Amy Adams Is Lois Lane In ‘Superman: Man of Steel’

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While Zack Snyder has spent a good chunk of the last few weeks talking up his reboot, Superman: Man of Steel, most of the recent casting rumors have concerned prospective actors who could play the film’s villain – possibly that of General Zod. It’s actually been nearly two months since there were any serious rumors about which actress could play Superman’s iconic love interest, Lois Lane.

Now word has gotten out that Snyder has settled on an actress to play Miss Lane opposite Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in Man of Steel and it’s none other than multiple Oscar-nominee Amy Adams.

Hero Complex is reporting that Snyder is currently in Paris, where he’s been promoting this past weekend’s release of Sucker Punch, and that the director called up Adams earlier today to tell her the good news. That means the latter is just the latest well-accomplished and acclaimed thespian to join the Man of Steel cast, along with Cavill, multiple Oscar-winner Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, and fellow Oscar-nominee Diane Lane as Martha Kent.

Adams has long been successful at portraying endearing and sweet characters onscreen, with a resume that includes mainstream fare like Disney’s Enchanted, and more independent titles like Junebug, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, or Sunshine Cleaning. She shed her cutesy image in last year’s The Fighter and received her third Academy Award nomination for playing Charlene – a foul-mouthed bar girl with a heart of gold (or something like that) that falls for Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg).

Amy Adams  The Fighter movie image Mark Wahlberg Amy Adams Is Lois Lane In Superman: Man of Steel

Wahlberg and Adams in ‘The Fighter’.

In my book, Adams is just about the perfect choice to play the new incarnation of Lois Lane, following in the footsteps of Margot Kidder’s generally beloved take on the character and Kate Bosworth’s… less than beloved version of Lois Lane. Adams is quite the versatile actress who can be convincingly kind, warm, serious, tenacious, hard-edged, or charming when the occasion calls for it. Just watch her play Giselle in Enchanted, and then check her out in The Fighter – and tell me that’s not true.

Unlike other previously rumored Lois Lane contenders – be it Olivia Wilde, Natalie Portman, or even Kristen Stewart – Adams is a fitting age for the role as well. She’s 36 years old (not that it shows) and looks quite mature and developed, which lends her further credence as being a dedicated professional like Miss Lane. The dynamic between Lois Lane and Clark Kent is in some ways very similar to that between Charlene and Micky in The Fighter as well – again, suggesting that Adams really is a great fit for Snyder’s Superman reboot.

Here’s what Snyder had to say on the matter:

“There was a big, giant search for Lois. For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it.

“… It goes back to what I’ve said about Superman and making him really understandable for today. What’s important to us is making him relevant and real and making him empathetic to today’s audience so that we understand the decisions he makes.  That applies to Lois as well. She has to be in the same universe as him [in tone and substance].”

What do you think of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Superman: Man of Steel?

Source: LA Times

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  1. not bad this movie is definetly going in a new direction for sure.

  2. I wasn’t sure about this film with Snyder being completely wrong for Superman and Goyer being hit or miss (IMO), but I’ll see anything with Amy Adams in it. Great casting btw.

  3. Nope. WRONG. I like Amy Adams as actress, but she is NOT Lois Lane. I am really hating this movie right now. After a decent casting Of Costner as Jonathan Kent, THIS happens.

    • Why is she wrong? shes a good actress so im guessing she’ll be able to portray lois lane well. you have to look long to find an exact match to lois lane in personality and looks if thats what you want. and she might not be an actress.

    • Let’s wait until we see her perform. Saw the exact same comments with Heath Ledger was announced as Joker in that other DC movie you might have heard of.

  4. I’m not sure who thinks that Margot Kidder’s version of Lois Lane is beloved, but most people that I know think she was horribly cast as Lois. Lois is NOT the chain-smoking anorexic that Kidder portrayed in the original films. The best incanation, IMO, has been Erica Durance on Smallville. Why is it that TWO recent TV series can get the casting of probably the most famous non-superpowered female in comics done right (Durance and Teri Hatcher), but Hollywood seems to go out of it’s way to cast the wrong person? Amy Adams also seems like the wrong choice to me, but I hope that I am wrong. Rachel McAdams would have been the best choice, IMO.

    • @ Andy S

      I would’ve been cool with Rachel McAdams as well, truth be told, but I quite like the idea of Amy Adams as Lois – in case you couldn’t tell. 8-)

    • I agree with you about Margot Kidder. I don’t know anyone that liked her as Lois either. I can’t claim to know how the masses felt though. At any rate, I DO like this casting decision. I read it and i just said “absolutely”.

