American Idol: George bites the dust

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As soon as I heard that the theme on Tuesday’s American Idol was going to be big band, I feared that George was going to choke on that musical style and end up going home. The good news is that he actually did much better than I thought he would. The bad news is that he received the fewest votes Wednesday, helping me to maintain my reputation as the worst oddsmaker on the planet. Vic has been calling them right, while I have been… well, let’s just say it’s a good thing I still have a day job.

Ironically, if John Stevens had lasted another week (heaven forbid), he might have actually shown some genuine musical talent with his big band performances. But compared to LaToya…? No contest.

I was disappointed to see George go, not just because he failed to step up and show us what he could do, but also because there aren’t any guys left in the competition. It feels like the battle of the divas now, and I think I speak for almost everybody when I say that The Apprentice had enough diva nonsense for one lifetime.

I don’t see how Diana or Jasmine will win this. For one thing, Jasmine is not very good. She was the worst singer on Tuesday, hands down. Paula likes her, but the other two judges have lukewarm things at best to say about her. Diana is more talented than Jasmine, but Simon doesn’t want her to win. He thinks she’s too young (she’s 16), and on Tuesday he called her a 16-year-old who sounds like a 50-year-old. He wants Fantasia or LaToya to win this, and I think he will get his wish.

Just for once, I want to see America vote for someone totally off the wall, just to stick it to the judges and let them know who’s in charge. (Actually, that sort of happened two years ago when tone-deaf Nikki McKibbin made it to #3). Sadly, I don’t think that will happen this year. It’s looking like LaToya will win this. Fantasia is just too creepy and annoying in my book, and Diana and Jasmine aren’t good enough. We shall see…


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  1. John would have done well on this one, that’s for sure, but still not good enough to make it to the top. George definitely sounded off-key to me. I think that’s been a problem for a lot of them… they just sound slightly off-pitch or flat, like the music isn’t being played in a good key for them.

    Jasmine impressed me a few weeks ago in one performance but has done nothing for me since then. I like Diana a lot. Simon needs to make up his bloody mind: First he says she’s too young, then he says she sounds like a 50 year old after she sings a big band era song! Yeesh.

    I don’t like Fantasia, she has too much attitude, which is exactly what is going to get her a recording contract regardless of the outcome. Also, I hear too much gospel music style coming through on every song.

    La Toya was fantastic. Absolutely blew away everyone else this week. She doesn’t seem too “diva” to me. If she wins it will be well deserved.