee Diane Lane as Martha Kent.

Adams has long been successful at portraying endearing and sweet characters onscreen, with a resume that includes mainstream fare like Disney’s Enchanted, and more independent titles like Junebug, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, or Sunshine Cleaning. She shed her cutesy image in last year’s The Fighter and received her third Academy Award nomination for playing Charlene – a foul-mouthed bar girl with a heart of gold (or something like that) that falls for Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg).

Amy Adams  The Fighter movie image Mark Wahlberg Amy Adams Is Lois Lane In Superman: Man of Steel

Wahlberg and Adams in ‘The Fighter’.

In my book, Adams is just about the perfect choice to play the new incarnation of Lois Lane, following in the footsteps of Margot Kidder’s generally beloved take on the character and Kate Bosworth’s… less than beloved version of Lois Lane. Adams is quite the versatile actress who can be convincingly kind, warm, serious, tenacious, hard-edged, or charming when the occasion calls for it. Just watch her play Giselle in Enchanted, and then check her out in The Fighter – and tell me that’s not true.

Unlike other previously rumored Lois Lane contenders – be it Olivia Wilde, Natalie Portman, or even Kristen Stewart – Adams is a fitting age for the role as well. She’s 36 years old (not that it shows) and looks quite mature and developed, which lends her further credence as being a dedicated professional like Miss Lane. The dynamic between Lois Lane and Clark Kent is in some ways very similar to that between Charlene and Micky in The Fighter as well – again, suggesting that Adams really is a great fit for Snyder’s Superman reboot.

Here’s what Snyder had to say on the matter:

“There was a big, giant search for Lois. For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it.

“… It goes back to what I’ve said about Superman and making him really understandable for today. What’s important to us is making him relevant and real and making him empathetic to today’s audience so that we understand the decisions he makes.  That applies to Lois as well. She has to be in the same universe as him [in tone and substance].”

What do you think of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Superman: Man of Steel?

Source: LA Times

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  1. Too old for the part. She will turn 37 this year. When the movie opens Dec 2012 she will be 38. If they make a sequel (and I am assuming that is their intent), we could have a 40 year old lois Lane. Wrong move.

    • Like her age really matters. Ever think that Lois is supposed to be older than Clark in the script? Ahh….there is a concept now huh? Plus Adams doesn’t look 36. She looks like she is 30-32.

    • LOL…why is she too old? She looks young and beautiful, and make-up can keep any unwanted wrinkles from creeping in. She’s not going to suddenly turn into a grey-haired crone. Sheesh! Do you know anything about the aging process???

  2. EXCELLENT actress with deep range. Her being almost ten years older than Cavill is troubling, but I think it’ll be okay. I’ve always thought of Lois as a couple years older than Clark, anyways.

  3. This director is an idiot! he cant even cast right. He did a poor choice for superman, and now a poor choice for lois lane. The person he should cast 4 superman should be Tom Welling, and bring in Micheal Rosenbaum for Lex Luthor.

    • LMAO! Your post is soooooo….WRONG! LMAO!

    • erik…

      I am soooo glad they are paying you the big bucks to make these wise cating decisions…oh, wait…

      • …that is “caSting”…

  4. Amy Adams is a great choice! And for you guys saying the cast of Smallville should be involved – lol!

    • Now someone from Smallville is in it…

  5. Wait a minute, Adams is 36! Cavill is 28, we should have someone that around his age, someone who’s almost 40.

    • I meant not someone who is almost 40.

      • Actually your first statement was better. lol

  6. Unexpected but great casting. She was awesome in The Fighter.

  7. Your reaction to this casting depends on if you think exact looks and age is what you need for the right Lois Lane .
    I dont think so.
    If the audience thinks she is the right person,
    They wont be thinking,
    “Is she too old for him?”
    We shall see.

  8. Nice out of the box casting by Snyder on this one. I bet no whiny troll fanboys saw this coming by picking a solid and attractive actress like Amy Adams over the younger actress’ who are not as good as her. This project is shaping up to be quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing Viggo or Shannon be cast as well! Just as long as Snyder sticks to the story and script laid out by Nolan and Goyer, than all should go well.

    I’m also glad Snyder didn’t have any part of the writing process or we can be looking at a dis jointed Superman film like Sucker Punch was.

  9. After seeing how this will be “Superman: Middle Aged Crisis”, I think there will be another reboot in the future. If you can’t defeat Lex Luthor or Zod on your first attempt, you can always try in your thirties, forties, and fifties. Superman will never learn Lex keeps a spear Kryptonite rock in his pocket.

    Go older aged Superman! We are with you. Even when you are 90!

  10. Great choice for Lois Lane, Amy Adams is a superb actress. I think she will do a great job portraying Lois, I am beginning to have hope for this movie.

  11. Jon Hamm would’ve been a good match for amy adams.

  12. She’s a good catch love her look and style.

  13. I really think it’s a horrible choice for Lois. Albeit not connected to the Smallville series in any way, I believe Erica Durance is really on par with what Lois Lane stands for and how she portrays her and would have been a good casting choice, leaving out all other Smallville cast members.