    • I agree…Erica Durance IS Lois Lane. Definately not a fan of the kidder lois. I’d prefer McAdams, but I’ll happily take an Amy Adams over a Kidder or Bosworth Lois any day.

      • I guess it kind of depends on who you ask. Most older Superman fans I know really seem to like Kidder’s Lois Lane, but I’m there are plenty of folk that were less than impressed with her take on the character.

        • Sandy, I saw the original Superman film in the theater when I was a kid and I thought Margot Kidder was a bad Lois. I mean she had the right attitude, but she just didn’t LOOK like Lois was supposed to. Jaclyn Smith would have been a MUCH better Lois Lane back then.

          • Yea I’m sure that’s what you were thinking in the theater when you were a kid. “Wow, I cant believe how terrible Lois lane is, never mind that I’m a kid and am watching Superman in the theater and I’m so excited I’m about to litter my pants!”

    • You might recall though, in Smallville, Lois smoked when she first joined the show. They made that a trait of the character in the 70s and it kinda stuck.

    • Probably just depends on what time frame you grew up in alot of people my age new Kidder as Lois for a long time. But in most cases its just a persons opinion.

  5. “She shed her cutesy image in last year’s The Fighter and received her third Academy Award for playing Charlene – a foul-mouthed bar girl with a heart of gold (or something like that) that falls for Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg).”

    I think it should be “her third Academy Award nomination”, it could confuse people.

    • My apologies – thanks for catching that, Evengan. :-)

      • No problem, just wanted to avoid confusion ;)

  6. I personally think Superman is a boring superhero compared to Spiderman and Batman. He is simply too strong, he is no underdog with personal flaws.
    I am sure those big comic readers disagree with me, but the way the movies have portrayed Superman to me, he is boring.

    Although, since this is Snyder making this movie, I will give it a chance. I do not expect an amazing story, but a really stylized and more “brutal” Superman will make me interested enough to make me watch it.

    Hopefully someone agrees with me, and forgive me for my lack of Superman comic knowledge, I’m sure he is way more interesting in the comics :p

    • Considering you just uses the word ‘brutal’ in association with Superman just goes to show that have no idea who or what the character is.

      • I knew I was going to be attacked for this comment :p

        Of course we wont see Superman going around being brutal in a sense where he kills people or something. I was more thinking about Snyder’s style. I imagined if we got to see Superman in a more “300″ style, more style over substance, and a different take on the character overall. If we got to see Superman fight in a stylized more brutal and direct style, I’d be interested.

        We have not yet seen what direction Snyder will take Superman, but I do not think it will be similar to the classic Superman we saw in Returns and the old movies.

      • Dude, what kind of comment is this?

        Strandil obviously does know who Superman is but has a different opinion about the character than you. That’s allowed here, y’know.

        • Rob, he himself admitted his lack of comic book knowledge. That leads me to believe that he has limited or NO knowledge of the Supes in comic book form, just what he has seen on TV, and on the big screen. He also stated that Supes was boring on film for him lol. I’m wondering why that is. I think if the guy took a day or two to read a few graphic novels, he could understand why I was stating my opinion on his comment up there.

    • I agree Sam, another person with Limited/NO knowledge on comics, why bother commenting at all then, no one will take thier opinion seriously.

      • I’m certainly not taking it seriously.

        • I bet Ricky will!!

      • so anthony what you are saying is that, the average guy that doesnt know superman too well should not be allowed an opinion? im betting a lot of people wants the same as him. a superman that uses his abilities to the max. seriously if you disagree with him just let him know in a proper manner.

        • Yeah that’s what he’s saying and I tend to agree. An opinion should be informed, otherwise it is just blathering.

          • then remind me next time you write an opinion about something you have limited knowledge of and i’ll write that you shouldnt be allowed commenting cause it’ll only be blabber.

            • I only ever comment on things I have an appropriate knowledge of, like I said, it’s called having an ‘informed’ opinion.

              • So only heavy comic book readers are ever allowed to share their opinions about movies based of superheroes? Yeah, good luck with that.
                It’s like saying you cannot give your opinion about music unless you’re a talented musician yourself.

                I enjoy movies, and I especially enjoy superhero movies. I did not like the Superman movies however, and I’m simply saying what would make this next movie interesting to me personally. What is wrong with that?

                By your logic, only a tiny percent of a movie audience are allowed to comment on something like bad CG or effects in a movie. Because the rest do not know how they’re made or how it works.

