American Idol: The Haves And The Have Nots

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american idol American Idol: The Haves And The Have NotsI haven’t written anything about this season’s American Idol, but it’s certainly been interesting so far. To date we’ve had:

– The Antonella Barba photographs story.

– Rosie O’Donell calling the show racist and “weightist” (gotta love those made up words) despite the fact that Lakisha Jones is both black and overweight and she’ll finish no lower than number two.

– A huge disparity in talent between the top two or three contestants and everyone else.

It’s pretty obvious that there will probably be no guys in the final three. I suppose one of them may make it to the final four, but if the public is not clueless (no guarantee of that) it should be either Lakisha Jones or Melinda Doolittle that walk away with the title. Of course regardless of whether either of those super-talented ladies win, their lives are already changed forever since they will get recording contracts either way.

What’s been fascinating to me this season is just how far and above Lakisha and Melinda are over the rest of the competition in singing talent. Overall the women are smokin’ this season and are making the guys look like chumps. Jordin Sparks and Stephanie Edwards are pretty close behind the top two for talent, and if I had to throw a couple of the guys names in there I’d have to say that Chris Sligh has a great voice and although I think Blake Lewis is talented his style isn’t my cup of tea. The problem with Chris is that he just doesn’t have much charisma and that’s going to do him in. Phil Stacey is good, but not great.

But of course the name that’s in the news lately is Sanjaya Malakar.

How in the heck is this guy hanging in there?

Yes, he’s only 17 and I truly think that he’s a nice kid (remember back to his reaction the day he got through and his sister didn’t), but his singing is WEAK. The dude actually creeps me out with his “softness”… the guy is giving me Michael Jackson flashbacks. If I ever had to be in a room with him to hear him talk in that soft voice I think I’d have to leave immediately to stop myself from getting a complete case of the willies or smacking him in the head to get him to talk like he had testosterone somewhere in his body.

He must be getting votes because he’s nice and because girls like his hair. I’ve heard the idea floated that there’s a conspiracy to keep him there since it’s so obvious which contestants are going to make it to the end, and the network wants people to tune in to see if he survives yet another week. I don’t buy it, I think it’s just the hair and the niceness. simple smile American Idol: The Haves And The Have Nots

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  1. This is the first year since probably 2002 that I’m watching this. Don’t know why. And in 2002, I only watched three episodes. Anyway, my theory about Sanjaya is that the girls are voting him, and maybe a lot of people who can relate to him.

    He’s kind of an underdog (with little talent), though my wife wished AJ was in, not Sanjaya, who admitted that first night or second when AJ was gone, that Sanjaya thought he was toast. He’s like Nikki McKibben, too, without the talent.

    Who knows?

  2. American Idol is still on the air??? I just do not see the big deal. Though I will say, how the heck can the show be Racist and Weightist when that Ruben Studdard guy won back in 2003. Rosie is an angry angey woman, she realy needs to look at herself and leave others alone. Back to Idol, how caould such a show still be on after and poor singer and performer such as Fantasia Barrino won in 2004, just my opinion.

  3. I agree that either Lakisha or Melinda will probably win. However, I wouldn’t underestimate Blake Lewis’s popularity. Maybe his style isn’t for you, but consider the target audience, old man. 😛

    Sanjaya is like a guppy in a shark tank. Why the judges included him in the top 24 contestants is a mystery to me. I guess America loves an underdog, but I suspect he’s history within a week or two.


  4. “American Idol is still on the air?”

    Heh, that’s how I feel about “Survivor”, which I finally stopped watching. :-)

    “…but consider the target audience, old man.”

    Oooooh. Low blow. 😉


  5. I stopped watching Survivor on season 2 or 3 as well….I have enough reality here in the real world, to know there reality is fake……lol. There is more reality in “Pro Wrestling”. Give me Jericho, Smallville, House, Heroes, or 24 any day of the week…..I would even rather CSI.

  6. My friend Brian (whose comment is above) has recommended “House”, but sometimes I just don’t want to take on another show that will give me even more of an excuse to slug-out in front of my big-screen. :-)


  7. I one of the new breed of T.V. watchers, I see a show I like and I will catch it once in a blue moon. The thing is, I buy all the shows on DVD and watch them at my convenience (With no commercials mind you). While stating that, I should let you know, “House” will never let you down, Brian is a smart man, and you should listen to him. :)

  8. I don’t watch commercials, either. Everything I see on TV is from the Tivo menu. :-)

    And yes, I know Brian is a smart guy… doesn’t mean I have listen, though. 😀


  9. Tivo is ok I guess, I just like being able to watch one, two, three, four episodes in a row, if I am feeling crazy I can even watch the whole season or two with out restraint. I can go weeks without T.V. Then I just can’t have enough, this system works for my sporadic nature. Keep it up Vic, you definitely keep me entertained. Thank You.

  10. One thing that’s keeping Sanjaya in is “vote for the worst”. They’ve been supporting him for a while. There is certain credence to the sight – they claim credit for keeping “chicken little” in for as long as he made it.

    The guy creeps me out too. I didn’t watch much of the audition process, so wasn’t aware of the sister connection. When I first tuned in, I swore he was a girl until he started speaking. Did you catch the hula clip?

  11. Oh my gosh yes, I *did* see the hula clip. All I kept thinging was “Dude, totally wrong direction if you’re trying to boost your popularity.”

    I am aware of the “vote for the worst” crowd but I didn’t realize it had that much sway. :-)


  12. The “vote for the worst” camp can be amusing at times. Remember a show called “Cupid” from a few years back? Simon Cowell was also involved in that, if memory serves… anyhow, the audience phoned in votes to determine who would end up with a woman named Lisa. (One guy was eliminated each week.) The guy who finished runner-up was a creep whom Lisa couldn’t stand. Every week, she kept pleading with the TV audience to stop voting for him, and every week they kept voting for him in droves. I got a big kick out of that.


  13. Well ya know… if you put yourself out there on a reality show you have to expect some funky stuff.