Universal Secures ‘American Reunion’ Writer-Directors for ‘American Pie 5′

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American Reunion Guys Universal Secures American Reunion Writer Directors for American Pie 5

When studios take several years to prepare the next chapter in a successful franchise, the resulting films are often considered underwhelming disappointments (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Scream 4 are two examples). So, when word first broke that Universal was prepping a fourth big-screen American Pie film, some fans were understandably skeptical. Even with the full original cast signed to return, could American Reunion recapture the magic that made the 1999 original one of the defining comedies of a generation?

As it turns out, the film did turn out to be a return to form for the series (read our review) and managed a tidy profit earlier this year, with a $233.6 million worldwide box office haul. That’s not the kind of cash Hollywood tends to ignore – even if 75 percent of it was derived from overseas grosses – so it’s no surprise that talk American Pie 5 has already started.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has already secured a production deal to develop the as-yet-untitled American Pie 5 with American Reunion writer-directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg – who also helmed 2008’s Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

No plot details are available just yet, and there’s no confirmation if the entire cast would return again. However, all four theatrical films have focused – in varying degrees – on the relationship between Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan). So it’s likely that a potential fifth film would continue to explore that. American Divorce, perhaps? Kidding, that would be a hard comedy sell.

American Reunion 570x380 Universal Secures American Reunion Writer Directors for American Pie 5

While American Reunion proved that the cast is just as likable and charismatic as always, its tagline – “Save the best piece for last” – seemed to indicate that the film would serve as a book-end to the series, especially since it contained many references and connections to the original film. The last thing fans want to see is the franchise tumble back into the direct-to-DVD dreck that defined it for the last decade, but perhaps Hurwitz and Schlossberg can keep this Pie fresh for a while longer.

Are you ready for a fifth film, or was American Reunion the perfect sendoff for the franchise? Let us know in the comments.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I don’t see why there shouldn’t be at least 2 to three more. These movies are great slapstick comedy with a decent plot. There really shouldn’t be any problem with more movies, we all suffered through Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers and Freddie Kruger with all the same stupid plots 5 movies too long.

  2. Please don’t stop at American Reunion, I no that U can definitely make another & it be just as awesome as the first 4 movies ! I’ll be looking for the previews !!! I love all of these movies, s***, I own all 4 movies & watch them often, I laugh as if I were watching them for the first time again !!!

  3. There should be another, why not Reunion was great. They should give the American Wedding another shot, but with Oz and Heather. I didnt really like Wedding so maybe they can do better this time. Get the whole cast and a bigger bacholer party then wedding had.

  4. yes keep them coming. they are so funny and with all problems in the world its great to see comedies.

  5. i got it american pie chronicles tell the history about noa leveinstien when he was young, it ‘d be fantastic

  6. american pie band camp 2 with michelle and jim or i dont know. michelle hits like the ‘MACRO’ on the camp, it ‘d be another one spin-off movie

  7. american pie band camp 2 with michelle and jim or i dont know. michelle hits like the ‘MACRO’ on the camp, it ‘d be another one spin-off movie

  8. or i have 2 more ideas for example: it could be american pie stifler wedding with the finch mom, or heather and oz wedding, the kevin mayer’s wife die and he get married with vicky woow the posibilities are very much i hope the great return of franchise

    • “the kevin mayer’s wife die ”

      COMEDY, I dunno what you find funny but the death of a spouse aint it.

  9. I loved American Reunion I think America Pie 5 would be a Great perfect send off

  10. I’ve been around since the first one, remember going to the theatre to see it. If I could describe this movie with a few words it would be awesome, comedy, life filled. Excellent movie/movies, makes you wish life would be some what like this. I waited for a long time for American reunion to finally come up and now there’s talk about that finalizing the series well hell with that. Please by all means keep the collection going! Seriously, these movies are really great.

  11. Definitely in favor of another movie. Love the series thus far.

  12. Yes!! Definitely keep this series going. Not to many films last more than s sequel or two. Saw had a good send off after 7. I see this film having So much potential and for it to keep grown. Just get the whole squad back together. I’ll definitely spend another $25 to see it

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  14. please make another movie of american pie because it was just so great … fun and love together..its awesome/…. can you atleast make spin off films of american pie which will show teen love and then american pie 5 after the spin off films…. american pie is just so great// please continue it

  15. and by the way please really make spin off films again.. with mr. noah leveinstein not to be forgotten of course///thanks

  16. Yes I think there should be a 5. I own all for American Pies and watch the often. There are just as funny as they were when I seen them the first time. Oz and Heather’s wedding would be awesome.

  17. I say end the series at Reunion like the tagline said cause beings it took so long 2 get Reunion made i’d rather not wait another 10 4 a fifth installment so end it at American Reunion besides what’s left.

    • American pie the next generation? i think it’s a couple more years before they could realistically start looking at jims son as a new central character elevating Jim to Noah’s spot

      there’s a slight timeline discrepency between reunion and band camp. band camp occurs in 2005. in this movie Noah levenstein mentions michelle couldn’t be the macro because she was about to have a baby (jim and Michelle’s first)that would make their son seen in reunion 7 but in that movie they say he’s 5? if we bump the year ahead a couple we could theoretically see a reboot of the series with new younger actors.

  18. i would kill for a next part of american pie *-*

  19. Keep them coming! I want to see ALL the Stiflers come together for one awesome movie. Steve, Matt, Dwight, Eric, etc. Lets have a true family reunion!

  20. Keep those movies comin’ Dic*hea*s!!!!! We want Steve and Matt in one movie and see them party together StifMeisters Wipe my ass and lick my balls. It’s Stifler time, baby. Whoo-hoo-hoo,

  21. I want another one. Please with stiffler getting married as well as s*** brick. And then tie all the loose ends and then stop.

  22. Just make American Pie for as long as I live and I’ll be happy. I think a Wedding Two between Noah Levenstien and Janine Stifler would be good as the next sequel.

    • love the stiffmiester keep it coming get him married this time or more interesting convert him to gay


  24. We saw Chris and Heather get back together and Stiffler’s mom and Jim’s dad. Why not have another American Wedding? Jim’s helping (and going crazy) plan both weddings and things could get totally mixed up because you throw Stiffler’s in there who’s (unwillingly) standing up for his mom–look what he did to Jim & Michelle’s wedding!!! Maybe someone is pregnant (Vicki or even Jessica!) and her due date is around one (or both) of the weddings!! I think there is endless potential for the series with the main characters. Maybe the father of Vicki’s baby is an idiot and Kevin is newly separated?? See!! Endless potential!!!

  25. When come out American Pie 5 ? No news…

  26. Definitely make a 5th, and even a 6th! Not sure what this next one would be about, but for sure should have a 6th one called American Retirement!

  27. I’m definitely in to another one or two though they must puck up the pace, the cast is getting older, Stifler and Oz already having bald signs, I dont want a 6th installment with bunch of mid-age crysis bald guys.

  28. Bro the real live stifmeister has spoken. American Pie defined my generation for class of 2004. I was known as Stifler in my high school in Boyertown PA. I still use his jokes and funny one liners that drop jaws and make parents slap their kids in the mouth for hearing you say it. American Pie is a positive icon in Gen X Pop Culture. This movie will bring high school buddies back together and bring back great memories of the great times we all had in high school. I support this movie being made 100%.

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