                • completely agree

                • Strandli, making Supes “brutal” as you put it, would upset a good chunk of the fan base. Being Brutal isn’t in his nature, save that for Bizarro.

                  • Making Superman “brutal” (whether stylistically or character-wise) just doesn’t fit who he is.

                    The only time I can see him being anywhere near brutal is if he’s fighting someone like Doomsday.

                    Making him come off as brutal would be like making a Batman who’s non-violent.

                  • I dont think so.. i mean if you look at the movies and then the animated movies you see a big difference(not sure how it is in the comics). in the movies he doesnt fight, but in the animated he does. and i dont think fans would be disappointed or upset if they did a proper fight. if they stayed true to the character and had some good fights in then i think most people would be pleased. and i think he meant brutal in the sense that we do see a scene where he actually takes on a supervillain and have an epic showdown in a snyder sort of way.

                  • Yeah, I perhaps do regret about calling it “brutal”. I don’t want him to crush peoples throaths or kill anyone in a brutal way. so it was perhaps the wrong word to use.

                    But what I meant is that I wouldn’t mind a more flawed Superman, because now he is just too damn perfect, even his hair.

                    I want really awesome fight sequences where he actually use his powers, and perhaps give a good punch on a enemy. He is the most powerful being on the planet with many different powers, why not show that in a movie? And in that sense, I want a more “brutal” (no! scratch that), a more hard-hitting Superman.

      • I am sorry I have not read the comics, since comics are not easily available (or popular at all) in my country. Everything I’ve seen from Superman is from the movies and TV shows, and I do not hide the fact that I don’t know much about the comics. So why even use that argument against me?

        So, because I do not read the comics, am I not allowed to say my opinion about this movie? Seriously?
        The majority of the audience going to see the movie at cinemas will be the same as me. The entire audience aren’t comic book fans, so get off your high horse.

        I’m simply just expressing my opinion from an outsider’s perspective, gimme a break.

        • Strandli…

          Not ALL of us who read the comics are so quick to judge. I happen to enjoy the Superman comics AND films and know quite a bit about the history of the character and its mythology. I have no problem with what you said…or at least your right to say it. You were not arrogant or disrespectful in ANY way, and I’m rather surprised you got attacked. Normally, as far as I’ve observed, we DO allow people to express their views in these various threads with minimal fuss. Then, some of us might give our opinions; some might even point out flaws in the others’arguments. I think this film has frayed the nerves of a number of posters…as far as the choices being made, whether for director or story or actors. Still…

          • Thanks:)

            And only because I used the word “brutal” :p
            I just want a less “perfect” superman you know? A more brutal and direct, but flawed, Superman was the description of the character I wanted to see.
            Why change director and remake the movies if we aren’t going to see something new? Nolan made Batman more realistic and grounded unlike the earlier movies, I hope Snyder will take Superman in a similar direction. Maybe not realistic, but at least a different direction than the last movies.

            And I know not every comic reader are like that (thank god), so that comment was more directed at the two above.

      • Anthony, Sam,

        Both of you guys do me (and everyone here reading the comments) a favor and show tad bit more maturity and respect.

        People are allowed to like/dislike characters. You cannot say they have no knowledge of a character or comics simply based on different preferences.

        Reading through some of these hypocritical comments is making me laugh while confused. It’s like me saying you don’t know anything about women because you think Amy Adams isn’t attractive or didn’t act well in The Fighter, that you shouldn’t comment about humans or actors?

        You guys aren’t new here. Why troll?

  7. Poor choice. She’s not very attractive either. And yes that is an issue. She wasnt brilliant in The Fighter, a terribly over rated day time tv movie, Bale was good but that was it.

    • To each their own, of course, but… you really don’t think Adams is attractive, DSM?

      • Not really. She is hardly ugly, but not what I would call attractive. I’m very disappointed with this casting choice.

        • I’d call her attractive, but NOT hot.

          • Same

        • I’m not to keen on the entire casting for this DSB to be honest.

        • Yes, because Lois Lane has always been portrayed in the comics as supermodel “hot.”

          Obviously, you know nothing about Lois Lane so shouldn’t be rendering an opinion.



          • Owned. Good stuff Vic. lol

          • Rim shot! :)

            That was a good one, Vic. :)

          • Ah. Yes. I see what you did there Vic.

