‘American Horror Story’ Officially Renewed for Season 4 with Jessica Lange

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American Horror Story Coven Suspension promo American Horror Story Officially Renewed for Season 4 with Jessica Lange

The third season of FX’s horror anthology series American Horror Story, which is subtitled “Coven” for reasons that are immediately obvious just from watching the opening credits, is off to a promising start so far: there’s been murder and resurrection, witchcraft and voodoo, a horned familiar and even a Halloween-themed episode, and the new season boasts returning cast members like Evan Peters, Jessica Lange and Taissa Farmiga as well as new faces like Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett.

As far as the TV schedules go, it’s a good time to be a horror fan. The Walking Dead was recently renewed for a fifth season following just three episodes of the fourth, and after some deliberation NBC decided to renew its intense and hypnotic serial killer series Hannibal for a second season. As the ratings for American Horror Story: Coven show an increase in audience interest, FX has elected to bring the show back for at least one more season-arching story.

Deadline broke the news today, with the fifth episode of American Horror Story: Coven set to air this evening, that the show has been renewed for a fourth season by FX, with Jessica Lange returning once more as part of her current contract. Lange recently told the LA Times that she is planning on retiring from acting after the next season of American Horror Story, and as one of the mainstays of the series she will be sorely missed.

Jessica Lange in American Horror Story Coven American Horror Story Officially Renewed for Season 4 with Jessica Lange

That’s a long way down the road, though, and in the meanwhile there’s plenty of time to speculate as to what the fourth season of American Horror Story might be about. The series began with “Murder House,” a tale of a family that moves into a house haunted by the many murder victims who had lived there in the past. The second season was subtitled “Asylum” and set in a psychiatric institute in the 1960s, with strange and sadistic experiments taking place alongside demonic possession and alien abductions.

There are countless more horror tropes left to be dug up, but hopefully the fourth season will take the opportunity to explore myths and creatures that aren’t already being covered on TV right now. Vampires and werewolves have been flooding the market in shows like True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Being Human and Hemlock Grove, so American Horror Story would probably be best served staying away from the fanged and furry ones for now.

One interesting way to change things up would be for showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk to make the next season devoid of supernatural elements and instead focus entirely on a more human horror, like a serial killer or perhaps some kind of cult.

Do you have a great idea for what American Horror Story‘s fourth season should be about? Tell us in the comments what direction you think the show should take after “Coven.”


American Horror Story: Coven continues tonight with ‘Burn, Witch. Burn!’ @10pm on FX.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I agree with you, a serial killer or a cult would definitely shake things up.

  2. Great news. Jessica Lange is without doubt one of the greatest actresses on TV (or in Films for that matter)

  3. Frankly, I wouldn’t be watching it without her. I believe she is one of our greatest actresses, and at 64, she is still quite alluring, as well.

  4. Lange’s surgery is so bad.

  5. Yes. Some sort of serial killer or cult would be cool.
    I would also like to see something in space. In the future, on a space ship, some sort of demon running around killing people.
    Or something to do with myths. Like a family of murderous bigfoot.

  6. It would be awesome for Lange to be a Senator. LOL

  7. i’ve been waiting for them to do something at a carnival.
    maybe a killer clown and some distorted freak show.

    • yes ! a freak show/ carnival theme would be awesome

  8. i like the idea of a cult, something like lord of illusions. a manson like cult in the desert where the devotees have to kill thier master, years later comes back to haunt them in their new lives. what about something dealing with the spirits killed by racism, a lynching that led to some kind of voodoo or a homicide cop who is terrorized by the victims of his cold cases, like bringing out the dead but set in the burned out bronx of the 1970s.

  9. I’d definitely like some sort of Satanic cult in the Senate to play into those ridiculous Illuminati conspiracy theories. One of them manages to get into the White House, Lange is the First Lady and they summon the forces of Hell to turn the world to crap to maintain eternal power over whoever is left.

    • so basicly the rise of the Obama administration.

      • +1

      • Nope.

        Oh, you’re one of those silly people who thinks Obama has ruined America, despite the problems being inherited from past governments.

        -1 for you and another -1 for you ridiculous opinion.

        • Ah…17+ trillion dollars in debt (up from 9+ trillion dollars accumulated under all other presidents), more people in poverty and on food stamps than ever before, unemployment still hovering around 7-8 percent, journalists being investigated by the “Justice” Dept., political opponents being selectively audited by the IRS, an American ambassador and others killed in Libya and blame being attributed to a YouTube video rather than a terror attack, a healthcare plan, passed solely by the democrats when they ruled all three branches of government, that is forcing millions off of their health insurance and raising premiums for untold others…

          I could go on and on, but if I recall, Dazz, you are not even from America…

  10. I think the next season should deal with a Todd Browning-style take on a TRAVELING CIRCUS full of Horrible Human oddities. #AmericanHorrorStory_CIRCUS. Yep. That oughta scare the bejesus outta everybody.

