Universal Secures ‘American Reunion’ Writer-Directors for ‘American Pie 5′

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American Reunion Guys Universal Secures American Reunion Writer Directors for American Pie 5

When studios take several years to prepare the next chapter in a successful franchise, the resulting films are often considered underwhelming disappointments (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Scream 4 are two examples). So, when word first broke that Universal was prepping a fourth big-screen American Pie film, some fans were understandably skeptical. Even with the full original cast signed to return, could American Reunion recapture the magic that made the 1999 original one of the defining comedies of a generation?

As it turns out, the film did turn out to be a return to form for the series (read our review) and managed a tidy profit earlier this year, with a $233.6 million worldwide box office haul. That’s not the kind of cash Hollywood tends to ignore – even if 75 percent of it was derived from overseas grosses – so it’s no surprise that talk American Pie 5 has already started.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has already secured a production deal to develop the as-yet-untitled American Pie 5 with American Reunion writer-directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg – who also helmed 2008’s Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

No plot details are available just yet, and there’s no confirmation if the entire cast would return again. However, all four theatrical films have focused – in varying degrees – on the relationship between Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan). So it’s likely that a potential fifth film would continue to explore that. American Divorce, perhaps? Kidding, that would be a hard comedy sell.

American Reunion 570x380 Universal Secures American Reunion Writer Directors for American Pie 5

While American Reunion proved that the cast is just as likable and charismatic as always, its tagline – “Save the best piece for last” – seemed to indicate that the film would serve as a book-end to the series, especially since it contained many references and connections to the original film. The last thing fans want to see is the franchise tumble back into the direct-to-DVD dreck that defined it for the last decade, but perhaps Hurwitz and Schlossberg can keep this Pie fresh for a while longer.

Are you ready for a fifth film, or was American Reunion the perfect sendoff for the franchise? Let us know in the comments.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Eugene Levy’s character dies. American Funeral. Callin it.

    • i don’t think so

  2. Hmmm, what would this one be called?
    American Vacation, American Pie 5: Jim’s Dad gets married, American Road Trip, American Pie: Vegas, American Mid-Life Crises, American Pre-School, American Getaway, American Pie: Stifler’s Revenge, American Pie 5: Stifler’s Wedding, American Fishing Trip, American Pie: A La Mode, American Pie: Back to School, American Graduation, American Kids, American Pie: Stifler starts a Band, American Promotion, American Pie: Stifler Goes To Hell, American Fling, American Pie Strikes Back/Return of the Stiffmeister (filmed back to back), American Prison, American Pie Origins: Stifler, American Pie: Europe (or better yet, American Europe), American Space Camp, American Babysitter, American Fat Camp, The Fellowship of the Pie, American Pie presents: Canadian Pie,…..

    • American kids is the one that sounds like the movie I want to see. A lot of it would write itself imagining stiffler/finch’s attitude to parenting in contrast with the rest of the gang. Knocked up part 2 basically

      • There already is a Knocked Up part 2. Its called This Is 40 and it comes out soon

      • @Dello. Best comment EVER!! No one can follow that. Well done.

  3. Jims dad marries stiflers mom, effectively making stifler and jim brothers, comedy ensues.

  4. Loved all four looking forward to the fifth.

  5. Loved all four looking forward to the fifth.

  6. Please let it die already. The last one went nowhere.

    • amen

    • Hunger Games didn’t help American Reunion one bit at the box office but it still did well overseas plus I rather see a sequel of American Pie then another stupid remake

      • @ bob

        I agree. Better to to attempt to have a sequel rather than another remake/reboot. American Pie is pretty much Porky’s to me when i was in high school as that trilogy was my brother’s American Pie films back then. I hope they get everyone back again one last time.

  7. liked American Reunion. It’s sad how they want to cash in so quickly. A big part of the movie as mentioned in the review was the way you can connect with the characters and the time in their life (high school graduation, 1st year of college, and reunions). American Wedding was the only one I really didn’t like, but they should have ended it with Reunion.

    • I agree a little with your statement about them cashing in but with age they cannot wait another 5 or 10 years to make another movie. American Reunion was good movie if you went into watching it with no expectation it seems everybody who hated the movie seem to dislike it because it wasn’t like the first or they just wanted something to complain about

  8. It’ll be called American Five: A Good Day To Eat Pie

  9. I think they should just bow out on a high, reunion was funny but it wasn’t hilarious and that was down to Stifler! Just give him his own movie and have the other actors cameo, Steve Stifler – Party Liason

  10. Aslong as they try to get everyone back again, might aswell go for 5 before the franchise makes the Reboot List or the studio decide to make more dumb American Pie spin-off straight to dvds. Maybe call it Apmerican Parents w/ Kids. I enjoyed American Reunion more than American Wedding to be honest.