            • DSM,

              Just a friendly little gentle nudge for ya. :)


    • She was brilliant in the fighter wasn’t she. But not attractive?? I know it’s a matter of personal taste, but you must have very high standards to write her off like that. Hollywood seems to groom people’s opinion of what’s attractive and therefore worthy, to a level that I am just finding unbearable.

      • Sorry, don’t you think your generalising? You have no idea, everybody has a different opinion of what makes another person attractive. Do there is nothing at all wrong with me not finding her attractive.

        • Is that your informed opinion? ;p
          Is this where I can say your opinion doesn’t matter? :D

          But no.. Your are allowed to have your opinion.
          She might not be the most attractive, but she is not ugly. I think she can be “prettied up” a bit for the role, but I think she will do fine if she can do the role well.

          It’s like Maggie replacing Katie as Rachel in Batman, she wasn’t as pretty, but her role was in general much stronger. So looks aren’t everything, but it certainly does help for some parts of the audience.

        • I don’t find her attractive at all. I agree with you DSB

    • That whole arguement is completely subjective. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, but that’s just me.

      • That’s fair enough.

        • dude she was really hot in taladega nights the ballad of ricky bobbeh

    • Not attractive? I wonder how attractive is your girlfriend to make that statement :P

      • Crap. I am sorry I see something (or someone) different to you. I do apologise.

        • No need of sarcasm, it was just a joke. I find many Hollywood stars pretty ugly myself.

          • I would disagree, there is always a need for sarcasm. :)

            • Gimmie back my batarang DSB, too many people here need a good clubbing with it!! :)

  8. Awesome Casting Choice.

  9. As much as I don’t want them using actors from Smallville, I think Eric Durance should have been given a shot at this role. Her and Rossenbaum (sp?) are the only exceptions (to me) to not casting Smallville actors.

    • what u talking about Amy Adams was in Smallville LMAO

      she was in season 1 as Jodi Melville LOL

      • I’m sorry, she was in ONE episode. My bad. What I’m talking about is characters portraying the same role as they did in the show. For example, Erica Durance portraying Lois Lane in this movie after the show ends. But I’m just leave it at that before the “Tom Welling should have been Superman” fanboys come in.

        • i hate them Tom Welling fanboy/girl who want him to play Superman LMAO

      • He was talking about regulars

  10. perfect !!!! she’s great awesome cast.. so far love it!!!

  11. Wasn’t she in season one of Smallville?

    Anyway, I think she is an amazing actress with gorgeous looks, but I ccannot see her as Lois, let alone a reporter, she doesn’t have a reporter look I think.

    At least it beats Kate Bosworth.

    And who was in charge of this choice? A bunch of people in EW are praising Nolan for his “wise decision” for some reason.

    • Yeah she was. In “Craving”

      • Why are they praising Nolan LOL.

        • Because they nothing in their heads but air. The Nolan fan love has started on this thread already! Crazy.

        • As it turns out, Nolan is still attached to the film: ” It’s all me, Nolan and Goyer. I mean, I meet with the DC guys but they don’t really [get involved.] It’s all us figuring it out,” from a recent interview from Snyder. But I doubt he has much involvement with the film that deserves praise.

          • Yes but Snyder thought Sucker Punch was something worth spending millions of dollars on, so anything he says should be taken with a pinch of salt.

            If I here something from Nolan, if he says he is involved, then I will believe it.

            • Me too, if anything he MIGHT be giving the script a once over.

              • Nolan has been involved in this since the word “Go”, its been widely publicised and he has even been quoted as having worked on the script. It was in fact his brainchild that took it in this “other direction” that he, himself and Goyer have openly discussed. Really for two people who say commenting and not being informed is only blithering…..

    • Yeah, it’s almost as if fanboys have a finite opinion of how a classic literary character should look, as if decades of having seen Lois Lane on the page might make this a disappointment.

    • I wouldn’t be so harsh, but yeah, I think she’s a great casting choice and a beautiful woman. The casting so far has been the best news about this movie.

  12. This is film is going to be epic. The story and script must be solid and compelling and must have some twists to get these type of actors in this film. Adams is a GREAT inspired choice as Lois.

    Glad Snyder got the disappointing Sucker Punch out of his system, so now he can step his game up working with Nolan and filming a great compelling, yet fun, action packed and EPIC Superman film.

    • Don’t be so confident. But it DOES look good SO FAR.

    • Working with Nolan huh?? LOL. (eyeroll)

    • Sucker Punch out of his system…? I got news for you, that’s all he’s got. Same old bag of tricks over and over again. WB even admitted that he’s not the best choice just the right guy they have under their roof that will get the film done before the rights expire. I’m going to have to pass on this.