  11. I’m thinking one of those late 18th century, early 19th century freak show carnival of horrors in a coastal town, innocent people mutilated for the masses, freaks thrown in cages, a monstrous flesh eating mermaid. Dylan McDermitt as the the leader of the freak show, Jessica Lange as the pious religious towns woman hell bent on destroying the abomination of a show, Lily Rabe as the beautiful face of the flesh eating mermaid when she’s innocent and not tearing people apart. Think of the potential, think of the dark places it could go.

  12. “Hypnotic”. A more appropriate word for ‘Hannibal’ one could not think of. My second TV triumph of the year.

  13. Just finished marathoning Carnival and wow, what a great show. Would love Ryan Murphy take a spin on that. As much as I love Jessica Lange, the queen tbh, wished that they wouldn’t make this the Lange show.

  14. i’d like to see a Carnival or a insane circus crew

    • They could always do a documentary on the Gathering Of The Juggalos three day festival that takes place every year.

  15. Yes, fourth season. I think revisiting the Antichrist aspect from season 1 would be great and freakish. Bring in Satanic cults explore myths and creatures of hell or some new devoid or go a early 19th century travelling carnivorous Carnival route full of human oddities (^ along with what Andrew said above)

  16. I’m obsessed with AHS. I’ve seen the first two seasons, and I have to say that season three is by far the best in my opinion. For season four, I think that it would be cool to take it to the FREAK SHOW– yes a twisted CARNIVAL! Featuring the bearded lady, the tall man, the Siamese twins, the worlds smallest person, the list goes on! There is truly so much that they can do with it and incorporate. Maybe even the storyline of Gypsies could be entwine?

    • Season one was really good, season two was great, season three is ok so far. The last episode was a bit boring. To me anyway

    • Season one was crap, season two was brilliant and so far, I’ve only seen episode one from season three but it seems decent enough. Hasn’t blown me away but like I said, only seen one episode and I have episode two recorded to view this weekend.

      • You have it backwards. Season One was Incredible and I thought season Two was a great step backwards.

        • I concur. Season 2 was a joke in how convoluted and contrived it was. Had Jessica Lange not been in Season 3, I would have stopped watching after Season 2.

  17. How about something to do with Urban Legends? Or set in an old, haunted amusement park?

  18. I see I’m not the only one who thinks a carnival/circus freak show is great idea for the next season. Perhaps they could lift from the cult classic film Freaks (1932), or the novel Geek Love.

  19. I like the idea of visiting the ancient American style of horror as seen in The Ruins or the TV show The River.

  20. Bring in Stephen King to write/co-write a script, I can only imagine what twisted plot he, Murphy, and Falchuk could dream up.

  21. I am a fan of American Horror Story and just horror in general so my brain is already storming with an idea for season 4. I’m thinking American Horror Story:Planet. They could shoot it in Space. I’ve always wanted to see what treasures of horror Space would have to offer.

  22. It’s a shame Jessica Lange won’t be in the fourth season. She’s a really good actress.

    • She will be in season 4. Season 4 is her last season on the show.

  23. So I would love to see the Antichrist story from season one, but I think its way better when every AHS season is something completely different, just as it was so far. I would love to see some sort of “cameos” from older seasons sometime though.
    I browsed the web a little on new ideas and I think the very best ones are Carnival/Fun Fair (as said like a million times before) something governmental illuminati thing set in near future or something on Americas roots with the first settlers, raonoke, jamestown and native spirits (ghis would be a perfect lasf season!).
    there are thousands other awesome ideas out there, but loads of them are too weak for a whole season to deal with them. Think about it AHS always featured lots of different topics in one season (Asylum did Aliens!). I think a new season needs a topic that is, well kinda cliché just to do something completely new to it.
    Another idea that is complete b******* to me is “space”. Guys, its AMERICAN horror story not INTERGALACTIC horror story..
    Im out!

  24. There are so many things they could do. I think like a urban legends serial killer, or even like a brothers grimm sort of story line would be fun. That or i really wouldn’t mind a werewolf pack theme but with monster like wovles and not regular boring wolves like in vampire diaries and true blood.

  25. Alright, so I am a huge fan since the beginning of this show. I think it could go in a direction about Haunted Indian (Native American) Land you know? They had a thing for spirits and nature. The land could be haunted.
    And if not that, perhaps even based in Texas where there were many deaths of cowboys and Mexicans back in the time of wars. It could also be haunted as well.
    Vampires would be cool also. Or even something like fairy tales w/ a dark twist. Like red riding hood.

  26. I’m tired of all the supernatural witch voodoo stuff. Having aliens in the second season was bad enough, and now its so unrealistic its not even scary. Next season should actually be like season 1 and season 2, horror.

  27. They need to revisit the ending cliff hangers. Imagine revisiting the first season again with the baby as that demon, then fifth season that guy was the killers son why not tell a season about that, then 6th season the coven chapter