  11. American Reunion was downright awful. I just wish they would end the series on a high note(meaning money wise) and make other movies.

  12. They should only make it if everyone comes back, don’t go american wedding and bring half the cast.

  13. Im an American Pie super fan. ( I even own a t-shirt that reads, ” This one time at band camp” ) I was a junior in high school when the original was released, so I related to it 100%. Anyways, I loved all the films, (Wedding is my least favorite though) and welcome a fifth with open arms under one condition, the entire cast must return again!

    • Thank you, common sense.

  14. I just watched American Reunion last night and I thought it was ok. But that’s fine, you can’t love everything.
    Not surprised at all that they will try to continue it though. And IMO they should have no problem getting most if not all of the cast back. Other than Sean William Scott and Alyson Hannigan the rest of the cast isn’t doing to much. And I’m talking about the main group of friends. Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge are always popping up somewhere :)

  15. Let Joss Whedon direct the new one and have all the main characters die in the end!

    … bad jokes aside, I really liked the first three, but I haven’t gotten round to seeing Reunion yet, so at this point in time I say go for it – a fifth movie might be really cool (as long as they get the entire cast to return).

  16. American Holiday. Either takes place at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Calling it.

  17. Wow, really?

    The first American Pie was one too many.

    I’m thinking most of the cast (other than Alyson Hannigan) are real desperate for work/money.

  18. I think america reunion was awful movie and they need to end this crap of movie

  19. I really liked Reunion. It was quite funny, and had a nice feeling of nostalgia and end the series nicely (I also thought from the tagline that it was the last one). It had a great connection to the first one, which is what most viewers hold dear. However, it seems now they’re just trying to cash in and I’m hoping it doesn’t end on a downer.

  20. American Remake?

  21. Reunion was ok but nostalgia held it together, some parts were very funny but overall it was the weakest installment.

  22. Definitively american poe should not continue reunion was the perfect way to end things because it included every important character altough i would have liked some of them to jave bigger roles and also a stiffler family reunion or a jims dad movie would be awesome but not as a way to end the series because again reunion was the perfect way to say hoodbye to each character

  23. Reunion was better than Wedding just for the simple fact that it had everybody back from the first two films. However it was definitely a notch below the first two films.

    Wedding was the weakest of the main series. The spin offs are not be acknowledged.

    I’d be open minded to a 5th film as long as they don’t modernize it too much. American Reunion did a nice job of blending charm/nostalgia with modern times unlike comparable sequels like Scream 4.

    The fear I have is they modernize it to make it more bankable again in the states like Hangover, Harold and Kumar, etc. American Reunion didn’t really connect in the states but it was a big hit worldwide.

  24. American reunion should not be the last piece of pie !!! Waiting for american pie 5

  25. i am a loyal, original, pie lover. i never watched the straight to dvd ones, but have 1, 2, and 3. really did not like 3. worshiped 1 and 2. i bought them cheap on vhs from blockbuster back in the day when i was an 8th grader and watched them ritually. id have pie-athons with my cousins watching the 2, then later 3 american pies. that said, 4 was amazing. kept with everthing that makes pie great. i thought in 3 they really forced the stifler. it was good to see a natural stiffler. im totally down with a 5th one. i want it!!

  26. Wow I want another one! I am a huge fan! This is so exciting! I love everyone of the american pies! Please make another one! I will be 1st in line!

  27. Call it american goodbye or american forever, or american farewell.

  28. I have liked all of the American Pies. It would be great if they made Stifler and Finch’s mum get together as a couple, That would give Finch a good story line, being disgusted and annoyed. Another storyline could be that Stifler (being his usual self) has done something stupid and got caught and is sent to prison, not being able to handle the pressure inside the prison the movie starts off with stifler running with a prison in the back corner of the screen. We later see stifler arriving at the Levenstein Household. Or we could focus on Jim and Michele trying to keep their son in order, however his son looks up to his “Uncle Stifler” and is rebellious. So many options for them to go by, really looking forward to it.

  29. Hell yeah keep it going this is one of the best series ever. Not only is it a comedy or a movie it does relate to every one and has values that relate to life and what to expdct in the future. And its nice to see it on the big screen. Get stiff and caydance back together let him have a little stiffmister of his own. Haha. Keep it going all the movies where great

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