      • I got news for you. Nolan and Goyer wrote the story and screenplay for this Superman film. Not some randsom Japanese guy who wrote Sucker Punch. There is a HUGE difference! 300 and Watchmen were good films BTW! When did WB’s admit that Snyder wasn’t the best choice?

  13. Yes…working with Nolan. Nolan is one of the writers and the MAIN producer of this film who approached Snyder to direct.

    Uhh…remember? Eye roll…

    • Chris Nolan didn’t write the film, David Goyer did. Nolan is only producting and he’s mostly working on TDKR

    • Working with Nolan when Nolan will be spending all of his time during the shoot for this film, working on Batman as they have release dates within 6 months.
      As for him being one of the writers, it’s Goyer’s script, they didn’t sit down and spend a year writing it together.
      Nolan very publicly said he couldn’t be heavily involved in this film. His name is a token attached to get media and fanboys excited.

      • BINGO.

      • DrSam, you’re starting to remind me of that TNG episode where Picard tells Data that he’s sounding like he’s going through a feedback loop (Clues). I guess there are some people not taking your word for it. :-)

  14. I think Amy Adams as Lois is a great choice and all, but there’s only two minor problems I have playing her:

    1. She has red hair, but that’s hardly an issue. They can just dye her hair brown.

    2. She is 36 years old. Before anybody points out what Sandy already said, I totally agree that is a great age for the character. The reason is that Henry Cavill is 27. A little bit of difference.

    Other than that I’d say she’s perfect.

    • That’s nearly a ten year age gap. I’d call that substantial. Lois should be a little older than Clark, but not a decade!

  15. Zack Snyder is a one trick pony. He’s M. Night with an overuse of slo mo. David Goyer is not a very good screen writer. Nolan is not involved anymore. Amy Adams… meh.

      • BB and TDK were mostly Nolan’s work. Goyer’s credits involve Blade 3(facepalm), Ghost Rider (double facepalm), and Jumper (just shoot me now). The only work of his I enjoyed was Blade and Blade 2. Besides, 300 and Watchment were pretty much just a page to screen film, and this film has already said to not be based off any particular story.

        • But once again, Nolan did NOT WRITE THIS FILM, this is David Goyer’s work.

          • It’s not even worth arguing with them anymore. They think Nolan will instantly make this brilliant because he is involved in a small capacity. You can tell them the truth as much as you like. I’ve given up trying.

      • ” Watchmen was his best overall film which was critically acclaimed and made money despite being R rated”

        What are you talking about? A 64% rotten tomatoe score is not exactly critically acclaimed. Plus it made $185 million on a $130 million budget, not exactly a blockbuster

        • IMO, Watchmen is THE greatest superhero film made. And since when is RT’s ratings written as fact? Plus, money doesn’t equal movie quality. But to each their own.

          • In the case of buddybuddy! who claimed that Watchmen was a succes both critically and financially. And I’m not equating the money to quality but when he mentioned that it made money I had to point out that it didn’t make a lot , I’m an *ss for stuff like that.

            And I wouldn’t exactly say its the gretest superhero movie ever, but it is better than most.

        • Are you seriously saying that a 55 million dollar profit margin is not enough for you to be considered successful?

          • Considering how the marketing was not part of the $130 million mentioned above (probably $30-$75 million) then yes.

            Add in the fact that Watchmen was one of the most acclaimed graphic novels ever and only did that much then I’m pretty sure it was considered a dissapointment when it was released.

        • Well most of the reviews that I saw for Watchmen were either 3 out of 4 or 3.5 out of 5 stars…that’s an above average film dude!

      • Watchmen was pretty awful, IMO.

        • Watchmen awful?!? Blasphemy!

  16. Wonder how she’ll look as a brunnete.

  17. 4 for 4 when it comes to casting on this Man Of Steel film with Viggo and Michael Shannon next perhaps as Lex Luthor or Braniac and or Zod?

    Hope so!

  18. I just don’ t know if it’ s good news or bad news. But I trust Amy.

  19. On paper it would appear that her age of 36 might be
    problematic particularly if this film generates sequels.
    Amy does look younger than her years and Cavill
    looked older than his age of 28 in the Tudors
    so they each will look the part for this film.

    Amy has the acting chops for sure
    and plenty of feminine charm.
    She can handle Lois Lane.

    I like the casting choices
    for this film better than the
    choices for The Dark Night Rises.
    Not that that is a measure of anything.

