‘American Horror Story’ Season 4 Will Take Place in 1950

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AHS jessica lange witches American Horror Story Season 4 Will Take Place in 1950
FX’s hit anthology series American Horror Story is heading toward the end of its third season (subtitled Coven), and while its core trait – a gleeful unpredictability – might lead some of the more recent episodes in strange, off-putting directions, the show remains popular and engaging.

From the first season’s ghost-infested L.A. manor to season two’s insane asylum run by a possessed nun (where a Nazi doctor performed sick human experiments as a deranged serial killer stalked the countryside – with alien abductions somehow factoring into the equation) to the current season’s modern-day coven of New Orleans witches, AHS has seemingly tasked itself with exploring every horror trope out there. With Coven drawing to a close, we’ve learned some new details about season 4.

The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, has dropped some teasing details to EW about the next season’s time-frame as well as one little plot detail:

 “It’s set in 1950. If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before. Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent so I’m very excited!”

American Horror Story Coven Witch Walk promo American Horror Story Season 4 Will Take Place in 1950

So, what happened in 1950 which might tie into Lange’s “German accent” and just what does “the opposite of what we’ve done before” mean? Aside from the Korean War beginning that year, the immediate aftermath of World War II was also the ramping-up period for the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. There were a few major espionage-related events that year, and of the big ones had to do with a German physicist named Klaus Fuchs, who confessed to being a Soviet spy.

1950 was also the year of what has become known as the Second Red Scare, with Senator Joseph McCarthy publicly claiming that the U.S. State Department had 205 communists working for it. That wasn’t the only communist-related news, either. West Germany decided to purge all of its communist officials from the country, and there were riots in Berlin.

Could season 4′s plot have something to do with the Cold War, the development of the  hydrogen bomb and all the commies running around? Possibly. With vampires and werewolves saturating the airwaves in other horror-themed shows, it would be wise for American Horror Story to turn in a different direction – and the Atomic Age sci-fi-themed horror of the 50′s (Them! Godzilla, The Incredible Shrinking Man) would be a fascinating subject for this series to explore.

As for Murphy’s tease about doing the opposite: the show’s overall plot for each season has had one storyline taking place in the present day and another pinging around in the past, with the two ending up being related to each other somehow. Will season 4 take place entirely in 1950, with no present day aspect? For fans accustomed to a modern character or setting as some kind of anchoring point of view, this could be a big departure from what they’re used to. Stay tuned for more news on the fourth season of American Horror Story as Coven comes to an end.


American Horror Story continues Wednesday at 10PM on FX.

Source: EW

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  1. This show is fantastic on every level. I have thoroughly (and surprisingly) enjoyed every season thus far and like how each season is completely different than the past one

    • i liked it too very much even though if you think about it there were HUGE gaps in the plot. I’l give two for starters: when that redheaded, witch is framed for the murder of another witch when queenie scalds her hand in acid or whatever, how come the redheaded witch never cried out in pain when in the next room over queenie uses her voodoo hand powers. Another plothole was how easily the coven took down the global corporation secretly run by witch hunters. You mean to tell me they can make holy bullets blessed to kill countless gnerations of witches and have outsmarted the witches in continuing to exist in their countless decades of rivalry and war, but they CAN’T bless or protect their corporation from one simple spell that hexes thier economic structure and profits. I find that hard to believe. Also not to poke holes in the atomic theme posited within article, but writers have confirmed it will be a carnival themed storyline.

  2. this show is so completely unrealistic. it’s like it was written by women in a fantasy world. the first season was the better one, but still way ridiculous. I’m tuning out. Modern Family is so much better. a lot of shows are starting to go nowhere in Horror Story. to what end? just a bunch of angry women wanting power over men. it’s pure propaganda.

    • That is an impressively misogynistic and narrow minded point of view for the show.

    • I hope you wrote that in an attempt to be ironically funny. Because, you were. If not, you’re just a dope.

    • unrealistic? no, really? cause I thought witches and ghosts were real? you’re telling me people can’t come back from the dead?

    • Isn’t the guy that co-created AHS the same gay co-creator of Glee (not that it matters what his sexuality is)?