  14. idk how i feel about this, she was good in the fighter, i just can’t see her play lois lane, hope she proves me wrong

  15. I remember Amy Adams was on an episode of Smallville, she played a villan infected by kryptonite who ate her victims to survive. And now she will play the iconic role of Lois Lane. lol. I thought he was going to put Lana Lang in the movie instead of Lois.

  16. Whenever I browse this site, it amazes me the amount trolls that frequent here and try to bash every little piece of info that gets announced? Amy Adams is a great choice as Lois and as far as I’m concerned, anyone who bashes that casting is just a troll really.

    • Look around you. Those types are pretty much on all entertainment sites.

    • “anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot guys”

    • Yup, because people aren’t allowed to have an opinion other than what you think, right? Sheesh. It’s called Screen RANT for a reason.

  17. I’m still up in the air on this choice, I thinks Adams is a brilliant actress, but I don’t know if she can play Lois Lane, personally I would have picked Rachel McAdams.

    Also a bit off topic but does anyone else think Liam Neeson would make a great Jor El

    • i was up for Rachel too
      and ya i think Liam could pull off a Jor-El he has a great voice

  18. I’m going to have to see some movies with Amy Adams. I’ve heard good things about her. This is an interesting choice.

    Haven’t really liked any Zack Snyder movies. To me Watchmen is on the short list of best COMICS of all time. In order to be adapted into a film, it would have to use the medium of film in as masterful a way as the comic used the comic book form. If that means changing the story and characters, then so be it. But reproducing the look and panels of the comic is a pretty superficial take. To me, it really shouldn’t have been tried. Maybe it could be done as a miniseries. That way at least there could be chapters.

    My point is that Zack Snyder is hardly a “visionary” director. If given a good concept and story, he might be able to bring it to the screen, but without any vision, depth, or meaning. That may turn out to be okay.

  19. Amy Adams if she was 10 years younger would make a good Lana Lang, but she just doesn’t Scream LOIS to me. Rachel McAdams or Zooey Deschanel would have been better choices. I realaly should give Snyder the benefit of the doubt, after all I did Like 300, but I hated and I mean HATED Watchmen, thankfully I only had to watch that god-awful movie just once.

    • I agree Amy Adams is more Lana not Lois

  20. Watchmen was good! Not perfect, but a solid film IMO.

  21. Fanboys are going crazy now.

  22. I’ve decided that I’m happy about this. I mean (and I hope not) if this film is bad, then Rachel McAdams can play Lois in the next reboot ;)

    • If this reboot is bad then I doubt we will see another one for a decade.

    • how many reboots do u think are gonna happen ???

  23. So after being told Rachel McAdams was “too famous” and Rashida Jones was “too old”, now we get someone who is both too famous and too old. Wow. Way to go WB! Failing at all levels now.

    • That’s Hollywood for you

    • I think her recent Academy Award nomination had, at least, something to do with her casting.

    • …but she’s not too old, at least not in terms of appearance or abilities. Also, yes, she’s famous, but she still possesses enough of a “hmm, I wonder what she can do with this” factor to be an interesting, worthwhile choice…IMHO.

  24. Heck since she’s not playing Wonder Woman, why not Bridget Regan as Lois, if she was Lois, I’d be seeing this movie just for HER. lol. LIke I said I have nothing against Amy Adams, I’ll get blasted for this…but I liked Enchanted, that aside, she just doesn’t feel right for the role, I’ve been blasting this movie pretty hard, so in it’s defense I’ll won’t say anything negative else about this movie until I see a trailer. No if Viggo is ZOD,or better yet Viggo as Brainiac, THAT I would see.

  25. Amy Adams is a great actress, and I have no doubt she can more than convincingly pull off the role of Lois Lane. However, she is 10 years older than Henry Cavill, who plays Superman. So, in this updated series modernization, Lois Lane is a cougar? It could also cause problems if this reboot is successful and spawns sequels. She hardly looks her age now, but as she passes 40, the age difference between Adams and Cavill, and therefore Lois Lane and Superman, will only become more pronounced. Still, quite a step up from Kate Bosworth, who, at 23, was too young to play a seasoned, award-winning reporter, and is not even in the same league as Adams when it comes to acting.

  26. That is good? I guess.

  27. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but there sure are some stupid ones here. People are seriously complaining about this casting decision saying she’s too old or she’s not good for Lois because she has red hair? You either need to grow up or learn how to use your brain.

    • Inflammatory comment

      Go away

    • Have another drink… On me. But if you throw it in my face, you’re paying for my dry cleaning.

  28. Personally, I think this is the best news about MoS to date. I think she could really pull it off quite spectacularly. Now, give us a Doomsday fist punching out before cutting to the credits and Im on board.

  29. Ok, the Superman has a need for a mother figure now does he?

    • well said