  20. A nice bit of juicy superhero movie news for a Sunday. I think Amy is the best casting thus far for this questionable film plan.

    She’s fiery, quirky, attractive and… after bosworth, ugh! Man, she was awful, they might as well cast Megan fox for returns. Amy can act, that’s all that really matter anyway isn’t it?

    maybe by next sunday we’ll hear that it’s not zod but brainac, bizarro or metallo. Heck, I’d settle for Mytzylplick over the zod/ursa repeat.

  21. Sorry for my continued negative thougts towards this projetc, but this is yet another wrong turn.

    For me she’s not going to be a very attractive Lois Lane, much in the same vein as Kate Bosworth, but i suppose she has some pedigree being nominated for Oscars, so she may may pull it off from a performance point of view. I do feel that 36 is too old for the role.

    For me Lois Lane has to be sexy, sassy, feisty, confident yet passionate about the world she lives in. In short they need to find a Erica Durance mark II or just cast Erica herself in the role. Margot Kidder I thought was a great Lois Lane, she just didn’t have the obvious sex appeal that Erica does.

    Personally I think an actress like Sophia Bush would be able to bring such a sassy streetwise personality for the character as well as having the looks as well.

    • agreed, the smallville cast as a whole should have done this movie, they pulled it off perfectly for ten years.

    • Sophia Bush could not pull of this role but yes i agree erica durance can, n yes they do need the cast of smallville to be in this movie but thats not going to happen cause the director is an idiot!!!

      • The only one in my opinion that pulled anything off was Pam Grier.

        • If you’re talking about Pam Grier in Smallville, I thought her performance was terrible. It made me cringe, literally. If she was a guy she would have had a mustache and would have twirled it in every scene.


    • LMAO! You showed me you don’t have credibility by suggesting Sophia Bush over Amy Adams, just for her looks? LOL!

    • I see we will not agree in the slightest on this casting choice. Amy Adams is absolutely gorgeous, and so many of her roles require to be sexy, sassy, feisty, and confident…and she always comes across as extremely passionate about her given motivation(s). The fact is that with some darkened hair, she can (and, I think, WILL) be a brilliant Lois…but to each, his own.

      BTW, she also can play serious and intense; just watch her in “Doubt”.

  22. I don’t know how you people can look at the picture at the top of this article and say “Yep, she sure looks like Lois Lane.” I realize that they’re going to dye her hair brown (they better!), but she just doesn’t have the look, IMO.

    • …verrrrrry easily, in point of fact…I look at that pic and say, “Yes! She can DEFINITELY portray Lois.”

  23. Amy Adams is 36, and Henry Cavill is 28, ha ha ha !!!. She’ll look like his BIG SISTER for Sure, not a love interest, unless Kal-El is into mature women nowadays. Don’t get me wrong,she is a good, strong actress, but besides strength, she needs to exude a sexual charm in a nice way as well. Adams always looks so Sister like! Besides She’ll look noticeably older than Cavill. I have liked the casting so far(though I wished Brandon Routh would be back), but this buggers me! Throwing in Big names is not enough, a modern day Lois needs to be sexy ,Adams is more of cute, despite playing tough girls and exposing her underwear in The Fighter. She’ll always remain cute,it’s just how she looks. She’s just not the girl every man goes GAGA over(not the singer) . She’s more like the girl who stays behind, and whom a guy takes home to his mother for approval and gets approved. Someone much more younger should have been cast!!!

    • Watch Cruel Intentions 2. The movie is crap (IMO), but Adams is sexy in that film.

    • Have you seen the last two actresses who’ve portrayed Martha Kent? Maybe this older redhead thing makes sense.

  24. “She can’t do sect, she can’t do sassy!”

    How do you know this people? Is there some streaming video sites in auditition rooms I’m unaware of? People say the same thing about Hathaway too and it makes no sence to me how you can assume a woman can’t be sect when she wants to be. Either some people are underestimating the power of a sexually charged female or you need girlfriends.

    • I agree. There’s a reason it’s called “Acting”.

    • *sexy not sect. Damn auto correct lol

  25. She’s too old for him.. but she may be good. I don’t know, I just really wanted Rachel McAdams.

  26. Hmmm. I’m not disappointed, but at the same time I was really rooting for Rachel McAdams.

  27. Also, SHE WAS TOTALLY IN SMALLVILLE BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha

    • yeah she tried to kill pete

      • ohh yh that chick

      • She tried to EAT him!!!!!!