      If so then yeah, that and the fact the show isn’t very good are the only things you got right here (although Ajeno in his comments on the show also noticed a very sexist, “anti-male” agenda in season 3).

      Season 2 was the best and when I heard potential season 4 titles, Area 51 was mentioned, which got me excited and made me stop and rethink my idea of stepping off once season 3 is done because the alien plot wasn’t fulfilling enough in season 2 and it could feasibly be done (I’m sure one of NASA’s founders was a former Nazi scientist too, also tying into the alien angle they could go with).

  3. Exciting! Last night’s episode was great.

    I thinking there will be a sc fi tie in to to next season. Myrtle random use of theremin, creating twilightesque music as she speaks to zoe, comes across as an obvious clue.

  4. This season is a bit bland and boring. I feel like theyre underusing Evan Peters but Kathy Bates is a pretty good addition.

    • @ Rcebanks

      I have to agree with you there. This season is just boring for me and that’s something I never ever thought I’d say about this show. Even during some of the low points of seasons 1 or 2 the show was always entertaining but this season just seems like a drag with the low point for me being last nights episode when I actually dozed off.

      Fingers crossed for next season.

  5. AHS: Cold War or AHS: Atomic?

  6. A season all about nuclear waste from atomic bombs turning people and animals into hideous monsters and mutants?? Sign me up for season 4!

  7. I think it will have something to do with time travel from the 1950′s to the future so instead of being in the present day and anchoring to shots from the past it will be the other way around. Let’s not forget Nikola Tesla and the work that was stolen by the American secret government.

  8. With the quality of this show I think if they were to do a werewolf tale it could actually be well done. Here’s hoping for a AHS: The Pack.

  9. Prior to this I saw a fan made poster of the next season being a circus theme. Which really got me excited if they went that route. Although slightly disappointed to read this, I know that whatever they do it’ll most likely turn out just as good.

  10. Season 4 is going to be called American Horror Story: CIRCUS!!! They had roaming circuses in the 50s.

    • Area 51 and Carnival were two potential titles on a list I saw a few days ago so who knows.

      They always used episode 10 as a hint to the next season and since we had episode 10 this past Tuesday and Myrtle used the theramin, I assume science fiction might be the main plot point.

      • Heh, the theremin was the first thing I thought of too that seemed out of place.

  11. The reference to a member of the Kennedy’s has me wondering if there’s potential for a Kennedy family themed AHS? (Ep. 11) While the Cold War seems more probable, I secretly hope they go the White House route and tie in German espionage from that angle.

  12. Maybe I read into things too much but this past episode of coven seemed to have dropped a lot of clues. Fiona talks about her flight ” they always seat me in seat C1A” CIA? When she gives Cordelia the necklace she says ” from the vault “, having me think it’s government related then the theremin that Myrtle was playing reminded me of cheesy 50s sci fi. I was kind of anticipating the circus rumor going around, they could have nailed that theme.

  13. A character said in season 3 “it’s like I’m trying to rid the state department of communists” or something like that. Clue??

  14. “realist on January 16, 2014 at 9:35 am
    this show is so completely unrealistic. it’s like it was written by women in a fantasy world or homosexuals. the first season was the better one, but still way ridiculous. I’m tuning out. Modern Family is so much better. a lot of shows are starting to go nowhere in Horror Story. to what end? just a bunch of angry women wanting power over men. it’s pure propaganda.”

    American Horror Story is too unrealistic? OF COURSE IT’S UNREALISTIC, IT’S FICTION! Madame Delphine LaLaurie, Marie Laveau and The Ax Man are based on real people but it’s not a documentary about witches (seriously?!?!). Modern Family is COMPLETELY REALISTIC, you know, since it’s a flipping SITCOM!

    That is all.

  15. In the last episode Madison wakes up from hell saying she was casted in The Sound of Music which took place during Nazi Germany and Murphy said Jessica Lange will have a German accent in the next season. Definitely a hint.

  16. They also said they’re likely to use a carnival theme and that’s what they’re planning. One of the cast members, or the creator had said something about communists in another article I read, so maybe that could possibly relate with the plot.