‘American Psycho’ Reboot Being Developed

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american psycho remake American Psycho Reboot Being Developed

Five years before he fought crime in the darkened streets of Gotham City in Batman Begins, Christian Bale portrayed a very different character who got up to violent mayhem under the cover of darkness – namely Patrick Bateman in co-writer/director Mary Harron’s (now cult-classic) adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ satirical novel, American Psycho.

A new American Psycho movie is now in the early stages of development over at Lionsgate; it will apparently be neither a direct remake of Harron’s film, nor a strictly-loyal re-interpretation of Ellis’ source material.

Variety is reporting that the new, low-budgeted American Psycho project has not officially been greenlit by Lionsgate just yet. However, a preliminary script draft penned by Noble Jones was recently completed and the studio is now giving serious thought to giving the film the go-ahead, with Jones in the director’s chair.

Both Ellis’ American Psycho novel and Harron’s film take place in the 1980s. The plot concerns successful (and perfection-obsessed) investment manager/rising Wall Street tycoon Patrick Bateman: a man who spends his nights committing brutal acts of murder against just about anyone who crosses his path – be it a homeless man on the street, a competitor at work, unsuspecting prostitutes, or (almost) even his humble secretary. Or is that what Mr. Bateman just thinks he spends his free time doing?…

Early word is that Jones’ screenplay does not significantly alter the character’s basic personality or (insane) behavior. The revamped American Psycho movie script instead places Bateman in a modern-day context, as a means of re-imagining his tale.

american psycho christian bale American Psycho Reboot Being Developed

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman

Jones, as it were, is a commercial and music video helmer and “protege” of David Fincher; he has also previously worked alongside Fincher as a second unit director on the Boston-set scenes in The Social Network. So, Jones has presumably learned a thing or two about crafting unsettling dark character pieces from Fincher, which would partly explain his interest in re-working American Psycho for the big screen.

That said: the idea of an American Psycho semi-remake helmed by David Fincher would still probably be greeted with negative buzz aplenty; that a disciple of his is instead attempting the task shouldn’t improve the project’s guaranteed bad (initial) reception – especially since (to be frank) hating remakes on principle is all the rage, nowadays.

In some ways, Jones’ American Psycho could be likened to Fincher’s fast-approaching take on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, another book that had previously been turned into an acclaimed movie – one which several moviegoers consider to feature a definitive lead performance (a la Bale in Harron’s American Psycho movie). The question now is whether or not a contemporary re-working of Ellis’ source material really stands to be that much different (or, possibly, better) than Harron’s more straight-forward adaptation.

Are you interested in seeing a version of American Psycho that takes place in the 21st century?

Source: Variety

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  1. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Just stop this right now!

    • THANK YOU!

  2. Im just wondering what they could do differnt while som bits and pieces from the book were missing they did an awsome job adapting the over all book. so even putting it in modern times wouldnt really make sense when most of the dark humor and satire of the story is based on the yuppie lifestyle of the 1980s. what are they gonna include his hallucinations? i just dont see how this could work while i would love to see a fincher version of the story this person may be a protege they are not fincher. ill be optimistic but i really hope this just goes into development limbo.

    • The movie with Uma Thurman? I think they should remake that garbage. :-)

  3. One word “NO”. Having a sequel was bad enough, now a reboot? Get creative Hollywood and make something else. Leave the film alone!


  5. If it’s going to be darker like the book I’d like to see that.

  6. The only question is, will it be dark and gritty. Oh and in 3D……

  7. I heard the reboot of Man of Steel is coming out next year, before Snyder’s Man of Steel. And how about a remake of The Dark Knight Rises a month after TDKR. Hollywierd! 😀

  8. Stupid.
    Like Gus Van Sant’s tragic Psycho re-shoot.

  9. You know what’s funny, they say this one is low-budgeted. The original cost 7 million to make in 2000. With the way they inflate movie budgets nowadays this one could end up costing more then the original…

  10. We need to start an Occupy Hollywood campaign, start protesting movie remakes at the studios, lol.
    -Doesn’t bother me to much, just like all the SAW movies that people love to chew on, it’s not like I’ll be watching it. I sit back and take great pleasure when movies I know are garbage flop.

  11. I guess people who re-write and green light movies believe that any story without showing a character tweeting or texting must be rebooted pronto.

  12. GRRRR. NO! Bad Hollywood! Bad!

  13. This is the worst idea to come out of Hollywood in a long time and that’s saying A LOT!

  14. How about we just reboot Hollywood.

    See how they like it.

  15. This “reboot” phase that Hollywood seems to be going through really needs to end.

  16. omg im so sick of hearing the word “reboot” seriously whats next? back to the future??? so sick of these reboots !!

  17. God. i rele hope this Noble dude dies. he deserves it

  18. They wanna mess with one of my favorite movies ever?!?! F*CK THEM!!


  19. There are certain remakes or re-imaginings that sound doomed from the start. Psycho, Elm Street, Conan, Friday The 13th among others. And this probably will fit in with those.
    I’m not saying I’m totally against ALL remakes it’s just that unless some major talent is attached from the start like Fincher with TGWTDT and proven screenwriters the projects are usually dead before a frame is shot. I predict total failure.

  20. Somethings do NEED a reboot. Batman did, Superman does, etc. They’re successful because it had to happen. But that’s not an open ticket to reboot everything under the sun!
    American Psycho is still amazing and timely as is. And making during modern times? Did he miss the entire point of the story? If it would have the same effect in modern times, they would’ve updated it when they made the first film. Sounds like he wants to make some Slasher flick. Write something original Mr. Noble!!!

  21. Why? Wasn’t American Psycho 2 enough?

    If you want to be original, start off by writing what you know…

    Like a story about some guy who can’t come up with an original idea to save his life, and have a bunch of fan boys kidnap him and force him to write, at the end he doesn’t, so everyone beats him with heavy mining equiptment until he dies… You should get started right away…

    Then again, that is MY idea, but ill let you have it for free :)

  22. No interested in this reboot at all. Original was great. Don’t need another one

  23. Les Diaboliques, The Vanishing, move over, time for American Psycho to be remade – and without the excuse of subtitles preventing English speaking audiences appreciating the original. I hope someone losses a LOT of money, that is the only thing that counts in Hollywood.

  24. No, no, no, no!!!!

    Do we need this?? or an Akira live film?? or a Total Recall remake?? and so on…

    It just makes u wish for the Eighties again, where everything was great and original

  25. This is exactly what I KNEW would happen out of Marvel’s AMAZING decision to re-boot SPIDEY after 9 years..
    We’ll see crappy ideas like this one faster n faster, sadly.

    I wonder how soon Kick-Ass will get a reboot..